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1 in 5 New Zealand high school student experience cyberbullying (Cyberbullying: advice …
n.d.) and only 1 in 10 will inform their parents (Cyber Bullying Statistics, n.d.). This makes
the children vulnerable to be cyberbullied and risk of developing personality disorder
(Morey, 1988) as 80% use cellphone regularly which is a medium for cyberbullying (11 Facts
…, n.d.). Cyberbullying can happen anytime and anywhere (Maldonado, 2014). Therefore,
app that could detect threat of cyberbullying likely to solve this problem.
3.1 Vision
To be the company that provides protection to our children and safe environment while
growing up
3.2 Industry Analysis: Child Protection Application Industry
Industry: Child Protection Application Industry
Force: High/Low: Justification:
Buyer power: High There is only few organisation that are working
on this industry such as “child youth and family
organisation” but there is many mobile
application that exist to help child who is being
cyberbullied (Florsheim, 2014), therefore buyer
power is high because many choices to buy from
Supplier power: High There is many Software developer as there is
quite a lot of mobile application for cyberbullying,
one example is “Stop!t” application to counter


cyberbullying (The Movement – STOPit., 2014),
therefore supplier power is high because only
software developer are able to understand and
make a good application
Threat of new entrants: Low For this industry it is Low because it is not easy to
enter this industry, it require experts in the
subject (bullying) and required capital to build an
app. The subject might be less interesting thus
discouraging new entrants.
Threat of substitutes: Low The only alternatives is Counselling and Advise
given by Child Protection Organisations such as
“child youth and family organisation”, therefore
threat of substitute is low.
Rivalry among existing
High Many mobile app in the market to monitor
children social activity (Florsheim, 2014) available
through the apps store such as “stop!t” or “Cyber
Bullying”, therefore rivalry among existing
competitors is considerably high
Overall attractiveness of the industry:
Child Protection Application Industry is a noble industry as it protect childrens from being
cyberbullied. Entrance into this industry would be competitive as there is many similar
application in the app store currently which buyer could choose from range of choices, yet it
is profitable if solution overcome the problem fully. Threat of new entrants into this industry
is considerably low as the subject require extensive knowledge about the problem by
developer. Substitute for this industry is only by child protection organisations which give


advise to the victims. Therefore entering this industry without further knowledge or good
solution is not a good idea as it is very competitive.

3.3 Customers and Thei r Needs
The customer would be parents with children to teenager, as nearly 43% of teen are being
cyberbullied (11 Facts …, n.d.). making it a serious problem which could lead into low self
esteem or suicide (McNamee, 2014). According to a study, 9 in 10 teen who have been
cyberbullied will not inform their parents or authority about their problem (Cyber Bullying
Statistics, n.d.), therefore this product satisfies parents need by sending alert which will
inform parents about what is happening in their child social life or even inform the authority
depending on the severity of what is happening. This would reduce the increasing number
of child being cyberbullied in the future. Thus parent needs are attended as they are inform
and understand what troubles their child.

3.4 The Product and Service
The product is a mobile application that is availabe from Apple App Store, it help parents to
identify if their child is being cyberbullied by forwarding possibly threat texts or images to
the parent from the child device, which is what other application out there lack of
(Florsheim, 2014). Message sent by the bullies will undergone a filtering process before
releasing it by scanning and recognizing each word and compare it to the word that is
embedded in the application, if the amount of possibly threat message is low than 25% the
message will be release to the receiver (child), 26% to 55% the message will still be release
but a copy will be send to the parent, and if more than 55% then the system will divert the
message to the parent or the authority depending on the severity of the content. It also has
the function to block the bullies, preventing further communication to bullies. Thus satisfies
customer (parent) needs as their child is protected from cyberbullying.


3.5 Suppliers and Partners
A potential suppliers for this application would be software developer such as “Supplier
Apps” as they develop the software and make sure it is compatible with the phone and easy
to understand. The second potential suppliers would be a child protection organisation such
as “child youth family organisation” which will provide guides on the appropriateness for
the children at certain age to view or receive as texts, they will also provides information on
types of threat and the different between a threat and a normal text to ensure less false
alarm, the organisation will be paid for their information. Third supplier which is vital for the
application to work is a Language expert such as Grammarian and Lexicographer, these
supplier will provide words, phrases, tone and style that is usually used as threat which will
be embedded into the system for the system to recognize.
A potential partner would be the “App Store” such as Apple App Store and Adroid App
Store as this is where it will be release for the customer to obtain it. Second potential
partner would be the Government particularly the school as this is where bullying start
whether it is physically or vitually, therefore partnering with school will educate the children
and discouraging cyberbullying as children are more aware of the consequences and will
alert teacher if they are being bullied, which will make parents confidence sending their
child to school.

3.6 Strategy: Focused Low Cost
This application is targeted to children and teen who have been cyberbullied and to parents
that is worried their child might be cyberbullied therefore it is targeted to narrow market as
the nature of its function does not serve everyone in the market. This application aim to
partner with school to protect children from being cyberbullied, therefore it must be
marketed at lower cost to attract parents interest and support.
The overall strategy is therefore Focused low cost


3.7 Value Chain Activity: Service after sales
The most important value chain activity for this business is Service after sales.
It is important that the customer needs is attended regularly, the information about the
customer is updated at regular basis in the database to ensure customer are always
protected from the bullies therefore the vision of the company is fulfil in this manner.
Another important part is to ensure the application did not crash, by hiring expert. The
business aim to continuously provide protection which is affordable, thus business strategy
is focused low cost.


3.8 Business Processes
3.8.1. DATA WAREHOUSE PROCESS: Data from customer device is important as it contain
information about the child and information about the bullies action when he interract. This
information is use to set the appropriateness content receive by the child. These data need
to be sorted into correct categories for easy future reference. Therefore service after sale is
an important value chain activity and it also support the business vision as it will provide
protection againts the bully.


3.8.2. CUSTOMER FEEDBACK PROCESS: Customer feedback process is important as it inform
any problems that occur while using the application. This allows maintenance department
to identify and solve the problems therefore the application is able to serve the customer
needs fully. This will provide safe environment to the children which satisfies the business


3.9 Functionalities
 Stores data receives from customer
 Revise and made changes to customer data
 To analyze customer feedback
 To combine customer information and their feedback

3.10 Systems

3.10. 1. DATA STORAGE SYSTEMS: This helps the process by analyzing the data receive from
the user phone and categories the data into appropriate group. The data received is stored
in the right group in the data storage department as future reference and back up file. Thus
user information is safe in the data storage and the company is able to protect the user at
all time which support the company’s vision.

3.10. 2. CUSTOMER FEEDBACK SYSTEMS: This helps the process by combining the data from
customer suggestion and their information from the data warehouse and analyze the data
before sending it to the maintenance department. It is important as it will help to
understand the customer needs better therefore improves the usability of the application.

3.10. 3. DATA UPDATE SYSTEMS: This system will update the customer information that is
stored in the data storage department which was analyze by customer feedback system, this
will create new option in the application based on customer needs, therefore the user is
always protected againt the cyberbully.


3.11. Summary Table: Value Chain to Systems

Value Chain
Processes Functionalities Specific Information
Broad Information

after sales
1. Data warehouse

1. Stores data receives from customer

2. Revise and made changes to customer

Data storage system

Data Update System
Transaction processing
2. Customer
Feedback Process
1. To analyze customer feedback

2. To combine customer information and
their feedback
Customer feedback system Decision Support System


In conclusion, this mobile application would improves the children experience while growing
up, it will even prevent the development of personality disorder such as low self-esteem and
antisocial which has increased in the past few years (Morey, 1988). Technology continue to
improve our lifetyle (Luftman, 2004) for instance it has improves customer satisfaction by
able to monitor childrens communication such as this application. Therefore it would make
the world a better place to live again.



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