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free actions limited to once per round.

adding stress to the game. 5 stress = 1 insanity point, stress is healed at a rate of 1 per
hour while in relaxing enviroment/situations.Stress can also be healed by having another
player or Npc comfort you!" d#
stress can be awarded for situations that $% chec&s are needed. it is also awarded for
any action player views as important fails by '() or more. in some situations stress can
be given even after a $% test has been passed, for example a greater deamon of
&horne lands on you, you some how pass your $% chec& and held your ground, even
tho you had the courage to hold, the situation demands you still ta&e stress. !" d#
%* stat rewor&/balence.
max ) of any stat for any race or career is now +5). this change is becuase the game
core rules were not desinged around the ,epic, level advances. having a %* with -($S
-(.S /5Str 0(1 ect brea&s the game.
%arrying changes2 players are unable to parry an attac& delt by a weapon of ether 3
si4es or ' 5ualitys higher than there own.
for example, a human cut throat can use his dagger to parry an attac&ers sword or axe
but can6t use a dagger or other small weapon li&e &nuc&le duster to parry a greatweapon
or lace, the same cut throat can parry a greatsword with his shortsword but would be
unable to parry a tree trun& wielded by a troll.
7ther duel $eilding changes8 useing 3 weapons allows the player to parry as a free
action at 81() this parry counts as useing weapons 1 si4e larger. the s&ill lightning
parry negates the 81( penality to parry sufferd by duel weilding.
9odge blow2 is now assumed to be a common s&ill, all players may attempt to dodge at
half agi if s&ill is untrained.
9odge shot advanced s&ill2re5uires dodge blow before it can be learnt# may be used vs
all ranged/missile attac&s at half agi.
.loc& basic reaction2 8 Shields 8 :ound/&ite/heavy shields can be used to bloc&,
.uc&ler/spi&e may not.
:ound/&ite/heavy .loc& is a standard )S1: chec&. ;S targets 3 si4es larger than %*
the bloc& only absorbs 5() of damage.
guarded attac& and defensive stance effects also apply to bloc&. .loc& may be used
agienst missle attac&s but the player must be faceing correct direction and aware of
being shot at chec& vs missle attac&s is at 81(). the defensive 5uality dose not apply vs
ranged attac&s.
after bloc&ing an attac& over power greater than - or higher roll a d1(8 on the roll of a 1
the shield is bro&en from the impact and the player ta&es 5() of the incoming damage
that bro&e the shield. shields can not be bro&en by missle weapons but can be peirced,
blac& power weapons apply an added 81 to the d1( brea& test. if blac&power or missles
weapons do brea& the shield they do 5() of the damage they would have.
$eapon and <rmor changes. light armor 81() to swim chec&s, medium 83() and
heavy8'() results to be left to !".
9agger/small blade damage is now S.8'=d1( when attac&ing front and S.=d1( when
attac&ing from behind. it also gains >ast 5uality.
<ll throwing weapons can now be thrown 081+ and there damage is now. S.81=d1(
short and S.8'=d1( long, standard .S chec& re5uired to hit. players trying to dodge
thrown weapons suffer 815) instead of minus useing half agi for standard missle
?ances may only be used in combat while mounted and are now S.=' impact, slow, and
inaccurate, there weight and si4e ma&e them hard to use they suffer from 81() $S on
all to hit chec&s vs mansi4e targets. 83() vs smaller targets.
Slings2 sling range is now 1+/3@ and sling damage is now 3=d1(. Sling staff2 counts as a
Auarter staff when used in melee combat, defensive = pummeling and S.83=d1(
damage. when used in ranged combat it is a standard sling, 13/3@ 3=d1( damage but a
half action may be used to properly wield the weapon ma&ing it 3@/@0 range and '=d1(
?ongbow2 armor peirceing only vs targets at mid8long range targets
9uel $ield and Swift <ttac& changes2 Swift attac& is a full action and lets the player or
mob attac& once for every attac& charastic they have. this action is done at 81() for the
first attac& 3() for the second attac& '() at third attac& @() at fourth attac&.
Bf a player is duel weilding two weapons while useing swift attac& the following mods
>irst attac& 8() second attac& 81() third attac& 83() and '() at forth attac&.
S&ills2 S&ills can be gained in ways outside of the norm, %*6s spending long hours
dueling each other to improve there martial prowess, or sitting down and studying
together, players can also teach them selves about various things via boo&s. learning in
this fashion ta&es far longer than normal some subCects can be learnt in Cust a few
wee&s while others can ta&e years of hard wor&.
S&ill teaching2 for one player to teach another in a s&ill or decipline they must have ta&en
the s&ill and have an advancement in that s&ill, for example $ilber wants to teach
shampoo how to improve his Dealing s&ill, so they ma&e time every day for a couple of
hours of practiceroleplay re5uired#, $ilber is a very experienced medic and has his s&ill
at max. after each wee& of training $ilber will roll a fellowship chec&, then if wilber
passes the chec& shampoo must ta&e an int chec& becuase healing is based on int. Bf
both characters pass then shampoo is one step closer to learning the s&ill.
S&ills will be assigned a number depending on the difficulty of the s&ill and aptitude of
the players teaching and learning it. this number represents the amount of stages
needing to be passed before the s&ill is learnt. basic s&ills at ran& 1 ta&e three stages. at
ran& 3 six stages when being taught by an already experienced player.
advanced s&ills often ta&e twice as long at least. no s&ill can be trained to master level in
this way. and only 1 subCect can be learnt at a time and some subCects even ta&e
addiitional experiance, players can use this method to learn s&ills outside of thos listed
on there chareer sheets. so if a thug wants to learn charm animal thats possible, but he
would need to get a player who is already experienced with the s&ill, and becuase its
outside of his career he would payer higher than normal exp for it!" d#.