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In the journey of teaching professionalism,
practicum is one of the mandatory requirements to be
accomplished successfully. Practicum which includes a
few phases is one way of learning and training myself to
be a teacher- a versatile, committed and dedicated
teacher who is able to know and see through the good
and bad in the pupils. Practicum has been considered as
a side where student teachers practice the art of
teaching in real context with student teachers assigned
to one another and class for specific of time ( Zeichner,
1996). I was assigned to do my practicum at SK Taman
Kota Jaya for 12 weeks, beginning from 26th January
until 24th April 2014. During the practicum, we are
assigned to teach English (major) and Pendidikan Seni
Visual (minor).
My expectations for this practicum are to collect as
much experience I can get. Besides that, this is my third
opportunity to practice all the knowledge and the theory
that I learned before. It was quite an exciting yet
challenging because I knew that different school has a
different atmosphere and way of doing things. What
had been taught during the lecture might be not the the
same as in school. Therefore as a student teacher I must
be able to adapt and adopt with the environment and
to make sure that I can be part of the school community
even though it is only for three months.
Preparation is an essential when we are going to do
something that is very important. Therefore before I went
to the school I make sure that I had prepared the
reading material, reference book and print out the
activities that might be useful for me during the
practicum. I make sure that I am fit mentally,
physically, emotionally and spiritually to show that I
am capable to take the responsibilities as a practicum
teacher. Other than that, I would try to be as friendly as
possible with all the staffs and teachers in the school. I
would always reminding myself that if I am able to get
the knowledge from the senior and experiencing
teacher, I believed that many years of teaching
experience would be easier to become a good teacher.
Therefore be such a friendly person would be such a
good thing to do whenever we are at the new place, in a
short time and tried to get as many knowledge as I can.
Being a practicum student teacher for this three
months also required me to make sure that I able to
reach the school on time or earlier. I must make sure
that every day I come early to the school to make myself
ready for that particular day. I will always keep on
updating my portfolio to avoid any complication and
confusion later on. I hope that in the end of my
teaching practice, I would be able to fully understand
the full scope of teacher’s role. I should be able to
achieve my objectives in my teaching. Besides, I also
want to know how to conduct a curriculum activity or
any program that can be held in school.
These phases of practicum give the teacher trainees
like me abundant teaching experiences and
opportunities to practise the knowledge, skills, values
and ethics learnt within the classroom and school
settings. I believe that teacher expertise is the most
important element that would determine the pupils’
achievement and as trainee teacher I want to become
an effective teacher than I was before and face the
challenge of teaching the Y and Z generations.