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use famlllar maLerlal and
sound sources Lo creaLe
muslcal moLlves.
lmprovlse, arrange and
compose rhyLhmlcally and
melodlcally uslng volce,
body percusslon and/or
lmprovlse slmple rhyLhmlc
and melodlc phrases.
Slng ln Lune alone and
wlLh oLhers uslng Lhelr
slnglng volce.

Slng expresslvely and ln Lune,
alone and wlLh oLhers,
produclng a clear supporLed

Þerform (slng or play) wlLh
proper Lone quallLy and
ldenLlfy and descrlbe Lypes of muslc
common ln Lhelr envlronmenL.
ldenLlfy, classlfy and
analyze muslc from a
varleLy of culLures,
hlsLorlcal perlods and

lmprovlse slmple
movemenL, rhyLhmlc
and/or melodlc paLLerns.
lmprovlse melodlcally and
rhyLhmlcally over a Lwo-
chord progresslon.
lmprovlse melodles over
common harmonlc

Þerform muslc from
varlous culLures and

Þerform a reperLolre of folk
and composed songs from a
varleLy of culLures and genres
wlLh awareness of auLhenLlc
performance pracLlces.

8ecognlze and perform (slng or
play) a reperLolre of folk and
composed songs from a varleLy
of culLures and genres wlLh
aLLenLlon Lo auLhenLlc
performance pracLlce.

ulfferenLlaLe among Lypes of classroom
lnsLrumenLs (such as woods, meLals,
shakers, drums) and Lypes of ensembles
(such as orchesLra, chorus, and folk).

CaLegorlze and descrlbe
vocal and lnsLrumenLal
Llmbres from a varleLy of
world culLures.

CoordlnaLe, comblne or
sequence muslc or
movemenL ldeas Lo
creaLe a shorL muslcal
CreaLe arrangemenLs of
known and orlglnal pleces
by manlpulaLlng Lhe
elemenLs of muslc and
expresslve quallLles.
use elemenLs of muslc Lo
creaLe unlLy/varleLy,
Lenslon/release wlLhln a
coherenL sLrucLure.
MalnLaln a sLeady beaL
when movlng, slnglng,
and playlng lnsLrumenLs.

Þerform (move, slng or play),
malnLalnlng lndependence
whlle oLhers perform
conLrasLlng parLs.

8ecognlze slmllar and
conLrasLlng ldeas when
presenLed aurally and ln
sLandard noLaLlon.

Aurally dlscrlmlnaLe among muslcal
concepLs (such as beaL/rhyLhm,
duple/Lrlple meLers, hlgh/low plLch),
expresslve quallLles (such as fasL/slow,
loud/sofL, legaLo/sLaccaLo), and slmple
forms (such as A8, A8A).
Aurally ldenLlfy and
dlscrlmlnaLe among Lhe
elemenLs of muslc,
expresslve quallLles, and
slmple forms.

uescrlbe and analyze muslc
ln Lerms of elemenLs of
muslc and sLrucLure,
employlng approprlaLe
muslc vocabulary.

use lconlc and sLandard
noLaLlon Lo documenL
muslcal ldeas.
use lconlc and sLandard
noLaLlon Lo documenL
rhyLhmlc, melodlc, and
harmonlc muslcal ldeas.

use sLandard and, when
approprlaLe, lconlc noLaLlon
Lo communlcaLe muslcal

lnLerpreL noLaLlonal
symbols for plLch and
lnLerpreL noLaLlonal symbols
for plLch, rhyLhm, arLlculaLlon,
and dynamlcs.
LvaluaLe muslcal work(s) as well as
performance(s) based upon approprlaLe
uevelop crlLerla, alone or
collaboraLlvely, Lo
evaluaLe muslc.

LvaluaLe muslcal work(s) as
well as performance(s)
clLlng evldence and
approprlaLe crlLerla Lo
[usLlfy Lhelr response.

Þerform and descrlbe
Lhelr own creaLlve work.

Lxplaln Lhe arLlsLlc lnLenL
behlnd Lhelr creaLlon and
performance of orlglnal
arrangemenLs, and
CreaLe an effecLlve,
coheslve, composlLlon.

Þlay slmple melodlc and
rhyLhm paLLerns and
osLlnaLl on classroom
lnsLrumenLs Lo
accompany slnglng.

Þerform baslc rhyLhmlc,
melodlc, and harmonlc
phrases, slmple songs and
pleces, on unplLched and
plLched classroom lnsLrumenLs
uslng proper Lechnlque.
Þerform for oLhers ln a
classroom seLLlng (such as llve,

CreaLe muslc LhaL
conveys expresslve
LvaluaLe, crlLlque, and reflne
orlglnal lmprovlsaLlons,
arrangemenLs, and
Compose muslc LhaL conveys
expresslve lnLenL Lhrough aL
leasL one performance

use a sysLem (syllables,
numbers, words) for
lnLerpreLlng noLaLlon and
communlcaLlng muslcal
use a sysLem Lo read and
noLaLe rhyLhmlc and melodlc
SlghLread slmple rhyLhmlc
parLs and melodlc llnes ln
Lreble or bass clef.

CreaLe an expresslve
accompanlmenL Lo
movemenL, chanLlng, or
ldenLlfy and slng rooL Lones
and chord Lones ln l/lv/v
chord progresslons.
CreaLe a sLyllsLlcally
approprlaLe accompanlmenL
Lo a melody uslng common
chords l, lv, v on a
harmonlzlng lnsLrumenL.
lollow Lhe cues of a
conducLor/song leader ln
rehearslng and

Þerform wlLh aLLenLlon Lo
common blend, balance, and
phraslng ln ensemble seLLlng.