Quiz 1: Chemical Eaith Pieliminaiy Chemistiy

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1. Which of the following is a piopeity of sugai.

a) It is composeu of caibon, hyuiogen anu oxygen
b) It tuins black with auuition of concentiateu B2S04
c) Beating it stiongly piouuces caibon watei
u) It is white, ciystalline soliu

2. An example of a chemical change is the

a) Bieaking of a glass bottle
b) Sawing a piece of woou
c) Rusting of iion
u) Nelting of ice

S. A substance can be fuithei simplifieu maybe eithei

a) A element oi a compounu
b) An element oi a mixtuie
c) A mixtuie oi a compounu
u) A mixtuie oi an atom

4. A baking powuei containei caiiies the statement, "Ingieuients: coin staich,
souium bicaibonate, calcium aciu phosphate, anu souium aluminum sulfate." The
baking powuei can be classifieu as a:

a) Nixtuie
b) Nixtuie of compounus
c) Nixtuie of elements
u) Compounu

S. Which of the following piocesses colu be useu to uiffeientiate between a puie
substance anu a mixtuie.

a) Neasuiement of melting anu boiling point
b) Becomposition by heating it
c) Testing to ueteimine which is haiuei
u) Examining the paiticles with a micioscope

Quiz 1: Chemical Eaith Pieliminaiy Chemistiy


6. a) Complete the following table, compaiing the volume, shape anu compiessibility
of solius, liquius anu gases. (S maiks)

0123$1+4 526"7 8"9*"7 :.,
;26*#$ <"=
5>.3$ (ii)
?2#31$,,"@"6"+4 (iii)

b) 0sing youi knowleuge of the paiticle theoiy of mattei, explain fully youi answei
in the pait of the table numbeieu (i),(ii),(iii).

i) (2 maiks)

ii) (2 maiks)

iii) (2 maiks)

Quiz 1: Chemical Eaith Pieliminaiy Chemistiy


7. A stuuent is given a shiny black soliu to test by heating. 0n heating she obseiveu a
puiple gas piouuceu which when cooleu foimeu the shiny black soliu again.

a) What type of change is occuiiing. (physical oi chemical) (1 maik)

b) Is this sufficient eviuence to suggest that the black soliu is an element. Explain.
(2 maiks)

8. Acetic aciu is the substance that gives vinegai its soui taste. Acetic aciu has the
foimula C2B402. The melting point of acetic aciu is 16.7!! anu its boiling point is

Classify if acetic aciu is an element, compounu oi mixtuie. uive ieasons foi youi
answei (2 maiks)