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Title: STAR shall show it is on the side of democracy

State Reform Party (STAR), Sarawak
STAR N.38 Jemoreng, Sarawak
Rajah Raqafluz (Zulfaqar Sa'adi)


Using rational methods, State Reform Party (STAR), one of the main political parties in Sarawak, shall show it
is on the side of democracy at every opportunity. For example, STAR should gradually compromised on some
of its ideas it imposed at first, and that played a major role in establishing progress.
STAR should embracing all sections of society and emphasizing it adopts a dramatically different stance to that
of radical Islamists 'imported' from Malaya by thwarted those who wished to spread confusion.
One of the main praise of STAR was that it friendly approach to give minorities or other platform of societies
such as civil movements and NGOs the right to speak up in line with their political and movement objectives.
Although STAR haven't won in the Sarawak elections yet, it should rebutted and welcome certain criticisms by
granting rights to minorities and civil movements like it always and principally do right now.
The problem in Sarawak is that the majority of people are not acquainted with STAR, and some regard it as a
radical movement that uses the name of Sarawak sovereignty, Borneonisation, religious freedom, de-
centralization from federal governent and more demand which was actually in line with Malaysia Agreement
1963 itself.
What therefore needs to be done is to tell people that it is the exact opposite and to win the people over by
stressing the party’s policies, compromising, peaceable, democratic and moderate nature and how it is open to

Not all the subjects of disagreements in Sarawak have yet been overcome: One of the most important of these
is the disagreement on the subject of Malaysia Agreement 1963, Borneonisation, Education, Immigration and
pertinent oil/gas issue to say the least.
However, it does seem that an agreement on these issues will be possible, because people from different
sections of society either they are political or apolitical are discussing matters of disagreement at length and
are able to express their wishes. In other words, democracy is working.
Political crises can be resolved by peaceful means, no matter what. That is what common sense, structures
open to compromise and political maturity demand. The approach is “Consultations in government and
avoiding conflict.”