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VOC to CTQ Worksheet (Example)

Note: some generic CTQ examples are listed at the end of this document
Project Stretch Goal:
Increase the on-time percentage that U meets all re!uired sponsor o"ligations #usuall$ %& da$s after project end date' from xx( to $$()
*ecrease the time it ta+es for sponsored projects to ac!uire the status of ,Closed- from xxx da$s to $$$ da$s)
(What they want;
(!"low; #"hi$h)
(measures that will help %etter understand streth $oal urrent or future
PI 1)Information is
2)Lack of
with RSP
3)Many unaware
of financial
1a) Percentage of awards that are past proect end date that ha!e
missing information "eyond pending e#penses and #fers $other op defs
for missing information may "e needed here)
1")%um"er of interactions&handoffs "etween RSP' (ept' (i!' PI after
award close date to find missing )information* as defined in 1a
1c) +he a!erage num"er of awards per month "eing simultaneously
handled "y an indi!idual staff mem"er $dept' di!' RSP acct' etc,)
%ote- may"e "etter to do "y group so people don.t think they are "eing
1d) %um"er of e#pedited sponsor closeout reports&week or per di!ision
2a) +he num"er of proacti!e communication messages RSP gi!es to a
PI or the PI.s dept admin from /0 prior to award end date and award
end date
2") +he percentage of 1uestions resol!ed in the first call&email made "y
the PI or dept admin to RSP
2c) See 1"
2d) +ime it takes to determine the status of an award that has met all
sponsor o"ligations' "ut not yet flagged as closed in 2ISP3R
3a) Percentage of PI.s "y di!ision that respond correctly to a simple
poll 1uestion, )Pretend you ha!e an award that is /0 days from the
proect end date and you know that an e#tension is impossi"le and the
proect must "e closed down, 2hat steps should you perform related
to proect finances and what groups should "e notified4 %ote- this
1uestion I.m sure could "e word5smithed
3") Percentage of dept admins "y di!ision that respond correctly to a
simple poll 1uestion' )Pretend a PI tells you that a proect needs to "e
closed, 2hat steps should you perform and what groups should "e
3c) +ime it takes a PI or (ept 6dmin to find a checklist for award
closeout procedures when re1uested to find the information,
3d) %um"er of uni1ue closeout checklists on campus
3e) %um"er of high5risk audit acti!ities that need to "e remo!ed from
proect "efore proect is closed "y di!ision
(ept 6dmins 12IS(M not
2Receia"les not
checks not cashed
3%o standard for
what to do
1a) %um"er of awards that are 30 days past end date that ha!e
inaccurate 2IS(M "alance $note- need to define what accurate is)
1") Percentage of awards that ha!e 2IS(M !ariance from their final
financial report su"mitted to sponsor of more than 71000 or ,89 of
total "udget
&eneri CTQ examples
+ypical Performance Measures
. Customer expectations /s)
compan$ performance - "$
sur/e$ or inter/ie0s
. Compan$ performance /s)
competitors - "$ sur/e$ or
. Complaints
. 1eturns and allo0ances
#incidents as 0ell as costs'
. 2ost accounts #retention rate'
. 3rder fre!uenc$
. Satisfaction 0ith each aspect
of goods or ser/ices - sales4
technical support4 response4
!ualit$4 /alue5cost ratio
:ustomer Ser!ice
. Calls not ans0ered in xx
. Calls on hold longer than xx
. Calls transferred to another
. 6"andon rate - caller gi/es
. In!uir$ processing time
. Queue time of people 0aiting
in line
. Credit re!uest processing
. 3rders5in!uiries not
processed 0ithin time limits
. Complaints not resol/ed on
the first call
. Complaints not resol/ed in
78 hours
. *egree of satisfaction 0ith
complaint resolution
. Courtes$4 +no0ledge4
empath$4 responsi/eness - "$
sur/e$4 response card or
. 3rder entr$ error rate
. 3rder fulfillment
. 9ac+order rate
. 3n-time deli/er$
. 3rders shipped complete and
on time
. 2ine items shipped complete
and on time
. 6ctual ship date /ersus
re!uested and promised date
. 6ctual ship date /ersus
re/ised re!uest date
. 3rders cancelled and reason
for cancellation
Market Share
. Sales5industr$ sales ratio
. Sales gro0th rate /ersus
industr$ gro0th rate
. Ne0 accounts
. Share of +e$ accounts:
Sales ;uality
. Ser/ice4 responsi/eness4
+no0ledge4 empath$ - from
customer satisfaction sur/e$4
. Conformance to compan$
guidelines for lead times4
!uantities4 special
modifications4 etc)
. 6ccurac$ and completeness
of specifications for orders
. Complaint resolution
timeliness and effecti/eness
. Changes to orders after initial
placement - controlla"le and
. Timeliness and accurac$ of
price !uotations and re!uests
for samples
. Pricing accurac$
. 1esponse time to in!uiries
and special re!uests
. ;thics attri"ute score
Sales Producti!ity
. Time spent on selling /ersus
administrati/e acti/ities
. Sales to selling cost ratio
. Sales process performance
. Queue5production
3ngineering and (esign
. *esign c$cle time
. ;ngineering changes after
design completion
. ;ngineering change orders -
"$ reason
. Impro/ements to products
. Customer satisfaction 0ith
product performance
. 1elia"ilit$ - mean time
"et0een failures
. 1eduction of parts count on
. Qualit$ pro"lems attri"uta"le
to design
. Num"er of standard4
common4 and uni!ue parts
. Num"er of different process
. Percentage of cross-trained
. Production setup5changeo/er
. 6/erage lot si<e "eing
produced - smaller is usuall$
. Ser/ice factor - percent of
orders filled
. Turns "$ product and group
. Production schedule dela$s
due to material shortages
. In/entor$ items a"o/e5"elo0
. Ph$sical in/entor$ /ariances
. Slo0-mo/ing or o"solete
. ;xcess in/entor$ - an$thing
a"o/e normal re!uirements
. In/entor$ accurac$ and error
. 6djustment to in/entor$
. *o0ntime due to different
t$pes of e!uipment failure
. Unplanned /ersus planned
. Qualit$ pro"lems due to
e!uipment failure
. 6dherence to pre/enti/e
maintenance schedules
. aste caused m$
maintenance tests ;uality
. Costs of !ualit$ - re0or+4
rejects4 0arranties4 returns
and allo0ances4 inspection
la"or and e!uipment4
complaint processing cost
. aste - all forms: scrap4
rejects4 under-utili<ed
capacit$4 idle time4
do0ntime4 excess production
. =ield - net good product
. Processes under statistical
control 0ith sufficient
. Processes >Po+a-$o+ed> or
made foolproof
. Process capa"ilit$
. Product changes to correct
design deficiencies
. 6dherence to schedule - tas+s
"eing performed on time?
jo"s ahead and "ehind
. Changes to purchase and
production orders - "$ reason
. Num"er of times scheduled
ship or complete date
. Schedule 3ffecti!eness
. 6ctual /ersus scheduled
complete date "$ 0or+
center4 department4 or
production cell
. 2ate items as a percent of
a/erage dail$ production
. Schedule changes -
controlled and uncontrolled
. Time lost due to schedule
changes or de/iations from
. 3rders and reports shipped
"$ express ser/ice
. Queue5production time ratio -
ho0 long it ta+es to process
an order4 di/ided "$ ho0
long it 0ould ta+e if there
0ere no dela$s "et0een
process steps #minimum
/alue @ A)&'
. Supplier Performance
. Qualit$ of /endors - defects
"$ t$pe4 returns4 deli/er$
. Percent of parts from
certified /endors
. Changes to purchase orders -
"$ reason
. Total num"er of /endors -
lo0er is generall$ "etter4
pro/iding !ualit$ and cost
re!uirements are satisfied
. Sa/ings relati/e to pre/ious
$ear costs
. Process capa"ilit$ and
impro/ements in capa"ilit$
. Process !ualit$ - from
/endor:s data
. Cost reduction rate
. 3rder c$cle time
. ;mergenc$ response time
. Compliance 0ith operating
guidelines4 such as ha/ing a
disaster plan
. *ocumentation conformance
- measured on an on-going
"asis "$ audits
. 9illing accurac$
. Time to resol/e complaints4
get credits for product !ualit$