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Running head: Two Twentieth Century Educators 1

Activity 3
Dear Student,
Please use tis document to submit Activity 3.
You can simply start typing in the first blank page (recommended)
or paste in tet from another document into the first blank page.
Please save tis !ile as! Your last name, first initial, e.g., "D#$%&%'3 (Doe("D#$%&%'3).
Please save a c"#y "! tis !ile !"$ y"u$sel!%
Aca&e'ic I(te)$ity* )lease see and follo* the Academic +ntegrity )olicy in the ,earner
portal. Your instructor may select this or any activity to revie* and submit to -urnitin to
assess for an Academic +ntegrity violation
+ai( Tas,* C"'#a$e T-" A$ticles. A&e$i() t" te N"$tce(t$al Aca&e'ic I(te)$ity
.or this activity, read the t*o articles listed in the Activity /esource section (.lanagan, .. 0.
(1&&2) and Silova, +., 3 4rehm, 5. 6. (1&%&)) in *hich famous and innovative educators
discuss the 7ourney of scientists and practitioners. -hen, prepare a brief, 1'3 page paper in
*hich you compare and contrast the t*o articles. Address the follo*ing in your paper!
• +dentify each educator and briefly describe their main contributions to the field.
• Discuss the resistance that each encountered in presenting and furthering their
research, ideas, or programs.
Two Twentieth Century Educators 2
• Discuss any similarities you see in their professional stories.
• 8ote ho* each one differed.
• .inally discuss *hat factor(s) you think (environmental, professional, personal) may
have impacted their success.
9eep your paper *ithin the suggested length (*riting in a concise manner is one aspect of
scholarly *riting): *hat is critical in this assignment is that you *rite clearly, paraphrase
correctly, and use citations and references appropriately. Your paper *ill be submitted to a
tet'matching service to see ho* *ell you *ere able to discuss these ideas in your o*n
*ords using appropriate citations.
,ength! 1'3 pages
Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are
presented in the course and provide ne* thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic.
Your response should reflect scholarly *riting and current A)A standards. 4e sure to adhere
to 8orthcentral #niversity;s Academic +ntegrity )olicy.
Submit your document in the 6ourse 5ork area belo* the Activity screen.
,earning <utcome! 3, =, 2
• Demonstrate an understanding of 8orthcentral>s Academic +ntegrity policy.
• Apply proper A)A citation.
• 6ompare and contrast the impact of contet and personal ?ualities on professional
Your instructor *ill give you feedback using the form belo* and in margin
comments on your *ork. /eading and using your instructor>s feedback is as
much a part of your learning as is reading the course materials and doing
activities. Your instructor *ill not only help you understand the ?uality of
your *ork on this activity, but *ill also give you guidance on ho* to
improve your skills and increase your kno*ledge that, if you follo* it, *ill
help you do better on future activities@
Two Twentieth Century Educators 3
I(t$"&ucti"( t" Fee&/ac,*
Dear Lindsey:
Activity three was definitely a challenge . Thanks for giving it your full attention! The main
purpose of this assignment was to write an essay that compares and contrasts two different
sources; you were also to work on paraphrasing using APA style. As you read through my
comments let me know if you have !uestions!
"n this assignment your writing is organi#ed and clear. " do feel you understood the
material $ut you did not address all of the assignment re!uiremetns. " have provided
more specifics under !uestion %& and in the margin and " am happy to review this
feed$ack with you. These articles were challenging to read especially if you are not
familiar with comparative education and critical pedagogy! This is great practice for
moving future assignments you will do here at '().
As part of this assignment " su$mitted your writing to Turnitin and the similarity report came
$ack a $it high *meaning &+, of your te-t was found to match other te-ts.)sually a score
under ./, is accepta$le depending on a careful analysis of the similarity report. 0ou can
usually reduce your similarity score $y avoiding direct !uotes and relying on paraphrasing.
To learn more a$out how to interpret Turnitin originality reports click here. As " said Turnitin
will $e used to check your work throughout your program for originality. "t is very important
that you keep your scores low. The three $est ways to insure this are: *a1 never copy and
paste from the internet *$1 as a graduate student minimize your use of direct quotes *c1
make your paraphrases very thorough rephrase them completely in your own words.
(lick here *or copy and paste http:22writing.wisc.edu23and$ook24PA5paraphrase.html into
your $rowser1 for an important discussion of how to insure Turnitin does not flag your
0ou did a fairly good 6o$ paraphrasing throughout this assignment and used APA citations
correctly. "t is important that you understand how to use paraphrasing $ecause you will do
it over and over again in the course in your program.
7eminder: when you save your assignment files to your computer please use the
'orthcentral convention for naming files: Last name 8 your 9irst initial 8 course (:D; <
assignment num$er e.g. Doe=;D)/+++8.
Two Twentieth Century Educators 4
As always if you have !uestions a$out my feed$ack or a$out the assignment let me know!
" look forward to hearing from you!
0% 1as te activity c"'#lete& as i(st$ucte&2
Two Twentieth Century Educators 5
Activity Ele'e(ts Faculty Fee&/ac,
"ach educator identified
)rofessionals> main contributions briefly
/esistance each encountered discussed
'ot specifically
Similarities in professional stories discussed
Differences in professional stories discussed
.actors that may have impacted success
'ot specifically
1'3 pages
5riting is clear
)araphrases are correct
6itation and references list in A)A style
0es $ut watch capitali#ation
8o instances of plagiarism (as sho*n by
tet'matching service report)
The te-t8matching report was a $it high <
$e careful in this area.
3% A$e state'e(ts a/"ut all $ea&i()s a(& $es"u$ces accu$ate2
3% Is te -$iti() clea$ a(& #e$suasive2
Nearly all assignments will reuire you to co!er se!eral "oints or issues# $% you use the
instructions to de!elo" your heading and su&heading structure you will &e sure you do not miss
anything and you will stay organized and on to"ic# $n light o% the instructions %or this assignment'
the heading structure should loo( something li(e this#
Two Twentieth Century Educators )
Freire’s Contributions
Brickman’s Contributions
Resistance Freire and Brickman Encountered
Similarities in Freire’s and Brickman’s Professional Stories
How Freire and Brickman Differed
Factors that Impacted Freire’s and Brickman’s Success
4% Is te -$iti() c"$$ect i( #u(ctuati"(. )$a''a$. -"$& usa)e. a(& APA style2
5$a&e a(& $ati"(ale%
:verall grade:
9or this assignment ?+, of the grade is $ased on content and @+, is $ased on
presentation *your writing grammar APA etc.1 (riteria for content and writing are as
• (ompletion of the assignment as instructed
• )nderstanding of assignment resources
• (larity and persuasiveness of writing
• Arammar word usage and APA style
Your grade for this Assignment, *hich is *orth %1 )oints!
6ontent! A$B (C.%2DC.=&)
)resentation! A$B (3.=AD3.E&)
Two Twentieth Century Educators *
-otal score!
A$B (%%.ED%1)
+illiam +# ,ric(man and -aulo .reire:
Two Twentieth Century Educators
/indsey +inter
Northcentral 0ni!ersity
Two Twentieth Century Educators 1
+illiam +# ,ric(man and -aulo .reire: Two Twentieth Century Educators
The ad!ancement o% education reuires &oth a re%lection o% history' as well as an
e!aluation o% current standards# +illiam +# ,ric(man and -aulo .reire re"resent the %igurati!e
&oo(ends o% this theory %or the twentieth century# Through an analysis $!eta 2ilo!a and +illiam
C# ,rehm3s article' 4.or the /o!e o% 5nowledge6' ,ric(man3s "ath to &ecoming a li%elong
learner and "reser!ationist o% historical e"istemology will &e assessed# Con!ersely' -aulo
.reire3s theories o% humanitarianism and em"owerment o% the o""ressed will &e assessed through
the analysis o% .ran( 7# .lanagan3s cha"ter on -aulo .reire %rom the &oo(' The Greatest
Educators Ever. The two educators will then &e com"ared and contrasted#
illiam ! Brickman" Preser#ationist of Historical Epistemolo$%
+illiam +# ,ric(man was 4an indi!idual o% uncommon commitment to %urthering the
%ield' while "reser!ing its theoretical and methodological di!ersity through academic %reedom
and integrity6 82ilo!a and ,rehm' 2919' "# 32:# ;s a "roduct o% early twentieth century
multicultural New <or(' ,ric(man was not only a com"rehensi!e li%elong learner' &ut also a
"reser!ationist o% historical e"istemology# ,ric(man &ecame "ro%icient in multinational theories
through diligent research and cataloging o% historic "ractical education and theorists# =e was a
model o% a""lied com"arati!e education to his colleagues# ,ric(man &elie!ed in o"en>
mindedness and healthy de&ate to "ush the limits o% his %ield# =e also &elie!ed in learning %rom
Two Twentieth Century Educators ?
the historical %igures who already "a!ed the way in the %ield o% education# 2ilo!a and ,rehm
Paulo Freire" Humanitarian of the &ppressed
-aulo .reire &elie!ed in sel%>awareness and em"owerment# $n his youth' .reire witnessed
4the ignorance and lethargy o% the "easants @asA rooted in their "olitical' economic' and social
"owerlessness 8.lanagan' 2995' ""# 114:# .reire stro!e towards cou"ling Christian ideology and
educational "hiloso"hy# =e considered learning to &e a thought%ul multisensory and (inesthetic
"rocess# .reire &elie!ed (nowledge to &e 4not the "ro"erty o% teachers to &egin with' &ut the end
result o% true teacherBstudent dialogue6 8.lanagan' 2995' ""# 1?1:# =e was also a su""orter o%
instilling intrinsic moti!ation in the o""ressed# =e &elie!ed "eo"le o% all socioeconomic classes
should wor( together and em"athize with each other# .lanagan 82995:
Compare and Contrast of Brickman and Freire
+illiam C# ,ric(man and -aulo .reire re"resented two great educational minds o% the
twentieth century# ,oth ,ric(man and .reire eC"erienced youth in the early twentieth century#
They were also eually eC"osed to ad!ersity# ,oth educators &elie!ed in "ensi!e discussion to
%urther the %ield o% education %rom all %actions# +hile ,ric(man in!estigated historical %igures'
"hiloso"hies' and theoriesD .reire eCamined the current socioeconomic and "olitical climates o%
the time in regards to education# ,ric(man too( a more analytical a""roach to a""lying
education while .reire &elie!ed in "ractical a""lication# .lanagan 82995:D 2ilo!a and ,rehm
Two Twentieth Century Educators 19
.or today3s scholars and educators' +illiam +# ,ric(man remains an eCam"le o%
stead%ast integrity and "erse!erance# $n his time' he 4eCem"li%ied the "rinci"les o% academic
honesty' integrity' and %reedom in "ursuing his own scholarshi" and %urthering com"arati!e
education as a %ield o% study6 82ilo!a and ,rehm' 2919' "# 32:# -aulo .reire3s theories continue
to &e an ethical and humanitarian &eacon %or teaching and learning# -rogression o% education
reuires the %aculties' a"titudes' and considerations o% all ty"es o% "eo"le#
Two Twentieth Century Educators 11
.lanagan' .# 7# 82995:# Paulo Freire (1921-1997): Education %or .reedom# The Greatest
Educators Ever 8""# 114>1?4:# /ondon' E,R: Continuum $nternational -u&lishing#
2ilo!a' $#' F ,rehm' +# C# 82919:# .or the /o!e o% 5nowledge# European Education, 42' 1*>3)#
.lanagan' .# 82995:# -aulo .reire 81?21>1??*:: Education %or %reedom# The Greatest Educators
Ever 8""# 114>1?4:# /ondon: Continuum $nternational -u&lishing#
2ilo!a' $#' F ,rehm' +# 82919:# .or the lo!e o% (nowledge# European Education, 282:' 1*>3)#
doi: 19#2*53BE0E195)>4?34429292