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A problem faced by numerous people on a daily basis is the issue of sleeping in past your
alarm or missing important phone calls due to a dead phone battery. Our goal was to
produce a product for the general public that would overcome this common problem, we
created a phone application that would be compatible with every type of smartphone,
which insures no alarms are sleep through or important calls are missed due to a flat phone
3.1 Vision
To create and develop a product that delivers value and meets the needs of our customers
through innvoative technology.
3.2 Industry Analysis: Phone application industy
Industry: Phone Application Industry: creating a phone application compatiable to all
Force: High/Low: Justification:
Buyer power: Low This would be low as we are currently the only
business within this industry that offers this type
product to customers, therefore if someone
wanted this product they would have to buy it
from us, as there is no one else within this
Supplier power: High Supplier power in this specific industry would be
high, as there aren’t any other companies that


currently sell this type of product. Therefore
there is only one supplier within this industry.
Threat of new entrants: High Currently the threat of new entrants is low as we
have just released this product into the industry
and we’re the only company who offers such a
product. However in the long run people could
duplicate our product and make one similar to
ours, as it is an app therefore people can easily
enter our market and sell similar products to
Threat of substitutes: High Although we are currently the only company
within this industry, it would be easy for
competitors to enter our market and create
compition as our product is in the form of an App,
therefore substitues could be created and
entered into the industry. In response to this we
could switch costs, therefore many customers
would be reluctant to change and keep buying
the product from us.
Rivalry among existing
Low This would be low as currently we the only
company within this industry that offers such a
product, however over time it would most likely
become high as other companies replicate our
Overall attractiveness of the industry: Because our product is the first of the kind it would
become popular with many customers as many people face these problems with their
smartphone, therefore the industry would be very attractive, however over time it can be


seen that the industry would most likley become competitive with other people creating
similar products.
3.3 Customers and Their Needs
The customer group we aim to target is the student and working class age group. As these
are the people we believe will benefit the most from the product we have produced. As
these age groups generally make up most of the cell phone market. It can be seen that 90%
of adults now own a cell phone (Raine 2013). Therefore it can be interpreted that these
people are habitually on their phones, making calls, emails, texting, surfing the web and so
on. 44% of adults sleep next to their phones, because they don’t want to miss any updates
during the night (Smith 2012). Therefore their phone can be distinguished as an essential
need. However their phone is only useful to them when it has battery life. Therefore if their
phone was dead they wouldn’t be able to communicate with people as freely. Therefore this
is why we have created this specific type of product, to ensure the customer can get the
most out their phone during their working day.
3.4 The Product and Service
Our product will satify the customers within our market as our product has been designed
specifically for those people who’re on their cellphones 24.7 and rely on them for every day
tasks. Our cellphone application will fulfil their needs as it allows your cellphone to receive
call and for alarms to still go off even after the phone battery has died. Therefore our
customers can still be reached via calls when their phone battery has died. Our product
allows this because we have a real time clock which enables alarms to off even when the
battery has died (Bluewall1, 2013).
3.5 Suppliers and Partners
Suppliers are the people who make the application, and the App Store that advitisers and
sells the product to the public would also be a supplier.
3.6 Strategy: Narrow Market & Low Cost


I have chosen Porters Generic Stratgy of a narrow market and low cost. I chose this because
the market we are trying to break into is narrow as it is targeted to a certain age group,
although there are many people within this age group I still believe it to be narrow as it is
only one part of the market segment. I have also chosen a low cost strategy as I believe that
this is the price that would be justified in selling to the customers. I also believe that if the
price is low more people will be more likely to buy this product as it is the first product of
this type and people will be intrigued as to what it does exactly. I am focused on a narrow
market I will be able to advertise and get my product across to those within that specific
market segment.
The overall strategy is therefore Narrow Market & Low Cost
3.7 Value Chain Acti vi ty: convience for our customers
Most important value chain activity for this business is Conivent for customers to receive
our product.
The value chain activity for our product is we will produce our product and advertise it
successfully to the customer. We add value by enabling that the product is easy to acess.
This will be done by, customers will be able to download their product from the application
store located on their phone. Our application will then download automaticlly onto their
phone and our product is then ready for them to use. Therefore value is added to our
product through effiecncy as they don’t have to wait around for a long time for their
product to be delievered.

3.8 Business Processes
3.8.1. CUSTOMER ORDER PROCESS- The process of ordering our product is simple. The
customer searches for the app on the app store, once they find it, if they chose to purchase
it all they have to do it click the download option and purchase the prouduct. The payment
transaction is then sent back to the company to see if they have enough credit.


Customers order process:

3.8.2. APPLICATION DELIEVERY PROCESS - The product we have design is specifically
for smart phones. The processes that take place for the product to be delievered to the
cutomer are very simple. When the customer purchases the applicatiion if the transaction is
succesful the application wil automatically download to their phone, however if the


transaction is unsuccesul the application won’t download and notifcation will pop up and
tell the customer that they do not have enough money to purchase the application.

Application Delievery Process:


3.9 Functionalities
 The application company would need to be able to receive the payment
before allowing it to down load to their phone.
 The company needs to be able to detect whether or not the customer has
enough credit to pay for the application, this function supports the key
business process as it helps detect whether people can afford their product
before delievering it to them.
 The consumer needs to have a good internet and phone connection in order
for the application to be able to down load to their phone.
 If the transaction is unsuccesful the comapany needs to be able to notify the
customer that their payment hasn’t been succesful, this supports the key
business process as interenet is needed for the app to download and the
company also needs to be able to communicate with the consumer if they
don’t have enough credit.

3.10 Systems

3.10.1 TRANSACTION PROCESSI NG SYSTEM – This is the idea of the transaction from
the purchase of the product being processed. This systems recieves the transaction and if
the purchase is successful, the transaction will be complete with allowing the app to be
3.10.2. CREDIT CHECKING SYSTEM- This system is able to detect whether or not the
customer has enough credit for the purchase to be succesful. If they do not have enough the
purchase will be cancelled and a notication is then sent to the customer to let them know, if
they do have enough credit the transaction will be succesful.
3.10.3. CUSTOMER REVIEWING PRODUCT STYEM- This system is between the
customer and the company. Customers who have purchased this app have the option to
contact the company if they face any problems with their product, they can also send
feedback to the company and review the product on the app store.


3.11. Summary Table: Value Chain to Systems

Value Chain
Processes Functionalities Specific Information
Broad Information

Deliver the
Product &
for customer
1. Customer
2. Acknowledge the purchase of the

3. Validate the order details.
Product management

Order processing system
Transaction Processing

Decision Support
1. Application
1. Update whether or not transaction was

2. If succesful automatically download
product to the customers smartphone,
if purchase is unsuccesful send
customer a notification to let them
Order processing system

Ordering/ Delievery
Transaction processing

Transaction processing


Throughout this assigment it can be seen that our product will deliever value to the
customer in multiple ways. It will be useful on a daily basis. Our product is one of kind and
therefore we hope the customers will enjoy it.


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