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The Microchip Generates Value
In New Zealand, the agriculture makes a large contribution to the economy. There has
been a attention on agricultural productivity. However, there is a core problem that
productivity is inefficient in farming due to the lack of technology and quickly
spreading disease, which causes the death of livestock and high food cost. ith the
rapid development of science and technology, people come up a solution to use
microchip of blood testing to ensure safety of livestock, which improve the
productivity in farming.
!usiness section
".# $ision
The company offers the microchip for farmers. The microchip can check the blood of
livestock and obtain the information of physical condition of livestock, which helps
the farmers to manage and improve the efficiency in productivity. Thus the microchip
is the good way to promote the development of agriculture, which solves the shortage
of food in the world and improve development of economy.
".% Industry analysis
&or"e +igh/ Lo, -ustifi"ation
.uyer po,er !o, The mi"ro"hip b!oo'ing/test
is te"hno!ogi"a! the pro'u"t
0* "omputer numeri"a!
"ontro!/ma"hine' p!e1ig!as/
base' mi"ro"hip mo'u!e
,as 'esigne' an'
"onstru"te' for the
integration of b!oo' samp!e
preparation an' nu"!ei" a"i'
rea"tions234uen5 6ri"ka5
&ortina5 7anaro5
)aka#ume8 Wi!'ing5
90015p:0;< Thus the
"hoi"e is fe,
)upp!ier po,er high 0* simp!e mi"ro"hip 'e=i"e
for DN* e1tra"tion ,as
"onstru"te' base' on
e!e"trostati" intera"tions
bet,een surfa"e amine
groups an'
DN*23Nakaga,a5 Tanaka5
Ni,a5 $saka5 Takeyama
8>atsunaga 5900;5p10;<
The mi"ro"hip of b!oo'/test
in=o!=es some te"hni?ues5
,hi"h "auses the fe,
"hoi"e for organi#ation5 so
the supp!ier po,er is high
Threat of ne, entrants high The in'ustry of mi"ro"hip is
not "omp!ete' an' it is easy
for ne, "ompetitors to enter
a market
Threat of substitutes high The mi"ro"hip of
b!oo' test "an be
a!ternate'5 sin"e there are
many metho's to test
b!oo' &or e1amp!e5 0an
insightfu! e=a!uation of the
o=era!! attra"ti=eness of the
in'ustry is
*!=are#/I"a#a5 +a!!5 7!otkin5
5)"ott 8 Da=ies5 9001<
@i=a!ry among e1isting
!o, The 'e=e!opment of
mi"ro"hip of b!oo' test is
s!o, an' the "ompetition is
!o, The mi"ro"hip is main!y
use to test human b!oo'
0Do"tors "ou!' soon be ab!e
to test patients for 100
'ifferent "on'itions at on"e
using a 'isposab!e
mi"ro"hip un'er
'e=e!opment in the
A623+arris5 9019<
"." &ustomer and their needs
The company focuses on farming sector. 'o the farmers are our main customers. The
disease in farm animals cause direct the loss of economy. (or e)ample, *the cost of
the !'+ epidemic in the ,nited -ingdom has been high, both for control measures
and through lost trade./01 million in #22/34Bour"Ch5 .ri'ges 5 Gibbens 5 De Groot5
>"Intyre 8 7o!an'5900D5p99< 5ue to disease and death of livestock, the farmers want
to avoid and reduce these problems. Thus they need a product to help them control
and ensure safety of livestock. (urthermore, the farmers also need to acquire good
service after they buy the products.
".0 The product and service
The company produces the microchips. The microchip is p!a"e' in the interstitia! tissue
an' it "omes in "onta"t ,ith f!ui's in the bo'y5 ,hi"h ana!y#es "on"entrations of
substan"es in the b!oo' an' is "apab!e to sen' information to "omputer This metho'
he!ps farmers to "he"k the physi"a! "on'ition of !i=esto"k If the anima!s get 'iseases5 the
farmers ?ui"k!y re"ei=e the information an' make measures to "ure the anima!s5 ,hi"h
re'u"e the 'eath of farm anima!s In a''ition5 the "ompany pro=i'es the tea"hing ser=i"e
an' repair ser=i"e The emp!oyees ,i!! tea"h the farmers ho, to use the mi"ro"hip an'
ho, to use the "omputer to re"ei=e the 'ate an' ana!y#e the "onse?uen"e If there is a
prob!em in mi"ro"hip5 the "ompany a!so assigns the relevant maintenance staff to help
you solve the problem.
".6 'uppliers and 7artners
The equipment manufacturer and $odafone are suppliers. The equipment manufacture
provides the 'e=i"e that the "ompany "an a'' their te"hni?ue an' soft,are into it The
Bo'afone offers the internet ser=i"e ,ith the information re"eption
The IT %ompany an' hospita! are partners The IT %ompany he!ps them to 'esign the
soft,are an' up'ate 'ata &or e1amp!e5 the mi"ro"hip is "onne"te' ,ith the "omputer
an' sen's information to "omputer There is soft,are to ana!y#e the 'ate an' gi=e
a""urate out"ome Thus the firm nee's to "ooperate ,ith the IT %ompany The hospita!
,i!! pro=i'e the 'ata medicine. hen farm animals are found to have diseases, the
hospital could treat the diseases, which avoid the spreading and reduce the deaths.
".8 7orter9s generic strategy
The company focuses on the narrow market. 'ince the microchip is used for test
blood of livestock, which is generally sold to farmers. :oreover, the price of
microchip is cheap. (or farmers, they have many animals. If the price is high, they
will not afford. 'o the company needs to offer a fle)ible and reasonable price. Thus
the 7orter9s generic strategy is focused low cost.
"./ $alue chain activity
The making the product and service is important. The microchip is invented to check
blood and help farmers to reduce the death of livestock, which improve efficiency in
productivity and promote the development of agriculture. (urthermore, due to narrow
market, the good product and service are significant, which generates value for
".; !usiness processes
There is a service process in business. (or company, making a good service can attract
customers and has a positive effect on reputation. (or e)ample, the company provides
the teaching service for farmer, which helps farmers how to use the microchip and
save time of farmers. 5uring the service process, farmers feel comfortable because of
friendly and positive attitude of staff. <s a result, farmers are willing to buy our
There is also a customer order process. <ccording to order, the company can analy=e
to produce how many products. If the order is less, the company needs to consider to
make new products or improve the quality of products. Thus this process is essential
for the company making the products.
".2 (unctionalities
The service process> ?ffer helps for customer
'atisfy the need of customer
The customer order process> 5isplay the products for sale
5isplay the price
&alculate order total

".#1 'ystems
There is a customer service system. The microchip is the technological product.
(armer could not know how to use it and have some questions about products. This
system can provide guides and answer the questions, which improve the customer
satisfaction. (or e)ample, the microchip cannot run. The customer can ask customer
service system. Then there is a professional staff to help you to solve the problem.
There is a customer order system. hen customers want to order the products, this
system will introduce the function and price of products, which helps customer make
correct decision. In addition, this system can record the order total, which shows the
value and market demand. If the order is very large, it can prove that the microchip
can reduce the death of livestock and promote the development of agriculture.
There is an inventory management system. hen the company makes the products,
this system can easily store and manage the products, which do not causes damages
on the products. <s a result, the company can reduce the cost and improve the
".## 'ummary table

The company produces the microchip to help farmers to test blood of livestock, which
reduce the disease and death of livestock. 5uring the producing and sale, the
information system helps the company to analy=e the data and provide the good
process. It is beneficial method to manage and control organi=ation to deliver value.
Harris, '.4%1#%A. 5isposable microchip could simplify disease diagnosis.
Engineer(Online Edition),#6.@etrieved from>
http://,,,theengineer"ouk/me'i"a!/an'/hea!th"are/ne,s/'isposab !e/mi"ro"hip/
$alue chain
-ey processes functionalities 'pecific
:ake the
product and
The service
#.?ffer helps
for customer

%.'atisfy the
need of
service system
customer order
#.5isplay the
products for
%.5isplay the
order total
customer order
process system
>"*!eer5 F &5 *!=are#/I"a#a5 >5 +a!!5 G5 7!otkin5 G B5 )"ott5 D5 8 Da=ies5 $ W
39001< A) 7atent No D59:15HD9 Washington5 D%: A) 7atent an' Tra'emark
$ffi"e @etrieved from>
Nakaga,a5 T5 Tanaka5 T5 Ni,a5 D5 $saka5 T5 Takeyama5 +5 8 >atsunaga5 T 3900;<
&abri"ation of amino si!ane/"oate' mi"ro"hip for DN* e1tra"tion from ,ho!e b!oo'
Fourna! of biote"hno!ogy5 11D39<5 10;/111 @etrieved from>
4uen5 7 65 6ri"ka5 L F5 &ortina5 75 7anaro5 N F5 )aka#ume5 T5 8 Wi!'ing5 7 39001<
>i"ro"hip mo'u!e for b!oo' samp!e preparation an' nu"!ei" a"i' amp!ifi"ation
rea"tions Genome @esear"h5 1133<5 :0;/:19 @etrieved from>
Bour"Ch G5 .ri'ges BG5 Gibbens F5 De Groot .D5 >"Intyre L 8 7o!an' @39009< %!ini"a!
obser=ations in 'ete"ting emerging 'iseases in farm anima!s 7erspe"ti=e5 Bo!ume
19 Number 95 99/:0@etrieved from>