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1. The earth has three layers. What is the largest and
the rocky layers of the earth?
a. Lithosphere c. core
b. Mantle d. crust
2. If the crust is the thin outermost layer of the earth,
what is the innermost part?
a. Hydrosphere c. crust
b. Core d. mantle
3. All the statements below tell how rocks move along
the faults, EXCEPT one. Which one?
a. The core of the earth is continuously pushed by
pressures below.
b. The pressures cause the rocks to give way and
crack. Large masses of rocks on one side of the
fault move.
c. The weights of the continents and oceans press
parts of the crust.
d. The crust of the earth is continuously pushed by
pressures above and below.
4. What is the extent of damage caused by an
a. Syncline c. diastrophism
b. Magnitude d. intensity
5. What is the amount of energy released by an
a. Syncline c. diastrophism
b. Magnitude d. intensity
6. Which of the following is the precautionary
measure/s before an earthquake occurs?
I. Regularly perform earthquake drill
II. Always keep a flashlight ready.
III. Stay away from stairs and elevators
IV. Familiarize yourself with safe exits in
building you stay in.
a. I only c. I & II
b. I,II, & III d. I,II,III & IV
7. The following statements are precautionary
measures during an earthquake, EXCEPT one.
Which one is it?
a. Stay away from cliffs, steep slopes, power lines
and trees.
b. Keep calm
c. Stay under a sturdy table
d. Store flammable materials in safe place.

8. Which of the following statements tells how
volcanoes are formed?
a. When magma rises and is stored in chamber
until it finds its way to the earth’s surface.
b. When magma has a lower density than the
surrounding rocks.
c. When the down going rocks bring water.
d. All of the above.
9. A ridge is an elongated elevation on the ocean floor.
It is formed by ______ boundary.
a. transform c. oceanic zone
b. convergent d. divergent
10. There are three types of plate movement. Which of
the following illustrations shows conservative or
boundary transformed?
a. c.

b. d.

11. Which of the following is the correct sequence in
forming a volcano?
1. The rising magma finds its way in the weak
points of the earth’s crust.
2. There is a build-up of heat and pressure inside
the earth
3. An opening or vent is formed on the surface of
the crust.
4. The magma expand and rises.
a. 4,3,2,1 c.1,2,3,4
b. 2,4,1,3 d.2,4,3,1
12. Which of the following precautionary measures
should be done before volcanic eruption?
1. Follow the instructions issued by the concerned
government agency.
2. Keep flashlights, candles and first aid kit ready.
3. Evacuate quickly to the nearest evacuation
4. Avoid crossing the street when lahar flows
under it.
a. 1,2,3, and 4 c.1,2, and 3
b. 1 and 2 d.1 only
13. Which of the following activities can cause
a. Landslides c. flowing of lave
b. Volcanic eruptions d. tsunami
14. What kind of volcanoes are Mt. Pinatubo and Taal
a. Static volcano c. dormant
b. Inactive volcanoes d. active volcanoes
15. What kind of volcano has not erupted within
historic times and its form has changed as result of
weathering and erosion?
a. Static
b. Inactive d. active
16. Which statement describes a constellation?
a. The smallest stars.
b. A group of stars that form a pattern
c. The largest star.
d. A group of stars that twinkle.
17. Why do stars seem to twinkle?
a. Because that it twinkle when viewed from outer
space that doesn’t have an atmosphere.
b. Because we see them through our naked eyes.
c. Because we see them through the thick layers
of turbulent air in the earth’s atmosphere.
d. Because of its color.
18. What is the color of the star if its temperature is
20,000 – 50 000 °C?
a. White c. bluish white
b. Orange d. red
19. What is a device that permits distance and faint
objects to be viewed brighter, closer and clearer to
the observer called?
a. Spectroscope c. microscope
b. Space probe d. telescope
20. What is an optical telescope that uses both lens and
a. Magnetic telescope Refracting-
reflecting telescope
b. Reflecting telescope
c. reflecting telescope
21. what is the nearest star to the earth with 0
apparent magnitude?
a. Proxima centauri c.Arcturus
b. Antares d.Capella
22. What do you call a gigantic star hundred times
bigger than the sun?
a. Arcturus c. Capella
b. Rigel d. Betelguese
23. How are constellations useful to people?
1. It is used to find direction
2. It is used to tell climate
3. 3.It is used to predict weather
4. It is used to determine the weather.
a. I only c. 1 and 2
b. 1 and 3 d. all of these
24. Which is not a galaxy?
a. Milky way c. Small Magellanic clouds
b. Antares d. Andromeda
25. What consists of five stars that seem to form the
letter “W”?
a. Little Dipper c. Orion
b. Big Dipper d. Cassiopeia
26. What is the galaxy where the solar system found?
a. Milky Way c. Andromeda
b. Vega d. Large Magellanic Clouds
27. Different and various instruments are used by
astronomers to study objects in space. One of the
instruments used was telescope. What kind of
telescope uses a curved mirror to magnify objects?
a. Reflecting c. spectroscope
b. Refracting d. All of these
28. What is a computer-controlled spacecraft sent to
gather information and take close up photographs
of moons, stars, and planets?
a. Probe b. Explorer
b. Spectroscope d. Dome
29. A spacecraft sent to do research in outer space.
a. spaceship c. explorer
b. Spectroscope d. Space laboratory station
30. This theory proposes that the universe started as a
big ball of pure energy exploded. Together with this
explosion was the formation of matter hurtling
away from each other, resulting from the formation
of stars and galaxies. What is this theory called?
a. Oscillating theory
b. c .Big Bang Theory
c. Steady State Theory
d. Divine Creation Theory
31. Which statement explains Oscillating Theory?
a. The universe appears to consist of vast bubbles.
b. The universe is made up of fragments.
c. The universe continues to expand and to
d. The universe is neither boundary nor center.
32. This theory says that the universe is infinite in time.
It has been in the same condition before and now. It
also proposes that the universe is spreading.
However, it says that there are no new galaxies
being formed between the existing galaxies. What is
the theory called?
a. Oscillating Theory
b. c. Big Bang Theory
c. Steady State Theory
d. Divine creation Theory