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To use ClickBook
ClickBook Help System
What's new in ClickBook MMX?
Key ClickBook Features
!"er"iew# What ClickBook does
Step $y Step %rintin& with ClickBook
'ninstallin& ClickBook
Thank You
We hope you(ll en)oy e"erythin& ClickBook has to o**er+ and that it meets all o*
your printin& needs !n,e you("e used it a *ew times we(re "ery ,on*ident that
you(ll $e ama-ed $y the ease o* printin& posters+ $anners+ attra,ti"e $ooks+
$ro,hures+ &reetin& ,ards+ day planners+ %.F *iles+ and more/
To use ClickBook
0hoose File12%rint *rom your appli,ation+ sele,t ClickBook Printer+ and hit %rint
When your do,ument appears in 0li,kBook )ust press the %rint $utton to send the
$ooklet to your printer 3t(s that easy
4!T5# When installin& 0li,kBook on 6ista or Windows 7+ ri&ht ,li,k on the
installation *ile 80li,kBookMMXSetupe9e: and sele,t ;Run as <dministrator(
ClickBook Help System
The help system in ClickBook is really an on1line manual 3t ,ontains all o* the
in*ormation traditionally *ound in a printed manual+ $ut is mu,h easier to use =i"e
it a try 3t )ust mi&ht surprise you/
What’s new in ClickBook MMX?
4!T5# !lder ClickBook 63% keys will not work with ClickBook MMX
64-Bit Compatibility
0li,kBook is ,ompati$le with >?1Bit !peratin& Systems+ as well as @A1Bit
!peratin& Systems and works &reat on 6ista and Windows 7

Updated PDF Support
We ha"e updated our %.F ,omponent to support 'ni,ode ,hara,ters like Smart
Buotes and Multi1Can&ua&e *onts like 0hinese+ He$rew The %.F 0on"erter is
now >?1Bit 0ompati$le 3t also works $etter with MS Works &raphi,s We ha"e
also *i9ed the ,ompati$ility issue with 3ntuit(s %.F printers
Zine layout
We in,luded the widely popular and mu,h reDuested ;Eine( layout To see more
a$out ;Eines( ,he,k out the *ollowin& YouTu$e "ideo# http#FFwwwyoutu$e,omFwat,h?
Improved Interface
We ha"e impro"ed the 0li,kBook inter*a,e to take ad"anta&e o* 6ista and
Windows 7 ,apa$ilities
Printer Setup
4ew printer setup dete,ts and automati,ally ,on*i&ures more printers 3* your
printer is not automati,ally dete,ted+ we'"e made it easier than e"er to add your

Key ClickBook features.
and Fed !ray Printin"
This was spe,i*i,ally desi&ned to make it easier *or people who use non duple9in&
CaserJet printers Just put the se,ond side o* the paper into the Hand Fed tray and
print instead o* pullin& out the main paper tray+ reinsertin& the paper+ and then
reinsertin& the paper tray
3t ,an also $e used *or people who need to use the Hand Fed tray to print on
di**erent paper si-es like le&al paper
3t(s the ne9t $est thin& to automati, duple9in& *or CaserJet printers
#ini Pa"e $d%u&tment&
3* you need to ad)ust the mini1pa&es to the le*tFri&ht+ or upFdown+ you ,an do it
now 3* you need to ad)ust the mini1pa&es to stret,h a $it+ or shrink a $it+ you ,an
do that too
'uick Click Printer&
Bui,k 0li,k %rinters &i"es you a way to make a spe,ial printer that works )ust the
way you want it to <utomate 51$ooks+ or e1mailin& o* %.F *iles Spe,i*y where
to sa"e the %.F *ile+ who to email it to+ and any en,ryption or password options
We ha"e added two Bui,k 0li,k %rinters to show you what they ,an do
3nstant Book K <utomati,ally turns your do,ument into a standard Side $y Side
*olded $ooklet and prints it to your de*ault printer
51Book 8%.F: K <utomati,ally turns your do,ument into a %.F 51Book
To use+ ,hoose File12%rint *rom your appli,ation+ sele,t a Bui,k 0li,k %rinter+ and
hit %rint
#ake PDF file& out of your booklet&
0li,kBook now has an inte&rated %.F &enerator to turn your $ooklets or any
layout into %.F *iles 'se this *eature to pu$lish your $ooklets on a we$site or
take the %.F *ile to a ,opy ,enter to make per*e,t $ooklets on their pro*essional
duple9in& printers 0li,kBook ,an also en,rypt and password prote,t the %.F *iles
it &enerates *or se,urity purposes
Sample doc&
3* you(re lookin& *or a pla,e to start makin& a $ooklet+ we'"e in,luded sample
*iles *or ea,h o* the layouts and added an easy way to &et to them Just
laun,h ClickBook and then ,li,k the ;Samples( $utton in the tool$ar When
the ;Sele,t < Sample .o,ument( dialo& appears+ sele,t the type o* $ooklet
layout you would like to make and then press the ;!K( $utton ClickBook
will laun,h a sample do,ument that has $een setup to work with the layout
You ,an then print the sample do,ument or erase the ,ontents and make your
own When you print to ClickBook+ the pro&ram will remem$er the layout
you sele,ted *rom the ;Sele,t < Sample .o,ument( dialo& and automati,ally
load up with that layout This is a &reat way to &et your $ooklets started

The Cayouts ha"e $een or&ani-ed into two lists+ 0ate&ories and Cayouts This
will allow you to *ind a layout mu,h Dui,ker and easier The L0ate&oriesM list
$reaks the layouts into lo&i,al &roups+ su,h as Fa"orites+ Books+ Bro,hures+
et, The LCayoutsM list ,ontains the layouts *rom the ,ate&ory that is sele,ted
For e9ample+ i* you look in the Books ,ate&ory+ the Cayout lists layouts *or a
?1up $ook+ Side $y Side $ook+ 0. Jewel Bo9+ et,
#ultiple document& in one booklet
You ,an print multiple do,uments to&ether as a sin&le $ooklet They ,an e"en
$e *rom different applications! For e9ample+ you ,ould print a pretty *ront
,o"er *rom your &raphi,s pro&ram+ then do,uments *rom your word
pro,essor+ spreadsheet+ and &raphi,s pro&rams+ mi9ed with a *ile *ound $y
your network $rowser
You )ust send ea,h do,ument to the ClickBook printer ClickBook pops up
and ,olle,ts the do,uments When you ,li,k the %rint $utton+ ClickBook
,om$ines the do,uments and prints the $ook
)indo*& +! 4,- . /--- . /--0 . 1P. 2i&ta . 3 . 4 64-Bit &upport
ClickBook MMX works $est with Windows X%+ Windows 6ista and
Windows 7
!er!iew" What ClickBook #oes
ClickBook is not an editor so you don't type into it ClickBook is a pro&ram
that takes the printed output *rom any windows pro&ram and shrinks+ rotates+
and orders the pa&es %rint $ooklets that are easier to ,arry around+ and sa"e
ClickBook prints your do,uments 11 *rom any Windows appli,ation 11 in
$ook *orm or other easy1to1handle *ormats 3t prints multiple pa&es on $oth
sides o* a sin&le sheet o* paper When you ,hoose a $ook layout+ ClickBook
arran&es the $ook pa&es on the printed sheets so that a*ter you ,ut and $ind
the printout+ you ha"e a ,orre,tly pa&inated $ook When ,on*i&ured properly+
you ,an remo"e the paper *rom your printer and all the pa&es will $e in the
proper order
%repare your do,ument in your appli,ation pro&ram and ,hoose the print
,ommand to print to a 0li,kBook %rinter <*ter you ,li,k !K in the %rint
dialo& $o9+ ClickBook pops up
3n ClickBook+ you sele,t a layout and then ,li,k the %rint $utton That's all
there is to it/
Step $y Step %rintin& with ClickBook
0li,kBook is easy to use To illustrate it's power we'll will walk you throu&h
the makin& o* a $ooklet usin& di**erent pro&rams We will use pro&rams that
,ome with e"ery ,opy o* Windows These pro&rams ,an $e *ound $y
pressin& the Start $utton+ then ,li,k %ro&rams+ and then ,li,k the a,,essories
menu Remem$er thou&h+ that you ,ould use any windows pro&ram with
H1 Setup up your printer usin& the 0li,kBook %rinter Setup pro&ram
A1 !pen the Word%ad pro&ram and type some te9t into it
@1 0li,k the File12%rint menu option
?1 3n the print dialo& ,li,k the arrow that has the name o* your printer listed
I1 Sele,t the ClickBook Printer
>1 %ress the !K $utton
0li,kBook pops up with the do,ument in it
71 !pen the %aint pro&ram and draw on it
N1 0li,k the File12%rint menu option or hold down O0trlP and hit the % key
Q1 3n the print dialo& ,li,k the arrow that has the name o* your printer listed
HR1 Sele,t the ClickBook Printer
HH1 %ress the !K $utton
HA1 =et on the internet and open up your we$ $rowser
H@1 Type in www,li,k$ook,om
H?1 0li,k the File12%rint menu option
HI1 3n the print dialo& ,li,k the arrow that has the name o* your printer listed
H>1 Sele,t the 0li,kBook %rinter
H71 %ress the !K $utton
4ow minimi-e all the windows e9,ept *or the 0li,kBook pro&ram 8press the
button in the upper right corner with the _ symbol on it: 4oti,e that all @
printouts are listed in the %rint Jo$ $ar in 0li,kBook
HN1 %ress the print $utton in 0li,kBook and *ollow the instru,tions
%resto you now ha"e a $ooklet with all the printouts in it 0an you see the
power that 0li,kBook has? You ,an ,reate do,uments *rom di**erent
pro&rams that you(re already *amiliar with and ,om$ine them into $ooklets
4ow lets ha"e some *un with 0li,kBook
repeat steps A1H7
3n 0li,kBook ,li,k on the arrow under 0ate&ories
Sele,t %ersonal !r&ani-ers 4oti,e that the pre"iew ,han&es
0li,k on the arrow under Cayouts Sele,t .ay1Timer po,ket si-e 8,ut:
4oti,e that the pre"iew ,han&es a&ain
0li,kBook is or&ani-ed into &roups o* layouts so you ,an easily *ind the ri&ht
si-e o* $ooklet *or the )o$ We pro"ide you with o"er HIR $ut you ,an make
your own to suit your needs
3 hope you ,an see how use*ul 0li,kBook is
Here are some top uses
%rint wall si-e ,alendar posters
%rint $irthday or holiday $anners
%rint 0hur,h $ulletins and Mem$ership .ire,tories
%rint Manuals 1 Readme *iles+ %rodu,t spe,s+ %.F *iles+ et,
%rint <ddress $ooks
%rint $ooklets *or 0. or .6. ,ases
%rint in*ormation *rom we$sites 1 news arti,les+ sto,k ,harts et,
%rint 5du,ational materials
%rint ,ustomi-ed $usiness ,ards and *lyers
%rint 5le,troni, $ooks 1 te9t *iles+ Word do,s+ et,
%rint 0atalo&s and pri,e sheets
%rint %resentations
%rint all o* the a$o"e and put it in your day planner
'ninstallin& ClickBook
'ninstallin& ClickBook is a simple pro,ess To do this use the <ddFRemo"e
%ro&rams wi-ard *ound in the Windows 0ontrol %anel
H1 0li,k on the LStartM $utton in the task $ar and hi&hli&ht LSettin&sM
A1 0li,k on the L0ontrol %anelM menu item
@1 .ou$le ,li,k on the L<ddFRemo"e %ro&ramsM i,on
?1 !n the L<ddFRemo"e %ro&ram %ropertiesM dialo& ,li,k on the LBlue
SDuirrel 0li,kBookM item to sele,t it
I1 0li,k on the L<ddFRemo"eSM $utton and *ollow the instru,tions that the
uninstall pro&ram &i"es you

Te(hni(al Support
We ha"e pro"ided many support options *or your ,on"enien,e
6isit our online support We$ pa&e at#
For a list o* FreDuently <sked Buestions 8F<B: see#
ClickBook 8,: Blue SDuirrel HQQ@1ARHR