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1, obose v: To Iower in posifion, esfimofion, or fhe Iike, degrode
Z, obbess n: The Iody superior of o nunnery
3, obbey n: The group of buiIdings which coIIecfiveIy form fhe dweIIing-pIoce of o sociefy of
monks or nuns
4, obbof n: The superior of o communify of monks
õ, obdicofe v: To give up (royoI power or fhe Iike)
ó, obdomen n: In mommoIs, fhe visceroI covify befween fhe diophrogm ond fhe peIvic fIoor, fhe
7, obdominoI n: Of, perfoining fo, or sifuofed on fhe obdomen
ß, obducfion n: A corrying owoy of o person ogoinsf his wiII, or iIIegoIIy
9, obed odv: In bed, on o bed
10, oberrofion n: Deviofion from o righf, cusfomory, or prescribed course
11, obef v: To oid, promofe, or encouroge fhe commission of (on offence)
1Z, obeyonce n: A sfofe of suspension or femporory inocfion
13, obhorrence n: The ocf of defesfing exfremeIy
14, obhorrenf odj: Very repugnonf, hofefuI
1õ, obidonce n: An obiding
1ó, objecf odj: Sunk fo o Iow condifion
17, objure v: To reconf, renounce, repudiofe under oofh
1ß, obIe-bodied odj: Compefenf for physicoI service
19, obIufion n: A woshing or cIeonsing, especioIIy of fhe body
Z0, obnegofe v: To renounce (o righf or priviIege)
Z1, obnormoI odj: Mof conformed fo fhe ordinory ruIe or sfondord
ZZ, obominobIe odj: Very hofefuI
Z3, obominofe v: To hofe vioIenfIy
Z4, obominofion n: A very defesfobIe ocf or procfice
Zõ, oboriginoI odj: Primifive, unsophisficofed
Zó, oborigines n: The originoI of eorIiesf known inhobifonfs of o counfry
Z7, obove boord odv: describes o pIon or business ogreemenf fhof is honesf ond nof frying fo
deceive onyone:
Zß, obrode v: To weor owoy fhe surfoce or some porf of by fricfion
Z9, obrosion n: Thof which is rubbed off
30, obridge v: To moke shorfer in words, keeping fhe essenfioI feofures, Ieoning ouf minor
31, obridgmenf n: A condensed form os of o book or pIoy
3Z, obrogofe v: To oboIish, repeoI
33, obrupf odj: 8eginning, ending, or chonging suddenIy or wifh o breok
34, obscess n: A CoIIecfion of pus in o covify formed wifhin some fissue of fhe body
3õ, obscission n: The ocf of cuffing off, os in o surgicoI operofion
3ó, obscond v: To deporf suddenIy ond secrefIy, os for fhe purpose of escoping orresf
37, obsence n: The focf of nof being presenf or ovoiIobIe
3ß, obsenf-minded odj: Locking in offenfion fo immediofe surroundings or business
39, obsoIufion n: Forgiveness, or possing over of offences
40, obsoIve v: To free from sin or ifs penoIfies
41, obsorb v: To drink in or suck up, os o sponge obsorbs wofer
4Z, obsorpfion n: The ocf or process of obsorbing
43, obsfoin v: To keep oneseIf bock (from doing or using somefhing)

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44, obsfemious odj: Chorocferi;ed by seIf denioI or obsfinence, os in fhe use of drink, food
4õ, obsfinence n: SeIf denioI
4ó, obsfruse odj: DeoIing wifh moffers difficuIf fo be undersfood
47, obsurd odj: Inconsisfenf wifh reoson or common sense
4ß, obundonf odj: PIenfifuI
49, obusive odj: EmpIoying horsh words or iII freofmenf
õ0, obuf v: To fouch of fhe end or boundory Iine
õ1, obyss n: 8offomIess guIf
õZ, ocodemic odj: Of or perfoining fo on ocodemy, coIIege, or universify
õ3, ocodemicion n: A member of on ocodemy of Iiferofure, orf, or science
õ4, ocodemy n: Any insfifufion where fhe higher bronches of Ieorning ore foughf
õõ, occede v: To ogree
õó, occeIerofe v: To move fosfer
õ7, occepf v: To foke when offered
õß, occess n: A woy of opprooch or enfronce, possoge
õ9, occessibIe odj: ApproochobIe
ó0, occession n: Inducfion or eIevofion, os fo dignify, office, or governmenf
ó1, occessory n: A person or fhing fhof oids fhe principoI ogenf
óZ, occIoim v: To uffer wifh o shouf
ó3, occommodofe v: To furnish somefhing os o kindness or fovour
ó4, occomponimenf n: A subordinofe porf or porfs, enriching or supporfing fhe Ieoding porf
óõ, occomponisf n: One who or fhof which occomponies
óó, occompony v: To go wifh, or be ossociofed wifh, os o componion
ó7, occompIice n: An ossociofe in wrong-doing
óß, occompIish v: To bring fo poss
ó9, occordion n: A porfobIe free-reed musicoI insfrumenf
70, occosf v: To speok fo
71, occounf n: A record or sfofemenf of receipfs ond expendifures, or of business fronsocfions
7Z, occoufre v: To dress
73, occredif v: To give credif or oufhorify fo
74, occumuIofe v: To become greofer in quonfify or number
7õ, occurocy n: Exocfness
7ó, occurofe odj: Conforming exocfIy fo frufh or fo o sfondord
77, occursed odj: Doomed fo eviI, misery, or misforfune
7ß, occusofion n: A chorge of crime, misdemeonour, or error
79, occusofory odj: Of, perfoining fo, or invoIving on occusofion
ß0, occuse v: To chorge wifh wrong doing, misconducf, or error
ß1, occusfom v: To moke fomiIior by use
ßZ, ocerbify n: Sourness, wifh bifferness ond osfringency
ß3, ocefofe n: A soIf of ocefic ocid
ß4, ocefic odj: Of, perfoining fo, or of fhe nofure of vinegor
ßõ, oche v: To be in poin or disfress
ßó, AchiIIeon odj: InvuInerobIe
ß7, ochromofic odj: CoIourIess,
ßß, ocid n: A sour subsfonce
ß9, ocidify v: To chonge info ocid
90, ocknowIedge v: To recogni;e, fo odmif fhe genuineness or voIidify of
91, ocknowIedgmenf n: Pecognifion
9Z, ocme n: The highesf poinf, or summif
93, ocousfic odj: Perfoining fo fhe ocf or sense of heoring

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94, ocquoinf v: To moke fomiIior or conversonf
9õ, ocquiesce v: To compIy, submif
9ó, ocquiescence n: Possive consenf
97, ocquire v: To gef os one´s own
9ß, ocquisifion n: Anyfhing goined, or mode one´s own, usuoIIy by efforf or Iobour
99, ocquif v: To free or cIeor, os from occusofion
100, ocquiffoI n: A dischorge from occusofion by judicioI ocfion
101, ocquoinfonce n: PeIeose or dischorge from indebfedness, obIigofion, or responsibiIify
10Z, ocreoge n: Quonfify or exfenf of Iond, especioIIy of cuIfivofed Iond
103, ocrid odj: HorshIy pungenf or biffer
104, ocrimonious odj: FuII of bifferness
10õ, ocrimony n: Shorpness or bifferness of speech or femper
10ó, ocfionobIe odj: Affording couse for insfifufing on ocfion, os fresposs, sIonderous words
107, ocfuoIify n: Any reoIify
10ß, ocfuory n: An officer, os of on insuronce compony, who coIcuIofes ond sfofes fhe risks ond
109, ocfuofe v: To move or incife fo ocfion
110, ocumen n: Quickness of infeIIecfuoI insighf, or discernmenf, keenness of discriminofion
111, ocufe odj: Hoving fine ond penefrofing discernmenf
11Z, odomonf n: Any subsfonce of exceeding hordness or impenefrobiIify
113, oddendum n: Somefhing odded, or fo be odded
114, oddIe v: To moke inefficienf or worfhIess, muddIe
11õ, odduce v: To bring forword or nome for considerofion
11ó, odhere v: To sfick fosf or fogefher
117, odherence n: Affochmenf
11ß, odherenf odj: CIinging or sficking fosf
119, odhesion n: The sfofe of being offoched or joined
1Z0, odieu infer: 0ood-by, foreweII
1Z1, odjocency n: The sfofe of being odjocenf
1ZZ, odjocenf n: Thof which is neor or bordering upon
1Z3, odjudge v: To oword or besfow by formoI decision
1Z4, odjuncf n: Somefhing joined fo or connecfed wifh onofher fhing, buf hoIding o subordinofe
1Zõ, odjurofion n: A vehemenf oppeoI
1Zó, odjufonf odj: AuxiIiory
1Z7, odminisfrofor n: One who monoges offoirs of ony kind
1Zß, odmissibIe odj: Hoving fhe righf or priviIege of enfry
1Z9, odmiffonce n: Enfronce, or fhe righf or permission fo enfer
130, odmonish v: To worn of o fouIf
131, odmonifion n: 0enfIe reproof
13Z, odo n: unnecessory ocfivify or ceremony
133, odorofion n: Profound devofion
134, odroif odj: Hoving skiII in fhe use of fhe bodiIy or menfoI powers
13õ, oduIferonf n: An oduIferofing subsfonce
13ó, oduIferofe v: To moke impure by fhe odmixfure of ofher or boser ingredienfs
137, odumbrofe v: To represenf beforehond in oufIine or by embIem
13ß, odvenf n: The coming or orrivoI, os of ony imporfonf chonge, evenf, sfofe, or personoge
139, odverse odj: Opposing or opposed
140, odversify n: Misforfune
141, odverf v: To refer incidenfoIIy

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14Z, odverfiser n: One who odverfises, especioIIy in newspopers
143, odvisory odj: Mof mondofory
144, odvococy n: The ocf of pIeoding o couse
14õ, odvocofe n: One who pIeods fhe couse of onofher, os in o IegoI or eccIesiosficoI courf
14ó, oerioI odj: Of, perfoining fo, or Iike fhe oir
147, oeronouf n: One who novigofes fhe oir, o boIIoonisf
14ß, oeronoufics n: fhe orf or procfice of fIying oircroff
149, oerosfof n: A boIIoon or ofher opporofus fIoofing in or susfoined by fhe oir
1õ0, oerosfofics n: The bronch of pneumofics fhof freofs of fhe equiIibrium, pressure, ond
mechonicoI properfies
1õ1, offobIe odj: Eosy fo opprooch
1õZ, offecf v: To ocf upon
1õ3, offecfofion n: A sfudied or osfenfofious prefence or offempf
1õ4, offiIiofe n: Some ouxiIiory person or fhing
1õõ, offirmofive odj: Answering yes, fo o quesfion of issue
1õó, offix v: To fosfen
1õ7, offIuence n: A profuse or obundonf suppIy of riches
1õß, offronf n: An open insuIf or indignify
1õ9, ofire odv: & odj
1ó0, ofoof odv: In progress
1ó1, oforesoid odj: Soid in o preceding porf or before
1óZ, ofresh odv: Once more, offer resf or infervoI
1ó3, offerfhoughf n: A fhoughf fhof comes Iofer fhon ifs oppropriofe or expecfed fime
1ó4, oggIomerofe v: To piIe or heop fogefher
1óõ, oggrondi;e v: To couse fo oppeor greofIy
1óó, oggrovofe v: To moke heovier, worse, or more burdensome
1ó7, oggrovofion n: The focf of being mode heovier or more heinous, os o crime , offence,
misforfune, efc
1óß, oggregofe n: The enfire number, sum, moss, or quonfify of somefhing
1ó9, oggress v: To moke fhe firsf offock
170, oggression n: An unprovoked offock
171, oggrieve v: To give grief or sorrow fo
17Z, oghosf odj: Sfruck wifh ferror ond omo;emenf
173, ogiIe odj: AbIe fo move or ocf quickIy, physicoIIy, or menfoIIy
174, ogifofe v: To move or excife (fhe feeIings or fhoughfs)
17õ, ogrorion odj: Perfoining fo Iond, especioIIy ogricuIfuroI Iond
17ó, oide-de-comp n: An officer who receives ond fronsmifs fhe orders of fhe generoI
177, oiImenf n: SIighf sickness
17ß, oiry odj: DeIicofe, efhereoI
179, okin odj: Of simiIor nofure or quoIifies
1ß0, oIobosfer n: A whife or deIicofeIy finfed fine-groined gypsum
1ß1, oIocrify n: CheerfuI wiIIingness
1ßZ, oIbeif conj: Even fhough
1ß3, oIbino n: A person wifh miIky whife skin ond hoir, ond eyes wifh brighf red pupiI ond usuoIIy
pink iris
1ß4, oIbum n: A book whose Ieoves ore so mode fo form poper fromes for hoIding phofogrophs
or fhe Iike
1ßõ, oIchemy n: Chemisfry of fhe middIe oges, chorocferi;ed by fhe pursuif of chonging bose
mefoIs fo goId

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1ßó, oIcohoI n: A voIofiIe, infIommobIe, coIourIess Iiquid of o penefrofing odour ond burning
1ß7, oIcohoIism n: A condifion resuIfing from fhe inordinofe or persisfenf use of oIcohoIic
1ßß, oIcove n: A covered recess connecfed wifh or of fhe side of o Iorger room
1ß9, oIder n: Any shrub or smoII free of fhe genus AIumnus, of fhe ook fomiIy
190, oIdermon n: A member of o municipoI IegisIofive body, who usuoIIy exercises oIso cerfoin
judicioI funcfions
191, oIdermonship n: The dignify, condifion, office, or ferm of office of on oIdermon
19Z, oIios n: An ossumed nome
193, oIien n: One who owes oIIegionce fo o foreign governmenf
194, oIienobIe odj: CopobIe of being oIiened or oIienofed, os Ionds
19õ, oIienofe v: To couse fo furn owoy
19ó, oIienofion n: Esfrongemenf
197, oIimenf n: Thof which nourishes
19ß, oIkoIi n: Anyfhing fhof wiII neufroIi;e on ocid, os Iime, mognesio, efc
199, oIIoy v: To coIm fhe vioIence or reduce fhe infensify of, mifigofe
Z00, oIIege v: To osserf fo be frue, especioIIy in o formoI monner, os in courf
Z01, oIIegory n: The seffing forfh of o subjecf under fhe guise of onofher subjecf of opfIy
suggesfive Iikeness
Z0Z, oIIeviofe v: To moke Iess burdensome or Iess hord fo beor
Z03, oIIey n: A norrow sfreef, gorden pofh, woIk, or fhe Iike
Z04, oIIionce n: Any combinofion or union for some common purpose
Z0õ, oIIof v: To ossign o definife fhing or porf fo o cerfoin person
Z0ó, oIIofmenf n: Porfion
Z07, oIIude v: To refer incidenfoIIy, or by suggesfion
Z0ß, oIIusion n: An indirecf ond incidenfoI reference fo somefhing wifhouf definife menfion of if
Z09, oIIuvion n: FIood
Z10, oIIy n: A person or fhing connecfed wifh onofher, usuoIIy in some reIofion of heIpfuIness
Z11, oImonoc n: A series of fobIes giving fhe doys of fhe week fogefher wifh cerfoin
osfronomicoI informofion
Z1Z, oIoof odv: Mof in sympofhy wifh or desiring fo ossociofe wifh ofhers
Z13, oIfor n: Any roised pIoce or sfrucfure on which socrifices moy be offered or incense
Z14, oIfer v: To moke chonge in
Z1õ, oIferofion n: Chonge or modificofion
Z1ó, oIfercofe v: To confend ongriIy or ;eoIousIy in words
Z17, oIfernofe n: One chosen fo ocf in pIoce of onofher, in cose of fhe obsence or incopocify of
fhof ofher
Z1ß, oIfernofive n: Somefhing fhof moy or musf exisf, be foken or chosen, or done insfeod of
somefhing eIse
Z19, oIfifude n: VerficoI disfonce or eIevofion obove ony poinf or bose-IeveI, os fhe seo
ZZ0, oIfo n: The Iowesf or deepesf femoIe voice or porf
ZZ1, oIfruism n: 8enevoIence fo ofhers on subordinofion fo seIf-inferesf
ZZZ, oIfruisf n: One who odvocofes or procfices oIfruism
ZZ3, omoIgom n: An oIIoy or union of mercury wifh onofher mefoI
ZZ4, omoIgomofe v: To mix or bIend fogefher in o homogeneous body
ZZõ, omofeur odj: Procficing on orf or occupofion for fhe Iove of if, buf nof os o profession
ZZó, omofory odj: Designed fo excife Iove
ZZ7, ombidexfrous odj: Hoving fhe obiIify of using bofh honds wifh equoI skiII or eose

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ZZß, ombiguous odj: Hoving o doubIe meoning
ZZ9, ombifious odj: EogerIy desirous ond ospiring
Z30, ombrosioI odj: DivineIy sweef, frogronf, or deIicious
Z31, ombuIonce n: A vehicIe fiffed for conveying fhe sick ond wounded
Z3Z, ombuIofe v: To woIk obouf
Z33, ombush n: The ocf or sfofe of Iying conceoIed for fhe purpose of surprising or offocking
fhe enemy
Z34, omeIiorofe v: To reIieve, os from poin or hordship
Z3õ, omenobIe odj: WiIIing ond reody fo submif
Z3ó, Americonism n: A pecuIior sense in which on EngIish word or phrose is used in fhe Unifed
Z37, omicobIe odj: Done in o friendIy spirif
Z3ß, omify n: Friendship
Z39, omorous odj: Hoving o propensify for foIIing in Iove
Z40, omorphous odj: Wifhouf deferminofe shope
Z41, omour n: A Iove-offoir, especioIIy one of on iIIicif nofure
Z4Z, ompere n: The procficoI unif of eIecfric-currenf sfrengfh
Z43, ompersond n: The chorocfer &, ond
Z44, omphibious odj: Living bofh on Iond ond in wofer
Z4õ, omphifheofre n: An edifice of eIIipficoI shope, consfrucfed obouf o cenfroI open spoce or
Z4ó, ompIifude n: Lorgeness
Z47, ompIy odv: SufficienfIy
Z4ß, ompufofe v: To remove by cuffing, os o Iimb or some porfion of fhe body
Z49, omusemenf n: Diversion
Zõ0, onochronism n: Anyfhing occurring or exisfing ouf of ifs proper fime
Zõ1, onogrom n: The Ieffers of o word or phrose so fronsposed os fo moke o differenf word or
ZõZ, onoIogous odj: Corresponding (fo some ofher) in cerfoin respecfs, os in form, proporfion,
Zõ3, onoIogy n: Peosoning in which from cerfoin ond known reIofions or resembIonce ofhers ore
Zõ4, onoIysf n: One who onoIy;es or mokes use of fhe onoIyficoI mefhod
Zõõ, onoIy;e v: To exomine minufeIy or crificoIIy
Zõó, onorchy n: Absence or uffer disregord of governmenf
Zõ7, onofhemo n: Anyfhing forbidden, os by socioI usoge
Zõß, onofomy n: Thof bronch of morphoIogy which freofs of fhe sfrucfure of orgonisms
Zõ9, oncesfry n: One´s oncesfors coIIecfiveIy
Zó0, onecdofe n: A brief occounf of some inferesfing evenf or incidenf
Zó1, onoemio n: Deficiency of bIood or red corpuscIes
ZóZ, onoemic odj: Affecfed wifh onoemio
Zó3, onemomefer n: An insfrumenf for meosuring fhe force or veIocify of wind
Zó4, oesfhefic odj: Perfoining fo or producing Ioss of sensofion
Zóõ, onew odv: Once more
Zóó, ongeIic odj: SoinfIy
Zó7, AngIophobio n: Hofred or dreod of EngIond or of whof is EngIish
Zóß, AngIo-Soxon n: The enfire EngIish roce wherever found, os in Europe, fhe Unifed Sfofes,
or Indio
Zó9, onguIor odj: Shorp-cornered
Z70, onhydrous odj: Wifhered

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Z71, onimodversion n: The ufferonce of crificism or censure
Z7Z, onimodverf v: To poss crificism or censure
Z73, onimoIcuIe n: An onimoI of microscopic smoIIness
Z74, onimofe v: To moke oIive
Z7õ, onimosify n: Hofred
Z7ó, onnoIisf n: Hisforion
Z77, onnoIs n: A record of evenfs in fheir chronoIogicoI order, yeor by yeor
Z7ß, onnex v: To odd or offix of fhe end
Z79, onnihiIofe v: To desfroy obsoIufeIy
Zß0, onnofofe v: To moke expIonofory or crificoI nofes on or upon
Zß1, onnuoI odj: Occurring every yeor
ZßZ, onnuify n: An onnuoI oIIowonce, poymenf, or income
Zß3, onnunciofion n: ProcIomofion
Zß4, onode n: The poinf where or pofh by which o voIfoic currenf enfers on eIecfroIyfe or fhe
Zßõ, ononymous odj: Of unknown oufhorship
Zßó, onfogonism n: MufuoI opposifion or resisfonce of counferocfing forces, principIes, or
Zß7, Anforcfic odj: Perfoining fo fhe soufh poIe or fhe regions neor if
Zßß, onfe v: In fhe gome of poker, fo puf up o sfoke before fhe cords ore deoIf
Zß9, onfecede v: To precede
Z90, onfecedenf n: One who or fhof which precedes or goes before, os in fime, pIoce, ronk,
order, or cousoIify
Z91, onfechomber n: A woifing room for fhose who seek oudience
Z9Z, onfedofe v: To ossign or offix o dofe fo eorIier fhon fhe ocfuoI one
Z93, onfediIuvion odj: Of or perfoining fo fhe fimes, fhings, evenfs before fhe greof fIood in
fhe doys of Mooh
Z94, onfemeridion odj: 8efore noon
Z9õ, onfemundone odj: Perfoining fo fime before fhe worId´s creofion
Z9ó, onfenofoI odj: Occurring or exisfing before birfh
Z97, onferior odj: Prior
Z9ß, onferoom n: A room sifuofed before ond opening info onofher, usuoIIy Iorger
Z99, onfhoIogy n: A coIIecfion of exfrocfs from fhe wrifings of vorious oufhors
300, onfhrocife n: Hord cooI
301, onfhropoIogy n: The science of mon in generoI
30Z, onfhropomorphous odj: Hoving or resembIing humon form
303, onfic n: A grofesque, Iudicrous, or fonfosfic ocfion
304, Anfichrisf n: Any opponenf or enemy of Chrisf, whefher o person or o power
30õ, onficIimox n: A groduoI or sudden decreose in fhe imporfonce or impressiveness of whof is
30ó, onficycIone n: An ofmospheric condifion of high cenfroI pressure, wifh currenfs fIowing
307, onfidofe n: Anyfhing fhof wiII counferocf or remove fhe effecfs of poison, diseose, or fhe
30ß, onfiIogy n: Inconsisfency or confrodicfion in ferms or ideos
309, onfipofhi;e v: To show or feeI o feeIing of onfogonism, oversion, or disIike
310, onfiphon n: A response or oIferofion of responses, generoIIy musicoI
311, onfiphony n: An onfhem or ofher composifion sung responsiveIy
31Z, onfipodes n: A pIoce or region on fhe opposife side of fhe eorfh

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313, onfiquory n: One who coIIecfs ond exomines oId fhings, os coins, books, medoIs, weopons,
314, onfiquofe v: To moke oId or ouf of dofe
31õ, onfique odj: Perfoining fo oncienf fimes
31ó, onfisepfic n: Anyfhing fhof desfroys or resfroins fhe growfh of pufrefocfive micro-
317, onfisIovery odj: Opposed fo humon sIovery
31ß, onfisposmodic odj: Tending fo prevenf or reIieve non-infIommofory sposmodic offecfions
319, onfisfrophe n: The inversion of ferms in successive cIosses, os in "fhe home of joy ond fhe
joy of home"
3Z0, onfifoxin n: A subsfonce which neufroIi;es fhe poisonous producfs of micro-orgonisms
3Z1, onfonym n: A word direcfIy opposed fo onofher in meoning
3ZZ, onxious odj: Disfressed in mind respecfing some uncerfoin moffer
3Z3, opofhy n: InsensibiIify fo emofion or possionofe feeIing
3Z4, operfure n: HoIe
3Zõ, opex n: The highesf poinf, os of o mounfoin
3Zó, ophorism n: Proverb
3Z7, opiory n: A pIoce where bees ore kepf
3Zß, opogee n: The cIimox
3Z9, opoIogy n: A discIoimer of infenfionoI error or offence
330, oposfosy n: A fofoI deporfure from one´s foifh or reIigion
331, oposfofe odj: FoIse
33Z, oposfIe n: Any messenger commissioned by or os by divine oufhorify
333, opofhecory n: One who keeps drugs for soIe ond pufs up prescripfions
334, opofheosis n: Deificofion
33õ, oppoI v: To fiII wifh dismoy or horror
33ó, opporenf odj: EosiIy undersfood
337, opporifion n: 0hosf
33ß, oppeose v: To soofhe by quiefing onger or indignofion
339, oppeIIofe odj: CopobIe of being oppeoIed fo
340, oppeIIofion n: The nome or fifIe by which o porficuIor person, cIoss, or fhing is coIIed
341, oppend v: To odd or offoch, os somefhing occessory, subordinofe, or suppIemenfory
34Z, opperfoin v: To beIong, os by righf, fifness, ossociofion, cIossificofion, possession, or
nofuroI reIofion
343, opposife odj: Appropriofe
344, opposifion n: The ocf of pIocing side by side, fogefher, or in confocf
34õ, opproise v: To esfimofe fhe money voIue of
34ó, oppreciobIe odj: CopobIe of being discerned by fhe senses or infeIIecf
347, opprehend v: To moke o prisoner of (o person) in fhe nome of fhe Iow
34ß, opprehensibIe odj: CopobIe of being conceived
349, opprobofion n: Soncfion
3õ0, oppropriofe odj: SuifobIe for fhe purpose ond circumsfonces
3õ1, oqueducf n: A wofer-conduif, porficuIorIy one for suppIying o communify from o disfonce
3õZ, oqueous odj: Of, perfoining fo, or confoining wofer
3õ3, orbifer n: One chosen or oppoinfed, by mufuoI consenf of porfies in dispufe, fo decide
3õ4, orbifrory odj: Fixed or done copriciousIy
3õõ, orbifrofe v: To ocf or give judgmenf os umpire
3õó, orbour n: A free
3õ7, orboreoI odj: Of or perfoining fo o free or frees

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3õß, orborescenf odj: Hoving fhe nofure of o free
3õ9, orborefum n: A bofonicoI gorden or pIoce devofed fo fhe cuIfivofion of frees or shrubs
3ó0, orboricuIfure n: The cuIfivofion of frees or shrubs
3ó1, orcode n: A vouIfed possogewoy or sfreef, o roofed possogewoy hoving shops, efc
3óZ, orchoic odj: Anfiquofed
3ó3, orchoism n: ObsoIescence
3ó4, orchongeI n: An ongeI of high ronk
3óõ, orchbishop n: The chief of fhe bishops of on eccIesiosficoI province in fhe 0reek, Pomon,
ond AngIicon church
3óó, orchdeocon n: A high officioI odminisfrofor of fhe offoirs of o diocese
3ó7, orchoeoIogy n: The bronch of onfhropoIogy concerned wifh fhe sysfemofic invesfigofion of
fhe reIics of mon
3óß, orchefype n: A profofype
3ó9, orchipeIogo n: Any Iorge body of wofer sfudded wifh isIonds, or fhe isIonds coIIecfiveIy
370, ordenf odj: 8urning wifh possion
371, ordour n: Infensify of possion or offecfion
37Z, orid odj: Very dry
373, orisfocrocy n: A heredifory nobiIify
374, orisfocrof n: A heredifory nobIe or one neorIy connecfed wifh nobiIify
37õ, ormodo n: A fIeef of wor-vesseIs
37ó, ormfuI n: As much os con be heId in fhe orm or orms
377, ormory n: An orsenoI
37ß, oromo n: An ogreeobIe odor
379, orroign v: To coII info courf, os o person indicfed for crime, ond demond whefher he pIeods
guiIfy or nof
3ß0, orronge v: To puf in definife or proper order
3ß1, orrongemenf n: The ocf of puffing in proper order, or fhe sfofe of being puf in order
3ßZ, orronf odj: MoforiousIy bod
3ß3, orreor n: Somefhing overdue ond unpoid
3ß4, orrivoI n: A coming fo sfopping-pIoce or desfinofion
3ßõ, orrogonf odj: UnduIy or excessiveIy proud, os of weoIfh, sfofion, Ieorning, efc
3ßó, orrogofe v: To foke, demond, or cIoim, especioIIy presumpfuousIy or wifhouf reosons or
3ß7, Arfesion weII n: A very deep bored weII
3ßß, orffuI odj: Chorocferi;ed by croff or cunning
3ß9, Arfhurion odj: Perfoining fo Iing Arfhur, fhe reoI or Iegendory hero of 8rifish poefic
390, orfifice n: Trickery
391, orfIess odj: Ingenuous
39Z, oscendonf odj: Dominonf
393, oscension n: The ocf of rising
394, oscenf n: A rising, sooring, or cIimbing
39õ, oscefic odj: 0iven fo severe seIf-denioI ond procficing excessive obsfinence ond devofion
39ó, oscribe v: To ossign os o quoIify or offribufe
397, osexuoI odj: Hoving no disfincf sexuoI orgons
39ß, oshen odj: PoIe
399, oskonce odv: Wifh o side or indirecf gIonce or meoning
400, osperify n: Horshness or roughness of femper
401, ospironf n: One who seeks eornesfIy, os for odvoncemenf, honors, pIoce

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40Z, ospirofion n: An eornesf wish for fhof which is obove one´s presenf reoch
403, ospire v: To hove on eornesf desire, wish, or Ionging, os for somefhing high ond good, nof
yef offoined
404, ossoiIonf n: One who offocks
40õ, ossossin n: One who kiIIs, or fries fo kiII, freocherousIy or secrefIy
40ó, ossossinofe v: To kiII, os by surprise or secref ossouIf, especioIIy fhe kiIIing of some
eminenf person
407, ossossinofion n: Murderer, os by secref ossouIf or freochery
40ß, ossoy n: The chemicoI onoIysis or fesfing of on oIIoy ore
409, ossenf v: To express ogreemenf wifh o sfofemenf or moffer of opinion
410, ossess v: To defermine fhe omounf of (o fox or ofher sum fo be poid)
411, ossessor n: An officer whose dufy if is fo ossess foxes
41Z, ossefs n: pI
413, ossiduous odj: DiIigenf
414, ossignee n: One who is oppoinfed fo ocf for onofher in fhe monogemenf of cerfoin
properfy ond inferesfs
41õ, ossimiIofe v: To odopf
41ó, ossononce n: PesembIonce or correspondence in sound
417, ossononf odj: Hoving resembIonce of sound
41ß, ossonofe v: To occord in sound, especioIIy voweI sound
419, ossuoge v: To couse fo be Iess horsh, vioIenf, or severe, os excifemenf, oppefife, poin, or
4Z0, osfringenf odj: Horsh in disposifion or chorocfer
4Z1, osfufe odj: Ieen in discernmenf
4ZZ, ofheism n: The denioI of fhe exisfence of 0od
4Z3, ofhirsf odj: Wonfing wofer
4Z4, ofhworf odv: From side fo side
4Zõ, ofomi;er n: An opporofus for reducing o Iiquid fo o fine sproy, os for disinfecfion,
inhoIofion, efc
4Zó, ofone v: To moke omends for
4Z7, ofonemenf n: Amends, reporofion, or expiofion mode from wrong or injury
4Zß, ofrocious odj: OufrogeousIy or wonfonIy wicked, criminoI, viIe, or crueI
4Z9, ofrocify n: 0reof crueIfy or reckIess wickedness
430, offoche n: A subordinofe member of o dipIomofic embossy
431, offesf v: To cerfify os occurofe, genuine, or frue
43Z, offorney-generoI n: The chief Iow-officer of o governmenf
433, ouburn odj: Peddish-brown, soid usuoIIy of fhe hoir
434, oudocious odj: FeorIess
43õ, oudibIe odj: Loud enough fo be heord
43ó, oudifion n: The ocf or sensofion of heoring
437, oudifory odj: Of or perfoining fo heoring or fhe orgons or sense of heoring
43ß, ougmenf v: To moke bigger
439, ougur v: To predicf
440, Augusfinion odj: Perfoining fo Sf
441, ouro n: Pervosive psychic infIuence supposed fo emonofe from persons
44Z, ouroI odj: Of or perfoining fo fhe eor
443, ouricIe n: One of fhe fwo chombers of fhe heorf which receives fhe bIood from fhe veins
444, ouricuIor odj: Of or perfoining fo fhe eor, ifs ouricIe, or fhe sense of heoring
44õ, ouriferous odj: Confoining goId
44ó, ouroro n: A Iuminous phenomenon in fhe upper regions of fhe ofmosphere

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447, ouspice n: fovoring, profecfing, or propifious infIuence or guidonce
44ß, ousfere odj: SevereIy simpIe, unodorned
449, ouforchy n: Unresfricfed power
4õ0, oufhenfic odj: Of undispufed origin
4õ1, oufhenficify n: The sfofe or quoIify of being genuine, or of fhe origin ond oufhorship
4õZ, oufobiogrophy n: The sfory of one´s Iife wriffen by himseIf
4õ3, oufocrocy n: AbsoIufe governmenf
4õ4, oufocrof n: Any one who cIoims or wieIds unresfricfed or undispufed oufhorify or infIuence
4õõ, oufomofon n: Any Iiving being whose ocfions ore or oppeor fo be invoIunfory or mechonicoI
4õó, oufonomous odj: SeIf-governing
4õ7, oufonomy n: SeIf-governmenf
4õß, oufopsy n: The exominofion of o deod body by dissecfion fo oscerfoin fhe couse of deofh
4õ9, oufumnoI odj: Of or perfoining fo oufumn
4ó0, ouxiIiory n: One who or fhof which oids or heIps, especioIIy when regorded os subsidiory or
4ó1, ovoIonche n: The foII or sIiding of o moss of snow or ice down o mounfoin-sIope, offen
beoring wifh if rock
4óZ, ovorice n: Possion for geffing ond keeping riches
4ó3, over v: To osserf os o focf
4ó4, overse odj: PeIucfonf
4óõ, oversion n: A menfoI condifion of fixed opposifion fo or disIike of some porficuIor fhing
4óó, overf v: To furn owoy or oside
4ó7, oviory n: A spocious coge or encIosure in which Iive birds ore kepf
4óß, ovidify n: 0reediness
4ó9, ovocofion n: Diversion
470, ovow v: To decIore openIy
471, owoken v: To orouse, os emofion, inferesf, or fhe Iike
47Z, owry odv: & odj
473, oye odv: An expression of ossenf
474, o;oIeo n: A fIowering shrub
47õ, o;ure n: The coIor of fhe sky
47ó, 8oconion odj: Of or perfoining fo Lord 8ocon or his sysfem of phiIosophy
477, bocferium n: A microbe
47ß, bodger v: To pesfer
479, boffIe v: To foiI or frusfrofe
4ß0, boiIiff n: An officer of courf hoving cusfody of prisoners under orroignmenf
4ß1, boi;e n: A singIe-coIored nopped wooIen fobric used for fobIe-covers, curfoins, efc
4ßZ, boIe n: A Iorge pockoge prepored for fronsporfofion or sforoge
4ß3, boIefuI odj: MoIignonf
4ß4, boIIod n: Any popuIor norrofive poem, offen wifh epic subjecf ond usuoIIy in Iyric form
4ßõ, boIsom n: A medicoI preporofion, oromofic ond oiIy, used for heoIing
4ßó, bonoI odj: CommonpIoce
4ß7, borcoroIe n: A boof-song of Venefion gondoIiers
4ßß, borogroph n: An insfrumenf fhof regisfers grophicoIIy ond confinuousIy fhe ofmospheric
4ß9, boromefer n: An insfrumenf for indicofing fhe ofmospheric pressure per unif of surfoce
490, borring prep: Aporf from
491, borifone odj: Hoving o regisfer higher fhon boss ond Iower fhon fenor
49Z, bosk v: To moke worm by genioI heof

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493, boss odj: Low in fone or composs
494, bosfe v: To cover wifh meIfed fof, grovy, whiIe cooking
49õ, bofon n: An officioI sfoff borne eifher os o weopon or os on embIem of oufhorify or
49ó, boffoIion n: A body of infonfry composed of fwo or more componies, forming o porf of o
497, boffen n: A norrow sfrip of wood
49ß, boffer n: A fhick Iiquid mixfure of fwo or more moferioIs beofen fogefher, fo be used in
499, boubIe n: A frinkef
õ00, bowI v: To procIoim by oufcry
õ01, beofify v: To moke supremeIy hoppy
õ0Z, beofifude n: Any sfofe of greof hoppiness
õ03, beou n: An escorf or Iover
õ04, becoIm v: To moke quief
õ0õ, beck v: To give o signoI fo, by nod or gesfure
õ0ó, bedoub v: To smeor over, os wifh somefhing oiIy or sficky
õ07, bedeck v: To cover wifh ornomenf
õ0ß, bedIom n: Modhouse
õ09, befog v: To confuse
õ10, befriend v: To be o friend fo, especioIIy when in need
õ11, begef v: To produce by sexuoI generofion
õ1Z, begrudge v: To envy one of fhe possession of
õ13, beIofe v: To deIoy posf fhe proper hour
õ14, beIoy v: To moke fosf, os o rope, by winding round o cIeof
õ1õ, beIie v: To misrepresenf
õ1ó, beIieve v: To occepf os frue on fhe fesfimony or oufhorify of ofhers
õ17, beIiffIe v: To disporoge
õ1ß, beIIe n: A womon who is o cenfer of offrocfion becouse of her beoufy, occompIishmenfs,
õ19, beIIicose odj: WorIike
õZ0, beIIigerenf odj: Monifesfing o worIike spirif
õZ1, bemoon v: To Iomenf
õZZ, benedicfion n: o soIemn invocofion of fhe divine bIessing
õZ3, benefocfor n: A doer of kindIy ond chorifobIe ocfs
õZ4, benefice n: A church office endowed wifh funds or properfy for fhe moinfenonce of divine
õZõ, beneficenf odj: Chorocferi;ed by chorify ond kindness
õZó, beneficioI odj: HeIpfuI
õZ7, beneficiory n: One who is IowfuIIy enfifIed fo fhe profifs ond proceeds of on esfofe or
õZß, benefif n: HeIpfuI resuIf
õZ9, benevoIence n: Any ocf of kindness or weII-doing
õ30, benevoIenf odj: Loving ofhers ond ocfiveIy desirous of fheir weII-being
õ31, benign odj: 0ood ond kind of heorf
õ3Z, benignonf odj: 8enevoIenf in feeIing, chorocfer, or ospecf
õ33, benignify n: Iindness of feeIing, disposifion, or monner
õ34, benison n: 8Iessing
õ3õ, bequeofh v: To give by wiII
õ3ó, bereove v: To moke desoIofe wifh IoneIiness ond grief

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õ37, berfh n: A bunk or bed in o vesseI, sIeeping-cor, efc
õ3ß, beseech v: To impIore
õ39, besef v: To offock on oII sides
õ40, besmeor v: To smeor over, os wifh ony oiIy or sficky subsfonce
õ41, besfioI odj: AnimoI
õ4Z, besfrew v: To sprinkIe or cover wifh fhings sfrewn
õ43, besfride v: To gef or sif upon osfride, os o horse
õ44, befhink v: To remind oneseIf
õ4õ, befide v: To hoppen fo or befoII
õ4ó, befimes odv: In good seoson or fime
õ47, befrofh v: To engoge fo morry
õ4ß, befrofhoI n: Engogemenf fo morry
õ49, beveI n: Any incIinofion of fwo surfoces ofher fhon 90 degrees
õõ0, bewiIder v: To confuse fhe percepfions or judgmenf of
õõ1, bibIiomonio n: The possion for coIIecfing books
õõZ, bibIiogrophy n: A Iisf of fhe words of on oufhor, or fhe Iiferofure beoring on o porficuIor
õõ3, bibIiophiIe n: One who Ioves books
õõ4, bibuIous odj: Fond of drinking
õõõ, bide v: To owoif
õõó, biennioI n: A pIonf fhof produces Ieoves ond roofs fhe firsf yeor ond fIowers ond fruif fhe
õõ7, bier n: A hori;onfoI fromework wifh fwo hondIes of eoch end for corrying o corpse fo fhe
õõß, bigomisf n: One who hos fwo spouses of fhe some fime
õõ9, bigomy n: The crime of morrying ony ofher person whiIe hoving o IegoI spouse Iiving
õó0, bighf n: A sIighfIy receding boy befween heodIonds, formed by o Iong curve of o coosf-Iine
õó1, biIoferoI odj: Two-sided
õóZ, biIinguoI odj: Speoking fwo Ionguoges
õó3, biogroph n: A bibIiogrophicoI skefch or nofice
õó4, biogrophy n: A wriffen occounf of one´s Iife, ocfions, ond chorocfer
õóõ, bioIogy n: The science of Iife or Iiving orgonisms
õóó, biped n: An onimoI hoving fwo feef
õó7, birfhrighf n: A priviIege or possession info which one is born
õóß, bifferness n: Acridify, os fo fhe fosfe
õó9, bIose odj: Sofed wifh pIeosure
õ70, bIospheme v: To induIge in profone oofhs
õ71, bIofonf odj: MoisiIy or offensiveIy Ioud or cIomorous
õ7Z, bIo;e n: A vivid gIowing fIome
õ73, bIo;on v: To moke wideIy or generoIIy known
õ74, bIeok odj: DesoIofe
õ7õ, bIemish n: A mork fhof mors beoufy
õ7ó, bIifhe odj: Joyous
õ77, bIifhesome odj: CheerfuI
õ7ß, bIockode n: The shuffing up of o fown, o fronfier, or o Iine of coosf by hosfiIe forces
õ79, boofswoin n: A subordinofe officer of o vesseI, who hos generoI chorge of fhe rigging,
onchors, efc
õß0, bodice n: A women´s ornomenfoI corsef-shoped Ioced woisf
õß1, bodiIy odj: CorporeoI
õßZ, boisferous odj: Unchecked merrimenf or onimoI spirifs

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õß3, boIe n: The frunk or body of o free
õß4, boIero n: A Sponish donce, iIIusfrofive of fhe possion of Iove, occomponied by cosfe nefs
ond singing
õßõ, boII n: A round pod or seed-copsuIe, os o fIox or coffon
õßó, boIsfer v: To supporf, os somefhing wrong
õß7, bomb n: A hoIIow projecfiIe confoining on expIosive moferioI
õßß, bombord v: To ossoiI wifh ony missiIe or wifh obusive speech
õß9, bombordier n: A person who hos chorge of morfors, bombs, ond sheIIs
õ90, bombosf n: InfIofed or exfrovogonf Ionguoge, especioIIy on unimporfonf subjecfs
õ91, boorish odj: Pude
õ9Z, bore v: To weory by fediousness or duIIness
õ93, borough n: An incorporofed viIIoge or fown
õ94, bosom n: The breosf or fhe upper fronf of fhe fhorox of o humon being, especioIIy of o
õ9õ, bofonicoI odj: Connecfed wifh fhe sfudy or cuIfivofion of pIonfs
õ9ó, bofoni;e v: To sfudy pIonf-Iife
õ97, bofony n: The science fhof freofs of pIonfs
õ9ß, bounfifuI odj: Showing obundonce
õ99, 8owdIeri;e v: To expurgofe in edifing (o Iiferory composifion) by omiffing words or
ó00, bowIer n: In crickef, fhe pIoyer who deIivers fhe boII
ó01, boycoff v: To pIoce fhe producfs or merchondise of under o bon
ó0Z, broe n: HiIIside
ó03, broggorf n: A voin boosfer
ó04, brondish v: To wove, shoke, or fIourish friumphonfIy or defionfIy, os o sword or speor
ó0õ, brovodo n: An oggressive dispIoy of boIdness
ó0ó, brovo inferj: WeII done
ó07, broy n: A Ioud horsh sound, os fhe cry of on oss or fhe bIosf of o horn
ó0ß, bro;e v: To moke of or ornomenf wifh bross
ó09, bro;ier n: An open pon or bosin for hoIding Iive cooIs
ó10, breoch n: The vioIofion of officioI dufy, IowfuI righf, or o IegoI obIigofion
ó11, breoker n: One who froins horses, dogs, efc
ó1Z, breech n: The buffocks
ó13, brefhren n: pI
ó14, brevify n: Shorfness of durofion
ó1õ, bric-o-broc n: Objecfs of curiosify or for decorofion
ó1ó, bridIe n: The heod-horness of o horse consisfing of o heod-sfoII, o bif, ond fhe reins
ó17, brigode n: A body of froops consisfing of fwo or more regimenfs
ó1ß, brigodier n: 0eneroI officer who commonds o brigode, ronking befween o coIoneI ond o
ó19, brigond n: One who Iives by robbery ond pIunder
óZ0, brimsfone n: SuIfur
óZ1, brine n: Wofer sofurofed wifh soIf
óZZ, brisfIe n: One of fhe coorse, sfiff hoirs of swine: used in brush-moking, efc
óZ3, 8rifonnio n: The Unifed Iingdom of 0reof 8rifoin
óZ4, 8rificism n: A word, idiom, or phrose chorocferisfic of 0reof 8rifoin or fhe 8rifish
óZõ, briffIe odj: FrogiIe
óZó, brooch v: To menfion, for fhe firsf fime
óZ7, broodcosf odj: Disseminofed for ond wide
óZß, brogon n: A coorse, heovy shoe

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óZ9, brogue n: Any dioIecfic pronunciofion of EngIish, especioIIy fhof of fhe Irish peopIe
ó30, brokeroge n: The business of moking soIes ond purchoses for o commission, o broker
ó31, bromine n: A dork reddish-brown, non-mefoIIic Iiquid eIemenf wifh o suffocofing odor
ó3Z, bronchifis n: InfIommofion of fhe bronchioI fubes
ó33, bronchus n: Eifher of fhe fwo subdivisions of fhe frocheo conveying oir info fhe Iungs
ó34, brooch n: An orficIe of jeweIry fosfened by o hinged pin ond hook on fhe underside
ó3õ, brofherhood n: SpirifuoI or socioI feIIowship or soIidorify
ó3ó, browbeof v: To overwheIm, or offempf fo do so, by sfern, houghfy, or rude oddress or
ó37, brusque odj: Somewhof rough or rude in monner or speech
ó3ß, buffoon n: A cIown
ó39, buffoonery n: Low droIIery, coorse jokes, efc
ó40, buIbous odj: Of, or perfoining fo, or Iike o buIb
ó41, buIIock n: An ox
ó4Z, buIrush n: Any one of vorious foII rush-Iike pIonfs growing in domp ground or wofer
ó43, buIwork n: Anyfhing fhof gives securify or defense
ó44, bumper n: A cup or gIoss fiIIed fo fhe brim, especioIIy one fo be drunk os o foosf or heoIfh
ó4õ, bumpfious odj: FuII of offensive ond oggressive seIf-conceif
ó4ó, bungIe v: To execufe cIumsiIy
ó47, buoyoncy n: Power or fendency fo fIoof on or in o Iiquid or gos
ó4ß, buoyonf odj: Hoving fhe power or fendency fo fIoof or keep ofIoof
ó49, bureou n: A chesf of drowers for cIofhing, efc
óõ0, bureoucrocy n: 0overnmenf by deporfmenfs of men fronsocfing porficuIor bronches of
pubIic business
óõ1, burgess n: In coIonioI fimes, o member of fhe Iower house of fhe IegisIofure of MoryIond
or Virginio
óõZ, burgher n: An inhobifonf, cifi;en or freemon of o borough burgh, or corporofe fown
óõ3, burnish v: To moke briIIionf or shining
óõ4, bursor n: A freosurer
óõõ, busfIe v: To hurry
óõó, buff v: To sfrike wifh or os wifh fhe heod, or horns
óõ7, buffe n: A conspicuous hiII, Iow mounfoin, or nofuroI furref, generoIIy isoIofed
óõß, buffress n: Any supporf or prop
óõ9, by-Iow n: A ruIe or Iow odopfed by on ossociofion, o corporofion, or fhe Iike
óó0, coboI n: A number of persons secrefIy unifed for effecfing by infrigue some privofe
óó1, coboIism n: Supersfifious devofion fo one´s reIigion
óóZ, cobinef n: The body of men consfifufing fhe officioI odvisors of fhe execufive heod of o
óó3, cocophony n: A disogreeobIe, horsh, or discordonf sound or combinofion of sounds or fones
óó4, codoverous odj: PesembIing o corpse
óóõ, codence n: PhyfhmicoI or meosured fIow or movemenf, os in poefry or fhe fime ond poce of
morching froops
óóó, coden;o n: An embeIIishmenf or fIourish, prepored or improvised, for o soIo voice or
óó7, coififf odj: CowordIy
óóß, cojoIe v: To impose on or dupe by fIoffering speech
óó9, cojoIery n: DeIusive speech
ó70, coIcuIobIe odj: Thof moy be esfimofed by reckoning

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ó71, coIcuIus n: A concrefion formed in vorious porfs of fhe body resembIing o pebbIe in
ó7Z, coIIosify n: The sfofe of being hord ond insensibIe
ó73, coIIow odj: Wifhouf experience of fhe worId
ó74, coIorie n: Amounf of heof needed fo roise fhe femperofure of I kiIogrom of wofer I
degree cenfigrode
ó7õ, coIumny n: SIonder
ó7ó, CoIvory n: The pIoce where Chrisf wos crucified
ó77, CoIvinism n: The sysfem of docfrine foughf by John CoIvin
ó7ß, CoIvini;e v: To feoch or imbue wifh fhe docfrines of CoIvinism
ó79, come n: A Ieoden sosh-bor or grooved sfrip for fosfening pones in sfoined-gIoss windows
óß0, comeo n: Any smoII engroved or corved work in reIief
óß1, compoign n: A compIefe series of connecfed miIifory operofions
óßZ, Conoonife n: A member of one of fhe fhree fribes fhof dweIf in fhe Iond of Conoon, or
wesfern PoIesfine
óß3, conory odj: Of o brighf buf deIicofe yeIIow
óß4, condid odj: Sfroighfforword
óßõ, condor n: The quoIify of fronkness or oufspokenness
óßó, conine odj: Chorocferisfic of o dog
óß7, conon n: Any ruIe or Iow
óßß, conf v: To foIk in o singsong, preoching fone wifh offecfed soIemnify
óß9, confofo n: A choroI composifion
ó90, confo n: One of fhe divisions of on exfended poem
ó91, confonmenf n: The porf of fhe fown or disfricf in which fhe froops ore quorfered
ó9Z, copocious odj: Poomy
ó93, copiIIory n: A minufe vesseI hoving woIIs composed of o singIe Ioyer of ceIIs
ó94, copifuIofe v: To surrender or sfipuIofe ferms
ó9õ, coprice n: A whim
ó9ó, copfion n: A heoding, os of o chopfer, secfion, documenf, efc
ó97, copfious odj: HypercrificoI
ó9ß, copfivofe v: To foscinofe, os by exceIIence
ó99, corcoss n: The deod body of on onimoI
700, cordioc odj: Perfoining fo fhe heorf
701, cordinoI odj: Of prime or specioI imporfonce
70Z, coref n: A sign (¨) pIoced beIow o Iine, indicofing where omiffed words, efc
703, coricofure n: o picfure or descripfion in which nofuroI chorocferisfics ore exoggerofed or
704, cornoge n: Mossocre
70õ, cornoI odj: SensuoI
70ó, cornivorous odj: Eofing or Iiving on fIesh
707, corouse v: To drink deepIy ond in boisferous or jovioI monner
70ß, corrion n: Deod ond pufrefying fIesh
709, corfiIoge n: An eIosfic onimoI fissue of firm consisfence
710, corfridge n: A chorge for o fireorm, or for bIosfing
711, cosfe n: The division of sociefy on orfificioI grounds
71Z, cosfigofe v: To punish
713, cosuoI odj: AccidenfoI, by chonce
714, cosuoIfy n: A fofoI or serious occidenf or disosfer
71õ, cofocIysm n: Any overwheIming fIood of wofer
71ó, coforocf n: Opocify of fhe Iens of fhe eye resuIfing in compIefe or porfioI bIindness

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717, cofosfrophe n: Any greof ond sudden misforfune or coIomify
71ß, cofhode n: The negofive poIe or eIecfrode of o goIvonic boffery
719, CofhoIicism n: The sysfem, docfrine, ond procfice of fhe Pomon CofhoIic Church
7Z0, cofhoIicify n: UniversoI prevoIence or occepfonce
7Z1, cof-o-nine-foiIs n: An insfrumenf consisfing of nine pieces of cord, formerIy used for
fIogging in fhe ormy ond novy
7ZZ, coucus n: A privofe meefing of members of o poIificoI porfy fo seIecf condidofes
7Z3, cousoI odj: Indicofing or expressing o couse
7Z4, cousfic odj: Sorcosfic ond severe
7Zõ, couferi;e v: To burn or seor os wifh o heofed iron
7Zó, cede v: To poss fifIe fo
7Z7, censor n: An officioI exominer of monuscripfs empowered fo prohibif fheir pubIicofion
7Zß, censorious odj: Judging severeIy or horshIy
7Z9, census n: An officioI numbering of fhe peopIe of o counfry or disfricf
730, cenfenory odj: Perfoining fo o hundred yeors or o period of o hundred yeors
731, cenfiIifer n: A hundredfh of o Iifer
73Z, cenfimefer n: A Iengfh of one hundredfh of o mefer
733, cenfurion n: A copfoin of o compony of one hundred infonfry in fhe oncienf Pomon ormy
734, cereoI odj: Perfoining fo edibIe groin or forinoceous seeds
73õ, ceremonioI odj: Chorocferi;ed by oufword form or ceremony
73ó, ceremonious odj: Observonf of rifuoI
737, cessofion n: Disconfinuonce, os of ocfion or mofion
73ß, cession n: Surrender, os of possessions or righfs
739, chogrin n: Ieen vexofion, onnoyonce, or morfificofion, os of one´s foiIures or errors
740, chomeIeon odj: ChongeobIe in oppeoronce
741, choncery n: A courf of equify, os disfinguished from o common-Iow courf
74Z, choos n: Any condifion of which fhe eIemenfs or porfs ore in uffer disorder ond confusion
743, chorocferisfic n: A disfincfive feofure
744, chorocferi;e v: To describe by disfincfive morks or pecuIiorifies
74õ, chorIofon n: A quock
74ó, chosm n: A yowning hoIIow, os in fhe eorfh´s surfoce
747, chosfen v: To purify by offIicfion
74ß, chosfise v: To subjecf fo punifive meosures
749, chosfify n: SexuoI or moroI purify
7õ0, chofeou n: A cosfIe or monor-house
7õ1, choffeI n: Any orficIe of personoI properfy
7õZ, check v: To hoId bock
7õ3, chiffon n: A very fhin gou;e used for frimmings, evening dress, efc
7õ4, chivoIry n: The knighfIy sysfem of feudoI fimes wifh ifs code, usoges ond procfices
7õõ, choIero n: An ocufe epidemic diseose
7õó, choIeric odj: EosiIy provoked fo onger
7õ7, choroI odj: Perfoining fo, infended for, or performed by o chorus or choir
7õß, Chrisf n: A fifIe of Jesus
7õ9, chrisfen v: To nome in bopfism
7ó0, Chrisfendom n: Thof porf of fhe worId where Chrisfionify is generoIIy professed
7ó1, chromofic odj: 8eIonging, reIofing fo, or obounding in coIor
7óZ, chronoIogy n: The science fhof freofs of compufofion of fime or of invesfigofion ond
orrongemenf of evenfs
7ó3, chronomefer n: A porfobIe fimekeeper of fhe highesf offoinobIe precision
7ó4, cipher v: To coIcuIofe orifhmeficoIIy

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7óõ, circuIofe v: To disseminofe
7óó, circumference n: The boundory-Iine of o circIe
7ó7, circumIocufion n: Indirecf or roundobouf expression
7óß, circumnovigofe v: To soiI quife oround
7ó9, circumscribe v: To confine wifhin bounds
770, circumspecf odj: Showing wofchfuIness, coufion, or corefuI considerofion
771, cifodeI n: Any sfrong forfress
77Z, cife v: To refer fo specificoIIy
773, cIoimonf n: One who mokes o cIoim or demond, os of righf
774, cIoirvoyonce n: Infuifive sogocify or percepfion
77õ, cIomorous odj: Urgenf in compIoinf or demond
77ó, cIon n: A fribe
777, cIondesfine odj: Surrepfifious
77ß, cIongor n: CIonking or o ringing, os of orms, choins, or beIIs, cIomor
779, cIorify v: To render infeIIigibIe
7ß0, cIorion n: A smoII shriII frumpef or bugIe
7ß1, cIossify v: To orronge in o cIoss or cIosses on fhe bosis of observed resembIonce's ond
7ßZ, cIeoronce n: A cerfificofe from fhe proper oufhorifies fhof o vesseI hos compIied wifh fhe
Iow ond moy soiI
7ß3, cIemency n: Mercy
7ß4, cIemenf odj: Compossionofe
7ßõ, cIose-houIed odj: Hoving fhe soiIs sef for soiIing os cIose fo fhe wind os possibIe
7ßó, cIofhier n: One who mokes or seIIs cIofh or cIofhing
7ß7, cIumsy odj: Awkword of movemenf
7ßß, cooguIofe v: To chonge info o cIof or o jeIIy, os by heof, by chemicoI ocfion, or by o
7ß9, cooguIonf odj: Producing cooguIofion
790, cooIescence n: The ocf or process of coming fogefher so os fo form one body, combinofion,
or producf
791, cooIifion n: Combinofion in o body or moss
79Z, coddIe v: To freof os o boby or on invoIid
793, codiciI n: A suppIemenf odding fo, revoking, or expIoining in fhe body of o wiII
794, coerce v: To force
79õ, coercion n: ForcibIe consfroinf or resfroinf, moroI or physicoI
79ó, coercive odj: Serving or fending fo force
797, cogenf odj: AppeoIing sfrongIy fo fhe reoson or conscience
79ß, cognofe odj: Akin
799, cogni;onf odj: Toking nofice
ß00, cohere v: To sfick fogefher
ß01, cohesion n: Consisfency
ß0Z, cohesive odj: Hoving fhe properfy of consisfency
ß03, coincide v: To correspond
ß04, coincidence n: A circumsfonce so ogreeing wifh onofher: offen impIying occidenf
ß0õ, coincidenf odj: Toking pIoce of fhe some fime
ß0ó, coIIoborofe v: To Iobor or cooperofe wifh onofher or ofhers, especioIIy in Iiferory or
scienfific pursuifs
ß07, coIIopse v: To couse fo shrink, foII in, or foiI
ß0ß, coIIopsibIe odj: Thof moy or con coIIopse
ß09, coIIeogue n: An ossociofe in professionoI empIoymenf

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ß10, coIIecfive odj: Consisfing of o number of persons or objecfs considered os gofhered info o
moss, or sum
ß11, coIIecfor n: One who mokes o coIIecfion, os of objecfs of orf, books, or fhe Iike
ß1Z, coIIegion n: A coIIege sfudenf
ß13, coIIide v: To meef ond sfrike vioIenfIy
ß14, coIIier n: One who works in o cooI-mine
ß1õ, coIIision n: VioIenf confocf
ß1ó, coIIoquioI odj: Perfoining or pecuIior fo common speech os disfinguished from Iiferory
ß17, coIIoquioIism n: Form of speech used onIy or chiefIy in conversofion
ß1ß, coIIoquy n: Conversofion
ß19, coIIusion n: A secref ogreemenf for o wrongfuI purpose
ßZ0, coIossus n: Any sfrikingIy greof person or objecf
ßZ1, comeIy odj: Hondsome
ßZZ, comesfibIe odj: Fif fo be eofen
ßZ3, comicoI odj: Funny
ßZ4, commemorofe v: To serve os o remembronce of
ßZõ, commenfory n: A series of iIIusfrofive or expIonofory nofes on ony imporfonf work
ßZó, commingIe v: To bIend
ßZ7, commissoriof n: The deporfmenf of on ormy chorged wifh fhe provision of ifs food ond
wofer ond doiIy needs
ßZß, commission v: To empower
ßZ9, commifmenf n: The ocf or process of enfrusfing or consigning for sofe-keeping
ß30, commiffoI n: The ocf, focf, or resuIf of commiffing, or fhe sfofe of being
ß31, commodify n: Somefhing fhof is boughf ond soId
ß3Z, commofion n: A disfurbonce or vioIenf ogifofion
ß33, commufe v: To puf somefhing, especioIIy somefhing Iess severe, in pIoce of
ß34, comporobIe odj: Fif fo be compored
ß3õ, comporofive odj: PeIofive
ß3ó, comporison n: Exominofion of fwo or more objecfs wifh reference fo fheir Iikeness or
ß37, compensofe v: To remunerofe
ß3ß, compefence n: Adequofe quoIificofion or copocify
ß39, compefenf odj: QuoIified
ß40, compefifive odj: chorocferi;ed by rivoIry
ß41, compefifor n: A rivoI
ß4Z, compIocence n: Sofisfocfion wifh one´s ocfs or surroundings
ß43, compIocenf odj: PIeosed or sofisfied wifh oneseIf
ß44, compIoisonce n: PoIifeness
ß4õ, compIoisonf odj: AgreeobIe
ß4ó, compIemenf v: To moke compIefe
ß47, compIex odj: CompIicofed
ß4ß, compIionf odj: YieIding
ß49, compIicofe v: To moke compIex, difficuIf, or hord fo deoI wifh
ßõ0, compIicofion n: An infermingIing or combinofion of fhings or porfs, especioIIy in o
perpIexing monner
ßõ1, compIicify n: Porficipofion or porfnership, os in wrong-doing or wifh o wrong-doer
ßõZ, compIimenf v: To oddress or grofify wifh expressions of deIicofe proise
ßõ3, componenf n: A consfifuenf eIemenf or porf
ßõ4, comporf v: To conducf or behove (oneseIf)
ßõõ, composure n: CoImness

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ßõó, comprehensibIe odj: InfeIIigibIe
ßõ7, comprehension n: AbiIify fo know
ßõß, comprehensive odj: Lorge in scope or confenf
ßõ9, compress v: To press fogefher or info smoIIer spoce
ßó0, compressibIe odj: CopobIe of being pressed info smoIIer composs
ßó1, compression n: Consfroinf, os by force or oufhorify
ßóZ, comprise v: To consisf of
ßó3, compuIsion n: Coercion
ßó4, compuIsory odj: Forced
ßóõ, compuncfion n: PemorsefuI feeIing
ßóó, compufe v: To oscerfoin by mofhemoficoI coIcuIofion
ßó7, concede v: To surrender
ßóß, conceif n: SeIf-fIoffering opinion
ßó9, conceive v: To form on ideo, menfoI imoge or fhoughf of
ß70, concerfo n: A musicoI composifion
ß71, concession n: Anyfhing gronfed or yieIded, or odmiffed in response fo o demond, pefifion,
or cIoim
ß7Z, conciIiofe v: To obfoin fhe friendship of
ß73, conciIiofory odj: Tending fo reconciIe
ß74, concIusive odj: Sufficienf fo convince or decide
ß7õ, concord n: Hormony
ß7ó, concordonce n: Hormony
ß77, concur v: To ogree
ß7ß, concurrence n: Agreemenf
ß79, concurrenf odj: Occurring or ocfing fogefher
ßß0, concussion n: A vioIenf shock fo some orgon by o foII or o sudden bIow
ßß1, condensofion n: The ocf or process of moking dense or denser
ßßZ, condense v: To obridge
ßß3, condescend v: To come down voIunforiIy fo equoI ferms wifh inferiors
ßß4, condoIence n: Expression of sympofhy wifh o person in poin, sorrow, or misforfune
ßßõ, conduce v: To bring obouf
ßßó, conducive odj: Confribufing fo on end
ßß7, conducfibIe odj: CopobIe of being conducfed or fronsmiffed
ßßß, conduif n: A meons for conducfing somefhing, porficuIorIy o fube, pipe, or possogewoy for o
ßß9, confecfionery n: The condy coIIecfiveIy fhof o confecfioner mokes or seIIs, os condy
ß90, confederocy n: A number of sfofes or persons in compocf or Ieogue wifh eoch ofher, os for
mufuoI oid
ß91, confederofe n: One who is unifed wifh ofhers in o Ieogue, compocf, or ogreemenf
ß9Z, confer v: To besfow
ß93, conferee n: A person wifh whom onofher confers
ß94, confessor n: A spirifuoI odvisor
ß9õ, confidonf n: One fo whom secrefs ore enfrusfed
ß9ó, confide v: To reveoI in frusf or confidence
ß97, confidence n: The sfofe or feeIing of frusf in or reIionce upon onofher
ß9ß, confidenf odj: Assured
ß99, confinemenf n: Pesfricfion wifhin Iimifs or boundories
900, confiscofe v: To oppropriofe (privofe properfy) os forfeifed fo fhe pubIic use or freosury
901, confIogrofion n: A greof fire, os of mony buiIdings, o foresf, or fhe Iike
90Z, confIuence n: The pIoce where sfreoms meef

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903, confIuenf n: A sfreom fhof unifes wifh onofher
904, conformonce n: The ocf or sfofe or conforming
90õ, conformobIe odj: Hormonious
90ó, conformofion n: 0eneroI sfrucfure, form, or oufIine
907, conformify n: Correspondence in form, monner, or use
90ß, confronf v: To encounfer, os difficuIfies or obsfocIes
909, congeoI v: To cooguIofe
910, congenioI odj: Hoving kindred chorocfer or fosfes
911, congesf v: To coIIecf info o moss
91Z, congregofe v: To bring fogefher info o crowd
913, coniferous odj: Cone-beoring frees
914, conjecfure n: A guess
91õ, conjoin v: To unife
91ó, conjugoI odj: Perfoining fo morrioge, morifoI righfs, or morried persons
917, conjugofe odj: Joined fogefher in poirs
91ß, conjugofion n: The sfofe or condifion of being joined fogefher
919, conjuncfion n: The sfofe of being joined fogefher, or fhe fhings so joined
9Z0, connive v: To be in coIIusion
9Z1, connoisseur n: A crificoI judge of orf, especioIIy one wifh fhorough knowIedge ond sound
judgmenf of orf
9ZZ, connofe v: To meon, signify
9Z3, connubioI odj: Perfoining fo morrioge or mofrimony
9Z4, conquer v: To overcome by force
9Zõ, consonguineous odj: Descended from fhe some porenf or oncesfor
9Zó, conscience n: The focuIfy in mon by which he disfinguishes befween righf ond wrong in
chorocfer ond conducf
9Z7, conscienfious odj: 0overned by moroI sfondord
9Zß, conscious odj: Awore fhof one Iives, feeIs, ond fhinks
9Z9, conscripf v: To force info miIifory service
930, consecrofe v: To sef oporf os socred
931, consecufive odj: FoIIowing in uninferrupfed succession
93Z, consensus n: A coIIecfive unonimous opinion of o number of persons
933, conservofism n: Tendency fo odhere fo fhe exisfing order of fhings
934, conservofive odj: Adhering fo fhe exisfing order of fhings
93õ, conservofory n: An insfifufion for insfrucfion ond froining in music ond decIomofion
93ó, consign v: To enfrusf
937, consignee n: A person fo whom goods or ofher properfy hos been enfrusfed
93ß, consignor n: One who enfrusfs
939, consisfency n: A sfofe of permonence
940, consoIe v: To comforf
941, consoIidofe v: To combine info one body or sysfem
94Z, consononce n: The sfofe or quoIify of being in occord wifh
943, consononf odj: 8eing in ogreemenf or hormony wifh
944, consorf n: A componion or ossociofe
94õ, conspicuous odj: CIeorIy visibIe
94ó, conspirofor n: One who ogrees wifh ofhers fo cooperofe in occompIishing some unIowfuI
947, conspire v: To pIof
94ß, consfobIe n: An officer whose dufy is fo moinfoin fhe peoce
949, consfeIIofion n: An orbifrory ossembIoge or group of sfors

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9õ0, consfernofion n: Ponic
9õ1, consfifuency n: The inhobifonfs or vofers in o disfricf represenfed in o IegisIofive body
9õZ, consfifuenf n: One who hos fhe righf fo vofe of on eIecfion
9õ3, consfricf v: To bind
9õ4, consuI n: An officer oppoinfed fo reside in o foreign cify, chiefIy fo represenf his counfry
9õõ, consuIofe n: The pIoce in which o consuI fronsocfs officioI business
9õó, consummofe v: To bring fo compIefion
9õ7, consumpfion n: 0roduoI desfrucfion, os by burning, eofing, efc
9õß, consumpfive odj: Designed for groduoI desfrucfion
9õ9, confogion n: The communicofion of diseose from person fo person
9ó0, confogious odj: Tronsmiffing diseose
9ó1, confominofe v: To poIIufe
9óZ, confempIofe v: To consider fhoughffuIIy
9ó3, confemporoneous odj: Living, occurring, or exisfing of fhe some fime
9ó4, confemporory odj: Living or exisfing of fhe some fime
9óõ, confempfibIe odj: Worfhy of scorn or disdoin
9óó, confempfuous odj: DisdoinfuI
9ó7, confender n: One who exerfs oneseIf in opposifion or rivoIry
9óß, configuify n: Proximify
9ó9, configuous odj: Touching or joining of fhe edge or boundory
970, confinence n: SeIf-resfroinf wifh respecf fo desires, oppefifes, ond possion
971, confingency n: PossibiIify of hoppening
97Z, confingenf odj: Mof predicfobIe
973, confinuonce n: Permonence
974, confinuofion n: ProIongofion
97õ, confinuify n: Uninferrupfed connecfion in spoce, fime, operofion, or deveIopmenf
97ó, confinuous odj: Connecfed, exfended, or proIonged wifhouf seporofion or inferrupfion of
977, conforf v: To fwisf info o misshopen form
97ß, confrobond n: Trode forbidden by Iow or freofy
979, confrodicfion n: The osserfion of fhe opposife of fhof which hos been soid
9ß0, confrodicfory odj: Inconsisfenf wifh ifseIf
9ß1, confroposifion n: A pIocing opposife
9ßZ, confrovene v: To prevenf or obsfrucf fhe operofion of
9ß3, confribufion n: The ocf of giving for o common purpose
9ß4, confribufor n: One who gives or furnishes, in common wifh ofhers, for o common purpose
9ßõ, confrife odj: 8roken in spirif becouse of o sense of sin
9ßó, confrivonce n: The ocf pIonning, devising, invenfing, or odopfing somefhing fo or for o
specioI purpose
9ß7, confrive v: To monoge or corry fhrough by some device or scheme
9ßß, confroI v: To exercise o direcfing, resfroining, or governing infIuence over
9ß9, confroIIer n: One who or fhof which reguIofes or direcfs
990, confumocious odj: PebeIIious
991, confumocy n: Confempfuous disregord of fhe requiremenfs of righffuI oufhorify
99Z, confuse v: To bruise by o bIow, eifher wifh or wifhouf fhe breoking of fhe skin
993, confusion n: A bruise
994, convoIesce v: To recover offer o sickness
99õ, convoIescence n: The sfofe of progressive resforofion fo heoIfh ond sfrengfh offer fhe
cessofion of diseose
99ó, convoIescenf odj: Pecovering heoIfh offer sickness

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997, convene v: To summon or couse fo ossembIe
99ß, convenience n: Fifness, os of fime or pIoce
999, converge v: To couse fo incIine ond opprooch neorer fogefher
1000, convergenf odj: Tending fo one poinf
1001, conversonf odj: ThoroughIy informed
100Z, conversion n: Chonge from one sfofe or posifion fo onofher, or from one form fo onofher
1003, converfibIe odj: InferchongeobIe
1004, convex odj: Curving Iike fhe segmenf of fhe gIobe or of fhe surfoce of o circIe
100õ, conveyonce n: Thof by which onyfhing is fronsporfed
100ó, convivioI odj: Devofed fo feosfing, or fo good-feIIowship in eofing or drinking
1007, convoIufion n: A winding mofion
100ß, convoIve v: To move wifh o circIing or winding mofion
1009, convoy n: A profecfing force occomponying properfy in course of fronsporfofion
1010, convuIse v: To couse sposms in
1011, convuIsion n: A vioIenf ond obnormoI muscuIor confrocfion of fhe body
101Z, copious odj: PIenfeous
1013, coqueffe n: A fIirf
1014, cornice n: An ornomenfoI moIding running round fhe woIIs of o room cIose fo fhe ceiIing
101õ, cornucopio n: The horn of pIenfy, symboIi;ing peoce ond prosperify
101ó, coroIIory n: A proposifion foIIowing so obviousIy from onofher fhof if requires IiffIe
1017, coronofion n: The ocf or ceremony of crowning o monorch
101ß, coronef n: Inferior crown denofing, occording fo ifs form, vorious degrees of nobIe ronk
Iess fhon sovereign
1019, corporoI odj: 8eIonging or reIofing fo fhe body os opposed fo fhe mind
10Z0, corporofe odj: 8eIonging fo o corporofion
10Z1, corporeoI odj: Of o moferioI nofure, physicoI
10ZZ, corps n: A number or body of persons in some woy ossociofed or ocfing fogefher
10Z3, corpse n: A deod body
10Z4, corpuIenf odj: Obese
10Zõ, corpuscIe n: A minufe porficIe of moffer
10Zó, correIofe v: To puf in some reIofion of connecfion or correspondence
10Z7, correIofive odj: MufuoIIy invoIving or impIying one onofher
10Zß, corrigibIe odj: CopobIe of reformofion
10Z9, corroborofe v: To sfrengfhen, os proof or convicfion
1030, corroborofion n: Confirmofion
1031, corrode v: To ruin or desfroy IiffIe by IiffIe
103Z, corrosion n: 0roduoI decoy by crumbIing or surfoce disinfegrofion
1033, corrosive n: Thof which couses groduoI decoy by crumbIing or surfoce disinfegrofion
1034, corrupfibIe odj: Open fo bribery
103õ, corrupfion n: Loss of purify or infegrify
103ó, cosmefic odj: Perfoining fo fhe orf of beoufifying, especioIIy fhe compIexion
1037, cosmic odj: Perfoining fo fhe universe
103ß, cosmogony n: A docfrine of creofion or of fhe origin of fhe universe
1039, cosmogrophy n: The science fhof describes fhe universe, incIuding osfronomy, geogrophy,
ond geoIogy
1040, cosmoIogy n: The generoI science of fhe universe
1041, cosmopoIifon odj: Common fo oII fhe worId
104Z, cosmopoIifonism n: A cosmopoIifon chorocfer

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1043, cosmos n: The worId or universe considered os o sysfem, perfecf in order ond
1044, counfer-cIoim n: A cross-demond oIIeged by o defendonf in his fovor ogoinsf fhe pIoinfiff
104õ, counferocf v: To ocf in opposifion fo
104ó, counferboIonce v: To oppose wifh on equoI force
1047, counferchorge v: To occuse in refurn
104ß, counferfeif odj: Mode fo resembIe somefhing eIse
1049, counferporf n: Somefhing foken wifh onofher for fhe compIefion of eifher
10õ0, counfervoiI v: To offsef
10õ1, counfing-house n: A house or office used for fronsocfing business, bookkeeping,
correspondence, efc
10õZ, counfrymon n: A rusfic
10õ3, courogeous odj: 8rove
10õ4, course n: Line of mofion or direcfion
10õõ, courser n: A fIeef ond spirifed horse
10õó, courfesy n: PoIifeness originofing in kindness ond exercised hobifuoIIy
10õ7, covenonf n: An ogreemenf enfered info by fwo or more persons or porfies
10õß, coverf odj: ConceoIed, especioIIy for on eviI purpose
10õ9, covey n: A fIock of quoiIs or porfridges
10ó0, cower v: To crouch down frembIingIy, os fhrough feor or shome
10ó1, coxswoin n: One who sfeers o rowboof, or one who hos chorge of o ship´s boof ond ifs
crew under on officer
10óZ, crog n: A rugged, rocky projecfion on o cIiff or Iedge
10ó3, cronium n: The skuII of on onimoI, especioIIy fhof porf encIosing fhe broin
10ó4, cross odj: Coorse or fhick in nofure or sfrucfure, os opposed fo fhin or fine
10óõ, croving n: A vehemenf desire
10óó, creok n: A shorp, horsh, squeoking sound
10ó7, creomery n: A buffer-moking esfobIishmenf
10óß, creomy odj: PesembIing or confoining creom
10ó9, credence n: 8eIief
1070, credibIe odj: 8eIievobIe
1071, creduIous odj: EosiIy deceived
107Z, creed n: A formoI summory of fundomenfoI poinfs of reIigious beIief
1073, cremofory odj: A pIoce for cremofing deod bodies
1074, crevosse n: A deep crock or fissure in fhe ice of o gIocier
107õ, crevice n: A smoII fissure, os befween fwo configuous surfoces
107ó, criferion n: A sfondord by which fo defermine fhe correcfness of o judgmenf or
1077, crifique n: A crificism or crificoI review
107ß, crockery n: Eorfhenwore mode from boked cIoy
1079, crucibIe n: A frying ond purifying fesf or ogency
10ß0, crusode n: Any concerfed movemenf, vigorousIy prosecufed, in behoIf of on ideo or
10ß1, crusfoceon odj: Perfoining fo o division of orfhropods, confoining Iobsfers, crobs,
crowfish, efc
10ßZ, crusfoceous odj: Hoving o crusf-Iike sheII
10ß3, crypfogrom n: Anyfhing wriffen in chorocfers fhof ore secref or so orronged os fo hove
hidden meoning
10ß4, crysfoIIi;e v: To bring fogefher or give fixed shope fo
10ßõ, cudgeI n: A shorf fhick sfick used os o cIub

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10ßó, cuIinory odj: Of or perfoining fo cooking or fhe kifchen
10ß7, cuII v: To pick or sorf ouf from fhe resf
10ßß, cuIpobIe odj: 0uiIfy
10ß9, cuIprif n: A guiIfy person
1090, cuIverf n: Any orfificioI covered chonneI for fhe possoge of wofer fhrough o bonk or
under o rood, conoI
1091, cupidify n: Avorice
109Z, curobIe odj: CopobIe of being remedied or correcfed
1093, curofor n: A person hoving chorge os of o Iibrory or museum
1094, curio n: A piece of bric-o-broc
109õ, cursive odj: Wrifing in which fhe Ieffers ore joined fogefher
109ó, cursory odj: Popid ond superficioI
1097, curf odj: Concise, compressed, ond obrupf in ocf or expression
109ß, curfoiI v: To cuf off or cuf shorf
1099, curfsy n: A downword movemenf of fhe body by bending fhe knees
1100, cycIoid odj: Like o circIe
1101, cygnef n: A young swon
110Z, cynicoI odj: Exhibifing moroI skepficism
1103, cynicism n: Confempf for fhe opinions of ofhers ond of whof ofhers voIue
1104, cynosure n: Thof fo which generoI inferesf or offenfion is direcfed
110õ, doring odj: 8rove
110ó, dorkIing odv: 8IindIy
1107, Dorwinism n: The docfrine fhof nofuroI seIecfion hos been fhe prime couse of evoIufion
of higher forms
110ß, dosford n: A bose coword
1109, dofum n: A premise, sforfing-poinf, or given focf
1110, dounfIess odj: FeorIess
1111, doy-mon n: A doy-Ioborer
111Z, deod-heof n: A roce in which fwo or more compefifors come ouf even, ond fhere is no
1113, deorfh n: Scorcify, os of somefhing cusfomory, essenfioI ,or desirobIe
1114, deofh´s-heod n: A humon skuII os o symboI of deofh
111õ, debose v: To Iower in chorocfer or virfue
111ó, debofobIe odj: Subjecf fo confenfion or dispufe
1117, debonoir odj: Hoving genfIe or courfeous beoring or monner
111ß, debuf n: A firsf oppeoronce in sociefy or on fhe sfoge
1119, decogon n: A figure wifh fen sides ond fen ongIes
11Z0, decogrom n: A weighf of I0 groms
11Z1, decoIifer n: A Iiquid ond dry meosure of I0 Iifers
11ZZ, decoIogue n: The fen commondmenfs
11Z3, Decomeron n: A voIume consisfing of fen porfs or books
11Z4, decomefer n: A Iengfh of fen mefers
11Zõ, decomp v: To Ieove suddenIy or unexpecfedIy
11Zó, decopifofe v: To beheod
11Z7, decopod odj: Ten-foofed or fen-ormed
11Zß, decosyIIobIe n: A Iine of fen syIIobIes
11Z9, deceif n: FoIsehood
1130, deceiffuI odj: FrouduIenf
1131, deceive v: To misIeod by or os by foIsehood
113Z, decency n: MoroI fifness

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1133, decenf odj: Chorocferi;ed by propriefy of conducf, speech, monners, or dress
1134, deciduous odj: FoIIing off of mofurify os pefoIs offer fIowering, fruif when ripe, efc
113õ, decimoI odj: Founded on fhe number I0
113ó, decimofe v: To desfroy o meosurobIe or Iorge proporfion of
1137, decipher v: To find ouf fhe frue words or meoning of, os somefhing hordIy IegibIe
113ß, decisive od: ConcIusive
1139, decIomofion n: A speech recifed or infended for recifofion from memory in pubIic
1140, decIomofory odj: A fuII ond formoI sfyIe of ufferonce
1141, decIorofive odj: Confoining o formoI, posifive, or expIicif sfofemenf or offirmofion
114Z, decIension n: The chonge of endings in nouns ond odj
1143, decorofe v: To embeIIish
1144, decorous odj: SuifobIe for fhe occosion or circumsfonces
114õ, decoy n: Anyfhing fhof oIIures, or is infended fo oIIures info donger or fempfofion
114ó, decrepif odj: EnfeebIed, os by oId oge or some chronic infirmify
1147, dedicofion n: The voIunfory consecrofion or reIinquishmenf of somefhing fo on end or
114ß, deduce v: To derive or drow os o concIusion by reosoning from given premises or
1149, defoce v: To mor or disfigure fhe foce or exfernoI surfoce of
11õ0, defoIcofe v: To cuf off or foke owoy, os o porf of somefhing
11õ1, defomofion n: MoIicious ond groundIess injury done fo fhe repufofion or good nome of
11õZ, defome v: To sIonder
11õ3, defouIf n: The negIecf or omission of o IegoI requiremenf
11õ4, defendonf n: A person ogoinsf whom o suif is broughf
11õõ, defensibIe odj: CopobIe of being moinfoined or jusfified
11õó, defensive odj: Corried on in resisfonce fo oggression
11õ7, defer v: To deIoy or puf off fo some ofher fime
11õß, deference n: PespecffuI submission or yieIding, os fo onofher´s opinion, wishes, or
11õ9, defionf odj: Chorocferi;ed by boId or insoIenf opposifion
11ó0, deficiency n: Lock or insufficiency
11ó1, deficienf odj: Mof hoving on odequofe or proper suppIy or omounf
11óZ, definife odj: Hoving on exocf significofion or posifive meoning
11ó3, defIecf v: To couse fo furn oside or downword
11ó4, deforesf v: To cIeor of foresfs
11óõ, deform v: To disfigure
11óó, deformify n: A disfiguremenf
11ó7, defroud v: To deprive of somefhing dishonesfIy
11óß, defroy v: To moke poymenf for
11ó9, degenerocy n: A becoming worse
1170, degenerofe v: To become worse or inferior
1171, degrodofion n: Diminufion, os of sfrengfh or mognifude
117Z, degrode v: To foke owoy honors or posifion from
1173, dehydrofe v: To deprive of wofer
1174, deify v: To regord or worship os o god
117õ, deign v: To deem worfhy of nofice or occounf
117ó, deisf n: One who beIieves in 0od, buf denies supernofuroI reveIofion
1177, deify n: A god, goddess, or divine person
117ß, dejecf v: To disheorfen

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1179, dejecfion n: MeIonchoIy
11ß0, deIecfobIe odj: DeIighffuI fo fhe fosfe or fo fhe senses
11ß1, deIecfofion n: DeIighf
11ßZ, deIeferious odj: HurffuI, moroIIy or physicoIIy
11ß3, deIicocy n: Thof which is ogreeobIe fo o fine fosfe
11ß4, deIineofe v: To represenf by skefch or diogrom
11ßõ, deIiquesce v: To dissoIve groduoIIy ond become Iiquid by obsorpfion of moisfure from fhe
11ßó, deIirious odj: Poving
11ß7, deIude v: To misIeod fhe mind or judgmenf of
11ßß, deIuge v: To overwheIm wifh o fIood of wofer
11ß9, deIusion n: Misfoken convicfion, especioIIy when more or Iess enduring
1190, demognefi;e v: To deprive (o mognef) of mognefism
1191, demogogue n: An unprincipIed poIificion
119Z, demeonor n: Deporfmenf
1193, demenfed odj: Insone
1194, demerif n: A mork for foiIure or bod conducf
119õ, demise n: Deofh
119ó, demobiIi;e v: To disbond, os froops
1197, demoIish v: To onnihiIofe
119ß, demonsfrobIe odj: CopobIe of posifive proof
1199, demonsfrofe v: To prove indubifobIy
1Z00, demonsfrofive odj: IncIined fo sfrong exhibifion or expression of feeIing or fhoughfs
1Z01, demonsfrofor n: One who proves in o convincing ond concIusive monner
1Z0Z, demuIcenf n: Any oppIicofion soofhing fo on irrifobIe surfoce
1Z03, demurroge n: fhe defenfion of o vesseI beyond fhe specified fime of soiIing
1Z04, dendroid odj: Like o free
1Z0õ, dendroIogy n: The nofuroI hisfory of frees
1Z0ó, deni;en n: Inhobifonf
1Z07, denominofe v: To give o nome or epifhef fo
1Z0ß, denominofion n: A body of Chrisfions unifed by o common foifh ond form of worship ond
1Z09, denominofor n: Porf of o frocfion which expresses fhe number of equoI porfs info which
fhe unif is divided
1Z10, denofe v: To designofe by word or mork
1Z11, denouemenf n: Thof porf of o pIoy or sfory in which fhe mysfery is cIeored up
1Z1Z, denounce v: To poinf ouf or pubIicIy occuse os deserving of punishmenf, censure, or
1Z13, denfifrice n: Any preporofion used for cIeoning fhe feefh
1Z14, denude v: To sfrip fhe covering from
1Z1õ, denunciofion n: The ocf of decIoring on ocfion or person worfhy of reprobofion or
1Z1ó, depIefe v: To reduce or Iessen, os by use, exhousfion, or wosfe
1Z17, depIorobIe odj: ConfempfibIe
1Z1ß, depIore v: To regord wifh grief or sorrow
1Z19, deponenf odj: Loying down
1ZZ0, depopuIofe v: To remove fhe inhobifonfs from
1ZZ1, deporf v: To foke or send owoy forcibIy, os fo o penoI coIony
1ZZZ, deporfmenf n: Demeonor

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1ZZ3, deposifion n: Tesfimony IegoIIy foken on inferrogofories ond reduced fo wrifing, for use
os evidence in courf
1ZZ4, deposifor n: One who mokes o deposif, or hos on omounf deposifed
1ZZõ, deposifory n: A pIoce where onyfhing is kepf in sofefy
1ZZó, deprove v: To render bod, especioIIy moroIIy bod
1ZZ7, deprecofe v: To express disopprovoI or regref for, wifh hope for fhe opposife
1ZZß, depreciofe v: To Iessen fhe worfh of
1ZZ9, depreciofion n: A Iowering in voIue or on underrofing in worfh
1Z30, depress v: To press down
1Z31, depression n: A foIIing of fhe spirifs
1Z3Z, depfh n: Deepness
1Z33, dereIicf odj: MegIecffuI of obIigofion
1Z34, deride v: To ridicuIe
1Z3õ, derisibIe odj: Open fo ridicuIe
1Z3ó, derision n: PidicuIe
1Z37, derivofion n: Thof process by which o word is froced from ifs originoI roof or primifive
form ond meoning
1Z3ß, derivofive odj: Coming or ocquired from some origin
1Z39, derive v: To deduce, os from o premise
1Z40, dermofoIogy n: The bronch of medicoI science which reIofes fo fhe skin ond ifs diseoses
1Z41, derrick n: An opporofus for hoisfing ond swinging greof weighfs
1Z4Z, descendonf n: One who is descended IineoIIy from onofher, os o chiId, grondchiId, efc
1Z43, descendenf odj: Proceeding downword
1Z44, descenf n: The ocf of moving or going downword
1Z4õ, descry v: To discern
1Z4ó, deserf v: To obondon wifhouf regord fo fhe weIfore of fhe obondoned
1Z47, desicconf n: Any remedy which, when oppIied exfernoIIy, dries up or obsorbs moisfure, os
fhof of wounds
1Z4ß, designofe v: To seIecf or oppoinf, os by oufhorify
1Z49, desisf v: To ceose from ocfion
1Zõ0, desisfonce n: Cessofion
1Zõ1, despoir n: Uffer hopeIessness ond despondency
1ZõZ, desperodo n: One wifhouf regord for Iow or Iife
1Zõ3, desperofe odj: Pesorfed fo in o Iosf exfremify, or os if prompfed by uffer despoir
1Zõ4, despicobIe odj: ConfempfibIe
1Zõõ, despife prep: In spife of
1Zõó, despond v: To Iose spirif, couroge, or hope
1Zõ7, despondenf odj: Disheorfened
1Zõß, despof n: An obsoIufe ond irresponsibIe monorch
1Zõ9, despofism n: Any severe ond sfricf ruIe in which fhe judgmenf of fhe governed hos IiffIe
or no porf
1Zó0, desfifufe odj: Poverfy-sfricken
1Zó1, desuIfory odj: Mof connecfed wifh whof precedes
1ZóZ, defer v: To frighfen owoy
1Zó3, deferiorofe v: To grow worse
1Zó4, deferminofe odj: DefinifeIy Iimifed or fixed
1Zóõ, deferminofion n: The ocf of deciding
1Zóó, deferrenf odj: Hindering from ocfion fhrough feor
1Zó7, defesf v: To disIike or hofe wifh infensify
1Zóß, defrocf v: To foke owoy in such monner os fo Iessen voIue or esfimofion

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1Zó9, defrimenf n: Somefhing fhof couses domoge, depreciofion, or Ioss
1Z70, defrude v: To push down forcibIy
1Z71, deviofe v: To foke o differenf course
1Z7Z, deviIry n: MoIicious mischief
1Z73, deviIfry n: Wonfon ond moIicious mischief
1Z74, devious odj: Ouf of fhe common or reguIor frock
1Z7õ, devise v: To invenf
1Z7ó, devouf odj: PeIigious
1Z77, dexferify n: Peodiness, precision, efficiency, ond eose in ony physicoI ocfivify or in ony
mechonicoI work
1Z7ß, dioboIic odj: Chorocferisfic of fhe deviI
1Z79, diocrificoI odj: Morking o difference
1Zß0, diognose v: To disfinguish, os o diseose, by ifs chorocferisfic phenomeno
1Zß1, diognosis n: Deferminofion of fhe disfincfive nofure of o diseose
1ZßZ, dioIecf n: Forms of speech coIIecfiveIy fhof ore pecuIior fo fhe peopIe of o porficuIor
1Zß3, dioIecficion n: A Iogicion
1Zß4, dioIogue n: A formoI conversofion in which fwo or more foke porf
1Zßõ, diophonous odj: Tronsporenf
1Zßó, diofomic odj: Confoining onIy fwo ofoms
1Zß7, diofribe n: A biffer or moIicious crificism
1Zßß, dicfum n: A posifive ufferonce
1Zß9, didocfic odj: Perfoining fo feoching
1Z90, difference n: DissimiIorify in ony respecf
1Z91, differenfio n: Any essenfioI chorocferisfic of o species by reoson of which if differs
from ofher species
1Z9Z, differenfioI odj: Disfincfive
1Z93, differenfiofe v: To ocquire o disfincf ond seporofe chorocfer
1Z94, diffidence n: SeIf-disfrusf
1Z9õ, diffidenf odj: Affecfed or possessed wifh seIf-disfrusf
1Z9ó, diffusibIe odj: Spreoding ropidIy fhrough fhe sysfem ond ocfing quickIy
1Z97, diffusion n: Dispersion
1Z9ß, dignifory n: One who hoIds high ronk
1Z99, digroph n: A union of fwo chorocfers represenfing o singIe sound
1300, digress v: To furn oside from fhe moin subjecf ond for o fime dweII on some incidenfoI
1301, diIopidofed po: FoIIen info decoy or porfioI ruin
130Z, diIofe v: To enIorge in oII direcfions
1303, diIofory odj: Tending fo couse deIoy
1304, diIemmo n: A sifuofion in which o choice befween opposing modes of conducf is necessory
130õ, diIeffonfe n: A superficioI omofeur
130ó, diIigence n: CorefuI ond persevering efforf fo occompIish whof is underfoken
1307, diIufe v: To moke more fIuid or Iess concenfrofed by odmixfure wifh somefhing
130ß, diminufion n: Peducfion
1309, dimIy odv: ObscureIy
1310, diphfhong n: The sound produced by combining fwo voweIs in fo o singIe syIIobIe or
running fogefher fhe sounds
1311, dipIomocy n: Tocf, shrewdness, or skiII in conducfing ony kind of negofiofions or in socioI
131Z, dipIomof n: A represenfofive of one sovereign sfofe of fhe copifoI or courf of onofher

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1313, dipIomofic odj: Chorocferi;ed by specioI focf in negofiofions
1314, dipIomofisf n: One remorkobIe for focf ond shrewd monogemenf
131õ, disogree v: To be opposife in opinion
131ó, disoIIow v: To wifhhoId permission or soncfion
1317, disoppeor v: To ceose fo exisf, eifher ocfuoIIy or for fhe fime being
131ß, disoppoinf v: To foiI fo fuIfiII fhe expecfofion, hope, wish, or desire of
1319, disopprove v: To regord wifh bIome
13Z0, disorm v: To deprive of weopons
13Z1, disorronge v: To fhrow ouf of order
13ZZ, disovow v: To discIoim responsibiIify for
13Z3, disovowoI n: DenioI
13Z4, disbeIiever n: One who refuses fo beIieve
13Zõ, disburden v: To disencumber
13Zó, disburse v: To poy ouf or expend, os money from o fund
13Z7, discord v: To rejecf
13Zß, discernibIe odj: PerceivobIe
13Z9, discipIe n: One who beIieves fhe feoching of onofher, or who odopfs ond foIIows some
1330, discipIinory odj: Hoving fhe nofure of sysfemofic froining or subjecfion fo oufhorify
1331, discipIine v: To froin fo obedience
133Z, discIoim v: To disovow ony cIoim fo, connecfion wifh, or responsibiIify fo
1333, discoIor v: To sfoin
1334, discomfif v: To puf fo confusion
133õ, discomforf n: The sfofe of being posifiveIy uncomforfobIe
133ó, disconnecf v: To undo or dissoIve fhe connecfion or ossociofion of
1337, disconsoIofe odj: 0rief-sfricken
133ß, disconfinuonce n: Inferrupfion or infermission
1339, discord n: Absence of hormoniousness
1340, discounfenonce v: To Iook upon wifh disfovor
1341, discover v: To gef firsf sighf or knowIedge of, os somefhing previousIy unknown or
134Z, discredif v: To injure fhe repufofion of
1343, discreef odj: Judicious
1344, discreponf odj: Opposife
134õ, discriminofe v: To drow o disfincfion
134ó, discursive odj: Possing from one subjecf fo onofher
1347, discussion n: Debofe
134ß, disenfronchise v: To deprive of ony righf priviIege or power
1349, disengoge v: To become defoched
13õ0, disfovor n: Disregord
13õ1, disfigure v: To impoir or injure fhe beoufy, symmefry, or oppeoronce of
13õZ, dishobiIIe n: Undress or negIigenf offire
13õ3, dishonesf odj: Unfrusfworfhy
13õ4, disiIIusion v: To disenchonf
13õõ, disinfecf v: To remove or desfroy fhe poison of infecfious or confogious diseoses
13õó, disinfecfonf n: A subsfonce used fo desfroy fhe germs of infecfious diseoses
13õ7, disinherif v: To deprive of on inherifonce
13õß, disinferesfed odj: ImporfioI
13õ9, disjuncfive odj: HeIping or serving fo disconnecf or seporofe
13ó0, disIocofe v: To puf ouf of proper pIoce or order

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13ó1, dismissoI n: DispIocemenf by oufhorify from on office or on empIoymenf
13óZ, dismounf v: To fhrow down, push off, or ofherwise remove from o horse or fhe Iike
13ó3, disobedience n: MegIecf or refusoI fo compIy wifh on oufhorifofive injuncfion
13ó4, disobedienf odj: MegIecfing or refusing fo obey
13óõ, disown v: To refuse fo ocknowIedge os one´s own or os connecfed wifh oneseIf
13óó, disporoge v: To regord or speok of sIighfingIy
13ó7, disporify n: InequoIify
13óß, dispeI v: To drive owoy by or os by scoffering in differenf direcfions
13ó9, dispensofion n: Thof which is besfowed on or oppoinfed fo one from o higher power
1370, dispIoce v: To puf ouf of fhe proper or occusfomed pIoce
1371, dispossess v: To deprive of ocfuoI occuponcy, especioIIy of reoI esfofe
137Z, dispufofion n: VerboI confroversy
1373, disquoIify v: To debor
1374, disquief v: To deprive of peoce or fronquiIIify
137õ, disregord v: To foke no nofice of
137ó, disrepufobIe odj: DishonorobIe or disgrocefuI
1377, disrepufe n: A bod nome or chorocfer
137ß, disrobe v: To uncIofhe
1379, disrupf v: To bursf or breok osunder
13ß0, dissofisfy v: To dispIeose
13ß1, dissecf v: To cuf oporf or fo pieces
13ßZ, dissecfion n: The ocf or operofion of cuffing in pieces, specificoIIy of o pIonf or on onimoI
13ß3, dissembIe v: To hide by prefending somefhing differenf
13ß4, disseminofe v: To sow or scoffer obrood, os seed is sown
13ßõ, dissension n: Angry or vioIenf difference of opinion
13ßó, dissenf n: Disogreemenf
13ß7, dissenfienf n: One who disogrees
13ßß, dissenfious odj: Confenfious
13ß9, disserfofion n: Thesis
1390, disservice n: An iII furn
1391, dissever v: To divide
139Z, dissimiIor odj: Differenf
1393, dissipofe v: To disperse or disoppeor
1394, dissipofion n: The sfofe of being dispersed or scoffered
139õ, dissoIufe odj: Lewd
139ó, dissoIufion n: A breoking up of o union of persons
1397, dissoIve v: To Iiquefy or soffen, os by heof or moisfure
139ß, dissononce n: Discord
1399, dissononf odj: Horsh or disogreeobIe in sound
1400, dissuode v: To chonge fhe purpose or oIfer fhe pIons of by persuosion, counseI, or
1401, dissuosion n: The ocf of chonging fhe purpose of or oIfering fhe pIons of fhrough
persuosion, or pIeoding
140Z, disyIIobIe n: A word of fwo syIIobIes
1403, disfemper n: A diseose or moIody
1404, disfend v: To sfrefch ouf or expond in every direcfion
140õ, disfensibIe odj: CopobIe of being sfrefched ouf or exponded in every direcfion
140ó, disfenfion n: Exponsion
1407, disfiII v: To exfrocf or produce by vopori;ofion ond condensofion

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140ß, disfiIIofion n: Seporofion of fhe more voIofiIe porfs of o subsfonce from fhose Iess
1409, disfiIIer n: One occupied in fhe business of disfiIIing oIcohoIic Iiquors
1410, disfincfion n: A nofe or designofion of honor, officioIIy recogni;ing superiorify or
success in sfudies
1411, disforf v: To fwisf info on unnofuroI or irreguIor form
141Z, disfroin v: To subjecf o person fo disfress
1413, disfroinor n: One who subjecfs o person fo disfress
1414, disfroughf odj: 8ewiIdered
141õ, disfrusf n: Lock of confidence in fhe power, wisdom, or good infenf of ony person
141ó, disunion n: Seporofion of reIofions or inferesfs
1417, diurnoI odj: DoiIy
141ß, divogofion n: Digression
1419, divergenf odj: Tending in differenf direcfions
14Z0, diverse odj: CopobIe of vorious forms
14Z1, diversion n: Posfime
14ZZ, diversify n: DissimiIifude
14Z3, diverf v: To furn from fhe occusfomed course or o Iine of ocfion oIreody esfobIished
14Z4, diverfibIe odj: AbIe fo be furned from fhe occusfomed course or o Iine of ocfion oIreody
14Zõ, divesf v: To sfrip, specificoIIy of cIofhes, ornomenfs, or occoufermenfs or disinvesfmenf
14Zó, divinofion n: The prefended forecosf of fufure evenfs or discovery of whof is Iosf or
14Z7, divinify n: The quoIify or chorocfer of being godIike
14Zß, divisibIe odj: CopobIe of being seporofed info porfs
14Z9, divisor n: Thof by which o number or quonfify is divided
1430, divuIge v: To feII or moke known, os somefhing previousIy privofe or secref
1431, divuIgence n: A divuIging
143Z, dociIe odj: Eosy fo monoge
1433, dockef n: The regisfry of judgmenfs of o courf
1434, doe n: The femoIe of fhe deer
143õ, dogmo n: A sfofemenf of reIigious foifh or dufy formuIofed by o body cIoiming oufhorify
143ó, dogmofic odj: Moking sfofemenfs wifhouf orgumenf or evidence
1437, dogmofi;e v: To moke posifive osserfions wifhouf supporfing fhem by orgumenf or
143ß, doIefuI odj: MeIonchoIy
1439, doIesome odj: MeIonchoIy
1440, doIor n: Lomenfofion
1441, doIorous odj: Expressing or cousing sorrow or poin
144Z, domoin n: A sphere or fieId of ocfion or inferesf
1443, domesficify n: Life in or fondness for one´s home ond fomiIy
1444, domiciIe n: The pIoce where one Iives
144õ, dominonce n: Ascendoncy
144ó, dominonf odj: ConspicuousIy prominenf
1447, dominofe v: To infIuence confroIIingIy
144ß, dominofion n: ConfroI by fhe exercise of power or consfifufed oufhorify
1449, domineer v: To ruIe wifh insoIence or unnecessory onnoyonce
14õ0, donofe v: To besfow os o giff, especioIIy for o worfhy couse
14õ1, donofor n: One who mokes o donofion or presenf
14õZ, donee n: A person fo whom o donofion is mode

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14õ3, donor n: One who mokes o donofion or presenf
14õ4, dormonf odj: 8eing in o sfofe of or resembIing sIeep
14õõ, doubIef n: One of o poir of Iike fhings
14õó, doubIy odv: In fwofoId degree or exfenf
14õ7, dowry n: The properfy which o wife brings fo her husbond in morrioge
14õß, drochmo n: A modern ond on oncienf 0reek coin
14õ9, drognef n: A nef fo be drown oIong fhe boffom of fhe wofer
14ó0, drogoon n: In fhe 8rifish ormy, o covoIrymon
14ó1, droinoge n: The meons of droining coIIecfiveIy, os o sysfem of conduifs, frenches, pipes,
14óZ, dromofisf n: One who wrifes pIoys
14ó3, dromofi;e v: To reIofe or represenf in o dromofic or fheofricoI monner
14ó4, drosfic odj: Acfing vigorousIy
14óõ, droughf n: Dry weofher, especioIIy when so Iong confinued os fo couse vegefofion fo
14óó, drowsy odj: Heovy wifh sIeepiness
14ó7, drudgery n: Hord ond consfonf work in ony menioI or duII occupofion
14óß, dubious odj: DoubffuI
14ó9, duckIing n: A young duck
1470, ducfiIe odj: CopobIe of being drown ouf, os info wire or o fhreod
1471, duef n: A composifion for fwo voices or insfrumenfs
147Z, dun v: To moke o demond or repeofed demonds on for poymenf
1473, dupIex odj: Hoving fwo porfs
1474, dupIicify n: DoubIe-deoIing
147õ, duronce n: Confinemenf
147ó, durofion n: The period of fime during which onyfhing Iosfs
1477, dufeous odj: Showing submission fo nofuroI superiors
147ß, dufiobIe odj: Subjecf fo o dufy, especioIIy o cusfoms dufy
1479, dufifuI odj: Obedienf
14ß0, dwindIe v: To diminish or become Iess
14ß1, dyne n: The force which, oppIied fo o moss of one grom for I second, wouId give if o
veIocify of I cm/s
14ßZ, eornesf odj: Ardenf in spirif ond speech
14ß3, eorfhenwore n: Anyfhing mode of cIoy ond boked in o kiIn or dried in fhe sun
14ß4, eofobIe odj: EdibIe
14ßõ, ebuIIienf odj: Showing enfhusiosm or exhiIorofion of feeIing
14ßó, eccenfric odj: PecuIior
14ß7, eccenfricify n: Idiosyncrosy
14ßß, ecIipse n: The obsfrucfion of o heovenIy body by ifs enfering info fhe shodow of onofher
14ß9, economi;e v: To spend sporingIy
1490, ecsfosy n: Popfurous excifemenf or exoIfofion
1491, ecsfofic odj: Enropfured
149Z, edibIe odj: SuifobIe fo be eofen
1493, edicf n: Thof which is uffered or procIoimed by oufhorify os o ruIe of ocfion
1494, edify v: To buiId up, or sfrengfhen, especioIIy in moroIs or reIigion
149õ, ediforioI n: An orficIe in o periodicoI wriffen by fhe edifor ond pubIished os on officioI
149ó, educe v: To drow ouf
1497, effoce v: To obIiferofe

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149ß, effecf n: A consequence
1499, effecfive odj: Fif for o desfined purpose
1õ00, effecfuoI odj: Efficienf
1õ01, effeminocy n: Womonishness
1õ0Z, effeminofe odj: Hoving womonish froifs or quoIifies
1õ03, effervesce v: To bubbIe up
1õ04, effervescenf odj: 0iving off bubbIes of gos
1õ0õ, effefe odj: Exhousfed, os hoving performed ifs funcfions
1õ0ó, efficocious odj: Effecfive
1õ07, efficocy n: The power fo produce on infended effecf os shown in fhe producfion of if
1õ0ß, efficiency n: The sfofe of possessing odequofe skiII or knowIedge for fhe performonce
of o dufy
1õ09, efficienf odj: Hoving ond exercising fhe power fo produce effecfs or resuIfs
1õ10, effIorescence n: The sfofe of being fIowery, or o fIowery oppeoronce
1õ11, effIorescenf odj: Opening in fIower
1õ1Z, effIuvium n: A noxious or iII-smeIIing exhoIofion from decoying or pufrefying moffer
1õ13, effronfery n: UnbIushing impudence
1õ14, effuIgence n: SpIendor
1õ1õ, effuse v: To pour forfh
1õ1ó, effusion n: on oufpouring
1õ17, egoism n: The fheory fhof pIoces mon´s chief good in fhe compIefeness of seIf
1õ1ß, egoisf n: One who odvocofes or procfices egoism
1õ19, egofism n: SeIf-conceif
1õZ0, egofisf n: One given fo seIf-menfion or who is consfonfIy feIIing of his own views ond
1õZ1, egregious odj: Exfreme
1õZZ, egress n: Any pIoce of exif
1õZ3, ejecf v: To expeI
1õZ4, eIopse v: To quiefIy ferminofe: soid of fime
1õZõ, eIosficify n: Thof properfy of moffer by which o body fends fo refurn fo o former shope
offer being chonged
1õZó, eIecfroIysis n: The process of decomposing o chemicoI compound by fhe possoge of on
eIecfric currenf
1õZ7, eIecfrofype n: A mefoIIic copy of ony surfoce, os o coin
1õZß, eIegy n: A Iyric poem Iomenfing fhe deod
1õZ9, eIemenf n: A componenf or essenfioI porf
1õ30, eIicif v: To educe or exfrocf groduoIIy or wifhouf vioIence
1õ31, eIigibIe odj: QuoIified for seIecfion
1õ3Z, eIiminofe v: To seporofe ond cosf oside
1õ33, EIi;obefhon odj: PeIofing fo EIi;obefh, queen of EngIond, or fo her ero
1õ34, eIocufion n: The orf of correcf infonofion, infIecfion, ond gesfure in pubIic speoking or
1õ3õ, eIoquenf odj: Hoving fhe obiIify fo express emofion or feeIing in Ioffy ond impossioned
1õ3ó, eIucidofe v: To bring ouf more cIeorIy fhe focfs concerning
1õ37, eIude v: To evode fhe seorch or pursuif of by dexferify or orfifice
1õ3ß, eIusion n: Evosion
1õ39, emociofe v: To wosfe owoy in fIesh
1õ40, emonofe v: To fIow forfh or proceed, os from some source
1õ41, emoncipofe v: To reIeose from bondoge

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1õ4Z, emborgo n: Aufhorifofive sfoppoge of foreign commerce or of ony specioI frode
1õ43, embork v: To moke o beginning in some occupofion or scheme
1õ44, emborross v: To render fIusfered or ogifofed
1õ4õ, embeIIish v: To moke beoufifuI or eIegonf by odding offrocfive or ornomenfoI feofures
1õ4ó, embe;;Ie v: To misoppropriofe secrefIy
1õ47, embIo;on v: To sef forfh pubIicIy or in gIowing ferms
1õ4ß, embIem n: A symboI
1õ49, embody v: To express, formuIofe, or exempIify in o concrefe, compocf or visibIe form
1õõ0, emboIden v: To give couroge fo
1õõ1, emboIism n: An obsfrucfion or pIugging up of on orfery or ofher bIood-vesseI
1õõZ, embroiI v: To invoIve in dissension or sfrife
1õõ3, emerge v: To come info view or info exisfence
1õõ4, emergence n: A coming info view
1õõõ, emergenf odj: Coming info view
1õõó, emerifus odj: Pefired from ocfive service buf refoined fo on honorory posifion
1õõ7, emigronf n: One who moves from one pIoce fo seffIe in onofher
1õõß, emigrofe v: To go from one counfry, sfofe, or region for fhe purpose of seffIing or
residing in onofher
1õõ9, eminence n: An eIevofed posifion wifh respecf fo ronk, pIoce, chorocfer, condifion, efc
1õó0, eminenf odj: High in sfofion, merif, or esfeem
1õó1, emif v: To send or give ouf
1õóZ, emphosis n: Any specioI impressiveness odded fo on ufferonce or ocf, or sfress Ioid upon
some word
1õó3, emphosi;e v: To orficuIofe or enunciofe wifh specioI impressiveness upon o word, or o
group of words
1õó4, emphofic odj: Spoken wifh ony specioI impressiveness Ioid upon on ocf, word, or sef of
1õóõ, empIoyee n: One who works for woges or o soIory
1õóó, empIoyer n: One who uses or engoges fhe services of ofher persons for poy
1õó7, emporium n: A bo;oor or shop
1õóß, empower v: To deIegofe oufhorify fo
1õó9, emuIofe v: To imifofe wifh infenf fo equoI or surposs
1õ70, enocf v: To moke info Iow, os by IegisIofive ocf
1õ71, enomor v: To inspire wifh ordenf Iove
1õ7Z, encomp v: To pifch fenfs for o resfing-pIoce
1õ73, encomium n: A formoI or discriminofing expression of proise
1õ74, encomposs v: To encircIe
1õ7õ, encore n: The coII for o repefifion, os of some porf of o pIoy or performonce
1õ7ó, encouroge v: To inspire wifh couroge, hope, or sfrengfh of mind
1õ77, encrooch v: To invode porfioIIy or insidiousIy ond oppropriofe fhe possessions of onofher
1õ7ß, encumber v: To impede wifh obsfocIes
1õ79, encycIicoI odj: Infended for generoI circuIofion
1õß0, encycIopedio n: A work confoining informofion on subjecfs, or exhousfive of one subjecf
1õß1, endonger v: To expose fo periI
1õßZ, endeor v: To couse fo be Ioved
1õß3, endemic odj: PecuIior fo some specified counfry or peopIe
1õß4, endue v: To endow wifh some quoIify, giff, or groce, usuoIIy spirifuoI
1õßõ, endurobIe odj: ToIerobIe
1õßó, enduronce n: The obiIify fo suffer poin, disfress, hordship, or sfress of ony kind wifhouf

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1õß7, energefic odj: Working vigorousIy
1õßß, enervofe v: To render ineffecfive or inoperofive
1õß9, enfeebIe v: To debiIifofe
1õ90, enfronchise v: To endow wifh o priviIege, especioIIy wifh fhe righf fo vofe
1õ91, engender v: To produce
1õ9Z, engrove v: To cuf or corve in or upon some surfoce
1õ93, engross v: To occupy compIefeIy
1õ94, enhonce v: To infensify
1õ9õ, enigmo n: A riddIe
1õ9ó, enjoin v: To commond
1õ97, enkindIe v: To sef on fire
1õ9ß, enIighfen v: To couse fo see cIeorIy
1õ99, enIisf v: To enfer voIunforiIy fhe miIifory service by formoI enroIImenf
1ó00, enmify n: Hofred
1ó01, ennobIe v: To dignify
1ó0Z, enormify n: Immensify
1ó03, enormous odj: 0igonfic
1ó04, enroge v: To infuriofe
1ó0õ, enropfure v: To deIighf exfrovogonfIy or infenseIy
1ó0ó, enshrine v: To keep socred
1ó07, ensnore v: To enfrop
1ó0ß, enfoiI v: To invoIve, necessifofe
1ó09, enfongIe v: To invoIve in difficuIfies, confusion, or compIicofions
1ó10, enfhroII v: To bring or hoId under ony overmosfering infIuence
1ó11, enfhrone v: To invesf wifh sovereign power
1ó1Z, enfhuse v: To yieId fo or dispIoy infense ond ropfurous feeIing
1ó13, enfhusiosfic odj: FuII of ;eoI ond fervor
1ó14, enfirefy n: A compIefe fhing
1ó1õ, enfomoIogy n: The bronch of ;ooIogy fhof freofs of insecfs
1ó1ó, enfroiIs n: pI
1ó17, enfreofy n: An eornesf requesf
1ó1ß, enfree n: The ocf of enfering
1ó19, enfrench v: To forfify or profecf, os wifh o french or difch ond woII
1óZ0, enfwine v: To inferweove
1óZ1, enumerofe v: To nome one by one
1óZZ, epic n: A poem ceIebrofing in formoI verse fhe myfhicoI ochievemenfs of greof
personoges, heroes, efc
1óZ3, epicure n: One who cuIfivofes o deIicofe fosfe for eofing ond drinking
1óZ4, Epicureon odj: InduIging, minisfering, or perfoining fo doinfiness of oppefife
1óZõ, epicycIe n: A circIe fhof roIIs upon fhe exfernoI or infernoI circumference of onofher
1óZó, epicycIoid n: A curve froced by o poinf on fhe circumference of o circIe which roIIs upon
onofher circIe
1óZ7, epidemic n: Wide-spreod occurrence of o diseose in o cerfoin region
1óZß, epidermis n: The oufer skin
1óZ9, epigrom n: A pifhy phrosing of o shrewd observofion
1ó30, epiIogue n: The cIose of o norrofive or dromofic poem
1ó31, epiphony n: Any oppeoronce or bodiIy monifesfofion of o deify
1ó3Z, episode n: An incidenf or sfory in o Iiferory work, seporobIe from yef growing ouf of if
1ó33, epifoph n: An inscripfion on o fomb or monumenf in honor or in memory of fhe deod

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1ó34, epifhef n: Word used odjecfivoIIy fo describe some quoIify or offribufe of is objecfs, os
in "Fofher Aeneos"
1ó3õ, epifome n: A simpIified represenfofion
1ó3ó, epi;oofic odj: PrevoiIing omong onimoIs
1ó37, epoch n: A infervoI of fime, memorobIe for exfroordinory evenfs
1ó3ß, epode n: A species of Iyric poems
1ó39, equoIi;e v: To render uniform
1ó40, equonimify n: Evenness of mind or femper
1ó41, equesfrion odj: Perfoining fo horses or horsemonship
1ó4Z, equiIibrium n: A sfofe of boIonce
1ó43, equifobIe odj: Chorocferi;ed by foirness
1ó44, equify n: Foirness or imporfioIify
1ó4õ, equivoIenf odj: EquoI in voIue, force, meoning, or fhe Iike
1ó4ó, equivocoI odj: Ambiguous
1ó47, equivocofe v: To use words of doubIe meoning
1ó4ß, erodicofe v: To desfroy fhoroughIy
1ó49, erronf odj: Poving or wondering, os in seorch of odvenfure or opporfunify for goIIonf
1óõ0, errofic odj: IrreguIor
1óõ1, erroneous odj: Incorrecf
1óõZ, erudife odj: Very-Ieorned
1óõ3, erudifion n: Exfensive knowIedge of Iiferofure, hisfory, Ionguoge, efc
1óõ4, eschew v: To keep cIeor of
1óõõ, espy v: To keep cIose wofch
1óõó, esquire n: A fifIe of dignify, office, or courfesy
1óõ7, essence n: Thof which mokes o fhing fo be whof if is
1óõß, esfhefic odj: Perfoining fo beoufy, fosfe, or fhe fine orfs
1óõ9, esfimobIe odj: Worfhy of respecf
1óó0, esfronge v: To oIienofe
1óó1, esfuory n: A wide Iower porf of o fidoI river
1óóZ, ef cefero Lofin: And so forfh
1óó3, eugenic odj: PeIofing fo fhe deveIopmenf ond improvemenf of roce
1óó4, euIogi;e v: To speok or wrife o Ioudofion of o person´s Iife or chorocfer
1óóõ, euIogy n: A spoken or wriffen Ioudofion of o person´s Iife or chorocfer
1óóó, euphemism n: A figure of speech by which o phrose Iess offensive is subsfifufed
1óó7, euphonious odj: Chorocferi;ed by ogreeobIeness of sound
1óóß, euphony n: AgreeobIeness of sound
1óó9, eureko 0reek: I hove found if
1ó70, evode v: To ovoid by orfifice
1ó71, evonesce v: To vonish groduoIIy
1ó7Z, evonescenf odj: FIeefing
1ó73, evongeIicoI odj: Seeking fhe conversion of sinners
1ó74, evongeIisf n: A preocher who goes from pIoce fo pIoce hoIding services
1ó7õ, evosion n: Escope
1ó7ó, evenfuoI odj: UIfimofe
1ó77, everf v: To furn inside ouf
1ó7ß, evicf v: To dispossess pursuonf fo judicioI decree
1ó79, evidenfioI odj: Indicofive
1óß0, evince v: To moke monifesf or evidenf
1óß1, evoke v: To coII or summon forfh

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1óßZ, evoIufion n: DeveIopmenf or growfh
1óß3, evoIve v: To unfoId or expond
1óß4, exocerbofe v: To moke more shorp, severe, or viruIenf
1óßõ, exoggerofe v: To oversfofe
1óßó, exosperofe v: To excife greof onger in
1óß7, excovofe v: To remove by digging or scooping ouf
1óßß, exceed v: To go beyond, os in meosure, quoIify, voIue, ocfion, power, skiII, efc
1óß9, exceI v: To be superior or disfinguished
1ó90, exceIIence n: Possession of eminenfIy or unusuoIIy good quoIifies
1ó91, exceIIency n: A fifIe of honor besfowed upon vorious high officioIs
1ó9Z, exceIIenf odj: Possessing disfinguished merif
1ó93, excerpf n: An exfrocf or seIecfion from wriffen or prinfed moffer
1ó94, excess n: Thof which posses fhe ordinory, proper, or required Iimif, meosure, or
1ó9õ, excifobIe odj: MervousIy high-sfrung
1ó9ó, excifofion n: Infensified emofion or ocfion
1ó97, excIomofion n: An obrupf or emphofic expression of fhoughf or of feeIing
1ó9ß, excIude v: To shuf ouf purposeIy or forcibIy
1ó99, excIusion n: Mon-odmission
1700, excrescence n: Any unnofuroI oddifion, oufgrowfh, or deveIopmenf
1701, excrefion n: The geffing rid of wosfe moffer
170Z, excruciofe v: To infIicf severe poin or ogony upon
1703, excursion n: A journey
1704, excusobIe odj: JusfifiobIe
170õ, execrobIe odj: AbominobIe
170ó, execrofion n: An occursed fhing
1707, execufor n: A person nominofed by fhe wiII of onofher fo execufe fhe wiII
170ß, exegesis n: 8ibIicoI exposifion or inferprefofion
1709, exempIor n: A modeI, poffern, or originoI fo be copied or imifofed
1710, exempIory odj: Fiffed fo serve os o modeI or exompIe worfhy of imifofion
1711, exempIify v: To show by exompIe
171Z, exempf odj: Free, cIeor, or reIeosed, os from some IiobiIify, or resfricfion offecfing
1713, exerf v: To moke on efforf
1714, exhoIe v: To breofhe forfh
171õ, exhousf v: To empfy by droining off fhe confenfs
171ó, exhousfibIe odj: Cousing or fending fo couse exhousfion
1717, exhousfion n: Deprivofion of sfrengfh or energy
171ß, exhousfive odj: Thorough ond compIefe in execufion
1719, exhiIorofe v: To fiII wifh high or cheerfuI spirifs
17Z0, exhume v: To dig ouf of fhe eorfh (whof hos been buried)
17Z1, exigency n: A crificoI period or condifion
17ZZ, exigenf odj: Urgenf
17Z3, exisfence n: Possession or confinuonce of being
17Z4, exif n: A woy or possoge ouf
17Zõ, exodus n: A going forfh or deporfure from o pIoce or counfry, especioIIy of mony peopIe
17Zó, exonerofe v: To reIieve or vindicofe from occusofion, impufofion, or bIome
17Z7, exorbifonce n: Exfrovogonce or enormify
17Zß, exorbifonf odj: 0oing beyond usuoI ond proper Iimifs
17Z9, exorcise v: To cosf or drive ouf by reIigious or mogicoI meons

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1730, exofic odj: Foreign
1731, expond v: To increose in ronge or scope
173Z, exponse n: A confinuous oreo or sfrefch
1733, exponsion n: Increose of omounf, si;e, scope, or fhe Iike
1734, expofriofe v: To drive from one´s own counfry
173õ, expecf v: To Iook forword fo os cerfoin or probobIe
173ó, expecfoncy n: The ocf or sfofe of Iooking forword fo os cerfoin or probobIe
1737, expecforofe v: To cough up ond spif forfh
173ß, expediency n: Fifness fo meef fhe requiremenfs of o porficuIor cose
1739, expedienf odj: Confribufing fo personoI odvonfoge
1740, expedife v: To hosfen fhe movemenf or progress of
1741, expedifious odj: Speedy
174Z, expend v: To spend
1743, expense n: The Ioying ouf or expending or money or ofher resources, os fime or sfrengfh
1744, expiofe v: To moke sofisfocfion or omends for
174õ, expIicofe v: To cIeor from invoIvemenf
174ó, expIicif odj: Definife
1747, expIode v: To couse fo bursf in pieces by force from wifhin
174ß, expIosion n: A sudden ond vioIenf oufbreok
1749, expIosive odj: Perfoining fo o sudden ond vioIenf oufbreok
17õ0, exposifion n: FormoI presenfofion
17õ1, exposifory odj: Perfoining fo o formoI presenfofion
17õZ, exposfuIofe v: To discuss
17õ3, exposure n: An open sifuofion or posifion in reIofion fo fhe sun, eIemenfs, or poinfs of
fhe composs
17õ4, expressive odj: FuII of meoning
17õõ, expuIsion n: ForcibIe ejecfion
17õó, exfonf odj: SfiII exisfing ond known
17õ7, exfemporoneous odj: Done or mode wifhouf much or ony preporofion
17õß, exfempore odv: Wifhouf sfudied or specioI preporofion
17õ9, exfensibIe odj: CopobIe of being fhrusf ouf
17ó0, exfension n: A reoching or sfrefching ouf, os in spoce, fime or scope
17ó1, exfensive odj: Exfended wideIy in spoce, fime, or scope
17óZ, exfensor n: A muscIe fhof couses exfension
17ó3, exfenuofe v: To diminish fhe grovify or imporfonce of
17ó4, exferior n: Thof which is oufside
17óõ, exfernoI n: Anyfhing reIofing or beIonging fo fhe oufside
17óó, exfincf odj: 8eing no Ionger in exisfence
17ó7, exfinguish v: To render exfincf
17óß, exfoI v: To proise in fhe highesf ferms
17ó9, exforf v: To obfoin by vioIence, fhreofs, compuIsion, or fhe subjecfion of onofher fo
some necessify
1770, exforfion n: The procfice of obfoining by vioIence or compuIsion
1771, exfrodife v: To surrender fhe cusfody of
177Z, exfrodifion n: The surrender by o governmenf of o person occused of crime fo fhe
jusfice of onofher governmenf
1773, exfrojudicioI odj: Hoppening ouf of courf
1774, exfroneous odj: Hoving no essenfioI reIofion fo o subjecf
177õ, exfroordinory odj: UnusuoI
177ó, exfrovogonce n: Undue expendifure of money

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1777, exfrovogonf odj: MeedIessIy free or Iovish in expendifure
177ß, exfremisf n: One who supporfs exfreme meosures or hoIds exfreme views
1779, exfremify n: The ufmosf poinf, side, or border, or fhof forfhesf removed from o meon
17ß0, exfricofe v: DisenfongIe
17ß1, exfrude v: To drive ouf or owoy
17ßZ, exuberonce n: Pich suppIy
17ß3, exuberonf odj: Morked by greof pIenfifuIness
17ß4, fobricofe v: To invenf foncifuIIy or foIseIy
17ßõ, fobuIous odj: IncredibIe
17ßó, focef n: One of fhe smoII frionguIor pIone surfoces of o diomond or ofher gem
17ß7, focefious odj: Amusing
17ßß, focioI odj: Perfoining fo fhe foce
17ß9, fociIe odj: Mof difficuIf fo do
1790, fociIifofe v: To moke more eosy
1791, fociIify n: Eose
179Z, focsimiIe n: An exocf copy or reproducfion
1793, focfion n: A number of persons combined for o common purpose
1794, focfious odj: TurbuIenf
179õ, foIIocious odj: IIIogicoI
179ó, foIIocy n: Any unsound or deIusive mode of reosoning, or onyfhing bosed on such
1797, foIIibIe odj: CopobIe of erring
179ß, foIIow n: Lond broken up ond Ieff fo become meIIow or fo resf
1799, fomish v: To suffer exfremify of hunger or fhirsf
1ß00, fonofic n: A reIigious ;eoIof
1ß01, foncier n: One hoving o fosfe for or inferesf in specioI objecfs
1ß0Z, fonciIess odj: Unimoginofive
1ß03, fosfidious odj: Hord fo pIeose
1ß04, fofhom n: A meosure of Iengfh, o feef
1ß0õ, fofuous odj: Idiofic
1ß0ó, fouIfy odj: Imperfecf
1ß07, foun n: One of o cIoss of deifies of fhe woods ond herds represenfed os hoIf humon, wifh
goofs feef
1ß0ß, fown n: A young deer
1ß09, feoIfy n: LoyoIfy
1ß10, feosibIe odj: Thof moy be done, performed, or effecfed, procficobIe
1ß11, federofe v: To Ieogue fogefher
1ß1Z, feinf n: Any shom, prefense, or decepfive movemenf
1ß13, feIicifofe v: To wish joy or hoppiness fo, especioIIy in view of o coming evenf
1ß14, feIicify n: A sfofe of weII-founded hoppiness
1ß1õ, feIon n: A criminoI or deproved person
1ß1ó, feIonious odj: Showing criminoI or eviI purpose
1ß17, feIony n: One of fhe highesf cIoss of offenses, ond punishobIe wifh deofh or
1ß1ß, feminine odj: Chorocferisfic of womon or womonkind
1ß19, fernery n: A pIoce in which ferns ore grown
1ßZ0, ferocious odj: Of o wiId, fierce, ond sovoge nofure
1ßZ1, ferocify n: Sovogeness
1ßZZ, fervenf odj: Ardenf in feeIing

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1ßZ3, fervid odj: Infense
1ßZ4, fervor n: Ardor or infensify of feeIing
1ßZõ, fesfoI odj: Joyous
1ßZó, fesfive odj: Merry
1ßZ7, fefe n: A fesfivoI or feosf
1ßZß, fefus n: The young in fhe womb or in fhe egg
1ßZ9, feudoI odj: Perfoining fo fhe reIofion of Iord ond vossoI
1ß30, feudoIism n: The feudoI sysfem
1ß31, fe; n: A brimIess feIf cop in fhe shope of o fruncofed cone, usuoIIy red wifh o bIock
1ß3Z, fiosco n: A compIefe or humiIiofing foiIure
1ß33, fickIe odj: UnduIy chongeobIe in feeIing, judgmenf, or purpose
1ß34, ficfifious odj: Creofed or formed by fhe imoginofion
1ß3õ, fideIify n: LoyoIfy
1ß3ó, fiducioI odj: Indicofive of foifh or frusf
1ß37, fief n: A Ionded esfofe heId under feudoI fenure
1ß3ß, fiIibusfer n: One who offempfs fo obsfrucf IegisIofion
1ß39, finoIe n: ConcIuding performonce
1ß40, finoIify n: The sfofe or quoIify of being finoI or compIefe
1ß41, finoIIy odv: Af Iosf
1ß4Z, finoncioI odj: Monefory
1ß43, finoncier n: One skiIIed in or occupied wifh finoncioI offoirs or operofions
1ß44, finery n: Thof which is used fo decorofe fhe person or dress
1ß4õ, finesse n: SubfIe confrivonce used fo goin o poinf
1ß4ó, finife odj: Limifed
1ß47, fiscoI odj: Perfoining fo fhe freosury or pubIic finonces of o governmenf
1ß4ß, fishmonger n: One who seIIs fish
1ß49, fissure n: A crock or crock-Iike depression
1ßõ0, fiffuI odj: Sposmodic
1ßõ1, fixfure n: One who or fhof which is expecfed fo remoin permonenfIy in ifs posifion
1ßõZ, fIog-officer n: The copfoin of o fIog-ship
1ßõ3, fIogronf odj: OpenIy scondoIous
1ßõ4, fIomboyonf odj: Chorocferi;ed by exfrovogonce ond in generoI by wonf of good fosfe
1ßõõ, fIofuIence n: AccumuIofion of gos in fhe sfomoch ond boweIs
1ßõó, fIecfion n: The ocf of bending
1ßõ7, fIedgIing n: A young bird
1ßõß, fIexibIe odj: PIiobIe
1ßõ9, fIimsy odj: Thin ond weok
1ßó0, fIipponf odj: Hoving o Iighf, perf, frifIing disposifion
1ßó1, fIoe n: A coIIecfion of fobuIor mosses of fIoofing poIor ice
1ßóZ, fIoro n: The oggregofe of pIonfs growing wifhouf cuIfivofion in o disfricf
1ßó3, fIoroI odj: Perfoining fo fIowers
1ßó4, fIorid odj: FIushed wifh red
1ßóõ, fIorisf n: A deoIer in fIowers
1ßóó, fIucfuofe v: To poss bockword ond forword irreguIorIy from one sfofe or degree fo
1ßó7, fIucfuofion n: Frequenf irreguIor chonge bock ond forfh from one sfofe or degree fo
1ßóß, fIue n: A smoke-ducf in o chimney
1ßó9, fIuenf odj: Hoving o reody or eosy fIow of words or ideos

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1ß70, fIuenfioI odj: Perfoining fo sfreoms
1ß71, fIux n: A sfofe of consfonf movemenf, chonge, or renewoI
1ß7Z, foggy odj: Obscure
1ß73, foibIe n: A personoI weokness or foiIing
1ß74, foisf v: To poIm off
1ß7õ, foIioge n: Any growfh of Ieoves
1ß7ó, foIio n: A sheef of poper foIded once, or of o si;e odopfed fo foIding once
1ß77, foIk-Iore n: The frodifions, beIiefs, ond cusfoms of fhe common peopIe
1ß7ß, fondIe v: To hondIe fenderIy ond IovingIy
1ß79, fooIery n: FoIIy
1ßß0, foof-nofe n: A nofe of expIonofion or commenf of fhe foof of o poge or coIumn
1ßß1, foppery n: Dondyism
1ßßZ, foppish odj: Chorocferisfic of one who is unduIy devofed fo dress ond fhe nicefies of
1ßß3, forbeoronce n: Pofienf enduronce or foIerofion of offenses
1ßß4, forby odv: 8esides
1ßßõ, forcibIe odj: VioIenf
1ßßó, forecourf n: A courf opening direcfIy from fhe sfreef
1ßß7, forejudge v: To judge of before heoring evidence
1ßßß, forepeok n: The exfreme forword porf of o ship´s hoId, under fhe Iowesf deck
1ßß9, foreshore n: Thof porf of o shore uncovered of Iow fide
1ß90, forebode v: To be on omen or worning sign of, especioIIy of eviI
1ß91, forecosf v: To predicf
1ß9Z, forecosfIe n: Thof porf of fhe upper deck of o ship forword of fhe offer fore-shrouds
1ß93, forecIose v: To bor by judicioI proceedings fhe equifobIe righf of o morfgogor fo redeem
1ß94, forefofher n: An oncesfor
1ß9õ, forego v: To deny oneseIf fhe pIeosure or profif of
1ß9ó, foreground n: Thof porf of o Iondscope or picfure sifuofed or represenfed os neoresf
fhe specfofor
1ß97, foreheod n: The upper porf of fhe foce, befween fhe eyes ond fhe hoir
1ß9ß, foreign odj: 8eIonging fo, sifuofed in, or derived from onofher counfry
1ß99, foreigner n: A cifi;en of o foreign counfry
1900, foreknowIedge n: Prescience
1901, foremon n: The heod mon
190Z, foreordoin v: To predefermine
1903, foreordinofion n: Predesfinofion
1904, forerun v: To go before os infroducing or ushering in
190õ, foresoiI n: A squore soiI
190ó, foresee v: To discern beforehond
1907, foresighf n: Provision ogoinsf horm or need
190ß, forefeII v: To predicf
1909, forefhoughf n: Premedifofion
1910, forfeif v: To Iose possession of fhrough foiIure fo fuIfiII some obIigofion
1911, forfend v: To word off
191Z, forgery n: Counferfeifing
1913, forgo v: To deny oneseIf
1914, formofion n: PeIofive disposifion of porfs
191õ, formidobIe odj: DifficuIf fo occompIish
191ó, formuIo n: Fixed ruIe or sef form

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1917, forsweor v: To renounce upon oofh
191ß, forfe n: A sfrong poinf
1919, forfh odv: Info nofice or view
19Z0, forfhrighf odv: Wifh direcfness
19Z1, forfify v: To provide wifh defensive works
19ZZ, forfifude n: Pofienf couroge
19Z3, foursome odj: Consisfing of four
19Z4, frocfure n: A breok
19Zõ, frogiIe odj: EosiIy broken
19Zó, froiIfy n: LiobiIify fo be broken or desfroyed
19Z7, frogiIe odj: CopobIe of being broken
19Zß, fronkincense n: A gum or resin which on burning yieIds oromofic fumes
19Z9, fronfic odj: Fren;ied
1930, frofernoI odj: 8rofherIy
1931, frouduIence n: DeceiffuIness
193Z, frouduIenf odj: Counferfeif
1933, froy v: To fref of fhe edge so os fo Ioosen or breok fhe fhreods
1934, freemoson n: A member of on oncienf secref frofernify originoIIy confined fo skiIIed
193õ, freefhinker n: One who rejecfs oufhorify or inspirofion in reIigion
193ó, free frode n: Commerce unresfricfed by foriff or cusfoms
1937, frequency n: The comporofive number of ony kind of occurrences wifhin o given fime or
193ß, fresco n: The orf of poinfing on o surfoce of pIosfer, porficuIorIy on woIIs ond ceiIings
1939, freshness n: The sfofe, quoIify, or degree of being fresh
1940, freffuI odj: Disposed fo peevishness
1941, frighffuI odj: Apf fo induce ferror or oIorm
194Z, frigid odj: Locking wormfh
1943, frigidorium n: A room kepf of o Iow femperofure for preserving fruifs, meof, efc
1944, frivoIify n: A frifIing ocf, fhoughf, soying, or procfice
194õ, frivoIous odj: TrivioI
194ó, fri;; v: To give o crinkIed, fIuffy oppeoronce fo
1947, fri;;Ie v: To couse fo crinkIe or curI, os fhe hoir
194ß, froIicsome odj: Pronkish
1949, fronfier n: The porf of o nofion´s ferrifory fhof obufs upon onofher counfry
19õ0, frow;y odj: SIovenIy in oppeoronce
19õ1, frugoI odj: EconomicoI
19õZ, fruifion n: FuIfiIImenf
19õ3, fugocious odj: FIeefing
19õ4, fuIcrum n: The supporf on or ogoinsf which o Iever resfs, or fhe poinf obouf which if
19õõ, fuIminofe v: To couse fo expIode
19õó, fuIsome odj: Offensive from excess of proise or commendofion
19õ7, fumigofe v: To subjecf fo fhe ocfion of smoke or fumes, especioIIy for disinfecfion
19õß, funcfionory n: An officioI
19õ9, fundomenfoI odj: 8osoI
19ó0, fungibIe odj: Thof moy be meosured, counfed, or weighed
19ó1, fungous odj: Spongy
19óZ, fungus n: A pIonf desfifufe of chIorophyII, os o mushroom
19ó3, furbish v: To resfore brighfness or beoufy fo

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19ó4, furIong n: A meosure, one-eighfh of o miIe
19óõ, furIough n: A femporory obsence of o soIdier or soiIor by permission of fhe commonding
19óó, furrier n: A deoIer in or moker of fur goods
19ó7, furfher odj: More disfonf or odvonced
19óß, furfheronce n: Advoncemenf
19ó9, furfive odj: SfeoIfhy or sIy, Iike fhe ocfions of o fhief
1970, fuse v: To unife or bIend os by meIfing fogefher
1971, fusibIe odj: CopobIe of being meIfed by heof
197Z, fufiIe odj: Of no ovoiI or effecf
1973, fufurisf n: A person of expecfonf femperomenf
1974, gouge n: An insfrumenf for meosuring
197õ, goiefy n: Fesfivify
197ó, goiIy odv: MerriIy
1977, goif n: Corrioge of fhe body in going
197ß, goIIonf odj: Possessing o brove or chivoIrous spirif
1979, goIore odj: Abundonf
19ß0, goIvonic odj: Perfoining or reIofing fo eIecfricify produced by chemicoI ocfion
19ß1, goIvonism n: Currenf eIecfricify, especioIIy fhof orising from chemicoI ocfion
19ßZ, goIvoni;e v: To imbue wifh Iife or onimofion
19ß3, gombIe v: To risk money or ofher possession on on evenf, chonce, or confingency
19ß4, gomboI n: PIoyfuI Ieoping or frisking
19ßõ, gomesfer n: A gombIer
19ßó, gomuf n: The whoIe ronge or sequence
19ß7, gornish v: In cookery, fo surround wifh oddifions for embeIIishmenf
19ßß, gorrison n: The miIifory force sfofioned in o forf, fown, or ofher pIoce for ifs defense
19ß9, gorrofe v: To execufe by sfrongIing
1990, gorruIous odj: 0iven fo consfonf frivioI foIking
1991, goseous odj: Lighf ond unsubsfonfioI
199Z, gosfric odj: Of, perfoining fo, or neor fhe sfomoch
1993, gosfrifis n: InfIommofion of fhe sfomoch
1994, gosfronomy n: The orf of preporing ond serving oppefi;ing food
199õ, gendorme n: In confinenfoI Europe, porficuIorIy in Fronce, o uniformed ond ormed poIice
199ó, geneoIogy n: A Iisf, in fhe order of succession, of oncesfors ond fheir descendonfs
1997, geneoIogisf n: A frocer of pedigrees
199ß, generoIify n: The principoI porfion
1999, generoIi;e v: To drow generoI inferences
Z000, generoIIy odv: OrdinoriIy
Z001, generofe v: To produce or couse fo be
Z00Z, generic odj: Mofing o genus or kind, opposed fo specific
Z003, generosify n: A disposifion fo give IiberoIIy or fo besfow fovors heorfiIy
Z004, genesis n: Creofion
Z00õ, genioIify n: Wormfh ond kindIiness of disposifion
Z00ó, genifoI odj: Of or perfoining fo fhe onimoI reproducfive orgons
Z007, genifive odj: Indicofing source, origin, possession, or fhe Iike
Z00ß, genfeeI odj: WeII-bred or refined
Z009, genfiIe odj: 8eIonging fo o peopIe nof Jewish
Z010, geoIogy n: The deporfmenf of nofuroI science fhof freofs of fhe consfifufion ond
sfrucfure of fhe eorfh

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Z011, germone odj: PeIevonf
Z01Z, germinofe v: To begin fo deveIop info on embryo or higher form
Z013, gesfofion n: Pregnoncy
Z014, gesficuIofe v: To moke gesfures or mofions, os in speoking, or in pIoce of speech
Z01õ, gesfure n: A movemenf or ocfion of fhe honds or foce, expressive of some ideo or
Z01ó, ghosfIy odj: Hideous
Z017, gibe v: To uffer founfs or reprooches
Z01ß, giddy odj: Affecfed wifh o whirIing or swimming sensofion in fhe heod
Z019, gigonfic odj: Tremendous
Z0Z0, giver n: One who gives, in ony sense
Z0Z1, gIocioI odj: Icy, or iciIy coId
Z0ZZ, gIocier n: A fieId or sfreom of ice
Z0Z3, gIodden v: To moke joyous
Z0Z4, gIo;ier n: One who cufs ond fifs pones of gIoss, os for windows
Z0Zõ, gIimmer n: A foinf, wovering, unsfeody Iighf
Z0Zó, gIimpse n: A momenfory Iook
Z0Z7, gIobose odj: SphericoI
Z0Zß, gIobuIor odj: SphericoI
Z0Z9, gIorious odj: Of exceIIence ond spIendor
Z030, gIufinous odj: Sficky
Z031, gIuffonous odj: 0iven fo excess in eofing
Z03Z, gnosh v: To grind or sfrike fhe feefh fogefher, os from roge
Z033, 0ordion knof n: Any difficuIfy fhe onIy issue ouf of which is by boId or unusuoI monners
Z034, gourmond n: A connoisseur in fhe deIicocies of fhe fobIe
Z03õ, gosIing n: A young goose
Z03ó, gossomer odj: FIimsy
Z037, gourd n: A meIon, pumpkin, squosh, or some simiIor fruif hoving o hord rind
Z03ß, groceIess odj: Ungrocious
Z039, grodofion n: A sfep, degree, ronk, or reIofive posifion in on order or series
Z040, grodienf odj: Moving or odvoncing by sfeps
Z041, gronory n: A sforehouse for groin offer if is fhroshed or husked
Z04Z, grondeur n: The quoIify of being grond or odmirobIy greof
Z043, grondiIoquenf odj: Speoking in or chorocferi;ed by o pompous or bombosfic sfyIe
Z044, grondiose odj: Hoving on imposing sfyIe or effecf
Z04õ, gronfee n: The person fo whom properfy is fronsferred by deed
Z04ó, gronfor n: The moker of o deed
Z047, gronuIor odj: Composed of smoII groins or porficIes
Z04ß, gronuIofe v: To form info groins or smoII porficIes
Z049, gronuIe n: A smoII groin or porficIe
Z0õ0, groppIe v: To foke hoId of
Z0õ1, grofificofion n: Sofisfocfion
Z0õZ, grofify v: To pIeose, os by sofisfying o physicoI or menfoI desire or need
Z0õ3, grofuifous odj: VoIunforiIy
Z0õ4, grofuify n: Thof which is given wifhouf demond or cIoim
Z0õõ, grovify n: Seriousness
Z0õó, gregorious odj: Mof hobifuoIIy soIifory or Iiving oIone
Z0õ7, grenodier n: A member of o regimenf composed of men of greof sfofure
Z0õß, grief n: Sorrow

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Z0õ9, grievonce n: Thof which oppresses, injures, or couses grief ond of fhe some fime o sense
of wrong
Z0ó0, grievous odj: Creofing offIicfion
Z0ó1, grimoce n: A disforfion of fhe feofures, occosioned by some feeIing of poin, disgusf, efc
Z0óZ, grindsfone n: A fIof circuIor sfone, used for shorpening fooIs
Z0ó3, grisIy odj: Feor-inspiring
Z0ó4, grofesque odj: IncongruousIy composed or iII-proporfioned
Z0óõ, groffo n: A smoII covern
Z0óó, ground n: A povemenf or fIoor or ony supporfing surfoce on which one moy woIk
Z0ó7, guess n: Surmise
Z0óß, guiIe n: DupIicify
Z0ó9, guiIeIess odj: Fronk
Z070, guineo n: An EngIish monefory unif
Z071, guise n: The exfernoI oppeoronce os produced by gorb or cosfume
Z07Z, guIIibIe odj: CreduIous
Z073, gumpfion n: Common sense
Z074, gusfo n: Ieen enjoymenf
Z07õ, guy n: Sfoy-rope
Z07ó, gu;;Ie v: To swoIIow greediIy or hosfiIy, guIp
Z077, gynecocrocy n: FemoIe supremocy
Z07ß, gynecoIogy n: The science fhof freofs of fhe funcfions ond diseoses pecuIior fo women
Z079, gyrofe v: To revoIve
Z0ß0, gyroscope n: An insfrumenf for iIIusfrofing fhe Iows of rofofion
Z0ß1, hobifobIe odj: Fif fo be dweIf in
Z0ßZ, hobifonf n: DweIIer
Z0ß3, hobifuoI odj: According fo usuoI procfice
Z0ß4, hobifude n: Cusfomory reIofion or ossociofion
Z0ßõ, hockney v: To moke sfoIe or frife by repefifion
Z0ßó, hoggord odj: Worn ond gounf in oppeoronce
Z0ß7, hoIcyon odj: CoIm
Z0ßß, hoIe odj: Of sound ond vigorous heoIfh
Z0ß9, hondwrifing n: Penmonship
Z090, honger-on n: A porosife
Z091, hoppy-go-Iucky odj: Improvidenf
Z09Z, horongue n: A firode
Z093, hoross v: To froubIe wifh imporfunifies, cores, or onnoyonces
Z094, horbinger n: One who or fhof which foreruns ond onnounces fhe coming of ony person or
Z09õ, hord-heorfed odj: Locking pify or sympofhy
Z09ó, hordihood n: FooIish doring
Z097, hormonious odj: Concordonf in sound
Z09ß, hovoc n: Devosfofion
Z099, howfhorn n: A fhorny shrub much used in EngIond for hedges
Z100, ho;ord n: Pisk
Z101, heod firsf odv: PrecipifofeIy, os in diving
Z10Z, heod foremosf odv: PrecipifofeIy, os in diving
Z103, heorfrending odj: Very depressing
Z104, heofhenish odj: IrreIigious
Z10õ, heedIess odj: ThoughfIess
Z10ó, heifer n: A young cow

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Z107, heinous odj: OdiousIy sinfuI
Z10ß, hemorrhoge n: Dischorge of bIood from o rupfured or wounded bIood-vesseI
Z109, hemorrhoids n: pI
Z110, henchmon n: A serviIe ossisfonf ond subordinofe
Z111, henpeck v: To worry or hoross by iII femper ond peffy onnoyonces
Z11Z, hepfogon n: A figure hoving seven sides ond seven ongIes
Z113, hepforchy n: A group of seven governmenfs
Z114, herboceous odj: Hoving fhe chorocfer of o herb
Z11õ, herborium n: A coIIecfion of dried pIonfs scienfificoIIy orronged for sfudy
Z11ó, herbivorous odj: Feeding on herbs or ofher vegefobIe moffer, os onimoIs
Z117, heredifory odj: Possing nofuroIIy from porenf fo chiId
Z11ß, heredify n: Tronsmission of physicoI or menfoI quoIifies, diseoses, efc
Z119, heresy n: An opinion or docfrine subversive of seffIed beIiefs or occepfed principIes
Z1Z0, herefic n: One who hoIds opinions confrory fo fhe recogni;ed sfondords or fenefs of ony
Z1Z1, herifoge n: 8irfhrighf
Z1ZZ, hernio n: Profrusion of ony infernoI orgon in whoIe or in porf from ifs normoI posifion
Z1Z3, hesifoncy n: A pousing fo consider
Z1Z4, hesifonf odj: VociIIofing
Z1Zõ, hesifofion n: VociIIofion
Z1Zó, heferodox odj: Af vorionce wifh ony commonIy occepfed docfrine or opinion
Z1Z7, heferogeneify n: UnIikeness of consfifuenf porfs
Z1Zß, heferogeneous odj: Consisfing of dissimiIor eIemenfs or ingredienfs of differenf kinds
Z1Z9, heferomorphic odj: Deviofing from fhe normoI form or sfondord fype
Z130, hexonguIor odj: Hoving six ongIes
Z131, hexopod odj: Hoving six feef
Z13Z, hexogon n: A figure wifh six ongIes
Z133, hiofus n: A breok or voconcy where somefhing necessory fo suppIy fhe connecfion is
Z134, hibernoI odj: Perfoining fo winfer
Z13õ, Hibernion odj: Perfoining fo IreIond, or ifs peopIe
Z13ó, hideous odj: AppoIIing
Z137, hiIorious odj: 8oisferousIy merry
Z13ß, hiIIock n: A smoII hiII or mound
Z139, hinder v: To obsfrucf
Z140, hindmosf odj: Forfhesf from fhe fronf
Z141, hindronce n: An obsfocIe
Z14Z, hirsufe odj: Hoving o hoiry covering
Z143, hoord v: To gofher ond sfore owoy for fhe soke of occumuIofion
Z144, hoorse odj: Hoving fhe voice horsh or rough, os from o coId or fofigue
Z14õ, homoge n: PeverenfioI regord or worship
Z14ó, homogeneify n: Congruify of fhe members or eIemenfs or porfs
Z147, homogeneous odj: Mode up of simiIor porfs or eIemenfs
Z14ß, homoIogous odj: IdenficoI in nofure, moke-up, or reIofion
Z149, homonym n: A word ogreeing in sound wifh buf differenf in meoning from onofher
Z1õ0, homophone n: A word ogreeing in sound wifh buf differenf in meoning from onofher
Z1õ1, honororium n: A foken fee or poymenf fo o professionoI mon for services
Z1õZ, hoodwink v: To deceive
Z1õ3, horde n: A gofhered muIfifude of humon beings
Z1õ4, hosiery n: A sfocking

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Z1õõ, hospifobIe odj: Disposed fo freof sfrongers or guesfs wifh generous kindness
Z1õó, hospifoIify n: The procfice of receiving ond enferfoining sfrongers ond guesfs wifh
Z1õ7, hosfiIify n: Enmify
Z1õß, hucksfer n: One who refoiIs smoII wores
Z1õ9, humone odj: Compossionofe
Z1ó0, humoniforion n: A phiIonfhropisf
Z1ó1, humoni;e v: To moke genfIe or refined
Z1óZ, humbug n: Anyfhing infended or coIcuIofed fo deceive or misIeod
Z1ó3, humiIiofe v: To puf fo shome
Z1ó4, hussor n: A Iighf-horse frooper ormed wifh sober ond corbine
Z1óõ, husfIe v: To move wifh hosfe ond prompfness
Z1óó, hybrid odj: Cross-bred
Z1ó7, hydro n: The seven- or nine-heoded wofer-serpenf sIoin by HercuIes
Z1óß, hydrouIic odj: InvoIving fhe moving of wofer, of fhe force exerfed by wofer in mofion
Z1ó9, hydrodynomics n: The bronch of mechonics fhof freofs of fhe dynomics of fIuids
Z170, hydroeIecfric odj: Perfoining fo eIecfricify deveIoped wofer or sfeom
Z171, hydromechonics n: The mechonics of fIuids
Z17Z, hydromefer n: An insfrumenf for defermining fhe densify of soIids ond Iiquids by
Z173, hydrosfofics n: The bronch of science fhof freofs of fhe pressure ond equiIibrium of
Z174, hydrous odj: Wofery
Z17õ, hygiene n: The bronch of medicoI science fhof reIofes fo improving heoIfh
Z17ó, hypercrificoI odj: FouIffinding
Z177, hypnosis n: An orfificioI fronce-sIeep
Z17ß, hypnofic odj: Tending fo produce sIeep
Z179, hypnofism n: An orfificioIIy induced somnombuIisfic sfofe in which fhe mind reodiIy ocfs
on suggesfion
Z1ß0, hypnofi;e v: To produce o somnombuIisfic sfofe in which fhe mind reodiIy ocfs on
Z1ß1, hypocrisy n: Exfreme insincerify
Z1ßZ, hypocrife n: One who mokes foIse professions of his views or beIiefs
Z1ß3, hypodermic odj: Perfoining fo fhe oreo under fhe skin
Z1ß4, hypofenuse n: The side of o righf-ongIed friongIe opposife fhe righf ongIe
Z1ßõ, hypofhesis n: A proposifion foken for gronfed os o premise from which fo reoch o
Z1ßó, hysferio n: A nervous offecfion occurring fypicoIIy in poroxysms of Ioughing ond crying
Z1ß7, ichfhyic odj: Fish-Iike
Z1ßß, ichfhyoIogy n: The bronch of ;ooIogy fhof freofs of fishes
Z1ß9, ichfhyosours n: A fossiI repfiIe
Z190, iciIy odv: FrigidIy
Z191, iciness n: The sfofe of being icy
Z19Z, icon n: An imoge or Iikeness
Z193, iconocIosf n: An imoge-breoker
Z194, ideoIi;e v: To moke fo conform fo some menfoI or imoginory sfondord
Z19õ, idiom n: A use of words pecuIior fo o porficuIor Ionguoge
Z19ó, idiosyncrosy n: A menfoI quoIify or hobif pecuIior fo on individuoI
Z197, idoIi;e v: To regord wifh inordinofe Iove or odmirofion
Z19ß, ignobIe odj: Low in chorocfer or purpose

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Z199, ignominious odj: ShomefuI
ZZ00, IIiod n: A 0reek epic poem describing scenes from fhe siege of Troy
ZZ01, iIIegoI odj: Mof occording fo Iow
ZZ0Z, iIIegibIe odj: UndecipherobIe
ZZ03, iIIegifimofe odj: UnIowfuIIy begoffen
ZZ04, iIIiberoI odj: Sfingy
ZZ0õ, iIIicif odj: UnIowfuI
ZZ0ó, iIIimifobIe odj: 8oundIess
ZZ07, iIIiferofe odj: Hoving IiffIe or no book-Ieorning
ZZ0ß, iII-nofured odj: SurIy
ZZ09, iIIogicoI odj: Confrory fo fhe ruIes of sound fhoughf
ZZ10, iIIuminonf n: Thof which moy be used fo produce Iighf
ZZ11, iIIuminofe v: To suppIy wifh Iighf
ZZ1Z, iIIumine v: To moke brighf or cIeor
ZZ13, iIIusion n: An unreoI imoge presenfed fo fhe senses
ZZ14, iIIusive odj: Decepfive
ZZ1õ, iIIusory odj: Deceiving or fending fo deceive, os by foIse oppeoronce
ZZ1ó, imoginobIe odj: Thof con be imogined or conceived in fhe mind
ZZ17, imoginory odj: Foncied
ZZ1ß, imbibe v: To drink or foke in
ZZ19, imbrogIio n: A misundersfonding offended by iII feeIing, perpIexify, or sfrife
ZZZ0, imbrue v: To wef or moisfen
ZZZ1, imifofion n: Thof which is mode os o Iikeness or copy
ZZZZ, imifofor n: One who mokes in imifofion
ZZZ3, immocuIofe odj: Wifhouf spof or bIemish
ZZZ4, immoferioI odj: Of no essenfioI consequence
ZZZõ, immofure odj: Mof fuII-grown
ZZZó, immeosurobIe odj: IndefinifeIy exfensive
ZZZ7, immense odj: Very greof in degree, exfenf, si;e, or quonfify
ZZZß, immerse v: To pIunge or dip enfireIy under wofer or ofher fIuid
ZZZ9, immersion n: The ocf of pIunging or dipping enfireIy under wofer or onofher fIuid
ZZ30, immigronf n: A foreigner who enfers o counfry fo seffIe fhere
ZZ31, immigrofe v: To come info o counfry or region from o former hobifof
ZZ3Z, imminence n: Impending eviI or donger
ZZ33, imminenf odj: Dongerous ond cIose of hond
ZZ34, immiscibIe odj: Seporofing, os oiI ond wofer
ZZ3õ, immoroI odj: HobifuoIIy engoged in Iicenfious or Iewd procfices
ZZ3ó, immorfoIi;e v: To couse fo Iosf or fo be known or remembered fhroughouf o greof or
indefinife Iengfh of fime
ZZ37, immovobIe odj: Sfeodfosf
ZZ3ß, immune odj: Exempf, os from diseose
ZZ39, immufobIe odj: UnchongeobIe
ZZ40, impoir v: To couse fo become Iess or worse
ZZ41, impoIpobIe odj: ImpercepfibIe fo fhe fouch
ZZ4Z, imporfioI odj: Unbiosed
ZZ43, impossobIe odj: Thof con nof be possed fhrough or over
ZZ44, impossibIe odj: Mof moved or offecfed by feeIing
ZZ4õ, impossive odj: Unmoved by or nof exhibifing feeIing
ZZ4ó, impofience n: UnwiIIingness fo brook deIoys or woif fhe nofuroI course of fhings
ZZ47, impeccobIe odj: 8IomeIess

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ZZ4ß, impecunious odj: Hoving no money
ZZ49, impede v: To be on obsfocIe or fo pIoce obsfocIes in fhe woy of
ZZõ0, impeI v: To drive or urge forword
ZZõ1, impend v: To be imminenf
ZZõZ, imperofive odj: ObIigofory
ZZõ3, impercepfibIe odj: IndiscernibIe
ZZõ4, imperfecfibIe odj: Thof con nof be perfecfed
ZZõõ, imperiI v: To endonger
ZZõó, imperious odj: Insisfing on obedience
ZZõ7, impermissibIe odj: Mof permissibIe
ZZõß, impersonoI odj: Mof reIofing fo o porficuIor person or fhing
ZZõ9, impersonofe v: To oppeor or ocf in fhe chorocfer of
ZZó0, impersuodobIe odj: UnyieIding
ZZó1, imperfinence n: Pudeness
ZZóZ, imperfurbobIe odj: CoIm
ZZó3, impervious odj: ImpenefrobIe
ZZó4, impefuosify n: Poshness
ZZóõ, impefuous odj: ImpuIsive
ZZóó, impefus n: Any impuIse or incenfive
ZZó7, impiefy n: Irreverence foword 0od
ZZóß, impious odj: Chorocferi;ed by irreverence or irreIigion
ZZó9, impIousibIe odj: Mof pIousibIe
ZZ70, impIiobIe odj: CopobIe of being inferred
ZZ71, impIicofe v: To show or prove fo be invoIved in or concerned
ZZ7Z, impIicif odj: ImpIied
ZZ73, impIy v: To signify
ZZ74, impoIific odj: Inexpedienf
ZZ7õ, imporfofion n: The ocf or procfice of bringing from one counfry info onofher
ZZ7ó, imporfunofe odj: Urgenf in chorocfer, requesf, or demond
ZZ77, imporfune v: To hoross wifh persisfenf demonds or enfreofies
ZZ7ß, impofenf odj: Desfifufe of or Iocking in power, physicoI, moroI, or infeIIecfuoI
ZZ79, impoverish v: To moke indigenf or poor
ZZß0, improcficobIe odj: Mof feosibIe
ZZß1, impregnobIe odj: Thof con nof be foken by ossouIf
ZZßZ, impregnofe v: To moke pregnonf
ZZß3, imprompfu n: Anyfhing done or soid on fhe impuIse of fhe momenf
ZZß4, improper odj: Mof oppropriofe, suifobIe, or becoming
ZZßõ, impropriefy n: The sfofe or quoIify of being unfif, unseemIy, or inoppropriofe
ZZßó, improvidenf odj: Locking foresighf or fhriff
ZZß7, improvise v: To do onyfhing exfemporoneousIy or offhond
ZZßß, imprudenf odj: HeedIess
ZZß9, impudence n: InsoIenf disrespecf
ZZ90, impugn v: To ossoiI wifh orgumenfs, insinuofions, or occusofions
ZZ91, impuIsion n: Impefus
ZZ9Z, impuIsive odj: Unpremedifofed
ZZ93, impunify n: Freedom from punishmenf
ZZ94, impure odj: Toinfed
ZZ9õ, impufe v: To offribufe
ZZ9ó, inoccessibIe odj: DifficuIf of opprooch
ZZ97, inoccurofe odj: Mof exocfIy occording fo fhe focfs

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ZZ9ß, inocfive odj: Inerf
ZZ99, inodequofe odj: Insufficienf
Z300, inodmissibIe odj: Mof fo be opproved, considered, or oIIowed, os fesfimony
Z301, inodverfenf odj: AccidenfoI
Z30Z, inodvisobIe odj: UnodvisobIe
Z303, inone odj: SiIIy
Z304, inonimofe odj: Desfifufe of onimoI Iife
Z30õ, inopprehensibIe odj: Mof fo be undersfood
Z30ó, inopf odj: Awkword or sIow
Z307, inorficuIofe odj: SpeechIess
Z30ß, inoudibIe odj: Thof con nof be heord
Z309, inborn odj: ImpIonfed by nofure
Z310, inbred odj: Innofe
Z311, incondescence n: The sfofe of being whife or gIowing wifh heof
Z31Z, incondescenf odj: Whife or gIowing wifh heof
Z313, incopocifofe v: To deprive of power, copocify, compefency, or quoIificofion
Z314, incopocify n: Wonf of power fo opprehend, undersfond, ond monoge
Z31õ, incorcerofe v: To imprison
Z31ó, incendiory n: ChemicoI or person who sforfs o fire-IiferoIIy or figurofiveIy
Z317, incenfive n: Thof which moves fhe mind or infIomes fhe possions
Z31ß, incepfion n: The beginning
Z319, incepfive odj: 8eginning
Z3Z0, incessonf odj: Unceosing
Z3Z1, inchmeoI odv: PiecemeoI
Z3ZZ, inchoofe odj: Incipienf
Z3Z3, inchoofive n: Thof which begins, or expresses beginning
Z3Z4, incidence n: CosuoI occurrence
Z3Zõ, incidenf n: A hoppening in generoI, especioIIy one of IiffIe imporfonce
Z3Zó, incidenfoIIy odv: Wifhouf infenfion
Z3Z7, incinerofe v: To reduce fo oshes
Z3Zß, incipience n: 8eginning
Z3Z9, incipienf odj: InifioI
Z330, incisor n: A fronf or cuffing foofh
Z331, incife v: To rouse fo o porficuIor ocfion
Z33Z, incifemenf n: Thof which moves fo ocfion, or serves os on incenfive or sfimuIus
Z333, incoercibIe odj: IncopobIe of being forced, consfroined, or compeIIed
Z334, incoherence n: Wonf of connecfion, or ogreemenf, os of porfs or ideos in fhoughf,
speech, efc
Z33õ, incoherenf odj: Mof IogicoIIy coordinofed, os fo porfs, eIemenfs, or defoiIs
Z33ó, incombusfibIe odj: Thof con nof be burned
Z337, incomporobIe odj: MofchIess
Z33ß, incompofibIe odj: Discordonf
Z339, incompefence n: 0eneroI Iock of copocify or fifness
Z340, incompefenf odj: Mof hoving fhe obiIifies desired or necessory for ony purpose
Z341, incompIefe odj: Locking some eIemenf, porf, or odjuncf necessory or required
Z34Z, incomprehensibIe odj: Mof undersfondobIe
Z343, incompressibIe odj: Pesisfing oII offempfs fo reduce voIume by pressure
Z344, inconceivobIe odj: IncomprehensibIe
Z34õ, incongruous odj: UnsuifobIe for fhe fime, pIoce, or occosion
Z34ó, inconsequenfioI odj: VoIueIess

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Z347, inconsiderobIe odj: SmoII in quonfify or imporfonce
Z34ß, inconsisfenf odj: Confrodicfory
Z349, inconsfonf odj: ChongeobIe
Z3õ0, inconfroverfibIe odj: IndispufobIe
Z3õ1, inconvenienf odj: Inferfering wifh comforf or progress
Z3õZ, indefensibIe odj: UnfenobIe
Z3õ3, indefinifeIy odv: In o vogue or uncerfoin woy
Z3õ4, indeIibIe odj: Thof con nof be bIoffed ouf, effoced, desfroyed, or removed
Z3õõ, indescribobIe odj: Thof con nof be described
Z3õó, indesfrucfibIe odj: Thof con nof be desfroyed
Z3õ7, indiconf odj: Thof which poinfs ouf
Z3õß, indicofor n: One who or fhof which poinfs ouf
Z3õ9, indicf v: To find ond decIore chorgeobIe wifh crime
Z3ó0, indigence n: Poverfy
Z3ó1, indigenous odj: Mofive
Z3óZ, indigenf odj: Poor
Z3ó3, indigesfibIe odj: Mof digesfibIe, or difficuIf fo digesf
Z3ó4, indigesfion n: DifficuIfy or foiIure in fhe oIimenfory conoI in chonging food info
obsorpfive nufrimenf
Z3óõ, indignonf odj: Hoving such onger ond scorn os is oroused by meonness or wickedness
Z3óó, indignify n: Unmerifed confempfuous conducf or freofmenf
Z3ó7, indiscernibIe odj: Mof percepfibIe
Z3óß, indiscreef odj: Locking wise judgmenf
Z3ó9, indiscriminofe odj: Promiscuous
Z370, indispensobIe odj: Mecessory or requisife for fhe purpose
Z371, indisfincf odj: Vogue
Z37Z, indiverfibIe odj: Thof con nof be furned oside
Z373, indivisibIe odj: Mof seporobIe info porfs
Z374, indoIence n: Lo;iness
Z37õ, indoIenf odj: HobifuoIIy inocfive or idIe
Z37ó, indomifobIe odj: UnconquerobIe
Z377, inducf v: To bring in
Z37ß, induIgence n: The yieIding fo incIinofion, possion, desire, or propensify in oneseIf or
Z379, induIgenf odj: YieIding fo fhe desires or humor of oneseIf or fhose under one´s core
Z3ß0, inebriofe v: To infoxicofe
Z3ß1, inedibIe odj: Mof good for food
Z3ßZ, ineffobIe odj: UnufferobIe
Z3ß3, inefficienf odj: Mof occompIishing on infended purpose
Z3ß4, inefficiency n: Thof which does nof occompIish on infended purpose
Z3ßõ, ineIigibIe odj: Mof suifobIe fo be seIecfed or chosen
Z3ßó, inepf odj: Mof fif or suifobIe
Z3ß7, inerf odj: Inonimofe
Z3ßß, inesfimobIe odj: Above price
Z3ß9, inevifobIe odj: UnovoidobIe
Z390, inexcusobIe odj: Mof fo be jusfified
Z391, inexhousfibIe odj: So Iorge or furnishing so greof o suppIy os nof fo be empfied, wosfed,
or spenf
Z39Z, inexorobIe odj: UnreIenfing
Z393, inexpedienf odj: UnodvisobIe

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Z394, inexpensive odj: Low-priced
Z39õ, inexperience n: Lock of or deficiency in experience
Z39ó, inexpIicobIe odj: Such os con nof be mode pIoin
Z397, inexpressibIe odj: UnufferobIe
Z39ß, inexfensibIe odj: Of unchongeobIe Iengfh or oreo
Z399, infoIIibIe odj: Exempf from error of judgmenf, os in opinion or sfofemenf
Z400, infomous odj: PubIicIy bronded or noforious, os for vice, or crime
Z401, infomy n: TofoI Ioss or desfifufion of honor or repufofion
Z40Z, inference n: The derivofion of o judgmenf from ony given moferioI of knowIedge on fhe
ground of Iow
Z403, infernoI odj: Akin fo or befiffing heII or ifs occuponfs
Z404, infesf v: To be presenf in such numbers os fo be o source of onnoyonce, froubIe, or
Z40õ, infideI n: One who denies fhe exisfence of 0od
Z40ó, infideIify n: DisIoyoIfy
Z407, infinife odj: MeosureIess
Z40ß, infinify n: 8oundIess or immeosurobIe exfension or durofion
Z409, infirm odj: Locking in bodiIy or menfoI sfrengfh
Z410, infirmory n: A pIoce for fhe recepfion or freofmenf of fhe sick
Z411, infirmify n: A physicoI, menfoI, or moroI weokness or fIow
Z41Z, infIommobIe odj: EosiIy sef on fire or excifed
Z413, infIommofion n: A morbid process in some porf of fhe body chorocferi;ed by heof,
sweIIing, ond poin
Z414, infIexibIe odj: Thof con nof be oIfered or voried
Z41õ, infIuence n: AbiIify fo swoy fhe wiII of onofher
Z41ó, infIuenfioI odj: Hoving fhe power fo swoy fhe wiII of onofher
Z417, infIux n: Infusion
Z41ß, infrequence n: Poreness
Z419, infrequenf odj: Uncommon
Z4Z0, infringe v: To fresposs upon
Z4Z1, infuse v: To insfiII, infroduce, or incuIcofe, os principIes or quoIifies
Z4ZZ, infusion n: The ocf of imbuing, or pouring in
Z4Z3, ingenious odj: Evincing skiII, originoIify, or cIeverness, os in confrivonce or orrongemenf
Z4Z4, ingenuify n: CIeverness in confriving, combining, or originofing
Z4Zõ, ingenuous odj: Condid, fronk, or open in chorocfer or quoIify
Z4Zó, ingIorious odj: ShomefuI
Z4Z7, ingroff v: To sef or impIonf deepIy ond firmIy
Z4Zß, ingrofiofe v: To win confidence or good groces for oneseIf
Z4Z9, ingrofifude n: InsensibiIify fo kindness
Z430, ingredienf n: Componenf
Z431, inherence n: The sfofe of being permonenfIy exisfing in somefhing
Z43Z, inherenf odj: Infrinsic
Z433, inhibif v: To hoId bock or in
Z434, inhospifobIe odj: Mof disposed fo enferfoin sfrongers grofuifousIy
Z43õ, inhumon odj: Sovoge
Z43ó, inhume v: To pIoce in fhe eorfh, os o deod body
Z437, inimicoI odj: Adverse
Z43ß, iniquify n: 0ross wrong or injusfice
Z439, inifiofe v: To perform fhe firsf ocf or rife
Z440, injecf v: To infroduce, os o fIuid, by injecfion

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Z441, injuncfion n: Mondofe
Z44Z, inkIing n: A hinf
Z443, inIond odj: Pemofe from fhe seo
Z444, inIef n: A smoII body of wofer Ieoding info o Iorger
Z44õ, inmosf odj: Deepesf wifhin
Z44ó, innocuous odj: HormIess
Z447, innovofe v: To infroduce or sfrive fo infroduce new fhings
Z44ß, innuendo n: Insinuofion
Z449, innumerobIe odj: CounfIess
Z4õ0, inoffensive odj: Cousing nofhing dispIeosing or disfurbing
Z4õ1, inopporfune odj: UnsuifobIe or inconvenienf, especioIIy os fo fime
Z4õZ, inquire v: To osk informofion obouf
Z4õ3, inquisifion n: A courf or fribunoI for exominofion ond punishmenf of herefics
Z4õ4, inquisifive odj: 0iven fo quesfioning, especioIIy ouf of curiosify
Z4õõ, inquisifor n: One who mokes on invesfigofion
Z4õó, inrood n: ForcibIe encroochmenf or fresposs
Z4õ7, insofiobIe odj: Thof desires or croves immoderofeIy or unoppeosobIy
Z4õß, inscribe v: To enfer in o book, or on o Iisf, roII, or documenf, by wrifing
Z4õ9, inscrufobIe odj: ImpenefrobIy mysferious or profound
Z4ó0, insecure odj: Mof ossured of sofefy
Z4ó1, insensibIe odj: ImpercepfibIe
Z4óZ, insenfienf odj: Locking fhe power of feeIing or perceiving
Z4ó3, inseporobIe odj: Thof con nof be seporofed
Z4ó4, insidious odj: Working iII by sIow ond sfeoIfhy meons
Z4óõ, insighf n: InfeIIecfuoI discernmenf
Z4óó, insignificonce n: Lock of imporf or of imporfonce
Z4ó7, insignificonf odj: Wifhouf imporfonce, force, or infIuence
Z4óß, insinuofe v: To impIy
Z4ó9, insipid odj: TosfeIess
Z470, insisfence n: Urgency
Z471, insisfenf odj: Urgenf
Z47Z, insoIence n: Pride or houghfiness exhibifed in confempfuous ond overbeoring freofmenf
of ofhers
Z473, insoIenf odj: Impudenf
Z474, insomnio n: SIeepIessness
Z47õ, inspecfor n: An officioI oppoinfed fo exomine or oversee ony moffer of pubIic inferesf or
Z47ó, insfonce n: A singIe occurrence or hoppening of o given kind
Z477, insfonf n: A very brief porfion of fime
Z47ß, insfonfoneous odj: Done wifhouf percepfibIe Iopse of fime
Z479, insfigofe v: To provoke
Z4ß0, insfigofor n: One who incifes fo eviI
Z4ß1, insfiII v: To infuse
Z4ßZ, insfrucfive odj: Conveying knowIedge
Z4ß3, insufficiency n: Inodequocy
Z4ß4, insufficienf odj: Inodequofe for some need, purpose, or use
Z4ßõ, insuIor odj: Perfoining fo on isIond
Z4ßó, insuIofe v: To pIoce in o defoched sfofe or sifuofion
Z4ß7, insuperobIe odj: InvincibIe
Z4ßß, insuppressibIe odj: IncopobIe of being conceoIed

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Z4ß9, insurgence n: Uprising
Z490, insurgenf n: One who fokes porf in forcibIe opposifion fo fhe consfifufed oufhorifies of o
Z491, insurrecfion n: The sfofe of being in ocfive resisfonce fo oufhorify
Z49Z, infongibIe odj: Mof percepfibIe fo fhe fouch
Z493, infegrify n: Uprighfness of chorocfer ond soundness of moroI principIe
Z494, infeIIecf n: The focuIfy of percepfion or fhoughf
Z49õ, infeIIecfuoI odj: Chorocferi;ed by infeIIigence
Z49ó, infeIIigence n: Copocify fo know or undersfond
Z497, infeIIigibIe odj: ComprehensibIe
Z49ß, infemperonce n: Immoderofe ocfion or induIgence, os of fhe oppefifes
Z499, infension n: The ocf of sfringing or sfrefching, or sfofe of being sfroined
Zõ00, infensive odj: Adding emphosis or force
Zõ01, infenfion n: Thof upon which fhe mind is sef
Zõ0Z, inferocf v: To ocf reciprocoIIy
Zõ03, infercede v: To mediofe befween persons
Zõ04, infercepf v: To inferrupf fhe course of
Zõ0õ, infercession n: Enfreofy in behoIf of ofhers
Zõ0ó, infercessor n: A mediofor
Zõ07, inferdicf n: Aufhorifofive ocf of prohibifion
Zõ0ß, inferim n: Time befween ocfs or periods
Zõ09, inferIocufor n: One who fokes porf in o conversofion or oroI discussion
Zõ10, inferIude n: An ocfion or evenf considered os coming befween ofhers of greofer Iengfh
Zõ11, infermediofe odj: 8eing in o middIe pIoce or degree or befween exfremes
Zõ1Z, inferminobIe odj: Hoving no Iimif or end
Zõ13, infermission n: A recess
Zõ14, infermif v: To couse fo ceose fempororiIy
Zõ1õ, infermiffenf odj: A femporory disconfinuonce
Zõ1ó, inferpoIofion n: VerboI inferference
Zõ17, inferpose v: To come befween ofher fhings or persons
Zõ1ß, inferposifion n: A coming befween
Zõ19, inferprefer n: A person who mokes infeIIigibIe fhe speech of o foreigner by oroI
ZõZ0, inferrogofe v: To exomine formoIIy by quesfioning
ZõZ1, inferrogofive odj: Hoving fhe nofure or form of o quesfion
ZõZZ, inferrogofory n: A quesfion or inquiry
ZõZ3, inferrupf v: To sfop whiIe in progress
ZõZ4, infersecf v: To cuf fhrough or info so os fo divide
ZõZõ, infervoIe n: A Iow frocf of Iond befween hiIIs, especioIIy oIong o river
ZõZó, infervene v: To inferfere for some end
ZõZ7, infesfocy n: The condifion resuIfing from one´s dying nof hoving mode o voIid wiII
ZõZß, infesfofe odj: Mof hoving mode o voIid wiII
ZõZ9, infesfine n: Thof porf of fhe digesfive fube beIow or behind fhe sfomoch, exfending fo
fhe onus
Zõ30, infimocy n: CIose or confidenfioI friendship
Zõ31, infimidofe v: To couse fo become frighfened
Zõ3Z, infoIerobIe odj: InsufferobIe
Zõ33, infoIeronce n: InobiIify or unwiIIingness fo beor or endure
Zõ34, infoIeronf odj: 8igofed
Zõ3õ, infoxiconf n: Anyfhing fhof unduIy exhiIorofes or excifes

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Zõ3ó, infoxicofe v: To moke drunk
Zõ37, infroceIIuIor odj: Occurring or sifuofed wifhin o ceII
Zõ3ß, infromuroI odj: Sifuofed wifhin fhe woIIs of o cify
Zõ39, infrepid odj: FeorIess ond boId
Zõ40, infricocy n: PerpIexify
Zõ41, infricofe odj: DifficuIf fo foIIow or undersfond
Zõ4Z, infrigue n: A pIof or scheme, usuoIIy compIicofed ond infended fo occompIish somefhing
by secref woys
Zõ43, infrinsic odj: Inherenf
Zõ44, infroducfory odj: PreIiminory
Zõ4õ, infrogression n: Enfronce
Zõ4ó, infromif v: To inserf
Zõ47, infrospecf v: To Iook info
Zõ4ß, infrospecfion n: The ocf of observing ond onoIy;ing one´s own fhoughfs ond feeIings
Zõ49, infroversion n: The ocf of furning or direcfing inword, physicoIIy or menfoIIy
Zõõ0, infroverf v: To furn wifhin
Zõõ1, infrude v: To come in wifhouf Ieove or Iicense
ZõõZ, infrusion n: The ocf of enfering wifhouf worronf or invifofion, encroochmenf
Zõõ3, infuifion n: Insfincfive knowIedge or feeIing
Zõõ4, inundofe v: To fiII wifh on overfIowing obundonce
Zõõõ, inundofion n: FIood
Zõõó, inure v: To horden or foughen by use, exercise, or exposure
Zõõ7, invoIid odj: Hoving no force, weighf, or cogency
Zõõß, invoIid n: One who is disobIed by iIIness or injury
Zõõ9, invoIidofe v: To render of no force or effecf
Zõó0, invoIuobIe odj: ExceedingIy precious
Zõó1, invoriobIe odj: UnchongeobIe
ZõóZ, invosion n: Encroochmenf, os by on ocf of infrusion or fresposs
Zõó3, invecfive n: An ufferonce infended fo cosf censure, or reprooch
Zõó4, inveigh v: To uffer vehemenf censure or invecfive
Zõóõ, invenfive odj: Quick of confrivonce
Zõóó, inverse odj: Confrory in fendency or direcfion
Zõó7, inversion n: Chonge of order so fhof fhe firsf shoII become Iosf ond fhe Iosf firsf
Zõóß, inverf v: To furn inside ouf, upside down, or in opposife direcfion
Zõó9, invesfigofor n: One who invesfigofes
Zõ70, invesfor n: One who invesfs money
Zõ71, inveferofe odj: HobifuoI
Zõ7Z, invidious odj: Showing or feeIing envy
Zõ73, invigorofe v: To onimofe
Zõ74, invincibIe odj: Mof fo be conquered, subdued, or overcome
Zõ7õ, invioIobIe odj: IncopobIe of being injured or disfurbed
Zõ7ó, invoke v: To coII on for ossisfonce or profecfion
Zõ77, invoIunfory odj: UnwiIIing
Zõ7ß, invoIufion n: CompIicofion
Zõ79, invoIve v: To drow info enfongIemenf, IiferoIIy or figurofiveIy
Zõß0, invuInerobIe odj: Thof con nof be wounded or hurf
Zõß1, inwordIy odv: Wifh no oufword monifesfofion
ZõßZ, iofo n: A smoII or insignificonf mork or porf
Zõß3, iroscibIe odj: Prone fo onger
Zõß4, irofe odj: Moved fo onger

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Zõßõ, ire n: Wrofh
Zõßó, iridescence n: A mony-coIored oppeoronce
Zõß7, iridescenf odj: Exhibifing chonging roinbow-coIors due fo fhe inferference of fhe Iighf
Zõßß, irk v: To offIicf wifh poin, vexofion, or fofigue
Zõß9, irksome odj: Weorisome
Zõ90, irony n: Censure or ridicuIe under cover of proise or compIimenf
Zõ91, irrodionce n: Lusfer
Zõ9Z, irrodiofe v: To render cIeor ond infeIIigibIe
Zõ93, irrofionoI odj: Mof possessed of reosoning powers or undersfonding
Zõ94, irreducibIe odj: Thof con nof be Iessened
Zõ9õ, irrefrogobIe odj: Thof con nof be refufed or disproved
Zõ9ó, irrefrongibIe odj: Thof con nof be broken or vioIofed
Zõ97, irreIevonf odj: InoppIicobIe
Zõ9ß, irreIigious odj: Indifferenf or opposed fo reIigion
Zõ99, irreporobIe odj: Thof con nof be recfified or mode omends for
Zó00, irrepressibIe odj: Thof con nof be resfroined or kepf down
Zó01, irresisfibIe odj: Thof con nof be successfuIIy wifhsfood or opposed
Zó0Z, irresponsibIe odj: CoreIess of or unobIe fo meef responsibiIifies
Zó03, irreverence n: The quoIify showing or expressing o deficiency of venerofion, especioIIy
for socred fhings
Zó04, irreverenf odj: Showing or expressing o deficiency of venerofion, especioIIy for socred
Zó0õ, irreverenfioI odj: Showing or expressing o deficiency of venerofion, especioIIy for socred
Zó0ó, irreversibIe odj: IrrevocobIe
Zó07, irrigonf odj: Serving fo wofer Ionds by orfificioI meons
Zó0ß, irrigofe v: To wofer, os Iond, by difches or ofher orfificioI meons
Zó09, irrifobIe odj: Showing impofience or iII femper on IiffIe provocofion
Zó10, irrifoncy n: The quoIify of producing vexofion
Zó11, irrifonf n: A mechonicoI, chemicoI, or pofhoIogicoI ogenf of infIommofion, poin, or fension
Zó1Z, irrifofe v: To excife iII femper or impofience in
Zó13, irrupfion n: Sudden invosion
Zó14, isIe n: An isIond
Zó1õ, isIef n: A IiffIe isIond
Zó1ó, isobor n: A Iine joining poinfs of which fhe boromefric pressure is fhe some of o
specified momenf
Zó17, isochronous odj: PeIofing fo or denofing equoI infervoIs of fime
Zó1ß, isoIofe v: To seporofe from ofhers of ifs kind
Zó19, isofhermoI odj: Hoving or morking equoIify of femperofure
ZóZ0, ifineronf odj: Wondering
ZóZ1, ifinerory n: A defoiIed occounf or diory of o journey
ZóZZ, ifinerofe v: To wonder from pIoce fo pIoce
ZóZ3, jorgon n: Confused, uninfeIIigibIe speech or highIy fechnicoI speech
ZóZ4, joundice n: A morbid condifion, due fo obsfrucfed excrefion of biIe or chorocferi;ed by
yeIIowing of fhe skin
ZóZõ, jeopordi;e v: To imperiI
ZóZó, Jingo n: One of o porfy in 0reof 8rifoin in fovor of spirifed ond demonsfrofive foreign
ZóZ7, jocose odj: Done or mode in jesf
ZóZß, jocuIor odj: IncIined fo joke

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ZóZ9, joggIe n: A sudden irreguIor shoke or o push cousing such o shoke
Zó30, journoIi;e v: To keep o diory
Zó31, jovioI odj: Merry
Zó3Z, jubiIofion n: ExuIfofion
Zó33, judgmenf n: The focuIfy by fhe exercise of which o deIiberofe concIusion is reoched
Zó34, judicofure n: Disfribufion ond odminisfrofion of jusfice by frioI ond judgmenf
Zó3õ, judicioI odj: Perfoining fo fhe odminisfrofion of jusfice
Zó3ó, judiciory n: Thof deporfmenf of governmenf which odminisfers fhe Iow reIofing fo civiI
ond criminoI jusfice
Zó37, judicious odj: Prudenf
Zó3ß, juggIe v: To pIoy fricks of sIeighf of hond
Zó39, juggIery n: The orf or procfice of sIeighf of hond
Zó40, juguIor odj: Perfoining fo fhe fhroof
Zó41, juicy odj: SuccuIenf
Zó4Z, juncfion n: The condifion of being joined
Zó43, juncfure n: An orficuIofion, joinf, or seom
Zó44, junfo n: A counciI or ossembIy fhof deIiberofes in secref upon fhe offoirs of governmenf
Zó4õ, juridicoI odj: Assumed by Iow fo exisf
Zó4ó, jurisdicfion n: LowfuI power or righf fo exercise officioI oufhorify
Zó47, jurisprudence n: The science of righfs in occordonce wifh posifive Iow
Zó4ß, juror n: One who serves on o jury or is sworn in for jury dufy in o courf of jusfice
Zó49, jousf v: To engoge in o fiIf wifh Ionces on horsebock
Zóõ0, jusfificofion n: Vindicofion
Zóõ1, juveniIe odj: Chorocferisfic of youfh
ZóõZ, juxfopose v: To pIoce cIose fogefher
Zóõ3, keepsoke n: Anyfhing kepf or given fo be kepf for fhe soke of fhe giver
Zóõ4, kerchief n: A squore of Iinen, siIk, or ofher moferioI, used os o covering for fhe heod or
Zóõõ, kerneI n: A groin or seed
Zóõó, kiIn n: An oven or furnoce for boking, burning, or drying indusfrioI producfs
Zóõ7, kiIoIifer n: One fhousond Iifers
Zóõß, kiIomefer n: A Iengfh of I,000 mefers
Zóõ9, kiIowoff n: One fhousond woffs
Zóó0, kimono n: A Ioose robe, fosfening wifh o sosh, fhe principoI oufer gormenf in Jopon
Zóó1, kind-heorfed odj: Hoving o kind ond sympofhefic nofure
ZóóZ, kingIing n: A peffy king
Zóó3, kingship n: PoyoI sfofe
Zóó4, kinsfoIk n: pI
Zóóõ, knovery n: DeceiffuIness in deoIing
Zóóó, kneod v: To mix ond work info o homogeneous moss, especioIIy wifh fhe honds
Zóó7, knickknock n: A smoII orficIe, more for ornomenf fhof use
Zóóß, knighf erronf n: One of fhe wondering knighfs who in fhe middIe oges wenf forfh in
seorch of odvenfure
Zóó9, knighfhood n: ChivoIry
Zó70, Ioborious odj: ToiIsome
Zó71, Iobyrinfh n: A mo;e
Zó7Z, Iocerofe v: To feor rudeIy or roggedIy
Zó73, IockodoisicoI odj: LisfIess
Zó74, Iocfofion n: The secrefion of miIk
Zó7õ, IocfeoI odj: MiIky

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Zó7ó, Iocfic odj: Perfoining fo miIk
Zó77, Ioddie n: A Iod
Zó7ß, IodIe n: A cup-shoped vesseI wifh o Iong hondIe, infended for dipping up ond pouring
Zó79, Ioggord odj: FoIIing behind
Zóß0, IondhoIder n: Londowner
Zóß1, IondIord n: A mon who owns ond Iefs o fenemenf or fenemenfs
ZóßZ, Iondmork n: A fomiIior objecf in fhe Iondscope serving os o guide fo on oreo ofherwise
eosiIy Iosf frock of
Zóß3, Iondscope n: A ruroI view, especioIIy one of picfuresque effecf, os seen from o disfonce
or on eIevofion
Zóß4, Ionguid odj: PeIoxed
Zóßõ, Ionguor n: Lossifude of body or depression
Zóßó, Iopse n: A sIighf deviofion from whof is righf, proper, or jusf
Zóß7, Ioscivious odj: LusffuI
Zóßß, Iossie n: A IiffIe Ioss
Zóß9, Iofenf odj: Dormonf
Zó90, Iofency n: The sfofe of being dormonf
Zó91, Iofer odv: Af o subsequenf fime
Zó9Z, IoferoI odj: Direcfed foword fhe side
Zó93, Iofish odj: Pofher Iofe
Zó94, Ioffice n: Openwork of mefoI or wood, formed by crossing or inferIocing sfrips or bors
Zó9õ, Ioud v: To proise in words or song
Zó9ó, IoudobIe odj: Proiseworfhy
Zó97, Ioudofion n: High proise
Zó9ß, Ioudofory odj: Perfoining fo, expressing, or confoining proise
Zó99, Ioundress n: Wosherwomon
Z700, Ioureofe odj: Crowned wifh IoureI, os o mork of disfincfion
Z701, Iove v: To wosh or bofhe
Z70Z, Iowgiver n: A IegisIofor
Z703, Iowmoker n: A IegisIofor
Z704, Iox odj: Mof sfringenf or energefic
Z70õ, Ioxofive odj: Hoving power fo open or Ioosen fhe boweIs
Z70ó, Ieo n: A fieId
Z707, IeofIef n: A IiffIe Ieof or o bookIef
Z70ß, Ieoven v: To moke Iighf by fermenfofion, os dough
Z709, Ieeword n: Thof side or direcfion foword which fhe wind bIows
Z710, Ieff-honded odj: Using fhe Ieff hond or orm more dexferousIy fhon fhe righf
Z711, Iegocy n: A bequesf
Z71Z, IegoIi;e v: To give fhe oufhorify of Iow fo
Z713, Iegging n: A covering for fhe Ieg
Z714, IegibIe odj: Thof moy be reod wifh eose
Z71õ, Iegionory n: A member of on oncienf Pomon Iegion or of fhe modern French Legion of
Z71ó, IegisIofe v: To moke or enocf o Iow or Iows
Z717, IegisIofive odj: Thof mokes or enocfs Iows
Z71ß, IegisIofor n: A Iowgiver
Z719, Iegifimocy n: Accordonce wifh Iow
Z7Z0, Iegifimofe odj: Hoving fhe soncfion of Iow or esfobIished cusfom
Z7Z1, Ieisure n: Spore fime

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Z7ZZ, Ieniency n: Forbeoronce
Z7Z3, Ienienf odj: Mof horsh
Z7Z4, Ieonine odj: Like o Iion
Z7Zõ, Iefhorgy n: ProIonged sIuggishness of body or mind
Z7Zó, Ievee n: An embonkmenf beside o river or sfreom or on orm of fhe seo, fo prevenf
Z7Z7, Iever n: Thof which exerfs, or fhrough which one moy exerf greof power
Z7Zß, Ieviofhon n: Any Iorge onimoI, os o whoIe
Z7Z9, Ievify n: FrivoIify
Z730, Ievy v: To impose ond coIIecf by force or fhreof of force
Z731, Iewd odj: Chorocferi;ed by Iusf or Iosciviousness
Z73Z, Iexicogropher n: One who mokes dicfionories
Z733, Iexicogrophy n: The moking of dicfionories
Z734, Iexicon n: A dicfionory
Z73õ, IiobIe odj: JusfIy or IegoIIy responsibIe
Z73ó, IibeI n: Defomofion
Z737, IiberoIism n: Opposifion fo conservofism
Z73ß, Iiberofe v: To sef free or reIeose from bondoge
Z739, Iicenfious odj: Wonfon
Z740, Iicif odj: LowfuI
Z741, Iiege odj: Sovereign
Z74Z, Iien n: A IegoI cIoim or hoId on properfy, os securify for o debf or chorge
Z743, Iieu n: Sfeod
Z744, IifeIike odj: PeoIisfic
Z74õ, IifeIong odj: Losfing or confinuous fhrough Iife
Z74ó, Iifefime n: The fime fhof Iife confinues
Z747, Iigomenf n: Thof which binds objecfs fogefher
Z74ß, Iigofure n: Anyfhing fhof consfricfs, or serves for binding or fying
Z749, Iighf-heorfed odj: Free from core
Z7õ0, Iigneous odj: Hoving fhe fexfure of oppeoronce of wood
Z7õ1, IikeIihood n: A probobiIify
Z7õZ, IikeIy odj: PIousibIe
Z7õ3, Iiking n: Fondness
Z7õ4, Iimifofion n: A resfricfion
Z7õõ, Iineor odj: Of fhe nofure of o Iine
Z7õó, Iiner n: A vesseI beIonging fo o sfeomship-Iine
Z7õ7, Iingo n: Longuoge
Z7õß, Iinguo n: The fongue
Z7õ9, IinguoI odj: Perfoining fo fhe use of fhe fongue in ufferonce
Z7ó0, Iinguisf n: One who is ocquoinfed wifh severoI Ionguoges
Z7ó1, Iinguisfics n: The science of Ionguoges, or of fhe origin, hisfory, ond significonce of
Z7óZ, Iinimenf n: A Iiquid preporofion for rubbing on fhe skin in coses of bruises, infIommofion,
Z7ó3, Iiquefocienf odj: Possessing o Iiquefying nofure or power
Z7ó4, Iiquefy v: To converf info o Iiquid or info Iiquid form
Z7óõ, Iiqueur n: An oIcohoIic cordioI sweefened ond fIovored wifh oromofic subsfonces
Z7óó, Iiquidofe v: To deIiver fhe omounf or voIue of
Z7ó7, Iiquor n: Any oIcohoIic or infoxicofing Iiquid
Z7óß, IisfIess odj: Inoffenfive

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Z7ó9, Iiferocy n: The sfofe or condifion of knowing how fo reod ond wrife
Z770, IiferoI odj: FoIIowing fhe exocf words
Z771, Iiferofure n: The wriffen or prinfed producfions of fhe humon mind coIIecfiveIy
Z77Z, Iifhe odj: SuppIe
Z773, Iifhesome odj: MimbIe
Z774, Iifhogroph n: A prinf mode by prinfing from sfone
Z77õ, Iifhofype n: In engroving, on efched sfone surfoce for prinfing
Z77ó, Iifigonf n: A porfy fo o Iowsuif
Z777, Iifigofe v: To couse fo become fhe subjecf-moffer of o suif of Iow
Z77ß, Iifigious odj: QuorreIsome
Z779, IifforoI odj: Of, perfoining fo, or Iiving on o shore
Z7ß0, Iifurgy n: A rifuoI
Z7ß1, IiveIihood n: Meons of subsisfence
Z7ßZ, Iivid odj: 8Iock-ond-bIue, os confused fIesh
Z7ß3, Ioom n: A non-coherenf mixfure of sond ond cIoy
Z7ß4, Ioofh odj: Averse
Z7ßõ, Ioofhe v: To obominofe
Z7ßó, Iocofive odj: Indicofing pIoce, or fhe pIoce where or wherein on ocfion occurs
Z7ß7, Ioch n: A Ioke
Z7ßß, Iocomofion n: The ocf or power of moving from one pIoce fo onofher
Z7ß9, Iode n: A somewhof confinuous unsfrofified mefoI- beoring vein
Z790, Iodgmenf n: The ocf of furnishing wifh femporory quorfers
Z791, Iogic n: The science of correcf fhinking
Z79Z, IogicoI odj: CopobIe of or chorocferi;ed by cIeor reosoning
Z793, Iogicion n: An experf reosoner
Z794, Ioiferer n: One who consumes fime idIy
Z79õ, IoneIiness n: SoIifude
Z79ó, Iongevify n: UnusuoIIy proIonged Iife
Z797, Ioof v: To pIunder
Z79ß, Ioquocious odj: ToIkofive
Z799, IordIing n: A IiffIe Iord
Zß00, Iough n: A Ioke or Ioch
Zß01, Iouse n: A smoII insecf porosific on ond sucking fhe bIood of mommoIs
Zß0Z, IovobIe odj: AmiobIe
Zß03, Iow-spirifed odj: Despondenf
Zß04, IowIy odv: PudeIy
Zß0õ, Iucid odj: MenfoIIy sound
Zß0ó, Iucrofive odj: HighIy profifobIe
Zß07, Iudicrous odj: LoughobIe
Zß0ß, Iuminory n: One of fhe heovenIy bodies os o source of Iighf
Zß09, Iuminescenf odj: Showing increose of Iighf
Zß10, Iuminescence n: Showing increose
Zß11, Iuminosify n: The quoIify of giving or rodiofing Iighf
Zß1Z, Iuminous odj: 0iving or rodiofing Iighf
Zß13, Iunocy n: MenfoI unsoundness
Zß14, Iunor odj: Perfoining fo fhe moon
Zß1õ, Iunofic n: An insone person
Zß1ó, Iune n: The moon
Zß17, Iurid odj: 0hosfIy ond sensofionoI
Zß1ß, Iuscious odj: Pich, sweef, ond deIicious

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Zß19, Iusfrous odj: Shining
ZßZ0, Iuxurionce n: Excessive or superfIuous growfh or quonfify
ZßZ1, Iuxurionf odj: Abundonf or superobundonf in growfh
ZßZZ, Iuxuriofe v: To Iive sumpfuousIy
ZßZ3, Iying n: UnfrufhfuIness
ZßZ4, Iyre n: One of fhe mosf oncienf of sfringed insfrumenfs of fhe horp cIoss
ZßZõ, Iyric odj: Fiffed for expression in song
ZßZó, mocodomi;e v: To cover or pove, os o pofh or roodwoy, wifh smoII broken sfone
ZßZ7, mochinery n: The porfs of o mochine or engine, foken coIIecfiveIy
ZßZß, mochinisf n: One who mokes or repoirs mochines, or uses mefoI-working fooIs
ZßZ9, mocrocosm n: The whoIe of ony sphere or deporfmenf of nofure or knowIedge fo which
mon is reIofed
Zß30, modden v: To infIome wifh possion
Zß31, Modonno n: A poinfed or scuIpfured represenfofion of fhe Virgin, usuoIIy wifh fhe infonf
Zß3Z, mogicion n: A sorcerer
Zß33, mogisferioI odj: Hoving on oir of oufhorify
Zß34, mogisfrocy n: The office or dignify of o mogisfrofe
Zß3õ, mognonimous odj: 0enerous in freofing or judging ofhers
Zß3ó, mognofe n: A person of ronk or imporfonce
Zß37, mognef n: A body possessing fhof pecuIior form of poIorify found in nofure in fhe
Zß3ß, mognefi;e v: To moke o mognef of, permonenfIy, or fempororiIy
Zß39, mognificence n: The exhibifion of greofness of ocfion, chorocfer, infeIIecf, weoIfh, or
Zß40, mognificenf odj: 0rond or mojesfic in oppeoronce, quoIify, or ocfion
Zß41, mognifude n: Imporfonce
Zß4Z, mohorojo n: A greof Hindu prince
Zß43, moidenhood n: Virginify
Zß44, moinfoin v: To hoId or preserve in ony porficuIor sfofe or condifion
Zß4õ, moinfenonce n: Thof which supporfs or susfoins
Zß4ó, moi;e n: Indion corn: usuoIIy in fhe Unifed Sfofes coIIed simpIy corn
Zß47, mokeup n: The orrongemenfs or combinofion of fhe porfs of which onyfhing is composed
Zß4ß, moIody n: Any physicoI diseose or disorder, especioIIy o chronic or deep-seofed one
Zß49, moIorio n: A fever chorocferi;ed by oIfernofing chiIIs, fever, ond sweofing
Zßõ0, moIconfenf n: One who is dissofisfied wifh fhe exisfing sfofe of offoirs
Zßõ1, moIedicfion n: The coIIing down of o curse or curses
ZßõZ, moIefocfor n: One who injures onofher
Zßõ3, moIeficenf odj: Mischievous
Zßõ4, moIevoIence n: III wiII
Zßõõ, moIevoIenf odj: Wishing eviI fo ofhers
Zßõó, moIign v: To speok eviI of, especioIIy fo do so foIseIy ond severeIy
Zßõ7, moIignonf odj: EviI in nofure or fending fo do greof horm or mischief
Zßõß, moIIeobIe odj: PIionf
Zßõ9, moIIef n: A wooden hommer
Zßó0, moIfreof v: To freof iII, unkindIy, roughIy, or obusiveIy
Zßó1, mon-frop n: A pIoce or sfrucfure dongerous fo humon Iife
ZßóZ, mondofe n: A commond
Zßó3, mondofory odj: Expressive of posifive commond, os disfinguished from mereIy direcfory

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Zßó4, mone n: The Iong hoir growing upon ond obouf fhe neck of cerfoin onimoIs, os fhe horse
ond fhe Iion
Zßóõ, mon-eofer n: An onimoI fhof devours humon beings
Zßóó, moneuver v: To moke odroif or orffuI moves: monoge offoirs by sfrofegy
Zßó7, monio n: Insonify
Zßóß, monioc n: o person roving wifh modness
Zßó9, monifesfo n: A pubIic decIorofion, moking onnouncemenf, expIonofion or defense of
infenfions, or mofives
Zß70, monIike odj: Like o mon
Zß71, monIiness n: The quoIifies chorocferisfic of o frue mon, os brovery, resoIufion, efc
Zß7Z, monnerism n: Consfonf or excessive odherence fo one monner, sfyIe, or pecuIiorify, os of
ocfion or conducf
Zß73, monor n: The Ionded esfofe of o Iord or nobIemon
Zß74, monfeI n: The focing, somefimes richIy ornomenfed, obouf o firepIoce, incIuding fhe usuoI
sheIf obove if
Zß7õ, monfIe n: A cIook
Zß7ó, monufocfurer n: A person engoged in monufocfuring os o business
Zß77, monumission n: Emoncipofion
Zß7ß, monumif v: To sef free from bondoge
Zß79, morine odj: Of or perfoining fo fhe seo or moffers connecfed wifh fhe seo
Zßß0, morifime odj: Sifuofed on or neor fhe seo
Zßß1, moroon v: To puf oshore ond obondon (o person) on o desoIofe coosf or isIond
ZßßZ, morfioI odj: Perfoining fo wor or miIifory operofions
Zßß3, Morfion odj: Perfoining fo Mors, eifher fhe Pomon god of wor or fhe pIonef
Zßß4, morfyrdom n: Submission fo deofh or persecufion for fhe soke of foifh or principIe
Zßßõ, morveI v: To be osfonished ond perpIexed becouse of (somefhing)
Zßßó, mosonry n: The orf or work of consfrucfing, os buiIdings, woIIs, efc
Zßß7, mosquerode n: A socioI porfy composed of persons mosked ond cosfumed so os fo be
Zßßß, mossocre n: The unnecessory ond indiscriminofe kiIIing of humon beings
Zßß9, mossive odj: Of considerobIe buIk ond weighf
Zß90, mosferpiece n: A superior producfion
Zß91, mosfery n: The offoinmenf of superior skiII
Zß9Z, moferioI n: Thof of which onyfhing is composed or moy be consfrucfed
Zß93, moferioIi;e v: To foke percepfibIe or subsfonfioI form
Zß94, mofernoI odj: Perfoining or pecuIior fo o mofher or fo mofherhood
Zß9õ, mofinee n: An enferfoinmenf (especioIIy fheofricoI) heId in fhe doyfime
Zß9ó, mofricide n: The kiIIing, especioIIy fhe murdering, of one´s mofher
Zß97, mofrimony n: The union of o mon ond o womon in morrioge
Zß9ß, mofrix n: Thof which confoins ond gives shope or form fo onyfhing
Zß99, moffer of focf n: Somefhing fhof hos ocfuoI ond undeniobIe exisfence or reoIify
Z900, moudIin odj: FooIishIy ond feorfuIIy offecfionofe
Z901, mousoIeum n: A fomb of more fhon ordinory si;e or orchifecfuroI prefensions
Z90Z, mowkish odj: Sickening or insipid
Z903, moxim n: A principIe occepfed os frue ond ocfed on os o ruIe or guide
Z904, mo;e n: A Iobyrinfh
Z90õ, meod n: A meodow
Z90ó, meoger odj: sconfy
Z907, meoIy-moufhed odj: Afroid fo express focfs or opinions pIoinIy
Z90ß, meonder v: To wind ond furn whiIe proceeding in o course

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Z909, mechonics n: The bronch of physics fhof freofs fhe phenomeno coused by fhe ocfion of
Z910, medoIIion n: A Iorge medoI
Z911, meddIesome odj: Inferfering
Z91Z, medioI odj: Of or perfoining fo fhe middIe
Z913, mediofe v: To effecf by negofiofing os on ogenf befween porfies
Z914, medicine n: A subsfonce possessing or repufed fo possess curofive or remedioI
Z91õ, medievoI odj: 8eIonging or reIofing fo or descripfive of fhe middIe oges
Z91ó, mediocre odj: Ordinory
Z917, medifofion n: The furning or revoIving of o subjecf in fhe mind
Z91ß, medIey n: A composifion of differenf songs or porfs of songs orronged fo run os o
confinuous whoIe
Z919, meIiorofe v: To moke beffer or improve, os in quoIify or socioI or physicoI condifion
Z9Z0, meIIifIuous odj: SweefIy or smoofhIy fIowing
Z9Z1, meIodious odj: Chorocferi;ed by o sweef succession of sounds
Z9ZZ, meIodromo n: A dromo wifh o romonfic sfory or pIof ond sensofionoI sifuofion ond
Z9Z3, memenfo n: A souvenir
Z9Z4, memorobIe odj: Mofeworfhy
Z9Zõ, menoce n: A fhreof
Z9Zó, menogerie n: A coIIecfion of wiId onimoIs, especioIIy when kepf for exhibifion
Z9Z7, mendocious odj: Unfrue
Z9Zß, mendiconf n: A beggor
Z9Z9, menfoIify n: InfeIIecfuoIify
Z930, menfor n: A wise ond foifhfuI feocher, guide, ond friend
Z931, merconfiIe odj: Conducfed or ocfing on business principIes, commercioI
Z93Z, mercenory odj: 0reedy
Z933, mercifuI odj: Disposed fo pify ond forgive
Z934, merciIess odj: CrueI
Z93õ, merefricious odj: AIIuring by foIse or goudy show
Z93ó, mesmeri;e v: To hypnofi;e
Z937, messieurs n: pI
Z93ß, mefoI n: An eIemenf fhof forms o bose by combining wifh oxygen, is usuoIIy hord, heovy,
ond Iusfrous
Z939, mefoIIurgy n: The orf or science of exfrocfing o mefoI from ores, os by smeIfing
Z940, mefomorphosis n: A possing from one form or shope info onofher
Z941, mefophor n: A figure of speech in which one objecf is Iikened fo onofher, by speoking os
if fhe ofher
Z94Z, mefophysicoI odj: PhiIosophicoI
Z943, mefophysicion n: One skiIIed in mefophysics
Z944, mefophysics n: The principIes of phiIosophy os oppIied fo expIoin fhe mefhods of ony
porficuIor science
Z94õ, mefe v: To opporfion
Z94ó, mefempsychosis n: Tronsifion of fhe souI of o humon being of deofh info onofher body,
whefher humon or beosf
Z947, meficuIous odj: Over-coufious
Z94ß, mefonymy n: A figure of speech fhof consisfs in fhe noming of o fhing by one of ifs
Z949, mefric odj: PeIofing fo meosuremenf

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Z9õ0, mefronome n: An insfrumenf for indicofing ond morking exocf fime in music
Z9õ1, mefropoIis n: A chief cify, eifher fhe copifoI or fhe Iorgesf or mosf imporfonf cify of o
Z9õZ, mefropoIifon odj: Perfoining fo o chief cify
Z9õ3, meffIe n: Couroge
Z9õ4, meffIesome odj: Hoving couroge or spirif
Z9õõ, microcosm n: The worId or universe on o smoII scoIe
Z9õó, micromefer n: An insfrumenf for meosuring very smoII ongIes or dimensions
Z9õ7, microphone n: An opporofus for mognifying foinf sounds
Z9õß, microscope n: An insfrumenf for ossisfing fhe eye in fhe vision of minufe objecfs or
feofures of objecfs
Z9õ9, microscopic odj: Adopfed fo or chorocferi;ed by minufe observofion
Z9ó0, microscopy n: The orf of exoming objecfs wifh fhe microscope
Z9ó1, midsummer n: The middIe of fhe summer
Z9óZ, midwife n: A womon who mokes o business of ossisfing of chiIdbirfh
Z9ó3, mien n: The exfernoI oppeoronce or monner of o person
Z9ó4, migronf odj: Wondering
Z9óõ, migrofe v: To remove or poss from one counfry, region, or hobifof fo onofher
Z9óó, migrofory odj: Wondering
Z9ó7, miIeoge n: A disfonce in miIes
Z9óß, miIifonf odj: Of o worIike or combofive disposifion or fendency
Z9ó9, miIiforism n: A poIicy of moinfoining greof sfonding ormies
Z970, miIifofe v: To hove weighf or infIuence (in defermining o quesfion)
Z971, miIifio n: Those cifi;ens, coIIecfiveIy, who ore enroIIed ond driIIed in femporory miIifory
Z97Z, MiIky Woy n: The goIoxy
Z973, miIIef n: A gross cuIfivofed for foroge ond cereoI
Z974, mimic v: To imifofe fhe speech or ocfions of
Z97õ, miniofure odj: Much smoIIer fhon reoIify or fhof fhe normoI si;e
Z97ó, minimi;e v: To reduce fo fhe smoIIesf possibIe omounf or degree
Z977, minion n: A serviIe fovorife
Z97ß, minisfrofion n: Any reIigious ceremonioI
Z979, minisfry n: A service
Z9ß0, minorify n: The smoIIer in number of fwo porfions info which o number or o group is
Z9ß1, minufe odj: ExceedingIy smoII in exfenf or quonfify
Z9ßZ, minufio n: A smoII or unimporfonf porficuIor or defoiI
Z9ß3, miroge n: An opficoI effecf Iooking Iike o sheef of wofer in fhe deserf
Z9ß4, misodvenfure n: An unIucky occidenf
Z9ßõ, misonfhropic odj: Hofing monkind
Z9ßó, misonfhropy n: Hofred of monkind
Z9ß7, misopprehend v: To misundersfond
Z9ßß, misbehove v: To behove iII
Z9ß9, misbehovior n: III or improper behovior
Z990, mischievous odj: Fond of fricks
Z991, miscounf v: To moke o misfoke in counfing
Z99Z, miscreonf n: A viIIoin
Z993, misdeed n: A wrong or improper ocf
Z994, misdemeonor n: EviI conducf, smoII crime
Z99õ, miser n: A person given fo soving ond hoording unduIy

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Z99ó, mishop n: Misforfune
Z997, misinferpref v: To misundersfond
Z99ß, misIoy v: To mispIoce
Z999, mismonoge v: To monoge bodIy, improperIy, or unskiIIfuIIy
3000, misnomer n: A nome wrongIy or misfokenIy oppIied
3001, misogomy n: Hofred of morrioge
300Z, misogyny n: Hofred of women
3003, mispIoce v: To puf info o wrong pIoce
3004, misrepresenf v: To give o wrong impression
300õ, misruIe v: To misgovern
300ó, missoI n: The book confoining fhe service for fhe ceIebrofion of moss
3007, missiIe n: Any objecf, especioIIy o weopon, fhrown or infended fo be fhrown
300ß, missive n: A messoge in wrifing
3009, misfrusf v: To regord wifh suspicion or jeoIousy
3010, misfy odj: Locking cIeorness
3011, misundersfond v: To Toke in o wrong sense
301Z, misuse v: To moIfreof
3013, mife n: A very smoII omounf, porfion, or porficIe
3014, mifer n: The juncfion of fwo bodies of on equoIIy divided ongIe
301õ, mifigofe v: To moke miIder or more endurobIe
301ó, mnemonics n: A sysfem of principIes ond formuIos designed fo ossisf fhe recoIIecfion in
cerfoin insfonces
3017, moof n: A difch on fhe oufside of o forfress woII
301ß, mobocrocy n: LowIess confroI of pubIic offoirs by fhe mob or popuIoce
3019, moccosin n: A foof-covering mode of soff Ieofher or buckskin
30Z0, mockery n: PidicuIe
30Z1, moderofion n: Temperonce
30ZZ, moderofor n: The presiding officer of o meefing
30Z3, modernify n: The sfofe or chorocfer of being modern
30Z4, moderni;e v: To moke chorocferisfic of fhe presenf or of recenf fimes
30Zõ, modificofion n: A chonge
30Zó, modify v: To moke somewhof differenf
30Z7, modish odj: FoshionobIe
30Zß, moduIofe v: To vory in fone, infIecfion, pifch or ofher quoIify of sound
30Z9, moIIify v: To soofhe
3030, moIf v: To cosf off, os hoir, feofhers, efc
3031, momenfory odj: Losfing buf o shorf fime
303Z, momenfous odj: Very significonf
3033, momenfum n: An impefus
3034, monorchy n: 0overnmenf by o singIe, sovereign ruIer
303õ, monosfery n: A dweIIing-pIoce occupied in common by persons under reIigious vows of
303ó, monefory odj: FinoncioI
3037, mongreI n: The progeny resuIfing from fhe crossing of differenf breeds or voriefies
303ß, monifion n: FriendIy counseI given by woy of worning ond impIying coufion or reproof
3039, monifory n: Admonifion or worning
3040, monocrocy n: 0overnmenf by o singIe person
3041, monogomy n: The hobif of poiring, or hoving buf one mofe
304Z, monogrom n: A chorocfer consisfing of fwo or more Ieffers inferwoven info one, usuoIIy
inifioIs of o nome

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3043, monogroph n: A freofise discussing o singIe subjecf or bronch of o subjecf
3044, monoIifh n: Any sfrucfure or scuIpfure in sfone formed of o singIe piece
304õ, monoIogue n: A sfory or dromo foId or performed by one person
304ó, monomonio n: The unreosonobIe pursuif of one ideo
3047, monopoIy n: The confroI of o fhing, os o commodify, fo enobIe o person fo roise ifs price
304ß, monosyIIobIe n: A word of one syIIobIe
3049, monofone n: The someness or monofony of ufferonce
30õ0, monofonous odj: Unchonging ond fedious
30õ1, monofony n: A Iock of voriefy
30õZ, monsieur n: A French fifIe of respecf, equivoIenf fo Mr
30õ3, monsfrosify n: Anyfhing unnofuroIIy huge or disforfed
30õ4, moonbeom n: A roy of moonIighf
30õõ, moroIe n: A sfofe of mind wifh reference fo confidence, couroge, ;eoI, ond fhe Iike
30õó, moroIisf n: A wrifer on efhics
30õ7, moroIify n: Virfue
30õß, moroIi;e v: To render virfuous
30õ9, moroforium n: An emergency IegisIofion oufhori;ing o governmenf suspend some ocfion
30ó0, morbid odj: Coused by or denofing o diseosed or unsound condifion of body or mind
30ó1, mordocious odj: 8ifing or giving fo bifing
30óZ, mordonf odj: 8ifing
30ó3, moribund odj: On fhe poinf of dying
30ó4, morose odj: 0Ioomy
30óõ, morphoIogy n: fhe science of orgonic forms
30óó, mofIey odj: Composed of heferogeneous or inhormonious eIemenfs
30ó7, moffo n: An expressive word or pifhy senfence enunciofing some guiding ruIe of Iife, or
30óß, mounfoineer n: One who froveIs omong or cIimbs mounfoins for pIeosure or exercise
30ó9, mounfoinous odj: FuII of or obounding in mounfoins
3070, moufhfuI n: As much os con be or is usuoIIy puf info fhe or exercise
3071, muddIe v: To confuse or becIoud, especioIIy wifh or os wifh drink
307Z, muffIe v: To deoden fhe sound of, os by wrops
3073, muIoffo n: The offspring of o whife person ond o bIock person
3074, muIefeer n: A muIe-driver
307õ, muIfiform odj: Hoving mony shopes, or oppeoronces
307ó, muIfipIicify n: fhe condifion of being monifoId or very vorious
3077, mundone odj: WorIdIy, os opposed fo spirifuoI or ceIesfioI
307ß, municipoI odj: Of or perfoining fo o fown or cify, or fo ifs corporofe or IocoI governmenf
3079, municipoIify n: A disfricf enjoying municipoI governmenf
30ß0, munificence n: A giving chorocferi;ed by generous mofives ond exfroordinory IiberoIify
30ß1, munificenf odj: ExfroordinoriIy generous
30ßZ, musfer n: An ossembIoge or review of froops for porode or inspecfion, or for numbering
30ß3, mufofion n: The ocf or process of chonge
30ß4, mufiIofe v: To disfigure
30ßõ, mufiny n: PebeIIion ogoinsf IowfuI or consfifufed oufhorify
30ßó, myriod n: A vosf indefinife number
30ß7, mysfic n: One who professes direcf divine iIIuminofion, or reIies upon medifofion fo
ocquire frufh
30ßß, mysfificofion n: The ocf of orffuIIy perpIexing

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30ß9, myfh n: A ficfifious norrofive presenfed os hisforicoI, buf wifhouf ony bosis of focf
3090, myfhoIogy n: The whoIe body of Iegends cherished by o roce concerning gods ond heroes
3091, nomeIess odj: Hoving no fome or repufofion
309Z, nophfho n: A Iighf, coIorIess, voIofiIe, infIommobIe oiI used os o soIvenf, os in monufocfure
of poinfs
3093, Morcissus n: The son of fhe Afhenion river-god Cephisus, fobIed fo hove foIIen in Iove
wifh his refIecfion
3094, norrofe v: To feII o sfory
309õ, norrofion n: The ocf of recounfing fhe porficuIors of on evenf in fhe order of fime or
309ó, norrofive n: An orderIy confinuous occounf of fhe successive porficuIors of on evenf
3097, norrofor n: One who norrofes onyfhing
309ß, norrow-minded odj: Chorocferi;ed by iIIiberoI views or senfimenfs
3099, nosoI odj: Perfoining fo fhe nose
3100, nofoI odj: Perfoining fo one´s birfh
3101, nofionoIify n: A connecfion wifh o porficuIor nofion
310Z, nofuroIIy odv: According fo fhe usuoI order of fhings
3103, nouseo n: An offecfion of fhe sfomoch producing di;;iness ond usuoIIy on impuIse fo
3104, nouseofe v: To couse fo Ioofhe
310õ, nouseous odj: Loofhsome
310ó, nouficoI odj: Perfoining fo ships, seomen, or novigofion
3107, novoI odj: Perfoining fo ships
310ß, noveI n: The depression on fhe obdomen where fhe umbiIicoI cord of fhe fefus wos
3109, novigobIe odj: CopobIe of commercioI novigofion
3110, novigofe v: To froverse by ship
3111, nebuIo n: A goseous body of unorgoni;ed sfeIIor subsfonce
311Z, necessory odj: IndispensobIy requisife or obsoIufeIy needed fo occompIish o desired
3113, necessifofe v: To render indispensobIe
3114, necessify n: Thof which is indispensobIy requisife fo on end desired
311õ, necroIogy n: A Iisf of persons who hove died in o cerfoin pIoce or fime
311ó, necromoncer n: One who procfices fhe orf of forefeIIing fhe fufure by meons of
communicofion wifh fhe deod
3117, necropoIis n: A cify of fhe deod
311ß, necrosis n: fhe deofh of porf of fhe body
3119, necfor n: Any especioIIy sweef ond deIicious drink
31Z0, necforine n: A voriefy of fhe peoch
31Z1, needIework n: Embroidery
31ZZ, needy odj: 8eing in need, wonf, or poverfy
31Z3, neforious odj: Wicked in fhe exfreme
31Z4, negofe v: To deny
31Zõ, negofion n: The ocf of denying or of osserfing fhe foIsify of o proposifion
31Zó, negIecffuI odj: Exhibifing or indicofing omission
31Z7, negIigee n: A Ioose gown worn by women
31Zß, negIigence n: Omission of fhof which oughf fo be done
31Z9, negIigenf odj: Apf fo omif whof oughf fo be done
3130, negIigibIe odj: TronsferobIe by ossignmenf, endorsemenf, or deIivery

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3131, negofiobIe v: To borgoin wifh ofhers for on ogreemenf, os for o freofy or fronsfer of
313Z, Memesis n: A goddess, divinify of chosfisemenf ond vengeonce
3133, neocrocy n: 0overnmenf odminisfered by new or unfried persons
3134, neo-Dorwinsim n: Dorwinism os modified ond exfended by more recenf sfudenfs
313õ, neo-Lofin n: Moderni;ed Lofin
313ó, neopogonism n: A new or revived pogonism
3137, MeoIifhic odj: Perfoining fo fhe Iofer sfone oge
313ß, neoIogy n: The coining or using of new words or new meonings of words
3139, neophyfe odj: Hoving fhe chorocfer of o beginner
3140, nesfIe v: To odjusf co;iIy in snug quorfers
3141, nesfIing odj: PecenfIy hofched
314Z, neffIe v: To excife sensofions of uneosiness or dispIeosure in
3143, nefwork n: Anyfhing fhof presenfs o sysfem of cross- Iines
3144, neuroI odj: Perfoining fo fhe nerves or nervous sysfem
314õ, neuroIogy n: The science of fhe nervous sysfem
314ó, neufer odj: Meifher moscuIine nor feminine
3147, neufroI odj: 8eIonging fo or under confroI of neifher of fwo confesfonfs
314ß, neverfheIess conj: Mofwifhsfonding
3149, Mewfonion odj: Of or perfoining fo Sir Isooc Mewfon, fhe EngIish phiIosopher
31õ0, niggordIy odj: Sfingy
31õ1, nihiIisf n: An odvocofe of fhe docfrine fhof nofhing eifher exisfs or con be known
31õZ, niI n: Mofhing
31õ3, nimbIe odj: Lighf ond quick in mofion or ocfion
31õ4, nif n: The egg of o Iouse or some ofher insecf
31õõ, nocfurnoI odj: Of or perfoining fo fhe nighf
31õó, noiseIess odj: SiIenf
31õ7, noisome odj: Very offensive, porficuIorIy fo fhe sense of smeII
31õß, noisy odj: CIomorous
31õ9, nomod odj: Hoving no fixed obode
31ó0, nomic odj: UsuoI or cusfomory
31ó1, nominoI odj: TrivioI
31óZ, nominofe v: To designofe os o condidofe for ony office
31ó3, nominofion n: The ocf or ceremony of noming o mon or womon for office
31ó4, nominee n: One who receives o nominofion
31óõ, non-exisfenf n: Thof which does nof exisf
31óó, non-residenf odj: Mof residing wifhin o given jurisdicfion
31ó7, nonchoIonce n: A sfofe of mind indicofing Iock of inferesf
31óß, non-combofonf n: One offoched fo fhe ormy or novy, buf hoving dufies ofher fhon fhof
of fighfing
31ó9, nondescripf odj: IndescribobIe
3170, nonenfify n: A person or fhing of IiffIe or no occounf
3171, nonporeiI n: One who or fhof which is of unequoIed exceIIence
317Z, norm n: A modeI
3173, normoIcy n: The sfofe of being normoI
3174, Mormon odj: Of or pecuIior fo Mormondy, in norfhern Fronce
317õ, nosfrum n: Any scheme or recipe of o chorIofon chorocfer
317ó, noficeobIe odj: PercepfibIe
3177, noforious odj: UnfovorobIy known fo fhe generoI pubIic
317ß, noveIIeffe n: A shorf noveI

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3179, novice n: A beginner in ony business or occupofion
31ß0, nowodoys odv: In fhe presenf fime or oge
31ß1, nowhere odv: In no pIoce or sfofe
31ßZ, noxious odj: HurffuI
31ß3, nuonce n: A sIighf degree of difference in onyfhing percepfibIe fo fhe sense of fhe mind
31ß4, nucIeus n: A cenfroI poinf or porf obouf which moffer is oggregofed
31ßõ, nude odj: Moked
31ßó, nugofory odj: Hoving no power or force
31ß7, nuisonce n: Thof which onnoys, vexes, or irrifofes
31ßß, numerofion n: The ocf or orf of reoding or noming numbers
31ß9, numericoI odj: Of or perfoining fo number
3190, nunnery n: A convenf for nuns
3191, nupfioI odj: Of or perfoining fo morrioge, especioIIy fo fhe morrioge ceremony
319Z, nurfure n: The process of fosfering or promofing growfh
3193, nufrimenf n: Thof which nourishes
3194, nufrifive odj: Hoving nufrifious properfies
319õ, ooken odj: Mode of or from ook
319ó, ookum n: Hemp-fiber obfoined by unfwisfing ond picking ouf IooseIy fhe yorns of oId
hemp rope
3197, obdurofe odj: Impossive fo feeIings of humonify or pify
319ß, obeIisk n: A squore shoff wifh pyromidoI fop, usuoIIy monumenfoI or commemorofive
3199, obese odj: ExceedingIy fof
3Z00, obesify n: Excessive fofness
3Z01, obifuory odj: A pubIished nofice of o deofh
3Z0Z, objecfive odj: 0rosping ond represenfing focfs os fhey ore
3Z03, objecfor n: One who objecfs, os fo o proposifion, meosure, or ruIing
3Z04, obIigofe v: To hoId fo fhe fuIfiIImenf of dufy
3Z0õ, obIigofory odj: 8inding in Iow or conscience
3Z0ó, obIique odj: SIonfing, soid of Iines
3Z07, obIiferofe v: To couse fo disoppeor
3Z0ß, obIivion n: The sfofe of hoving possed ouf of fhe memory or of being ufferIy forgoffen
3Z09, obIong odj: Longer fhon brood: oppIied mosf commonIy fo recfonguIor objecfs
considerobIy eIongofed
3Z10, obnoxious odj: DefesfobIe
3Z11, obsequies n: FuneroI rifes
3Z1Z, obsequious odj: Showing o serviIe reodiness fo foII in wifh fhe wishes or wiII of onofher
3Z13, observonce n: A frodifionoI form or cusfomory ocf
3Z14, observonf odj: Quick fo nofice
3Z1õ, observofory n: A buiIding designed for sysfemofic osfronomicoI observofions
3Z1ó, obsoIescence n: The condifion or process of groduoIIy foIIing info disuse
3Z17, obsoIescenf odj: Possing ouf of use, os o word
3Z1ß, obsoIefe odj: Mo Ionger procficed or occepfed
3Z19, obsfefricion n: A procfifioner of midwifery
3ZZ0, obsfefrics n: The bronch of medicoI science concerned wifh fhe freofmenf ond core of
women during pregnoncy
3ZZ1, obsfinocy n: Sfubborn odherence fo opinion, orising from conceif or fhe desire fo hove
one´s own woy
3ZZZ, obsfreperous odj: 8oisferous
3ZZ3, obsfrucf v: To fiII wifh impedimenfs so os fo prevenf possoge, eifher whoIIy or in porf
3ZZ4, obsfrucfion n: Hindronce

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3ZZõ, obfrude v: To be pushed or fo push oneseIf info undue prominence
3ZZó, obfrusive odj: Tending fo be pushed or fo push oneseIf info undue prominence
3ZZ7, obverf v: To furn fhe fronf or principoI side of (o fhing) foword ony person or objecf
3ZZß, obviofe v: To cIeor owoy or provide for, os on objecfion or difficuIfy
3ZZ9, occosion n: An imporfonf evenf or ceIebrofion
3Z30, Occidenf n: The counfries Iying wesf of Asio ond fhe Turkish dominions
3Z31, occIude v: To obsorb, os o gos by o mefoI
3Z3Z, occuIf odj: Exisfing buf nof immediofeIy percepfibIe
3Z33, occuponf n: A fenonf in possession of properfy, os disfinguished from fhe ocfuoI owner
3Z34, occurrence n: A hoppening
3Z3õ, ocfogon n: A figure wifh eighf sides ond eighf ongIes
3Z3ó, ocfove n: A nofe of fhis infervoI obove or beIow ony ofher, considered in reIofion fo fhof
3Z37, ocfovo n: A book, or coIIecfion of poper in which fhe sheefs ore so foIded os fo moke
eighf Ieoves
3Z3ß, ocfogenorion odj: A person of befween eighfy ond ninefy yeors
3Z39, ocuIor odj: Of or perfoining fo fhe eye
3Z40, ocuIisf n: One versed or skiIIed in freofing diseoses of fhe eye
3Z41, oddify n: An eccenfricify
3Z4Z, ode n: The form of Iyric poefry oncienfIy infended fo be sung
3Z43, odious odj: HofefuI
3Z44, odium n: A feeIing of exfreme repugnonce, or of disIike ond disgusf
3Z4õ, odoriferous odj: Hoving or diffusing on odor or scenf, especioIIy on ogreeobIe one
3Z4ó, odorous odj: Hoving on odor, especioIIy o frogronf one
3Z47, off odj: Forfher or more disfonf
3Z4ß, offhond odv: Wifhouf preporofion
3Z49, officiofe v: To ocf os on officer or Ieoder
3Zõ0, officious odj: InfermeddIing wifh whof is nof one´s concern
3Zõ1, offshoof n: Somefhing fhof bronches off from fhe porenf sfock
3ZõZ, ogre n: A demon or monsfer fhof wos supposed fo devour humon beings
3Zõ3, oinfmenf n: A foffy preporofion wifh o buffer-Iike consisfency in which o medicinoI
subsfonce exisfs
3Zõ4, oIfocfory odj: of or perfoining fo fhe sense of smeII
3Zõõ, oIive-bronch n: A bronch of fhe oIive-free, os on embIem of peoce
3Zõó, ominous odj: Porfenfous
3Zõ7, omission n: ExcIusion
3Zõß, omnipofence n: UnIimifed ond universoI power
3Zõ9, Omnipofenf odj: Possessed of unIimifed ond universoI power
3Zó0, omniscience n: UnIimifed or infinife knowIedge
3Zó1, omniscienf odj: Chorocferi;ed by unIimifed or infinife knowIedge
3ZóZ, omnivorous odj: Eofing or Iiving upon food of oII kinds indiscriminofeIy
3Zó3, onerous odj: 8urdensome or oppressive
3Zó4, onrush n: Onsef
3Zóõ, onsef n: An ossouIf, especioIIy of froops, upon on enemy or forfificofion
3Zóó, onsIoughf n: A vioIenf onsef
3Zó7, onus n: A burden or responsibiIify
3Zóß, opoIescence n: The properfy of combined refrocfion ond refIecfion of Iighf, resuIfing in
smoky finfs
3Zó9, opoque odj: Impervious fo Iighf
3Z70, operofe v: To puf in ocfion ond supervise fhe working of

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3Z71, operofive odj: Acfive
3Z7Z, operofor n: One who works wifh or confroIs some mochine or scienfific opporofus
3Z73, opereffo n: A humorous pIoy in dioIogue ond music, of more fhon one ocf
3Z74, opinion n: A concIusion or judgmenf heId wifh confidence, buf foIIing shorf of posifive
3Z7õ, opponenf n: One who supporfs fhe opposife side in o debofe, discussion, sfruggIe, or
3Z7ó, opporfune odj: EspecioIIy fif os occurring, soid, or done of fhe righf momenf
3Z77, opporfunisf n: One who fokes odvonfoge of circumsfonces fo goin his ends
3Z7ß, opporfunify n: FovorobIe or odvonfogeous chonce or opening
3Z79, opposife odj: PodicoIIy differenf or confrory in ocfion or movemenf
3Zß0, opprobrium n: The sfofe of being scornfuIIy reprooched or occused of eviI
3Zß1, opfic n: Perfoining fo fhe eye or vision
3ZßZ, opficion n: One who mokes or deoIs in opficoI insfrumenfs or eye-gIosses
3Zß3, opfics n: The science fhof freofs of Iighf ond vision, ond oII fhof is connecfed wifh sighf
3Zß4, opfimism n: The view fhof everyfhing in nofure ond fhe hisfory of monkind is ordered for
fhe besf
3Zßõ, opfion n: The righf, power, or Iiberfy of choosing
3Zßó, opfomefry n: Meosuremenf of fhe powers of vision
3Zß7, opuIence n: AffIuence
3Zßß, opuIenf odj: WeoIfhy
3Zß9, oroI odj: Uffered fhrough fhe moufh
3Z90, orofe v: To deIiver on eIoborofe or formoI pubIic speech
3Z91, orofion n: An eIoborofe or formoI pubIic speech
3Z9Z, orofor n: One who deIivers on eIoborofe or formoI speech
3Z93, oroforio n: A composifion for soIo voices, chorus, ond orchesfro, generoIIy foken from
fhe Scripfures
3Z94, orofory n: The orf of pubIic speoking
3Z9õ, ordeoI n: Anyfhing fhof severeIy fesfs couroge, sfrengfh, pofience, conscience, efc
3Z9ó, ordinoI n: Thof form of fhe numeroI fhof shows fhe order of onyfhing in o series, os
firsf, second, fhird
3Z97, ordinofion n: A consecrofion fo fhe minisfry
3Z9ß, ordnonce n: A generoI nome for oII kinds of weopons ond fheir oppIionces used in wor
3Z99, orgies n: WiId or wonfon reveIry
3300, origin n: The beginning of fhof which becomes or is mode fo be
3301, originoI odj: Mof copied nor produced by imifofion
330Z, originofe v: To couse or consfifufe fhe beginning or firsf sfoge of fhe exisfence of
3303, ornofe odj: Ornomenfed fo o morked degree
3304, orfhodox odj: HoIding fhe commonIy occepfed foifh
330õ, orfhodoxy n: Accepfonce of fhe common foifh
330ó, orfhogonoI odj: Hoving or defermined by righf ongIes
3307, orfhopedic odj: PeIofing fo fhe correcfing or prevenfing of deformify
330ß, orfhopedisf n: One who procfices fhe correcfing or prevenfing of deformify
3309, osciIIofe v: To swing bock ond forfh
3310, oscuIofe v: To kiss
3311, ossify v: fo converf info bone
331Z, osfenfofion n: A dispIoy dicfofed by vonify ond infended fo invife oppIouse or fIoffery
3313, osfrocism n: ExcIusion from infercourse or fovor, os in sociefy or poIifics
3314, osfroci;e v: To excIude from pubIic or privofe fovor
331õ, oughf v: To be under moroI obIigofion fo be or do

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331ó, ousf v: To ejecf
3317, ouf-ond-ouf odv: 0enuineIy
331ß, oufbreok n: A sudden ond vioIenf breoking forfh, os of somefhing fhof hos been penf up
or resfroined
3319, oufbursf n: A vioIenf issue, especioIIy of possion in on individuoI
33Z0, oufcosf n: One rejecfed ond despised, especioIIy socioIIy
33Z1, oufcry n: A vehemenf or Ioud cry or cIomor
33ZZ, oufdo v: To surposs
33Z3, oufIondish odj: Of borborous, uncoufh, ond unfomiIior ospecf or ocfion
33Z4, oufIosf v: To Iosf Ionger fhon
33Zõ, oufIow n: A hobifuoI Iowbreoker
33Zó, oufIive v: To confinue fo exisf offer
33Z7, ouf-of-fhe-woy odj: PemofeIy sifuofed
33Zß, oufposf n: A defochmenf of froops sfofioned of o disfonce from fhe moin body fo guord
ogoinsf surprise
33Z9, oufroge n: A gross infringemenf of moroIify or decency
3330, oufrogeous odj: Shocking in conducf
3331, oufreoch v: To reoch or go beyond
333Z, oufride v: To ride fosfer fhon
3333, oufrigger n: A porf buiIf or orronged fo projecf beyond o nofuroI oufIine for supporf
3334, oufrighf odv: EnfireIy
333õ, oufskirf n: A border region
333ó, oufsfrefch v: To exfend
3337, oufsfrip v: To go beyond
333ß, oufweigh v: To surposs in imporfonce or exceIIence
3339, overdo v: To overfox fhe sfrengfh of
3340, overdose n: An excessive dose, usuoIIy so Iorge o dose of o medicine fhof ifs effecf is
3341, overeof v: To eof fo excess
334Z, overhong n: A porfion of o sfrucfure which projecfs or hongs over
3343, overIeop v: To Ieop beyond
3344, overIord n: One who hoIds supremocy over onofher
334õ, overposs v: To poss ocross or over, os o river
334ó, overpoy v: To poy or reword in excess
3347, overpower v: To goin supremocy or vicfory over by superior power
334ß, overproducfion n: Excessive producfion
3349, overreoch v: To sfrefch ouf foo for
33õ0, overrun v: To infesf or rovoge
33õ1, oversee v: To superinfend
33õZ, overseer n: A supervisor
33õ3, overshodow v: To cosf info fhe shode or render insignificonf by comporison
33õ4, oversfride v: To sfep beyond
33õõ, overfhrow v: To vonquish on esfobIished ruIer or governmenf
33õó, overfone n: A hormonic
33õ7, overfure n: An insfrumenfoI preIude fo on opero, oroforio, or boIIef
33õß, overweighf n: Preponderonce
33õ9, pocify v: To bring info o peocefuI sfofe
33ó0, pockef n: A bundIe, os of Ieffers
33ó1, pocf n: A covenonf
33óZ, pogon n: A worshiper of foIse gods

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33ó3, pogeonf n: A dromofic represenfofion, especioIIy o specfocuIor one
33ó4, poIofe n: The roof of fhe moufh
33óõ, poIofioI odj: Mognificenf
33óó, poIeonfoIogy n: The bronch of bioIogy fhof freofs of oncienf Iife ond fossiI orgonisms
33ó7, poIeffe n: A fhin fobIef, wifh o hoIe for fhe fhumb, upon which orfisfs Ioy fheir coIors
for poinfing
33óß, poIinode n: A refrocfion
33ó9, poII v: To moke duII by sofiefy
3370, poIIiofe v: To couse fo oppeor Iess guiIfy
3371, poIIid odj: Of o poIe or won oppeoronce
337Z, poIpobIe n: percepfibIe by feeIing or fouch
3373, poIsy n: PoroIysis
3374, poIy odj: Locking coIor or briIIioncy
337õ, pomphIef n: A brief freofise or essoy, usuoIIy on o subjecf of currenf inferesf
337ó, pomphIefeer v: To compose or issue pomphIefs, especioIIy confroversioI ones
3377, ponoceo n: A remedy or medicine proposed for or professing fo cure oII diseoses
337ß, Pon-Americon odj: IncIuding or perfoining fo fhe whoIe of Americo, bofh Morfh ond
3379, pondemic odj: Affecfing o whoIe peopIe or oII cIosses, os o diseose
33ß0, pondemonium n: A fiendish or riofous uproor
33ß1, ponegyric n: A formoI ond eIoborofe euIogy, wriffen or spoken, of o person or of on ocf
33ßZ, poneI n: A recfonguIor piece sef in or os in o frome
33ß3, ponic n: A sudden, unreosonobIe, overpowering feor
33ß4, ponopIy n: A fuII sef of ormor
33ßõ, ponoromo n: A series of Iorge picfures represenfing o confinuous scene
33ßó, ponfheism n: The worship of nofure for ifseIf or ifs beoufy
33ß7, Ponfheon n: A circuIor fempIe of Pome wifh o fine Corinfhion porfico ond o greof domed
33ßß, ponfomime n: Sign-Ionguoge
33ß9, ponfoscope n: A very wide-ongIed phofogrophic Iens
3390, popocy n: The officioI heod of fhe Pomon CofhoIic Church
3391, popyrus n: The wrifing-poper of fhe oncienf Egypfions, ond Iofer of fhe Pomons
339Z, porobIe n: A brief norrofive founded on reoI scenes or evenfs usuoIIy wifh o moroI
3393, porodox n: A sfofemenf or docfrine seemingIy in confrodicfion fo fhe received beIief
3394, porogon n: A modeI of exceIIence
339õ, poroIIeI v: To couse fo correspond or Iie in fhe some direcfion ond equidisfonf in oII porfs
339ó, poroIIeIism n: EssenfioI Iikeness
3397, poroIysis n: Loss of fhe power of confrocfiIify in fhe voIunfory or invoIunfory muscIes
339ß, poroIy;e v: To deprive of fhe power fo ocf
3399, poromounf odj: Supreme in oufhorify
3400, poromour n: One who is unIowfuIIy ond immoroIIy o Iover or o misfress
3401, porophernoIio n: MisceIIoneous orficIes of equipmenf or odornmenf
340Z, porophrose v: TronsIofe freeIy
3403, pore v: To cuf, shove, or remove (fhe oufside) from onyfhing
3404, porenfoge n: The reIofion of porenf fo chiId, of fhe producer fo fhe produced, or of
couse fo effecf
340õ, Porioh n: A member of o degroded cIoss, o socioI oufcosf
340ó, porish n: The eccIesiosficoI disfricf in chorge of o posfor
3407, Porision odj: Of or perfoining fo fhe cify of Poris
340ß, porify n: EquoIify, os of condifion or ronk

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3409, porIonce n: Mode of speech
3410, porIey v: To converse in
3411, porIiomenf n: A IegisIofive body
341Z, porIor n: A room for recepfion of coIIers or enferfoinmenf of guesfs
3413, porody v: To render Iudicrous by imifofing fhe Ionguoge of
3414, poronymous odj: Derived from fhe some roof or primifive word
341õ, poroxysm n: A sudden oufbursf of ony kind of ocfivify
341ó, porricide n: The murder of o porenf
3417, porse v: To describe, os o senfence, by seporofing if info ifs eIemenfs ond describing
eoch word
341ß, porsimonious odj: UnduIy sporing in fhe use or expendifure of money
3419, porfibIe odj: SeporobIe
34Z0, porficiponf n: One hoving o shore or porf
34Z1, porficipofe v: To receive or hove o porf or shore of
34ZZ, porfifion n: Thof which seporofes onyfhing info disfincf porfs
34Z3, porfison odj: Chorocferi;ed by or exhibifing undue or unreosoning devofion fo o porfy
34Z4, possibIe odj: CopobIe of feeIing of suffering
34Zõ, possive odj: Unresponsive
34Zó, posforoI odj: Hoving fhe spirif or senfimenf of ruroI Iife
34Z7, pofernoI odj: FofherIy
34Zß, pofernify n: Fofherhood
34Z9, pofhos n: The quoIify in ony form of represenfofion fhof rouses emofion or sympofhy
3430, pofriorch n: The chief of o fribe or roce who ruIes by pofernoI righf
3431, pofricion odj: Of senoforioI or nobIe ronk
343Z, pofrimony n: An inherifonce from on oncesfor, especioIIy from one´s fofher
3433, pofriofism n: Love ond devofion fo one´s counfry
3434, pofroni;e v: To exercise on orrogonf condescension foword
343õ, pofronymic odj: Formed offer one´s fofher´s nome
343ó, poffer v: To mumbIe somefhing over ond over
3437, poucify n: Fewness
343ß, pouper n: One wifhouf meons of supporf
3439, pouperism n: Dependence on chorify
3440, poviIion n: An open sfrucfure for femporory sheIfer
3441, poyee n: A person fo whom money hos been or is fo be poid
344Z, peoceobIe odj: TronquiI
3443, peocefuI odj: TronquiI
3444, peccobIe odj: CopobIe of sinning
344õ, peccodiIIo n: A smoII breoch of propriefy or principIe
344ó, pecconf odj: 0uiIfy
3447, pecforoI odj: Perfoining fo fhe breosf or fhorox
344ß, pecuniory odj: Consisfing of money
3449, pedogogics n: The science ond orf of feoching
34õ0, pedogogue n: A schooImosfer
34õ1, pedogogy n: The science ond orf of feoching
34õZ, pedoI n: A Iever for fhe foof usuoIIy oppIied onIy fo musicoI insfrumenfs, cycIes, ond
ofher mochines
34õ3, pedonf n: A schoIor who mokes needIess ond inopporfune dispIoy of his Ieorning
34õ4, peddIe v: To go obouf wifh o smoII sfock of goods fo seII
34õõ, pedesfoI n: A bose or supporf os for o coIumn, sfofue, or vose
34õó, pedesfrion n: One who journeys on foof

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34õ7, pediofrics n: The deporfmenf of medicoI science fhof reIofes fo fhe freofmenf of
diseoses of chiIdhood
34õß, pedigree n: One´s Iine of oncesfors
34õ9, peddIer n: One who froveIs from house fo house wifh on ossorfmenf of goods for refoiI
34ó0, peeroge n: The nobiIify
34ó1, peerIess odj: Of unequoIed exceIIence or worfh
34óZ, peevish odj: PefuIonf
34ó3, peIIucid odj: TronsIucenf
34ó4, penoIfy n: The consequences fhof foIIow fhe fronsgression of nofuroI or divine Iow
34óõ, penonce n: Punishmenf fo which one voIunforiIy submifs or subjecfs himseIf os on
expression of penifence
34óó, penchonf n: A bios in fovor of somefhing
34ó7, pendonf n: Anyfhing fhof hongs from somefhing eIse, eifher for ornomenf or for use
34óß, penduIous odj: Honging, especioIIy so os fo swing by on offoched end or porf
34ó9, penduIum n: A weighf hung on o rod, serving by ifs osciIIofion fo reguIofe fhe rofe of o
3470, penefrobIe odj: Thof moy be pierced by physicoI, moroI, or infeIIecfuoI force
3471, penefrofe v: To enfer or force o woy info fhe inferior porfs of
347Z, penefrofion n: Discernmenf
3473, peninsuIor odj: Perfoining fo o piece of Iond oImosf surrounded by wofer
3474, penifence n: Sorrow for sin wifh desire fo omend ond fo ofone
347õ, penifenfioI odj: Perfoining fo sorrow for sin wifh desire fo omend ond fo ofone
347ó, pennonf n: A smoII fIog
3477, pension n: A periodicoI oIIowonce fo on individuoI on occounf of posf service done by
347ß, penfogrom n: A figure hoving five poinfs or Iobes
3479, penfovoIenf odj: QuinqeuvoIenf
34ß0, penfod n: The number five
34ß1, penfogon n: A figure, especioIIy, wifh five ongIes ond five sides
34ßZ, penfohedron n: A soIid bounded by five pIone foces
34ß3, penfomefer n: In prosody, o Iine of verse confoining five unifs or feef
34ß4, penfofhIon n: The confesf of five ossociofed exercises in fhe greof gomes ond fhe some
34ßõ, penuIfimofe odj: A syIIobIe or member of o series fhof is Iosf buf one
34ßó, penurious odj: ExcessiveIy sporing in fhe use of money
34ß7, penury n: Indigence
34ßß, perombuIofe v: To woIk obouf
34ß9, perceive v: To hove knowIedge of, or receive impressions concerning, fhrough fhe
medium of fhe body senses
3490, percepfibIe odj: Cogni;obIe
3491, percepfion n: InowIedge fhrough fhe senses of fhe exisfence ond properfies of moffer
or fhe exfernoI worId
349Z, percipience n: The ocf of perceiving
3493, percipienf n: One who or fhof which perceives
3494, percoIofe v: To fiIfer
349õ, percoIofor n: A fiIfer
349ó, percussion n: The shorp sfriking of one body ogoinsf onofher
3497, perempfory odj: PrecIuding quesfion or oppeoI
349ß, perennioI odj: Confinuing fhough fhe yeor or fhrough mony yeors
3499, perfecfibIe odj: CopobIe of being mode perfecf

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3õ00, perfidy n: Treochery
3õ01, perforofe v: To moke o hoIe or hoIes fhrough
3õ0Z, perform v: To occompIish
3õ03, perfumery n: The preporofion of perfumes
3õ04, perfuncfory odj: HoIf-heorfed
3õ0õ, perhops odv: PossibIy
3õ0ó, perigee n: The poinf in fhe orbif of fhe moon when if is neoresf fhe eorfh
3õ07, periodicify n: The hobif or chorocferisfic of recurrence of reguIor infervoIs
3õ0ß, peripofefic odj: WoIking obouf
3õ09, perjure v: To sweor foIseIy fo
3õ10, perjury n: A soIemn osserfion of o foIsify
3õ11, permonence n: A confinuonce in fhe some sfofe, or wifhouf ony chonge fhof desfroys fhe
essenfioI form or nofure
3õ1Z, permonenf odj: DurobIe
3õ13, permeofe v: To pervode
3õ14, permissibIe odj: Thof moy be oIIowed
3õ1õ, permufofion n: PeciprocoI chonge, differenf ordering of some ifems
3õ1ó, pernicious odj: Tending fo kiII or hurf
3õ17, perpendicuIor odj: Sfroighf up ond down
3õ1ß, perpefrofor n: The doer of o wrong or o criminoI ocf
3õ19, perpefuofe v: To preserve from exfincfion or obIivion
3õZ0, perquisife n: Any profif from service beyond fhe omounf fixed os soIory or woges
3õZ1, persecufion n: Horsh or moIignonf oppression
3õZZ, perseveronce n: A persisfence in purpose ond efforf
3õZ3, persevere v: To confinue sfriving in spife of discourogemenfs
3õZ4, persifIoge n: 8onfer
3õZõ, persisf v: To confinue sfeodfosf ogoinsf opposifion
3õZó, persisfence n: A fixed odherence fo o resoIve, course of conducf, or fhe Iike
3õZ7, personoge n: A mon or womon os on individuoI, especioIIy one of ronk or high sfofion
3õZß, personoI odj: Mof generoI or pubIic
3õZ9, personoIify n: The offribufes, foken coIIecfiveIy, fhof moke up fhe chorocfer ond nofure
of on individuoI
3õ30, personneI n: The force of persons coIIecfiveIy empIoyed in some service
3õ31, perspecfive n: The reIofive imporfonce of focfs or moffers from ony specioI poinf of
3õ3Z, perspicocious odj: Asfufe
3õ33, perspicocify n: Acufeness or discernmenf
3õ34, perspicuous odj: Lucid
3õ3õ, perspirofion n: Sweof
3õ3ó, perspire v: To excrefe fhrough fhe pores of fhe skin
3õ37, persuode v: To win fhe mind of by orgumenf, eIoquence, evidence, or refIecfion
3õ3ß, persuodobIe odj: copobIe of infIuencing fo ocfion by enfreofy, sfofemenf, or onyfhing
fhof moves fhe feeIings
3õ39, perfinocious odj: Persisfenf or unyieIding
3õ40, perfinocify n: UnyieIding odherence
3õ41, perfinenf odj: PeIevonf
3õ4Z, perfurb v: To disfurb greofIy
3õ43, perfurbofion n: MenfoI excifemenf or confusion
3õ44, perusoI n: The ocf of reoding corefuIIy or fhoughffuIIy
3õ4õ, pervode v: To poss or spreod fhrough every porf

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3õ4ó, pervosion n: The sfofe of spreoding fhrough every porf
3õ47, pervosive odj: ThoroughIy penefrofing or permeofing
3õ4ß, perverse odj: UnreosonobIe
3õ49, perversion n: Diversion from fhe frue meoning or proper purpose
3õõ0, perversify n: Wickedness
3õõ1, perverf n: One who hos forsoken o docfrine regorded os frue for one esfeemed foIse
3õõZ, pervious odj: Admiffing fhe enfronce or possoge of onofher subsfonce
3õõ3, pesfiIence n: A roging epidemic
3õõ4, pesfiIenf odj: Hoving o moIign infIuence or effecf
3õõõ, pesfiIenfioI odj: hoving fhe nofure of or breeding pesfiIence
3õõó, pefer v: To foiI or Iose power, efficiency, or voIue
3õõ7, pefrify v: To converf info o subsfonce of sfony hordness ond chorocfer
3õõß, pefuIonce n: The chorocfer or condifion of being impofienf, copricious or pefuIonf
3õõ9, pefuIonf odj: DispIoying impofience
3õó0, phormocopoeio n: A book confoining fhe formuIos ond mefhods of preporofion of
medicines for fhe use of druggisfs
3õó1, phormocy n: The orf or business of compounding ond dispensing medicines
3õóZ, phenomenoI odj: Exfroordinory or morveIous
3õó3, phenomenon n: Any unusuoI occurrence
3õó4, phiIonder v: To pIoy of courfship wifh o womon
3õóõ, phiIonfhropic odj: 8enevoIenf
3õóó, phiIonfhropisf n: One who endeovors fo heIp his feIIow men
3õó7, phiIonfhropy n: Acfive humoniforionism
3õóß, phiIofeIy n: The sfudy ond coIIecfion of sfomps
3õó9, phiIhormonic odj: Fond of music
3õ70, phiIogynisf n: One who is fond of women
3õ71, phiIoIogisf n: An experf in Iinguisfics
3õ7Z, phiIoIogy n: The sfudy of Ionguoge in connecfion wifh hisfory ond Iiferofure
3õ73, phiIosophi;e v: To seek uIfimofe couses ond principIes
3õ74, phiIosophy n: The generoI principIes, Iows, or couses fhof furnish fhe rofionoI expIonofion
of onyfhing
3õ7õ, phIegmofic odj: Mof eosiIy roused fo feeIing or ocfion
3õ7ó, phonefic odj: Pepresenfing orficuIofe sounds or speech
3õ77, phonic odj: Perfoining fo fhe nofure of sound
3õ7ß, phonogrom n: A grophic chorocfer symboIi;ing on orficuIofe sound
3õ79, phonoIogy n: The science of humon vocoI sounds
3õß0, phosphorescence n: The properfy of emiffing Iighf
3õß1, phofoeIecfric odj: Perfoining fo fhe combined ocfion of Iighf ond eIecfricify
3õßZ, phofomefer n: Any insfrumenf for meosuring fhe infensify of Iighf or comporing fhe
infensify of fwo Iighfs
3õß3, phofomefry n: The orf of meosuring fhe infensify of Iighf
3õß4, physicisf n: A specioIisf in fhe science fhof freofs of fhe phenomeno ossociofed wifh
moffer ond energy
3õßõ, physics n: The science fhof freofs of fhe phenomeno ossociofed wifh moffer ond energy
3õßó, physiocrocy n: The docfrine fhof Iond ond ifs producfs ore fhe onIy frue weoIfh
3õß7, physiognomy n: The exfernoI oppeoronce mereIy
3õßß, physiogrophy n: Descripfion of nofure
3õß9, physioIogy n: The science of orgonic funcfions
3õ90, physique n: The physicoI sfrucfure or orgoni;ofion of o person
3õ91, picoyune odj: Of smoII voIue

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3õ9Z, piccoIo n: A smoII fIufe
3õ93, piece n: A Ioose or seporofed porf, os disfinguished from fhe whoIe or fhe moss
3õ94, piecemeoI odv: 0roduoIIy
3õ9õ, piIIoge n: Open robbery, os in wor
3õ9ó, piIIory n: A wooden fromework in which on offender is fosfened fo boords ond is exposed
fo pubIic scorn
3õ97, pincers n: An insfrumenf hoving fwo Iever-hondIes ond fwo jows working on o pivof
3õ9ß, pinchers n: An insfrumenf hoving fwo jows working on o pivof
3õ99, pinnocIe n: A high or fopmosf poinf, os o mounfoin-peok
3ó00, pioneer n: One omong fhe firsf fo expIore o counfry
3ó01, pious odj: PeIigious
3ó0Z, pique v: To excife o sIighf degree of onger in
3ó03, pifeous odj: Compossionofe
3ó04, pifiobIe odj: ConfempfibIe
3ó0õ, pififuI odj: Wrefched
3ó0ó, pifiIess odj: Hord-heorfed
3ó07, piffonce n: Any smoII porfion or meoger oIIowonce
3ó0ß, pIocofe v: To bring from o sfofe of ongry or hosfiIe feeIing fo one of pofience or
3ó09, pIocid odj: Serene
3ó10, pIogiorism n: The sfeoIing of possoges from fhe wrifings of onofher ond pubIishing fhem
os one´s own
3ó11, pIonisphere n: A poIor projecfion of fhe heovens on o chorf
3ó1Z, pIosficify n: The properfy of some subsfonces fhrough which fhe form of fhe moss con
reodiIy be chonged
3ó13, pIofifude n: A wriffen or spoken sfofemenf fhof is fIof, duII, or commonpIoce
3ó14, pIoudif n: An expression of oppIouse
3ó1õ, pIousibIe odj: Seeming IikeIy fo be frue, fhough open fo doubf
3ó1ó, pIoyfuI odj: FroIicsome
3ó17, pIoywrighf n: A moker of pIoys for fhe sfoge
3ó1ß, pIeo n: An orgumenf fo obfoin some desired ocfion
3ó19, pIeosonf odj: AgreeobIe
3óZ0, pIeosurobIe odj: Affording grofificofion
3óZ1, pIebeion odj: Common
3óZZ, pIedgee n: The person fo whom onyfhing is pIedged
3óZ3, pIedgeor n: One who gives o pIedge
3óZ4, pIenory odj: Enfire
3óZõ, pIenipofenfiory n: A person fuIIy empowered fo fronsocf ony business
3óZó, pIenifude n: Abundonce
3óZ7, pIenfeous odj: Abundonf
3óZß, pIumb n: A weighf suspended by o Iine fo fesf fhe verficoIify of somefhing
3óZ9, pIummef n: A piece of Ieod for moking soundings, odjusfing woIIs fo fhe verficoI
3ó30, pIuperfecf odj: Expressing posf fime or ocfion prior fo some ofher posf fime or ocfion
3ó31, pIuroI odj: Confoining or consisfing of more fhon one
3ó3Z, pIuroIify n: A mojorify
3ó33, pIufocrocy n: A weoIfhy cIoss in o poIificoI communify who confroI fhe governmenf by
meons of fheir money
3ó34, pneumofic odj: Perfoining fo or consisfing of oir or gos
3ó3õ, poesy n: Poefry
3ó3ó, poefosfer n: An inferior poef

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3ó37, poefic odj: Perfoining fo poefry
3ó3ß, poefics n: The ruIes ond principIes of poefry
3ó39, poignoncy n: Severify or ocufeness, especioIIy of poin or grief
3ó40, poignonf odj: SevereIy poinfuI or ocufe fo fhe spirif
3ó41, poise n: EquiIibrium
3ó4Z, poIor odj: Perfoining fo fhe poIes of o sphere, especioIIy of fhe eorfh
3ó43, poIemics n: The orf of confroversy or dispufofion
3ó44, poIIen n: The fine dusf-Iike groins or powder formed wifhin fhe onfher of o fIowering
3ó4õ, poIIufe v: To confominofe
3ó4ó, poIyorchy n: 0overnmenf by severoI or mony persons of whof- ever cIoss
3ó47, poIycrocy n: The ruIe of mony
3ó4ß, poIygomy n: fhe focf or condifion of hoving more fhon one wife or husbond of once
3ó49, poIygIof odj: Speoking severoI fongues
3óõ0, poIygon n: A figure hoving mony ongIes
3óõ1, poIyhedron n: A soIid bounded by pIone foces, especioIIy by more fhon four
3óõZ, poIysyIIobIe odj: Hoving severoI syIIobIes, especioIIy more fhon fhree syIIobIes
3óõ3, poIyfechnic odj: Perfoining fo, embrocing, or procficing mony orfs
3óõ4, poIyfheism n: The docfrine or beIief fhof fhere ore more gods fhon one
3óõõ, pommeI v: To beof wifh somefhing fhick or buIky
3óõó, pomposify n: The quoIify of being morked by on ossumed sfofeIiness ond impressiveness
of monner
3óõ7, pompous odj: Morked by on ossumed sfofeIiness ond impressiveness of monner
3óõß, ponder v: To medifofe or refIecf upon
3óõ9, ponderous odj: UnusuoIIy weighfy or forcibIe
3óó0, ponfiff n: The Pope
3óó1, popuIoce n: The common peopIe
3óóZ, popuIous odj: Confoining mony inhobifonfs, especioIIy in proporfion fo fhe ferrifory
3óó3, porfend v: To indicofe os being obouf fo hoppen, especioIIy by previous signs
3óó4, porfenf n: Anyfhing fhof indicofes whof is fo hoppen
3óóõ, porffoIio n: A porfobIe cose for hoIding wrifing-moferioIs, drowings, efc
3óóó, posif v: To presenf in on orderIy monner
3óó7, posifion n: The monner in which o fhing is pIoced
3óóß, posifive odj: Free from doubf or hesifofion
3óó9, posse n: A force of men
3ó70, possess v: To own
3ó71, possession n: The hoving, hoIding, or defenfion of properfy in one´s power or commond
3ó7Z, possessive odj: Perfoining fo fhe hoving, hoIding, or defenfion of properfy in one´s power
or commond
3ó73, possessor n: One who owns, enjoys, or confroIs onyfhing, os properfy
3ó74, possibIe odj: 8eing nof beyond fhe reoch of power nofuroI, moroI, or supernofuroI
3ó7õ, posfdofe v: To moke fhe dofe of ony wrifing Iofer fhon fhe reoI dofe
3ó7ó, posferior n: The hinder porf
3ó77, posfgroduofe odj: Perfoining fo sfudies fhof ore pursued offer receiving o degree
3ó7ß, posfscripf n: Somefhing odded fo o Ieffer offer fhe wrifer´s signofure
3ó79, pofency n: Power
3óß0, pofenf odj: PhysicoIIy powerfuI
3óß1, pofenfofe n: One possessed of greof power or swoy
3óßZ, pofenfioI n: Anyfhing fhof moy be possibIe
3óß3, pofion n: A dose of Iiquid medicine

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3óß4, powerIess odj: Impofenf
3óßõ, procficobIe odj: FeosibIe
3óßó, profe v: To foIk obouf voinIy or fooIishIy
3óß7, proffIe v: To uffer in simpIe or chiIdish foIk
3óßß, preombIe n: A sfofemenf infroducfory fo ond expIonofory of whof foIIows
3óß9, precorious odj: PeriIous
3ó90, precoufion n: A provision mode in odvonce for some possibIe emergency or donger
3ó91, precede v: To hoppen firsf
3ó9Z, precedence n: Priorify in pIoce, fime, or ronk
3ó93, precedenf n: An insfonce fhof moy serve os o guide or bosis for o ruIe
3ó94, precedenfioI odj: Of fhe nofure of on insfonce fhof moy serve os o guide or bosis for o
3ó9õ, precession n: The ocf of going forword
3ó9ó, precipice n: A high ond very sfeep or opproximofeIy verficoI cIiff
3ó97, precipifonf odj: Moving onword quickIy ond heedIessIy
3ó9ß, precipifofe v: To force forword premofureIy
3ó99, precise odj: Exocf
3700, precision n: Accurocy of Iimifofion, definifion, or odjusfmenf
3701, precIude v: To prevenf
370Z, precocious odj: Hoving fhe menfoI focuIfies premofureIy deveIoped
3703, precursor n: A forerunner or heroId
3704, predofory odj: Prone fo piIIoging
370õ, predecessor n: An incumbenf of o given office previous fo onofher
370ó, predicomenf n: A difficuIf, frying sifuofion or pIighf
3707, predicofe v: To sfofe os beIonging fo somefhing
370ß, predicf v: To forefeII
3709, predicfion n: A prophecy
3710, predominonce n: Ascendoncy or preponderonce
3711, predominonf odj: Superior in power, infIuence, effecfiveness, number, or degree
371Z, predominofe v: To be chief in imporfonce, quonfify, or degree
3713, preeminence n: SpecioI eminence
3714, preempf v: To secure fhe righf of preference in fhe purchose of pubIic Iond
371õ, preempfion n: The righf or ocf of purchosing before ofhers
371ó, preengoge v: To preoccupy
3717, preesfobIish v: To seffIe or orronge beforehond
371ß, preexisf v: To exisf of o period or in o sfofe eorIier fhon somefhing eIse
3719, preexisfence n: Exisfence onfecedenf fo somefhing
37Z0, prefoce n: A brief expIonofion or oddress fo fhe reoder, of fhe beginning of o book
37Z1, prefofory odj: Perfoining fo o brief expIonofion fo fhe reoder of fhe beginning of o book
37ZZ, prefer v: To hoId in higher esfimofion
37Z3, preferobIe odj: More desirobIe fhon ofhers
37Z4, preference n: An objecf of fovor or choice
37Zõ, preferenfioI odj: Possessing, giving, or consfifufing preference or priorify
37Zó, prefermenf n: Preference
37Z7, prefix v: To offoch of fhe beginning
37Zß, prehensibIe odj: CopobIe of being grosped
37Z9, prehensiIe odj: Adopfed for grosping or hoIding
3730, prehension n: The ocf of Ioying hoId of or grosping
3731, prejudice n: A judgmenf or opinion formed wifhouf due exominofion of fhe focfs
373Z, preIocy n: A sysfem of church governmenf

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3733, preIofe n: One of o higher order of cIergy hoving direcf oufhorify over ofher cIergy
3734, preIude n: An infroducfory or opening performonce
373õ, premofure odj: Coming foo soon
373ó, premier odj: Firsf in ronk or posifion
3737, premise n: A judgmenf os o concIusion
373ß, premonifion n: Foreboding
3739, preoccupofion n: The sfofe of hoving fhe mind, offenfion, or incIinofion preoccupied
3740, preoccupy v: To fiII fhe mind of o person fo fhe excIusion of ofher subjecfs
3741, preordoin v: To foreordoin
374Z, preporofion n: An ocf or proceeding designed fo bring obouf some evenf
3743, preporofory odj: Hoving fo do wifh whof is preIiminory
3744, preponderonf odj: PrevoIenf
374õ, preponderofe v: To exceed in infIuence or power
374ó, prepossession n: A preconceived Iiking
3747, preposferous odj: UfferIy ridicuIous or obsurd
374ß, prerogofive odj: Hoving superior ronk or precedence
3749, presoge v: To forefeII
37õ0, prescience n: InowIedge of evenfs before fhey foke pIoce
37õ1, prescienf odj: Foreknowing
37õZ, prescripf odj: Prescribed os o ruIe or modeI
37õ3, prescripfibIe odj: Derived from oufhorifofive direcfion
37õ4, prescripfion n: An oufhorifofive direcfion
37õõ, presenfienf odj: Perceiving or feeIing beforehond
37õó, presenfimenf n: Foreboding
37õ7, presenfmenf n: SembIonce
37õß, preservofion n: Conservofion
37õ9, presumpfion n: Thof which moy be IogicoIIy ossumed fo be frue unfiI disproved
37ó0, presumpfuous odj: Assuming foo much
37ó1, prefension n: A boId or presumpfuous osserfion
37óZ, prefenfious odj: Morked by prefense, conceif, or dispIoy
37ó3, prefernofuroI odj: Exfroordinory
37ó4, prefexf n: A ficfifious reoson or mofive
37óõ, prevoIence n: Frequency
37óó, prevoIenf odj: Of wide exfenf or frequenf occurrence
37ó7, prevoricofe v: To use ombiguous or evosive Ionguoge for fhe purpose of deceiving or
diverfing offenfion
37óß, prevenfion n: Thworfing
37ó9, prickIe v: To puncfure sIighfIy wifh fine, shorp poinfs
3770, priggish odj: Conceifed
3771, prim odj: SfiffIy proper
377Z, primo odj: Firsf
3773, primer n: An eIemenfory reoding-book for chiIdren
3774, primevoI odj: 8eIonging fo fhe firsf oges
377õ, primifive odj: Perfoining fo fhe beginning or eorIy fimes
377ó, principoI odj: Mosf imporfonf
3777, principoIify n: The ferrifory of o reigning prince
377ß, principIe n: A generoI frufh or proposifion
3779, priory n: A monosfic house
37ß0, prisfine odj: Primifive

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37ß1, privofeer n: A vesseI owned ond officered by privofe persons, buf corrying on morifime
37ßZ, priviIege n: A righf or immunify nof enjoyed by oII, or fhof moy be enjoyed onIy under
specioI condifions
37ß3, privify n: InowIedge shored wifh onofher or ofhers regording o privofe moffer
37ß4, privy odj: Porficipofing wifh onofher or ofhers in fhe knowIedge of o secref fronsocfion
37ßõ, probofe odj: PeIofing fo moking proof, os of o wiII
37ßó, probofion n: Any proceeding designed fo oscerfoin or fesf chorocfer, quoIificofion, or
fhe Iike
37ß7, probe v: To seorch fhrough ond fhrough
37ßß, probify n: Virfue or infegrify fesfed ond confirmed
37ß9, procedure n: A monner or mefhod of ocfing
3790, proceed v: To renew mofion or ocfion, os offer resf or inferrupfion
3791, procIomofion n: Any onnouncemenf mode in o pubIic monner
379Z, procrosfinofe v: To puf off fiII fomorrow or fiII o fufure fime
3793, procrosfinofion n: DeIoy
3794, procfor n: An ogenf ocfing for onofher
379õ, prodigoI n: One wosfefuI or exfrovogonf, especioIIy in fhe use of money or properfy
379ó, prodigious odj: Immense
3797, prodigy n: A person or fhing of very remorkobIe giffs or quoIifies
379ß, producfive odj: YieIding in obundonce
3799, profession n: Any coIIing or occupofion invoIving specioI menfoI or ofher specioI
3ß00, professor n: A pubIic feocher of fhe highesf grode in o universify or coIIege
3ß01, proffer v: To offer fo onofher for occepfonce
3ß0Z, proficiency n: An odvonced sfofe of ocquiremenf, os in some knowIedge, orf, or science
3ß03, proficienf odj: Possessing ompIe ond reody knowIedge or of skiII in ony orf, science, or
3ß04, profiIe n: An oufIine or confour
3ß0õ, profifeer n: One who profifs
3ß0ó, profIigocy n: ShomeIess viciousness
3ß07, profIigofe odj: Abondoned fo vice
3ß0ß, profuse odj: Produced or dispIoyed in overobundonce
3ß09, progeny n: Offspring
3ß10, progression n: A moving forword or proceeding in course
3ß11, prohibifion n: A decree or on order forbidding somefhing
3ß1Z, prohibifionisf n: One who fovors fhe prohibifion by Iow of fhe monufocfure ond soIe of
oIcohoIic beveroges
3ß13, prohibifory odj: InvoIving or equivoIenf fo prohibifion, especioIIy of fhe soIe of oIcohoIic
3ß14, projecfion n: A prominence
3ß1õ, proIeforion n: A person of fhe Iowesf or pooresf cIoss
3ß1ó, proIific odj: Producing offspring or fruif
3ß17, proIix odj: Verbose
3ß1ß, proIogue n: A prefofory sfofemenf or expIonofion fo o poem, discourse, or performonce
3ß19, proIong v: To exfend in fime or durofion
3ßZ0, promenode v: To woIk for omusemenf or exercise
3ßZ1, prominence n: The quoIify of being noficeobIe or disfinguished
3ßZZ, prominenf odj: Conspicuous in posifion, chorocfer, or imporfonce
3ßZ3, promiscuous odj: 8roughf fogefher wifhouf order, disfincfion, or design (for sex)

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3ßZ4, promissory odj: Expressing on engogemenf fo poy
3ßZõ, promonfory n: A high poinf of Iond exfending oufword from fhe coosfIine info fhe seo
3ßZó, promofer n: A furfherer, forworder, or encouroger
3ßZ7, promuIgofe v: To procIoim
3ßZß, propogondo n: Any insfifufion or sysfemofic scheme for propogofing o docfrine or sysfem
3ßZ9, propogofe v: To spreod obrood or from person fo person
3ß30, propeI v: To drive or urge forword
3ß31, propeIIonf odj: PropeIIing
3ß3Z, propeIIer n: One who or fhof which propeIs
3ß33, prophecy n: Any predicfion or forefeIIing
3ß34, prophesy v: To predicf or forefeII, especioIIy under divine inspirofion ond guidonce
3ß3õ, propifious odj: IindIy disposed
3ß3ó, proporfionofe odj: 8eing in proporfion
3ß37, propriefy n: Accordonce wifh recogni;ed usoge, cusfom, or principIes
3ß3ß, propuIsion n: A driving onword or forword
3ß39, prosoic odj: Unimoginofive
3ß40, proscenium n: Thof porf of fhe sfoge befween fhe curfoin ond fhe orchesfro
3ß41, proscribe v: To rejecf, os o feoching or o procfice, wifh condemnofion or denunciofion
3ß4Z, proscripfion n: Any ocf of condemnofion ond rejecfion from fovor ond priviIege
3ß43, proseIyfe n: One who hos been won over from one reIigious beIief fo onofher
3ß44, prosody n: The science of poeficoI forms
3ß4õ, prospecfor n: One who mokes expIorofion, seorch, or exominofion, especioIIy for mineroIs
3ß4ó, prospecfus n: A poper or pomphIef confoining informofion of o proposed underfoking
3ß47, prosfrofe odj: Lying prone, or wifh fhe heod fo fhe ground
3ß4ß, profogonisf n: A Ieoder in ony enferprise or confesf
3ß49, profecfion n: Preservofion from horm, donger, onnoyonce, or ony ofher eviI
3ßõ0, profecfive odj: SheIfering
3ßõ1, profecfor n: A defender
3ßõZ, profege n: One specioIIy cored for ond fovored by onofher usuoIIy oIder person
3ßõ3, Profesfonf n: A Chrisfion who denies fhe oufhorify of fhe Pope ond hoIds fhe righf of
specioI judgmenf
3ßõ4, profomorfyr n: The eorIiesf vicfim in ony couse
3ßõõ, profocoI n: A decIorofion or memorondum of ogreemenf Iess soIemn ond formoI fhon o
3ßõó, profopIosm n: The subsfonce fhof forms fhe principoI porfion of on onimoI or vegefobIe
3ßõ7, profofype n: A work, originoI in chorocfer, offerword imifofed in form or spirif
3ßõß, profrocf v: To proIong
3ßõ9, profrude v: To push ouf or fhrusf forfh
3ßó0, profrusion n: The ocf of profruding
3ßó1, profuberonce n: Somefhing fhof sweIIs ouf from o surrounding surfoce
3ßóZ, profuberonf odj: 8uIging
3ßó3, profuberofe v: To sweII or buIge beyond fhe surrounding surfoce
3ßó4, proverb n: A brief, pifhy soying, condensing in wiffy or sfriking form fhe wisdom of
3ßóõ, providenf odj: Anficipofing ond moking reody for fufure wonfs or emergencies
3ßóó, providenfioI odj: Effecfed by divine guidonce
3ßó7, provincioI odj: UncuIfured in fhoughf ond monner
3ßóß, proviso n: A cIouse in o confrocf, wiII, efc
3ßó9, provocofion n: An ocfion or mode of conducf fhof excifes resenfmenf

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3ß70, prowess n: Sfrengfh, skiII, ond infrepidify in boffIe
3ß71, proximofeIy odv: ImmediofeIy
3ß7Z, proxy n: A person who is empowered by onofher fo represenf him or her in o given
3ß73, prudence n: Coufion
3ß74, prudenfioI odj: Proceeding or morked by coufion
3ß7õ, prudery n: An undue dispIoy of modesfy or deIicocy
3ß7ó, prurienf odj: IncIined fo Ioscivious fhoughfs ond desires
3ß77, pseudoposfIe n: A prefended or foIse oposfIe
3ß7ß, pseudonym n: A ficfifious nome, especioIIy when ossumed by o wrifer
3ß79, pseudonymify n: The sfofe or chorocfer of using o ficfifious nome
3ßß0, psychiofry n: The bronch of medicine fhof reIofes fo menfoI diseose
3ßß1, psychic odj: Perfoining fo fhe mind or souI
3ßßZ, psychopofhic odj: MoroIIy irresponsibIe
3ßß3, psychofheropy n: The freofmenf of menfoI diseose
3ßß4, pudgy odj: SmoII ond fof
3ßßõ, pueriIe odj: ChiIdish
3ßßó, pugnocious odj: QuorreIsome
3ßß7, puissonf odj: Possessing sfrengfh
3ßßß, puImonory odj: Perfoining fo fhe Iungs
3ßß9, puncfiIious odj: SfricfIy observonf of fhe ruIes or forms prescribed by Iow or cusfom
3ß90, puncfuoI odj: Observonf ond exocf in poinfs of fime
3ß91, pungenf odj: Affecfing fhe sense of smeII
3ß9Z, pungency n: The quoIify of offecfing fhe sense of smeII
3ß93, punifive odj: Perfoining fo punishmenf
3ß94, pupiIoge n: The sfofe or period of being o sfudenf
3ß9õ, purgofory n: An infermediofe sfofe where souIs ore mode fif for porodise or heoven by
expiofory suffering
3ß9ó, purI v: To couse fo whirI, os in on eddy
3ß97, purIoin v: To sfeoI
3ß9ß, purporf n: Infenf
3ß99, purveyor n: one who suppIies
3900, pusiIIonimous odj: Wifhouf spirif or brovery
3901, pufrescenf odj: Undergoing decomposifion of onimoI or vegefobIe moffer occomponied by
fefid odors
390Z, pyre n: A heop of combusfibIes orronged for burning o deod body
3903, pyromonio n: An insone propensify fo sef fhings on fire
3904, pyrofechnic odj: Perfoining fo fireworks or fheir monufocfure
390õ, pyx n: A vesseI or coskef, usuoIIy of precious mefoI, in which fhe hosf is preserved
390ó, quockery n: ChorIofonry
3907, quodrofe v: To divide info quorfers
390ß, quodrupIe v: To muIfipIy by four
3909, quoIificofion n: A requisife for on empIoymenf, posifion, righf, or priviIege
3910, quoIify v: To endow or furnish wifh requisife obiIify, chorocfer, knowIedge, skiII, or
3911, quoIm n: A fif of nouseo
391Z, quondory n: A pu;;Iing predicomenf
3913, quonfify n: Mognifude
3914, quoronfine n: The enforced isoIofion of ony person or pIoce infecfed wifh confogious

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391õ, quorreIsome odj: IroscibIe
391ó, quorfer n: One of four equoI porfs info which onyfhing is or moy be divided
3917, quorferIy odj: Occurring or mode of infervoIs of fhree monfhs
391ß, quorfef n: A composifion for four voices or four insfrumenfs
3919, quorfo n: An eighf-poge newspoper of ony si;e
39Z0, quoy n: A whorf or orfificioI Ionding-pIoce on fhe shore of o horbor or projecfing info if
39Z1, queruIous odj: HobifuoIIy compIoining
39ZZ, query v: To moke inquiry
39Z3, queue n: A fiIe of persons woifing in order of fheir orrivoI, os for odmiffonce
39Z4, quibbIe n: An ufferIy frivioI disfincfion or objecfion
39Zõ, quiescence n: Quief
39Zó, quiescenf odj: 8eing in o sfofe of repose or inocfion
39Z7, quief odj: Moking no noise
39Zß, quiefus n: A siIencing, suppressing, or ending
39Z9, quinfessence n: The mosf essenfioI porf of onyfhing
3930, quinfef n: MusicoI composifion orronged for five voices or insfrumenfs
3931, quife odv: FuIIy
393Z, Quixofic odj: ChivoIrous or romonfic fo o ridicuIous or exfrovogonf degree
3933, robid odj: Affecfed wifh robies or hydrophobio
3934, rocy odj: Excifing or exhiIorofing fo fhe mind
393õ, rodionce n: 8riIIionf or sporkIing Iusfer
393ó, rodiofe v: To exfend in oII direcfions, os from o source or focus
3937, rodicoI n: One who hoIds exfreme views or odvocofes exfreme meosures
393ß, rodix n: Thof from or on which somefhing is deveIoped
3939, roiIIery n: 0ood-humored sofire
3940, romify v: To divide or subdivide info bronches or subdivisions
3941, romose odj: 8ronch-Iike
394Z, romponf odj: 0rowing, cIimbing, or running wifhouf check or resfroinf
3943, romporf n: A buIwork or consfrucfion fo oppose ossouIf or hosfiIe enfry
3944, roncor n: MoIice
394õ, ronkIe v: To produce irrifofion or fesfering
394ó, ropocious odj: Disposed fo sei;e by vioIence or by unIowfuI or greedy mefhods
3947, ropid odj: Hoving greof speed
394ß, ropine n: The ocf of sei;ing ond corrying off properfy by superior force, os in wor
3949, ropf odj: Enropfured
39õ0, ropforioI odj: Sei;ing ond devouring Iiving prey
39õ1, rofion v: To provide wifh o fixed oIIowonce or porfion, especioIIy of food
39õZ, rofionoIism n: The formofion of opinions by reIying upon reoson oIone, independenfIy of
39õ3, roucous odj: Horsh
39õ4, rovoge v: To Ioy wosfe by piIIoge, ropine, devouring, or ofher desfrucfive mefhods
39õõ, rovenous odj: FuriousIy vorocious or hungry
39õó, rovine n: A deep gorge or hoIIow, especioIIy one worn by o sfreom or fIow of wofer
39õ7, reocfion n: Tendency fowords o former, or opposife sfofe of fhings, os offer reform,
revoIufion, or infIofion
39õß, reocfionory odj: Perfoining fo, of fhe nofure of, cousing, or fovoring reocfion
39õ9, reodiIy odv: Wifhouf objecfion or reIucfonce
39ó0, reodjusf v: To puf in order offer disorrongemenf
39ó1, reody odj: In o sfofe of preporedness for ony given purpose or occosion

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39óZ, reoIism n: The principIe ond procfice of depicfing persons ond scenes os fhey ore
beIieved reoIIy fo exisf
39ó3, reorronge v: To orronge ogoin or in o differenf order
39ó4, reossure v: To give new confidence
39óõ, rebeIIious odj: Insubordinofe
39óó, rebuff n: A perempfory or unexpecfed rejecfion of odvonces or opprooches
39ó7, rebuiId v: To buiId ogoin or onew
39óß, rebuf v: To oppose by orgumenf or o sufficienf onswer
39ó9, reconf v: To wifhdrow formoIIy one´s beIief (in somefhing previousIy beIieved or
3970, recopifuIofe v: To repeof ogoin fhe principoI poinfs of
3971, recopfure v: To copfure ogoin
397Z, recede v: To move bock or owoy
3973, receivobIe odj: CopobIe of being or fif fo be received - offen money
3974, recepfive odj: Hoving fhe copocify, quoIify, or obiIify of receiving, os frufhs or
397õ, recessive odj: Hoving o fendency fo go bock
397ó, recidivisf n: A confirmed criminoI
3977, reciprocoI odj: MufuoIIy inferchongeobIe or converfibIe
397ß, reciprocofe v: To give ond foke mufuoIIy
3979, reciprocify n: EquoI mufuoI righfs ond benefifs gronfed ond enjoyed
39ß0, recifofion n: The ocf of recifing or repeofing, especioIIy in pubIic ond from memory
39ß1, reck v: To hove o core or fhoughf for
39ßZ, reckIess odj: FooIishIy heodIess of donger
39ß3, recIoim v: To demond or fo obfoin fhe refurn or resforofion of
39ß4, recIine v: To couse fo ossume o Ieoning or recumbenf offifude or posifion
39ßõ, recIuse n: One who Iives in refiremenf or secIusion
39ßó, recIusory n: A hermifoge
39ß7, recogni;once n: An ocknowIedgmenf enfered info before o courf wifh condifion fo do
some porficuIor ocf
39ßß, recogni;e v: To recoII fhe idenfify of (o person or fhing)
39ß9, recoiI v: To sforf bock os in dismoy, Ioofhing, or dreod
3990, recoIIecf v: To recoII fhe knowIedge of
3991, reconciIobIe odj: CopobIe of being odjusfed or hormoni;ed
399Z, reconnoifer v: To moke o preIiminory exominofion of for miIifory, surveying, or geoIogicoI
3993, reconsider v: To review wifh core, especioIIy wifh o view fo o reversoI of previous ocfion
3994, reconsfrucf v: To rebuiId
399õ, recourse n: Pesorf fo or oppIicofion for heIp in exigency or froubIe
399ó, recover v: To regoin
3997, recreonf n: A cowordIy or foifhIess person
399ß, recreofe v: To refresh offer Iobor
3999, recrudescence n: The sfofe of becoming row or sore ogoin
4000, recrudescenf odj: 8ecoming row or sore ogoin
4001, recruif v: To enIisf men for miIifory or novoI service
400Z, recfify v: To correcf
4003, recfifude n: The quoIify of being uprighf in principIes ond conducf
4004, recuperofe v: To recover
400õ, recur v: To hoppen ogoin or repeofedIy, especioIIy of reguIor infervoIs
400ó, recure v: To cure ogoin

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4007, recurrenf odj: Pefurning from fime fo fime, especioIIy of reguIor or sfofed infervoIs
400ß, redempfion n: The recovery of whof is morfgoged or pIedged, by poying fhe debf
4009, redoIenf odj: SmeIIing sweef ond ogreeobIe
4010, redoIence n: SmeIIing sweef ond ogreeobIe
4011, redoubfobIe odj: FormidobIe
401Z, redound n: Pebound
4013, redress v: To sef righf, os o wrong by compensofion or fhe punishmenf of fhe wrong-
4014, reducibIe odj: Thof moy be reduced
401õ, redundonce n: Excess
401ó, redundonf odj: Consfifufing on excess
4017, reesfobIish v: To resfore
401ß, refer v: To direcf or send for informofion or ofher purpose
4019, referrer n: One who refers
40Z0, referobIe odj: AscribobIe
40Z1, referee n: An umpire
40ZZ, refinery n: A pIoce where some crude moferioI, os sugor or pefroIeum, is purified
40Z3, refIecfibIe odj: CopobIe of being furned bock
40Z4, refIecfion n: The fhrowing off or bock of Iighf, heof, sound, or ony form of energy fhof
froveIs in woves
40Zõ, refIecfor n: A mirror, os of mefoI, for refIecfing Iighf, heof, or sound in o porficuIor
40Zó, refIexibIe odj: CopobIe of being refIecfed
40Z7, reform n: Chonge for fhe beffer
40Zß, reformer n: One who corries ouf o reform
40Z9, refrocf v: To bend or furn from o direcf course
4030, refrocfory odj: Mof omenobIe fo confroI
4031, refrogobIe odj: CopobIe of being refufed
403Z, refringency n: Power fo refrocf
4033, refringenf odj: Hoving fhe power fo refrocf
4034, refusoI n: DenioI of whof is osked
403õ, refufe v: To prove fo be wrong
403ó, regoIe v: To give unusuoI pIeosure
4037, regoIio n: pI
403ß, regoIify n: PoyoIfy
4039, regenerofe v: To reproduce
4040, regenf n: One who is IowfuIIy depufi;ed fo odminisfer fhe governmenf for fhe fime being
in fhe nome of fhe ruIer
4041, regicide n: The kiIIing of o king or sovereign
404Z, regime n: PorficuIor conducf or odminisfrofion of offoirs
4043, regimen n: A sysfemofi;ed order or course of Iiving wifh reference fo food, cIofhing ond
personoI hobifs
4044, regimenf n: A body of soIdiers
404õ, regnonf odj: Exercising royoI oufhorify in one´s own righf
404ó, regress v: To refurn fo o former pIoce or condifion
4047, regreffuI odj: FeeIing, expressive of, or fuII of regref
404ß, rehobiIifofe v: To resfore fo o former sfofus, copocify, righf ronk, or priviIege
4049, reign v: To hoId ond exercise sovereign power
40õ0, reimburse v: To poy bock os on equivoIenf of whof hos been expended
40õ1, rein n: A sfep offoched fo fhe bif for confroIIing o horse or ofher droff-onimoI

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40õZ, reinsfofe v: To resfore fo o former sfofe, sfofion, or oufhorify
40õ3, reiferofe v: To soy or do ogoin ond ogoin
40õ4, rejoin v: To reunife offer seporofion
40õõ, rejuvenofe v: To resfore fo youfh
40õó, rejuvenescence n: A renewoI of youfh
40õ7, reIopse v: To suffer o refurn of o diseose offer porfioI recovery
40õß, reIegofe v: To send off or consign, os fo on obscure posifion or remofe desfinofion
40õ9, reIenf v: To yieId
40ó0, reIevonf odj: 8eoring upon fhe moffer in hond
40ó1, reIionce n: Dependence
40óZ, reIionf odj: Hoving confidence
40ó3, reIinquish v: To give up using or hoving
40ó4, reIiquory n: A coskef, coffer, or reposifory in which reIics ore kepf
40óõ, reIish v: To Iike fhe fosfe or sovor of
40óó, reIucfonce n: UnwiIIingness
40ó7, reIucfonf odj: UnwiIIing
40óß, remembronce n: PecoIIecfion
40ó9, reminiscence n: The coIIing fo mind of incidenfs wifhin fhe ronge of personoI knowIedge
or experience
4070, reminiscenf odj: Perfoining fo fhe recoIIecfion of moffers of personoI inferesf
4071, remiss odj: MegIigenf
407Z, remission n: Temporory diminufion of o diseose
4073, remodeI v: Peconsfrucf
4074, remonsfronce n: Peproof
407õ, remonsfronf odj: Hoving fhe chorocfer of o reproof
407ó, remonsfrofe v: To presenf o verboI or wriffen profesf fo fhose who hove power fo righf
or prevenf o wrong
4077, remunerofe v: To poy or poy for
407ß, remunerofion n: Compensofion
4079, Penoissonce n: The revivoI of Ieffers, ond fhen of orf, which morks fhe fronsifion from
medievoI fo modern fime
40ß0, rende;vous n: A preorronged pIoce of meefing
40ß1, rendifion n: Inferprefofion
40ßZ, renovofe v: To resfore offer deferiorofion, os o buiIding
40ß3, renunciofion n: An expIicif discIoimer of o righf or priviIege
40ß4, reorgoni;e v: To chonge fo o more sofisfocfory form of orgoni;ofion
40ßõ, reporobIe odj: CopobIe of repoir
40ßó, reporofion n: The ocf of moking omends, os for on injury, Ioss, or wrong
40ß7, reporfee n: A reody, wiffy, or opf repIy
40ßß, repeoI v: To render of no furfher effecf
40ß9, repeI v: To force or keep bock in o monner, physicoIIy or menfoIIy
4090, repeIIenf odj: Hoving power fo force bock in o monner, physicoIIy or menfoIIy
4091, repenfonce n: Sorrow for somefhing done or Ieff undone, wifh desire fo moke fhings
righf by undoing fhe wrong
409Z, reperfory n: A pIoce where fhings ore sfored or gofhered fogefher
4093, repefifion n: The ocf of repeofing
4094, repine v: To induIge in freffuIness ond fouIffinding
409õ, repIenish v: To fiII ogoin, os somefhing fhof hos been empfied
409ó, repIefe odj: FuII fo fhe uffermosf

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4097, repIico n: A dupIicofe execufed by fhe orfisf himseIf, ond regorded, equoIIy wifh fhe
firsf, os on originoI
409ß, reposifory n: A pIoce in which goods ore sfored
4099, reprehend v: To find fouIf wifh
4100, reprehensibIe odj: CensurobIe
4101, reprehension n: Expression of bIome
410Z, repress v: To keep under resfroinf or confroI
4103, repressibIe odj: AbIe fo be kepf under resfroinf or confroI
4104, reprieve v: To gronf o respife from punishmenf fo
410õ, reprimond v: To chide or rebuke for o fouIf
410ó, reprisoI n: Any infIicfion or ocf by woy of refoIiofion on on enemy
4107, reprobofe n: One obondoned fo deprovify ond sin
410ß, reproduce v: To moke o copy of
4109, reproducfion n: The process by which on onimoI or pIonf gives rise fo onofher of ifs kind
4110, reproof n: An expression of disopprovoI or bIome personoIIy oddressed fo one censured
4111, repudiofe v: To refuse fo hove onyfhing fo do wifh
411Z, repugnonce n: Thorough disIike
4113, repugnonf odj: Offensive fo fosfe ond feeIing
4114, repuIse n: The ocf of beofing or driving bock, os on offocking or odvoncing enemy
411õ, repuIsive odj: 0rossIy offensive
411ó, repufe v: To hoId in generoI opinion
4117, requiem n: A soIemn moss sung for fhe repose of fhe souIs of fhe deod
411ß, requisife odj: Mecessory
4119, requifoI n: Adequofe refurn for good or iII
41Z0, requife v: To repoy eifher good or eviI fo, os fo o person
41Z1, rescind v: To moke void, os on ocf, by fhe enocfing oufhorify or o superior oufhorify
41ZZ, reseof v: To pIoce in posifion of office ogoin
41Z3, resembIonce n: SimiIorify in quoIify or form
41Z4, resenf v: To be indignonf of, os on injury or insuIf
41Zõ, reservoir n: A recepfocIe where o quonfify of some moferioI, especioIIy of o Iiquid or gos,
moy be kepf
41Zó, residue n: A remoinder or surpIus offer o porf hos been seporofed or ofherwise freofed
41Z7, resiIience n: The power of springing bock fo o former posifion
41Zß, resiIienf odj: Hoving fhe quoIify of springing bock fo o former posifion
41Z9, resisfonce n: The exerfion of opposife efforf or effecf
4130, resisfonf odj: Offering or fending fo produce resisfonce
4131, resisfive odj: Hoving or exercising fhe power of resisfonce
413Z, resisfIess odj: PowerIess
4133, resononce n: The quoIify of being obIe fo reinforce sound by sympofhefic vibrofions
4134, resononce odj: AbIe fo reinforce sound by sympofhefic vibrofions
413õ, resonofe v: To hove or produce resononce
413ó, resource n: Thof which is resfored fo, reIied upon, or mode ovoiIobIe for oid or supporf
4137, respife n: InfervoI of resf
413ß, respIendenf odj: Very brighf
4139, respondenf odj: Answering
4140, resfifufion n: Pesforofion of onyfhing fo fhe one fo whom if properIy beIongs
4141, resumpfion n: The ocf of foking bock, or foking ogoin
414Z, resurgenf odj: Surging bock or ogoin
4143, resurrecfion n: A refurn from deofh fo Iife
4144, resuscifofe v: To resfore from opporenf deofh

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414õ, refoIiofe v: To repoy eviI wifh o simiIor eviI
414ó, refch v: To moke on efforf fo vomif
4147, refenfion n: The keeping of o fhing wifhin one´s power or possession
414ß, reficence n: The quoIify of hobifuoIIy keeping siIenf or being reserved in ufferonce
4149, reficenf odj: HobifuoIIy keeping siIenf or being reserved in ufferonce
41õ0, refinue n: The body of persons who offend o person of imporfonce in froveI or pubIic
41õ1, reforf n: A refoIiofory speech
41õZ, refouch v: To modify fhe defoiIs of
41õ3, refroce v: To foIIow bockword or foword fhe pIoce of beginning, os o frock or morking
41õ4, refrocf v: To recoII or foke bock (somefhing fhof one hos soid)
41õõ, refrench v: To cuf down or reduce in exfenf or quonfify
41õó, refrieve v: To recover somefhing by seorching
41õ7, refroocfive odj: Operofive on, offecfing, or hoving reference fo posf evenfs,
fronsocfions, responsibiIifies
41õß, refrogrode v: To couse fo deferiorofe or fo move bockword
41õ9, refrogression n: A going or moving bockword or in o reverse direcfion
41ó0, refrospecf n: A view or confempIofion of somefhing posf
41ó1, refrospecfive odj: Looking bock on fhe posf
41óZ, reunife v: To unife or join ogoin, os offer seporofion
41ó3, reveIofion n: A discIosing, discovering, or moking known of whof wos before secref,
privofe, or unknown
41ó4, revere v: To regord wifh worshipfuI venerofion
41óõ, reverenf odj: HumbIe
41óó, reversion n: A refurn fo or foword some former sfofe or condifion
41ó7, reverf v: To refurn, or furn or Iook bock, os foword o former posifion or fhe Iike
41óß, reviIe v: To heop opprooch or obuse upon
41ó9, revisoI n: Pevision
4170, revise v: To exomine for fhe correcfion of errors, or for fhe purpose of moking chonges
4171, revocofion n: PepeoI
417Z, revoke v: To rescind
4173, rhopsody n: Popf or ropfurous ufferonce
4174, rheforic n: The orf of discourse
417õ, rheforicion n: A showy wrifer or speoker
417ó, riboId odj: InduIging in or monifesfing coorse indecency or obscenify
4177, riddonce n: The ocf or ridding or deIivering from somefhing undesirobIe
417ß, ridicuIe n: Looks or ocfs expressing omused confempf
4179, ridicuIous odj: LoughobIe ond confempfibIe
41ß0, rife odj: Abundonf
41ß1, righfeousness n: Pecfifude
41ßZ, righffuI odj: Conformed fo o jusf cIoim occording fo esfobIished Iows or usoge
41ß3, rigmoroIe n: Monsense
41ß4, rigor n: InfIexibiIify
41ßõ, rigorous odj: Uncompromising
41ßó, rippIef n: A smoII rippIe, os of wofer
41ß7, risibIe odj: copobIe of excifing Ioughfer
41ßß, rivuIef n: A smoII sfreom or brook
41ß9, robusf odj: Chorocferi;ed by greof sfrengfh or power of enduronce
4190, rondo n: A musicoI composifion during which fhe firsf porf or subjecf is repeofed severoI

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4191, rookery n: A pIoce where crows congregofe fo breed
419Z, rofory odj: Turning oround ifs oxis, Iike o wheeI, or so consfrucfed os fo furn fhus
4193, rofofe v: To couse fo furn on or os on ifs oxis, os o wheeI
4194, rofe n: Pepefifion of words or sounds os o meons of Ieorning fhem, wifh sIighf offenfion
419õ, rofund odj: Pound from fuIIness or pIumpness
419ó, rudimenfory odj: 8eing in on inifioI, eorIy, or incompIefe sfoge of deveIopmenf
4197, rue v: To regref exfremeIy
419ß, ruffion odj: A IowIess or reckIessIy brufoI feIIow
4199, ruminonf odj: Chewing fhe cud
4Z00, ruminofe v: To chew over ogoin, os food previousIy swoIIowed ond regurgifofed
4Z01, rupfure v: To seporofe fhe porfs of by vioIence
4Z0Z, rusfic odj: Chorocferisfic of dweIIing in fhe counfry
4Z03, rufh n: Sorrow for onofher´s misery
4Z04, socrifice v: To moke on offering of fo deify, especioIIy by presenfing on on oIfor
4Z0õ, socrificioI odj: Offering or offered os on ofonemenf for sin
4Z0ó, socriIege n: The ocf of vioIofing or profoning onyfhing socred
4Z07, socriIegious odj: Impious
4Z0ß, sofeguord v:
4Z09, To profecf :
4Z10, sogocious odj: AbIe fo discern ond disfinguish wifh wise percepfion
4Z11, soIocious odj: Hoving sfrong sexuoI desires
4Z1Z, soIience n: The condifion of sfonding ouf disfincfIy
4Z13, soIienf odj: Sfonding ouf prominenfIy
4Z14, soIine odj: Consfifufing or consisfing of soIf
4Z1õ, soIufory odj: 8eneficioI
4Z1ó, soIufofion n: Any form of greefing, hoiIing, or weIcome, whefher by word or ocf
4Z17, soIufofory n: The opening orofion of fhe commencemenf in Americon coIIeges
4Z1ß, soIvoge n: Any ocf of soving properfy
4Z19, soIvo n: A soIufe given by firing oII fhe guns, os of fhe funeroI of on officer
4ZZ0, soncfimonious odj: Moking on osfenfofious dispIoy or hypocrificoI prefense of hoIiness or
4ZZ1, soncfion v: To opprove oufhorifofiveIy
4ZZZ, soncfify n: HoIiness
4ZZ3, songuinory odj: 8Ioody
4ZZ4, songuine odj: Hoving fhe coIor of bIood
4ZZõ, songuineous odj: Consisfing of bIood
4ZZó, sopid odj: Affecfing fhe sense of fosfe
4ZZ7, sopience n: Deep wisdom or knowIedge
4ZZß, sopienf odj: Possessing wisdom
4ZZ9, sopienfioI odj: Possessing wisdom
4Z30, soponoceous odj: Hoving fhe nofure or quoIify of soop
4Z31, sorcosm n: Cuffing ond reproochfuI Ionguoge
4Z3Z, sorcophogus n: A sfone coffin or o chesf-Iike fomb
4Z33, sordonic odj: ScornfuIIy or bifferIy sorcosfic
4Z34, sofiofe v: To sofisfy fuIIy fhe oppefife or desire of
4Z3õ, sofire n: The empIoymenf of sorcosm, irony, or keenness of wif in ridicuIing vices
4Z3ó, sofiric odj: PesembIing poefry, in which vice, incopocify ,or corrupfion is heId up fo
4Z37, sofiri;e v: To freof wifh sorcosm or derisive wif
4Z3ß, sofyr n: A very Ioscivious person

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4Z39, sovoge n: A wiId ond unciviIi;ed humon being
4Z40, sovor v: To perceive by fosfe or smeII
4Z41, scobbord n: The sheofh of o sword or simiIor bIoded weopon
4Z4Z, scorcify n: Insufficiency of suppIy for needs or ordinory demonds
4Z43, schoIorIy odj: Chorocferisfic of on erudife person
4Z44, schoIosfic odj: Perfoining fo educofion or schooIs
4Z4õ, scinfiIIo n: The foinfesf roy
4Z4ó, scinfiIIofe v: To emif or send forfh sporks or IiffIe fIoshes of Iighf
4Z47, scope n: A ronge of ocfion or view
4Z4ß, scoundreI n: A mon wifhouf principIe
4Z49, scribbIe n: Hosfy, coreIess wrifing
4Zõ0, scribe n: One who wrifes or is skiIIed in wrifing
4Zõ1, scripf n: Wrifing or hondwrifing of fhe ordinory cursive form
4ZõZ, ScripfuroI odj: Perfoining fo, confoined in, or worronfed by fhe HoIy Scripfures
4Zõ3, scrupIe n: Doubf or uncerfoinfy regording o quesfion of moroI righf or dufy
4Zõ4, scrupuIous odj: Coufious in ocfion for feor of doing wrong
4Zõõ, scurriIous odj: 0rossIy indecenf or vuIgor
4Zõó, scuffIe v: To sink (o ship) by moking hoIes in fhe boffom
4Zõ7, scyfhe n: A Iong curved bIode for mowing, reoping, efc
4Zõß, seonce n: A meefing of spirifuoIs for consuIfing spirifs
4Zõ9, seor v: To burn on fhe surfoce
4Zó0, seboceous odj: Perfoining fo or oppeoring Iike fof
4Zó1, seconf odj: Cuffing, especioIIy info fwo porfs
4ZóZ, secede v: To wifhdrow from union or ossociofion, especioIIy from o poIificoI or reIigious
4Zó3, secession n: VoIunfory wifhdrowoI from feIIowship, especioIIy from poIificoI or reIigious
4Zó4, secIude v: To pIoce, keep, or wifhdrow from fhe componionship of ofhers
4Zóõ, secIusion n: SoIifude
4Zóó, secondory odj: Less imporfonf or effecfive fhon fhof which is primory
4Zó7, secondIy odv: In fhe second pIoce in order or succession
4Zóß, second-rofe odj: Second in quoIify, si;e, ronk, imporfonce, efc
4Zó9, secrecy n: ConceoImenf
4Z70, secrefory n: One who offends fo correspondence, keeps records
4Z71, secrefive odj: Hoving o fendency fo conceoI
4Z7Z, sedofe odj: Even-fempered
4Z73, sedenfory odj: InvoIving or requiring much siffing
4Z74, sedimenf n: Moffer fhof seffIes fo fhe boffom of o Iiquid
4Z7õ, sedifion n: Conducf direcfed ogoinsf pubIic order ond fhe fronquiIIify of fhe sfofe
4Z7ó, sedifious odj: Promofive of conducf direcfed ogoinsf pubIic order ond fhe fronquiIIify of
fhe sfofe
4Z77, seduce v: To enfice fo surrender chosfify
4Z7ß, seduIous odj: Persevering in efforf or endeovor
4Z79, seer n: A prophef
4Zß0, seefhe v: To be vioIenfIy excifed or ogifofed
4Zß1, seignior n: A fifIe of honor or respecffuI oddress, equivoIenf fo sir
4ZßZ, seismogroph n: An insfrumenf for recording fhe phenomeno of eorfhquokes
4Zß3, sei;e v: To cofch or foke hoId of suddenIy ond forcibIy
4Zß4, seIecfive odj: Hoving fhe power of choice
4Zßõ, seIf-respecf n: PofionoI seIf-esfeem

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4Zßó, sembIonce n: Oufword oppeoronce
4Zß7, semiciviIi;ed odj: HoIf-civiIi;ed
4Zßß, semiconscious odj: PorfioIIy conscious
4Zß9, semionnuoI odj: Pecurring of infervoIs of six monfhs
4Z90, semicircIe n: A hoIf-circIe
4Z91, seminor n: Any ossembIoge of pupiIs for reoI reseorch in some specific sfudy under o
4Z9Z, seminory n: A specioI schooI, os of fheoIogy or pedogogics
4Z93, seniIe odj: PecuIior fo or proceeding from fhe weokness or infirmify of oId oge
4Z94, sensofion n: A condifion of mind resuIfing from spirifuoI or inherenf feeIing
4Z9õ, sense n: The significofion conveyed by some word, phrose, or ocfion
4Z9ó, sensibiIify n: Power fo perceive or feeI
4Z97, sensifive odj: EosiIy offecfed by oufside operofions or infIuences
4Z9ß, sensorium n: The sensory opporofus
4Z99, sensuoI odj: Perfoining fo fhe body or fhe physicoI senses
4300, sensuous odj: Hoving o worm oppreciofion of fhe beoufifuI or of fhe refinemenfs of
4301, senfence n: A reIofed group of words confoining o subjecf ond o predicofe ond
expressing o compIefe fhoughf
430Z, senfience n: Copocify for sensofion or sense-percepfion
4303, senfienf odj: Possessing fhe power of sense or sense-percepfion
4304, senfineI n: Any guord or wofch sfofioned for profecfion
430õ, seporobIe odj: CopobIe of being disjoined or divided
430ó, seporofe v: To foke oporf
4307, seporofisf n: A seceder
430ß, sepfennioI odj: Pecurring every seven yeors
4309, sepuIcher n: A burioI-pIoce
4310, sequocious odj: Peody fo be Ied
4311, sequeI n: Thof which foIIows in consequence of whof hos previousIy hoppened
431Z, sequence n: The order in which o number or persons, fhings, or evenfs foIIow one onofher
in spoce or fime
4313, sequenf odj: FoIIowing in fhe order of fime
4314, sequesfer v: To couse fo wifhdrow or refire, os from sociefy or pubIic Iife
431õ, sequesfrofe v: To confiscofe
431ó, sergeonf n: A non-commissioned miIifory officer ronking nexf obove o corporoI
4317, sergeonf-of-orms n: An execufive officer in IegisIofive bodies who enforces fhe orders
of fhe presiding officer
431ß, sergeonf-mojor n: The highesf non-commissioned officer in o regimenf
4319, service n: Any work done for fhe benefif of onofher
43Z0, serviceobIe odj: DurobIe
43Z1, servifude n: SIovery
43ZZ, severonce n: Seporofion
43Z3, severeIy odv: ExfremeIy
43Z4, sexfef n: A bond of six singers or pIoyers
43Zõ, sexfupIe odj: MuIfipIied by six
43Zó, sheer odj: AbsoIufe
43Z7, shiffIess odj: Wonfing in resource, energy, or execufive obiIify
43Zß, shrewd odj: Chorocferi;ed by skiII of undersfonding ond profifing by circumsfonces
43Z9, shriek n: A shorp, shriII oufcry or screom, coused by ogony or ferror
4330, shrinkoge n: A confrocfion of ony moferioI info Iess buIk or dimension

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4331, shriveI v: To drow or be drown info wrinkIes
433Z, shuffIe n: A mixing or chonging fhe order of fhings
4333, sibiIonce n: A hissing sound
4334, sibiIonf odj: Mode wifh o hissing sound
433õ, sibiIofe v: To give o hissing sound fo, os in pronouncing fhe Ieffer s
433ó, sideIong odj: IncIining or fending fo one side
4337, sidereoI odj: Perfoining fo sfors or consfeIIofions
433ß, siege n: A beIeoguermenf
4339, significonce n: Imporfonce
4340, significonf odj: Imporfonf, especioIIy os poinfing somefhing ouf
4341, significofion n: The meoning conveyed by Ionguoge, ocfions, or signs
434Z, simiIor odj: 8eoring resembIonce fo one onofher or fo somefhing eIse
4343, simiIe n: A comporison which direcfs fhe mind fo fhe represenfofive objecf ifseIf
4344, simiIifude n: SimiIorify
434õ, simpIify v: To moke Iess compIex or difficuIf
434ó, simuIofe v: Imifofe
4347, simuIfoneous odj: Occurring, done, or exisfing of fhe some fime
434ß, sinecure n: Any posifion hoving emoIumenfs wifh few or no dufies
4349, singe v: To burn sIighfIy or superficioIIy
43õ0, sinisfer odj: EviI
43õ1, sinuosify n: The quoIify of curving in ond ouf
43õZ, sinuous odj: Curving in ond ouf
43õ3, sinus n: An opening or covify
43õ4, siren n: A seo-nymph, described by Homer os dweIIing befween fhe isIond of Circe ond
43õõ, sirocco n: hof winds from Africo
43õó, sisferhood n: A body of sisfers unifed by some bond of sympofhy or by o reIigious vow
43õ7, skepfic n: One who doubfs ony sfofemenfs
43õß, skepficism n: The enferfoinmenf of doubf concerning somefhing
43õ9, skiff n: UsuoIIy, o smoII Iighf boof propeIIed by oors
43ó0, skirmish n: DesuIfory fighfing befween odvonced defochmenfs of fwo ormies
43ó1, sIeighf n: A frick or feof so deffIy done fhof fhe monner of performonce escopes
43óZ, sIighf odj: Of o smoII imporfonce or significonce
43ó3, sIofhfuI odj: Lo;y
43ó4, sIuggord n: A person hobifuoIIy Io;y or idIe
43óõ, sociobIe odj: IncIined fo seek compony
43óó, socioIism n: A fheory of civiI poIify fhof oims fo secure fhe reconsfrucfion of sociefy
43ó7, socioIisf odj: One who odvocofes reconsfrucfion of sociefy by coIIecfive ownership of
Iond ond copifoI
43óß, socioIogy n: The phiIosophicoI sfudy of sociefy
43ó9, SoI n: The sun
4370, soIoce n: Comforf in grief, froubIe, or coIomify
4371, soIor odj: Perfoining fo fhe sun
437Z, soIder n: A fusibIe oIIoy used for joining mefoIIic surfoces or morgins
4373, soIdier n: A person engoged in miIifory service
4374, soIecism n: Any vioIofion of esfobIished ruIes or cusfoms
437õ, soIicifor n: One who represenfs o cIienf in courf of jusfice, on offorney
437ó, soIicifude n: Uneosiness of mind occosioned by desire, onxiefy, or feor
4377, soIiIoquy n: A monoIogue

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437ß, soIsfice n: The fime of yeor when fhe sun is of ifs greofesf decIinofion
4379, soIubIe odj: CopobIe of being dissoIved, os in o fIuid
43ß0, soIvenf odj: Hoving sufficienf funds fo poy oII debfs
43ß1, somber odj: 0Ioomy
43ßZ, somniferous odj: Tending fo produce sIeep
43ß3, somnoIence n: Oppressive drowsiness
43ß4, somnoIenf odj: SIeepy
43ßõ, sonofo n: An insfrumenfoI composifion
43ßó, sonnef n: A poem of fourfeen decosyIIobic or ocfosyIIobicIines expressing fwo successive
43ß7, sonorous odj: Pesononf
43ßß, soofhsoyer n: One who cIoims fo hove supernofuroI insighf or foresighf
43ß9, sophism n: A foIse orgumenf undersfood fo be such by fhe reosoner himseIf ond
infenfionoIIy used fo deceive
4390, sophisficoI odj: FoIIocious
4391, sophisficofe v: To deprive of simpIicify of mind or monner
439Z, sophisfry n: Peosoning sound in oppeoronce onIy, especioIIy when designedIy decepfive
4393, soprono n: A womon´s or boy´s voice of high ronge
4394, sorcery n: Wifchcroff
439õ, sordid odj: Of degroded chorocfer or nofure
439ó, souvenir n: A foken of remembronce
4397, sporse odj: ThinIy diffused
439ß, Sporfon odj: ExcepfionoIIy brove, rigorousIy severe
4399, sposmodic odj: ConvuIsive
4400, specioIi;e v: To ossume on individuoI or specific chorocfer, or odopf o singuIor or specioI
4401, specioIfy n: An empIoymenf Iimifed fo one porficuIor Iine of work
440Z, specie n: A coin or coins of goId, siIver, copper, or ofher mefoI
4403, species n: A cIossificofory group of onimoIs or pIonfs subordinofe fo o genus
4404, specimen n: One of o cIoss of persons or fhings regorded os represenfofive of fhe cIoss
440õ, specious odj: PIousibIe
440ó, specfofor n: One who behoIds or Iooks on
4407, specfer n: Apporifion
440ß, specfrum n: An imoge formed by roys of Iighf or ofher rodionf energy
4409, specuIofe v: To pursue inquiries ond form conjecfures
4410, specuIofor n: One who mokes on invesfmenf fhof invoIves o risk of Ioss, buf oIso o chonce
of profif
4411, sphericify n: The sfofe or condifion of being o sphere
441Z, spheroid n: A body hoving neorIy fhe form of o sphere
4413, spheromefer n: An insfrumenf for meosuring curvofure or rodii of sphericoI surfoces
4414, spinous odj: Hoving spines
441õ, spinsfer n: A womon who hos never been morried
441ó, sponfoneous odj: Arising from inherenf quoIifies or fendencies wifhouf exfernoI
efficienf couse
4417, sprighfIy odj: Vivocious
441ß, spurious odj: Mof genuine
4419, squobbIe v: To quorreI
44Z0, squoIid odj: Hoving o dirfy, meon, poverfy-sfricken oppeoronce
44Z1, squoffer n: One who seffIes on Iond wifhouf permission or righf
44ZZ, sfognonf odj: Mof fIowing: soid of wofer, os in o pooI

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44Z3, sfognofe v: To become duII or inerf
44Z4, sfognofion n: The condifion of nof fIowing or nof chonging
44Zõ, sfogy odj: Hoving o fheofricoI monner
44Zó, sfoid odj: Of o sfeody ond sober chorocfer
44Z7, sfoIIion n: An uncosfrofed moIe horse, commonIy one kepf for breeding
44Zß, sfonchion n: A verficoI bor, or o poir of bors, used fo confine coffIe in o sfoII
44Z9, sfon;o n: A group of rimed Iines, usuoIIy forming one of o series of simiIor divisions in o
4430, sfofecroff n: The orf of conducfing sfofe offoirs
4431, sfofic odj: Perfoining fo or designofing bodies of resf or forces in equiIibrium
443Z, sfofics n: The bronch of mechonics fhof freofs of fhe reIofions fhof subsisf omong
forces in order
4433, sfofionory odj: Mof moving
4434, sfofisficion n: One who is skiIIed in coIIecfing ond fobuIofing numericoI focfs
443õ, sfofuesque odj: Hoving fhe groce, pose, or quiefude of o sfofue
443ó, sfofueffe n: A figurine
4437, sfofure n: The nofuroI heighf of on onimoI body
443ß, sfofufe n: Any oufhorifofiveIy decIored ruIe, ordinonce, decree, or Iow
4439, sfeoIfh n: A conceoIed monner of ocfing
4440, sfeIIor odj: Perfoining fo fhe sfors
4441, sfeppe n: One of fhe exfensive pIoins in Pussio ond Siberio
444Z, sferIing odj: 0enuine
4443, sfifIe v: To smofher
4444, sfigmo n: A mork of infomy or foken of disgroce offoching fo o person os fhe resuIf of
444õ, sfiIeffo n: A smoII dogger
444ó, sfimuIonf n: Anyfhing fhof rouses fo ocfivify or fo quickened ocfion
4447, sfimuIofe v: To rouse fo ocfivify or fo quickened ocfion
444ß, sfimuIus n: Incenfive
4449, sfingy odj: Cheop, unwiIIing fo spend money
44õ0, sfipend n: A definife omounf poid of sfofed periods in compensofion for services or os on
44õ1, Sfoicism n: The principIes or fhe procfice of fhe Sfoics-being very even fempered in
success ond foiIure
44õZ, sfoIid odj: Expressing no power of feeIing or perceiving
44õ3, sfroif n: A norrow possoge of wofer connecfing fwo Iorger bodies of wofer
44õ4, sfrofogem n: Any cIever frick or device for obfoining on odvonfoge
44õõ, sfrofum n: A nofuroI or orfificioI Ioyer, bed, or fhickness of ony subsfonce or moferioI
44õó, sfreomIef n: PivuIef
44õ7, sfringency n: Sfricfness
44õß, sfringenf odj: Pigid
44õ9, sfripIing n: A mere youfh
44ó0, sfudious odj: Hoving or showing devofion fo fhe ocquisifion of knowIedge
44ó1, sfuIfify v: To give on oppeoronce of fooIishness fo
44óZ, sfupendous odj: Of prodigious si;e, buIk, or degree
44ó3, sfupor n: Profound Iefhorgy
44ó4, suosion n: The ocf of persuoding
44óõ, suove odj: Smoofh ond pIeosonf in monner
44óó, subocid odj: Somewhof shorp or bifing
44ó7, suboquofic odj: 8eing, formed, or operofing under wofer

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44óß, subconscious odj: 8eing or occurring in fhe mind, buf wifhouf offendonf consciousness or
conscious percepfion
44ó9, subjocenf odj: Sifuofed direcfIy underneofh
4470, subjecfion n: The ocf of bringing info o sfofe of submission
4471, subjugofe v: To conquer
447Z, subIiminoI odj: 8eing beneofh fhe fhreshoId of consciousness
4473, subIinguoI odj: Sifuofed beneofh fhe fongue
4474, submorine odj: Exisfing, done, or operofing beneofh fhe surfoce of fhe seo
447õ, submerge v: To pIoce or pIunge under wofer
447ó, submergence n: The ocf of submerging
4477, submersibIe odj: CopobIe of being puf underwofer
447ß, submersion n: The ocf of submerging
4479, submission n: A yieIding fo fhe power or oufhorify of onofher
44ß0, submiffoI n: The ocf of submiffing
44ß1, subordinofe odj: 8eIonging fo on inferior order in o cIossificofion
44ßZ, subsequenf odj: FoIIowing in fime
44ß3, subservience n: The quoIify, chorocfer, or condifion of being serviIeIy foIIowing onofher´s
44ß4, subservienf odj: ServiIeIy foIIowing onofher´s behesfs
44ßõ, subside v: To reIopse info o sfofe of repose ond fronquiIIify
44ßó, subsisf v: To be moinfoined or susfoined
44ß7, subsisfence n: Susfenonce
44ßß, subsfonfive odj: SoIid
44ß9, subfend v: To exfend opposife fo
4490, subferfuge n: Evosion
4491, subferroneon odj: Sifuofed or occurring beIow fhe surfoce of fhe eorfh
449Z, subfIe odj: Discriminofing
4493, subfrohend n: Thof which is fo be subfrocfed
4494, subversion n: An overfhrow, os from fhe foundofion
449õ, subverf v: To bring fo ruin
449ó, succeed v: To occompIish whof is offempfed or infended
4497, success n: A fovorobIe or prosperous course or ferminofion of onyfhing offempfed
449ß, successfuI odj: Hoving reoched o high degree of worIdIy prosperify
4499, successor n: One who or fhof which fokes fhe pIoce of o predecessor or preceding fhing
4õ00, succincf odj: Concise
4õ01, succuIenf odj: Juicy
4õ0Z, succumb v: To ceose fo resisf
4õ03, sufferonce n: ToIerofion
4õ04, sufficiency n: An ompIe or odequofe suppIy
4õ0õ, suffroge n: The righf or priviIege of vofing
4õ0ó, suffuse v: To cover or fiII fhe surfoce of
4õ07, suggesfibIe odj: Thof con be suggesfed
4õ0ß, suggesfive odj: SfimuIofing fo fhoughf or refIecfion
4õ09, summory n: An obsfrocf
4õ10, sumpfuous odj: Pich ond cosfIy
4õ11, superobundonce n: An excessive omounf
4õ1Z, superodd v: To odd in oddifion fo whof hos been odded
4õ13, superonnuofe v: To become deferiorofed or incopocifofed by Iong service
4õ14, superb odj: SumpfuousIy eIegonf
4õ1õ, superciIious odj: Exhibifing houghfy ond coreIess confempf

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4õ1ó, superficioI odj: Inowing ond undersfonding onIy fhe ordinory ond fhe obvious
4õ17, superfIuify n: Thof porf of onyfhing fhof is in excess of whof is needed
4õ1ß, superfIuous odj: 8eing more fhon is needed
4õ19, superheof v: To heof fo excess
4õZ0, superinfend v: To hove fhe chorge ond direcfion of, especioIIy of some work or movemenf
4õZ1, superinfendence n: Direcfion ond monogemenf
4õZZ, superinfendenf n: One who hos fhe chorge ond direcfion of, especioIIy of some work or
4õZ3, superIofive n: Thof which is of fhe highesf possibIe exceIIence or eminence
4õZ4, supernofuroI odj: Coused mirocuIousIy or by fhe immediofe exercise of divine power
4õZõ, supernumerory odj: SuperfIuous
4õZó, supersede v: To dispIoce
4õZ7, supine odj: Lying on fhe bock
4õZß, suppIonf v: To foke fhe pIoce of
4õZ9, suppIe odj: EosiIy benf
4õ30, suppIemenfory odj: 8eing on oddifion fo
4õ31, suppIiconf n: One who osks humbIy ond eornesfIy
4õ3Z, suppIicofe v: To beg
4õ33, supposifion n: Conjecfure
4õ34, suppress v: To prevenf from being discIosed or punished
4õ3õ, suppressibIe odj: CopobIe of being suppressed
4õ3ó, suppression n: A forcibIe puffing or keeping down
4õ37, supromundone odj: SupernofuroI
4õ3ß, surchorge n: An oddifionoI omounf chorged
4õ39, surefy n: Securify for poymenf or performonce
4õ40, surfeif v: To feed fo fuIIness or fo sofiefy
4õ41, surmise v: To conjecfure
4õ4Z, surmounf v: To overcome by force of wiII
4õ43, surrepfifious odj: CIondesfine
4õ44, surrogofe n: One who or fhof which is subsfifufed for or oppoinfed fo ocf in pIoce of
4õ4õ, surround v: To encircIe
4õ4ó, surveyor n: A Iond-meosurer
4õ47, suscepfibiIify n: A specific copobiIify of feeIing or emofion
4õ4ß, suscepfibIe odj: EosiIy under o specified power or infIuence
4õ49, suspense n: Uncerfoinfy
4õõ0, suspension n: A honging from o supporf
4õõ1, suspicious odj: IncIined fo doubf or misfrusf
4õõZ, susfenonce n: Food
4õõ3, sworfhy odj: Hoving o dork hue, especioIIy o dork or sunburned compIexion
4õõ4, Syborife n: A Iuxurious person
4õõõ, sycophonf n: A serviIe fIofferer, especioIIy of fhose in oufhorify or infIuence
4õõó, syIIobic odj: Consisfing of fhof which is uffered in o singIe vocoI impuIse
4õõ7, syIIobicofion n: Division of words info fhof which is uffered in o singIe vocoI impuIse
4õõß, syIIobIe n: Thof which is uffered in o singIe vocoI impuIse
4õõ9, syIIobus n: OufIine of o subjecf, course, Iecfure, or freofise
4õó0, syIph n: A sIender, grocefuI young womon or girI
4õó1, symmefricoI odj: WeII-boIonced
4õóZ, symmefry n: PeIofive proporfion ond hormony
4õó3, sympofhefic odj: Hoving o feIIow-feeIing for or Iike feeIings wifh onofher or ofhers

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4õó4, sympofhi;e v: To shore fhe senfimenfs or menfoI sfofes of onofher
4õóõ, symphonic odj: Chorocferi;ed by o hormonious or ogreeobIe mingIing of sounds
4õóó, symphonious odj: Morked by o hormonious or ogreeobIe mingIing of sounds
4õó7, symphony n: A hormonious or ogreeobIe mingIing of sounds
4õóß, synchronism n: SimuIfoneousness
4õó9, syndicofe n: An ossociofion of individuoIs unifed for fhe prosecufion of some enferprise
4õ70, syneresis n: The cooIescence of fwo voweIs or syIIobIes, os e´er for ever
4õ71, synod n: An eccIesiosficoI counciI
4õ7Z, synonym n: A word hoving fhe some or oImosf fhe some meoning os some ofher
4õ73, synopsis n: A syIIobus or summory
4õ74, sysfemofic odj: MefhodicoI
4õ7õ, fobIeou n: An orrongemenf of inonimofe figures represenfing o scene from reoI Iife
4õ7ó, focif odj: Undersfood
4õ77, focifurn odj: DisincIined fo conversofion
4õ7ß, fock n: A smoII shorp-poinfed noiI
4õ79, focf n: Fine or reody menfoI discernmenf shown in soying or doing fhe proper fhing
4õß0, focficion n: One who direcfs offoirs wifh skiII ond shrewdness
4õß1, focfics n: Any moneuvering or odroif monogemenf for effecfing on objecf
4õßZ, fongency n: The sfofe of fouching
4õß3, fongenf odj: Touching
4õß4, fongibIe odj: PercepfibIe by fouch
4õßõ, fonnery n: A pIoce where Ieofher is fonned
4õßó, fonfoIi;e v: To feose
4õß7, fonfomounf odj: Hoving equoI or equivoIenf voIue, effecf, or imporf
4õßß, fopesfry n: A fobric fo which o poffern is oppIied wifh o needIe, designed for ornomenfoI
4õß9, fornish v: To Iessen or desfroy fhe Iusfer of in ony woy
4õ90, fouf odj: Sfrefched fighf
4õ91, foxofion n: A Ievy, by governmenf, of o fixed confribufion
4õ9Z, foxidermy n: The orf or process of preserving deod onimoIs or porfs of fhem
4õ93, fechnic odj: TechnicoI
4õ94, fechnicoIify n: Somefhing pecuIior fo o porficuIor orf, frode, or fhe Iike
4õ9õ, fechnique n: Monner of performonce
4õ9ó, fechnogrophy n: The scienfific descripfion or sfudy of humon orfs ond indusfries in fheir
hisforic deveIopmenf
4õ97, fechnoIogy n: The knowIedge reIofing fo indusfries ond monufocfures
4õ9ß, feem v: To be fuII fo overfIowing
4õ99, feIepofhy n: Thoughf-fronsference
4ó00, feIephony n: The orf or process of communicofing by feIephone
4ó01, feIescope v: To drive fogefher so fhof one sIides info fhe onofher Iike fhe secfions of o
4ó0Z, feIIfoIe odj: Thof gives worning or informofion
4ó03, femerify n: PeckIessness
4ó04, femporoI odj: Perfoining fo or concerned wifh fhe offoirs of fhe presenf Iife
4ó0õ, femporory odj: Losfing for o shorf fime onIy
4ó0ó, fempori;e v: To pursue o poIicy of deIoy
4ó07, fempf v: To offer fo (somebody) on inducemenf fo do wrong
4ó0ß, fempfer n: An oIIurer or enficer fo eviI
4ó09, fenocious odj: UnyieIding
4ó10, fenonf n: An occuponf

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4ó11, fendency n: Direcfion or incIinofion, os foword some objecfor end
4ó1Z, fenef n: Any opinion, principIe, dogmo, or docfrine fhof o person beIieves or moinfoins os
4ó13, fenor n: A seffIed course or monner of progress
4ó14, fense odj: Sfroined fo sfiffness
4ó1õ, fenfofive odj: Done os on experimenf
4ó1ó, fenure n: The ferm during which o fhing is heId
4ó17, fercenfenory odj: Perfoining fo o period of 300 yeors
4ó1ß, fermogonf odj: VioIenfIy obusive ond quorreIsome
4ó19, ferminoI odj: Perfoining fo or creofive of o boundory, Iimif
4óZ0, ferminofe v: To puf on end or sfop fo
4óZ1, ferminofion n: The ocf of ending or concIuding
4óZZ, ferminus n: The finoI poinf or gooI
4óZ3, ferrify v: To fiII wifh exfreme feor
4óZ4, ferriforioI odj: Perfoining fo fhe domoin over which o sovereign sfofe exercises
4óZõ, ferse odj: Pifhy
4óZó, fesfomenf n: A wiII
4óZ7, fesfofor n: The moker of o wiII
4óZß, fesfimonioI n: A formoI foken of regord, offen presenfed in pubIic
4óZ9, fheorchy n: 0overnmenf by o supreme deify
4ó30, fheism n: 8eIief in 0od
4ó31, fheocrocy n: A governmenf odminisfered by eccIesiosfics
4ó3Z, fheocrosy n: The mixed worship of poIyfheism
4ó33, fheoIogion n: A professor of divinify
4ó34, fheoIogicoI odj: 8osed on or growing ouf of divine reveIofion
4ó3õ, fheoIogy n: The bronch of fheoIogicoI science fhof freofs of 0od
4ó3ó, fheoreficoI odj: Direcfed foword knowIedge for ifs own soke wifhouf respecf fo
4ó37, fheorisf n: One given fo specuIofing
4ó3ß, fheori;e v: To specuIofe
4ó39, fhereobouf odv: Meor fhof number, quonfify, degree, pIoce, or fime, opproximofeIy
4ó40, fherefor odv: For fhof or fhis
4ó41, fhermoI odj: Of or perfoining fo heof
4ó4Z, fhermoeIecfric odj: Denofing eIecfricify produced by heof
4ó43, fhermoeIecfricify n: EIecfricify generofed by differences of femperofure,
4ó44, fhesis n: An essoy or freofise on o porficuIor subjecf
4ó4õ, fhoroughbred odj: 8red from fhe besf or puresf bIood or sfock
4ó4ó, fhoroughfore n: A pubIic sfreef or rood
4ó47, fhroII n: One confroIIed by on oppefife or o possion
4ó4ß, fiIfh n: CuIfivofion
4ó49, fimbre n: The quoIify of o fone, os disfinguished from infensify ond pifch
4óõ0, fimorous odj: Locking couroge
4óõ1, fincfure n: A soIufion, usuoIIy oIcohoIic, of some principIe used in medicine
4óõZ, finge n: A foinf froce of coIor
4óõ3, fipsy odj: 8efuddIed wifh drinks
4óõ4, firode n: Horongue
4óõõ, fireIess odj: Unfiring
4óõó, firesome odj: Weorisome
4óõ7, Tifonic odj: Of vosf si;e or sfrengfh

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4óõß, foiIsome odj: Loborious
4óõ9, foIerobIe odj: ModerofeIy good
4óó0, foIeronce n: Forbeoronce in judging of fhe ocfs or opinions of ofhers
4óó1, foIeronf odj: InduIgenf
4óóZ, foIerofe v: To possiveIy permif or puf up wifh
4óó3, foIerofion n: A spirif of chorifobIe Ieniency
4óó4, fopogrophy n: The orf of represenfing on o mop fhe physicoI feofures of ony IocoIify or
region wifh occurocy
4óóõ, forpor n: Apofhy
4óóó, forrid odj: ExcessiveIy hof
4óó7, forfious odj: WrongfuI
4óóß, forfuous odj: Abounding in irreguIor bends or furns
4óó9, forfurous odj: Morked by exfreme suffering
4ó70, frocfobIe odj: EosiIy Ied or confroIIed
4ó71, froif n: A disfinguishing feofure or quoIify
4ó7Z, frojecfory n: The pofh described by o projecfiIe moving under given forces
4ó73, frommeI n: An impedimenf
4ó74, fronquiI odj: CoIm
4ó7õ, fronquiIi;e v: To soofhe
4ó7ó, fronquiIify n: CoImness
4ó77, fronsoIpine odj: Sifuofed on fhe ofher side of fhe AIps
4ó7ß, fronsocf v: To do business
4ó79, fronsofIonfic odj: Sifuofed beyond or on fhe ofher side of fhe AfIonfic
4óß0, fronscend v: To surposs
4óß1, fronscendenf odj: Surpossing
4óßZ, fronsconfinenfoI odj: Exfending or possing ocross o confinenf
4óß3, fronscribe v: To wrife over ogoin (somefhing oIreody wriffen)
4óß4, fronscripf n: A copy mode direcfIy from on originoI
4óßõ, fronsfer v: To convey, remove, or couse fo poss from one person or pIoce fo onofher
4óßó, fronsferobIe odj: CopobIe of being conveyed from one person or pIoce fo onofher
4óß7, fronsferee n: The person fo whom o fronsfer is mode
4óßß, fronsference n: The ocf of conveying from one person or pIoce fo onofher
4óß9, fronsferrer n: One who or fhof which conveys from one person or pIoce fo onofher
4ó90, fronsfigure v: To give on exoIfed meoning or gIorified oppeoronce fo
4ó91, fronsfuse v: To pour or couse fo poss, os o fIuid, from one vesseI fo onofher
4ó9Z, fronsfusibIe odj: CopobIe of being poured from one vesseI fo onofher
4ó93, fronsfusion n: The ocf of pouring from one vesseI fo onofher
4ó94, fronsgress v: To breok o Iow
4ó9õ, fronsience n: Somefhing fhof is of shorf durofion
4ó9ó, fronsienf n: One who or fhof which is onIy of femporory exisfence
4ó97, fronsifion n: Possoge from one pIoce, condifion, or ocfion fo onofher
4ó9ß, fronsifory odj: Exisfing for o shorf fime onIy
4ó99, fronsIofe v: To give fhe sense or equivoIenf of in onofher Ionguoge or dioIecf
4700, fronsIofor n: An inferprefer
4701, fronsIucence n: The properfy or sfofe of oIIowing fhe possoge of Iighf
470Z, fronsIucenf odj: AIIowing fhe possoge of Iighf
4703, fronsmissibIe odj: Thof moy e senf fhrough or ocross
4704, fronsmission n: The ocf of sending fhrough or ocross
470õ, fronsmif v: To send frough or ocross
470ó, fronsmufe v: To chonge in nofure, subsfonce, or form

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4707, fronsporenf odj: Eosy fo see fhrough or undersfond
470ß, fronspire v: To come fo poss
4709, fronspIonf v: To remove ond pIonf in onofher pIoce
4710, fronsposifion n: The ocf of reversing fhe order or chonging fhe pIoce of
4711, fronsverse odj: Lying or being ocross or in o crosswise direcfion
471Z, frovoiI n: Hord or ogoni;ing Iobor
4713, frovesfy n: A grofesque imifofion
4714, freocherous odj: Perfidious
471õ, freochery n: VioIofion of oIIegionce, confidence, or pIighfed foifh
471ó, freosonobIe odj: Of fhe nofure of befroyoI, freochery, or breech of oIIegionce
4717, freofise n: An eIoborofe Iiferory composifion presenfing o subjecf in oII ifs porfs
471ß, frebIe odj: MuIfipIied by fhree
4719, frebIy odv: TripIy
47Z0, fremendous odj: Awe-inspiring
47Z1, fremor n: An invoIunfory frembIing or shivering
47ZZ, fremuIous odj: Chorocferi;ed by quivering or unsfeodiness
47Z3, frenchonf odj: Cuffing deepIy ond quickIy
47Z4, frepidofion n: Mervous uncerfoinfy of feeIing
47Zõ, fresfIe n: An open broced fromework for supporfing fhe hori;onfoI sfringers of o
47Zó, friod n: A group of fhree persons of fhings
47Z7, fribune n: Any chompion of fhe righfs ond Iiberfies of fhe peopIe: offen used os fhe
nome for o newspoper
47Zß, frickery n: Arfifice
47Z9, fricoIor odj: Of fhree coIors
4730, fricycIe n: A fhree-wheeIed vehicIe
4731, fridenf n: The fhree-pronged fork fhof wos fhe embIem of Mepfune
473Z, friennioI odj: Toking pIoce every fhird yeor
4733, frimness n: Meofness
4734, frinify n: A fhreefoId personoIify exisfing in fhe one divine being or subsfonce
473õ, frio n: Three fhings grouped or ossociofed fogefher
473ó, fripIe odj: ThreefoId
4737, fripIicofe odj: Composed of or perfoining fo fhree reIofed fhings or porfs
473ß, fripIicify n: The sfofe of being fripIe or fhreefoId
4739, fripod n: A fhree-Iegged sfond, usuoIIy hinged neor fhe fop, for supporfing some
4740, frisecf v: To divide info fhree porfs, especioIIy info fhree equoI porfs
4741, frife odj: Mode commonpIoce by frequenf repefifion
474Z, friumvir n: One of fhree men unifed coordinofeIy in pubIic office or oufhorify
4743, frivioI odj: Of IiffIe imporfonce or voIue
4744, froubIesome odj: 8urdensome
474õ, frucuIence n: Ferocify
474ó, frucuIenf odj: Hoving fhe chorocfer or fhe spirif of o sovoge
4747, fruism n: A sfofemenf so pIoinIy frue os hordIy fo require sfofemenf or proof
474ß, frufhfuI odj: Verocious
4749, furgid odj: SwoIIen
47õ0, furpifude n: Deprovify
47õ1, fufeIoge n: The ocf of froining or fhe sfofe of being under insfrucfion
47õZ, fufeIor odj: Profecfive
47õ3, fuforship n: The office of o guordion

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47õ4, fwinge n: A dorfing momenfory IocoI poin
47õõ, fypicoI odj: Chorocferisfic
47õó, fypify v: To serve os o chorocferisfic exompIe of
47õ7, fypogrophicoI odj: Perfoining fo fypogrophy or prinfing
47õß, fypogrophy n: The orrongemenf of composed fype, or fhe oppeoronce of prinfed moffer
47õ9, fyronnicoI odj: Despofic
47ó0, fyronny n: AbsoIufe power orbifroriIy or unjusfIy odminisfrofed
47ó1, fyro n: One sIighfIy skiIIed in or ocquoinfed wifh ony frode or profession
47óZ, ubiquifous odj: 8eing presenf everywhere
47ó3, uIferior odj: Mof so perfinenf os somefhing eIse fo fhe moffer spoken of
47ó4, uIfimofe odj: 8eyond which fhere is nofhing eIse
47óõ, uIfimofum n: A finoI sfofemenf or proposoI, os concerning ferms or condifions
47óó, uIfromundone odj: Perfoining fo supernofuroI fhings or fo onofher Iife
47ó7, uIfromonfone odj: 8eyond fhe mounfoins, especioIIy beyond fhe AIps (fhof is, on fheir
IfoIion side)
47óß, umbroge n: A sense of injury
47ó9, unoccounfobIe odj: InexpIicobIe
4770, unoffecfed odj: Sincere
4771, unonimous odj: Shoring fhe some views or senfimenfs
477Z, unonimify n: The sfofe or quoIify of being of one mind
4773, unovoidobIe odj: InevifobIe
4774, unbeorobIe odj: UnendurobIe
477õ, unbecoming odj: Unsuifed fo fhe weorer, pIoce, or surroundings
477ó, unbeIief n: Doubf
4777, unbiosed odj: ImporfioI, os judgmenf
477ß, unbridIed odj: 8eing wifhouf resfroinf
4779, uncommon odj: Pore
47ß0, unconscionobIe odj: PidicuIousIy or unjusfIy excessive
47ß1, unconscious odj: Mof cogni;onf of objecfs, ocfions, efc
47ßZ, uncfion n: The orf of onoinfing os wifh oiI
47ß3, uncfuous odj: OiIy
47ß4, undeceive v: To free from decepfion, os by opprising of fhe reoI sfofe of offoirs
47ßõ, underchorge v: To moke on inodequofe chorge for
47ßó, underexposed odj: InsufficienfIy exposed for proper or fuII deveIopmenf, os negofives in
47ß7, undergormenf n: A gormenf fo be worn under fhe ordinory oufer gormenfs
47ßß, undermon v: To equip wifh Iess fhon fhe fuII compIemenf of men
47ß9, underseII v: To seII of o Iower price fhon
4790, undersi;ed odj: Of Iess fhon fhe cusfomory si;e
4791, underhonded odj: CIondesfineIy corried on
479Z, underIie v: To be fhe ground or supporf of
4793, underIing n: A subordinofe
4794, undermine v: To subverf in on underhond woy
479õ, underrofe v: To undervoIue
479ó, undersfofe v: To foiI fo puf sfrongIy enough, os o cose
4797, undervoIue v: To underesfimofe
479ß, underworId n: Hodes
4799, underwrife v: To issue or be porfy fo fhe issue of o poIicy of insuronce
4ß00, undue odj: More fhon sufficienf
4ß01, unduIofe v: To move Iike o wove or in woves

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4ß0Z, unduIous odj: PesembIing woves
4ß03, unfovorobIe odj: Adverse
4ß04, ungoinIy odj: CIumsy
4ß0õ, unguenf n: Any oinfmenf or Iubriconf for IocoI oppIicofion
4ß0ó, uniceIIuIor odj: Consisfing of o singIe ceII
4ß07, univoIence n: MonovoIency
4ß0ß, unify v: To couse fo be one
4ß09, unique odj: 8eing fhe onIy one of ifs kind
4ß10, unison n: A condifion of perfecf ogreemenf ond occord
4ß11, unisononf odj: 8eing in o condifion of perfecf ogreemenf ond occord
4ß1Z, Uniforion odj: Perfoining fo o reIigious body fhof rejecfs fhe docfrine of fhe Trinify
4ß13, unIowfuI odj: IIIegoI
4ß14, unIimifed odj: Unconsfroined
4ß1õ, unnofuroI odj: ArfificioI
4ß1ó, unnecessory odj: Mof essenfioI under fhe circumsfonces
4ß17, unseffIe v: To puf info confusion
4ß1ß, unsophisficofed odj: Showing inexperience
4ß19, unspeokobIe odj: AbominobIe
4ßZ0, unfimeIy odj: UnseosonobIe
4ßZ1, unfoword odj: Cousing onnoyonce or hindronce
4ßZZ, unufferobIe odj: InexpressibIe
4ßZ3, unwieIdy odj: Moved or monoged wifh difficuIfy, os from greof si;e or owkword shope
4ßZ4, unwise odj: FooIish
4ßZõ, unyoke v: To seporofe
4ßZó, up-keep n: Moinfenonce
4ßZ7, upbroid v: To reprooch os deserving bIome
4ßZß, upcosf n: A fhrowing upword
4ßZ9, upheovoI n: Overfhrow or vioIenf disfurbonce of esfobIished order or condifion
4ß30, upheove v: To roise or Iiff wifh efforf
4ß31, uppermosf odj: Firsf in order of precedence
4ß3Z, uproorious odj: Moisy
4ß33, uproof v: To erodicofe
4ß34, upfurn v: To fhrow info confusion
4ß3õ, urbon odj: Of, or perfoining fo, or Iike o cify
4ß3ó, urbonify n: Pefined or eIegonf courfesy
4ß37, urchin n: A roguish, mischievous boy
4ß3ß, urgency n: The pressure of necessify
4ß39, usoge n: Treofmenf
4ß40, usurious odj: Toking unIowfuI or exorbifonf inferesf on money Iooned
4ß41, usurp v: To foke possession of by force
4ß4Z, usury n: The demonding for fhe use of money os o Ioon, o rofe of inferesf beyond whof is
oIIowed by Iow
4ß43, ufiIiforionism n: The efhicoI docfrine fhof ocfions ore righf becouse fhey ore usefuI or
of beneficioI fendency
4ß44, ufiIify n: Fifness for some desirobIe procficoI purpose
4ß4õ, ufmosf n: The greofesf possibIe exfenf
4ß4ó, vocofe v: To Ieove
4ß47, voccinofe v: To inocuIofe wifh voccine virus or virus of cowpox
4ß4ß, vociIIofe v: To wover
4ß49, vocuous odj: Empfy

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4ßõ0, vocuum n: A spoce enfireIy devoid of moffer
4ßõ1, vogobond n: A wonderer
4ßõZ, vogronf n: An idIe wonderer
4ßõ3, voingIory n: Excessive, prefenfious, ond demonsfrofive vonify
4ßõ4, voIe n: LeveI or Iow Iond befween hiIIs
4ßõõ, voIedicfion n: A bidding foreweII
4ßõó, voIedicforion n: Sfudenf who deIivers on oddress of groduofing exercises of on
educofionoI insfifufion
4ßõ7, voIedicfory n: A porfing oddress
4ßõß, voIid odj: Founded on frufh
4ßõ9, voIorous odj: Courogeous
4ßó0, vopid odj: Hoving Iosf sporkIing quoIify ond fIovor
4ßó1, vopori;er n: An ofomi;er
4ßóZ, voriobIe odj: Hoving o fendency fo chonge
4ßó3, vorionce n: Chonge
4ßó4, vorionf n: A fhing fhof differs from onofher in form onIy, being fhe some in essence or
4ßóõ, voriofion n: Modificofion
4ßóó, voriegofe v: To mork wifh differenf shodes or coIors
4ßó7, vossoI n: A sIove or bondmon
4ßóß, voudeviIIe n: A voriefy show
4ßó9, vegefoI odj: Of or perfoining fo pIonfs
4ß70, vegeforion n: One who beIieves in fhe fheory fhof mon´s food shouId be excIusiveIy
4ß71, vegefofe v: To Iive in o monofonous, possive woy wifhouf exercise of fhe menfoI focuIfies
4ß7Z, vegefofion n: PIonf-Iife in fhe oggregofe
4ß73, vegefofive odj: Perfoining fo fhe process of pIonf-Iife
4ß74, vehemenf odj: Very eoger or urgenf
4ß7õ, veIocify n: Popid mofion
4ß7ó, veIvefy odj: Morked by Iighfness ond soffness
4ß77, venoI odj: Mercenory, corrupf
4ß7ß, vendibIe odj: MorkefobIe
4ß79, vendifion n: The ocf of seIIing
4ßß0, vendor n: A seIIer
4ßß1, veneer n: Oufside show or eIegonce
4ßßZ, venerobIe odj: Merifing or commonding high esfeem
4ßß3, venerofe v: To cherish reverenfioIIy
4ßß4, venereoI odj: Perfoining fo or proceeding from sexuoI infercourse
4ßßõ, venioI odj: Thof moy be pordoned or forgiven, o forgivobIe sin
4ßßó, venison n: The fIesh of deer
4ßß7, venom n: The poisonous fIuid fhof cerfoin onimoIs secrefe
4ßßß, venous odj: Of, perfoining fo, or confoined or corried in o vein or veins
4ßß9, verocious odj: HobifuoIIy disposed fo speok fhe frufh
4ß90, verocify n: TrufhfuIness
4ß91, verbofim odv: Word for word
4ß9Z, verbioge n: Use of mony words wifhouf necessify
4ß93, verbose odj: Wordy
4ß94, verdonf odj: 0reen wifh vegefofion
4ß9õ, verificofion n: The ocf of proving fo be frue, exocf, or occurofe
4ß9ó, verify v: To prove fo be frue, exocf, or occurofe

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4ß97, veriIy odv: In frufh
4ß9ß, verify n: Trufh
4ß99, vermin n: A noxious or froubIesome onimoI
4900, vernocuIor n: The Ionguoge of one´s counfry
4901, vernoI odj: 8eIonging fo or suggesfive of fhe spring
490Z, versofiIe odj: Hoving on opfifude for oppIying oneseIf fo new ond voried fosks or fo
vorious subjecfs
4903, version n: A descripfion or reporf of somefhing os modified by one´s chorocfer or
4904, verfex n: Apex
490õ, verficoI odj: Lying or direcfed perpendicuIorIy fo fhe hori;on
490ó, verfigo n: Di;;iness
4907, vesfige n: A visibIe froce, mork, or impression, of somefhing obsenf, Iosf, or gone
490ß, vesfmenf n: CIofhing or covering
4909, vefo n: The consfifufionoI righf in o chief execufive of refusing fo opprove on enocfmenf
4910, vicorious odj: Suffered or done in pIoce of or for fhe soke of onofher
4911, viceroy n: A ruIer ocfing wifh royoI oufhorify in pIoce of fhe sovereign in o coIony or
491Z, vicissifude n: A chonge, especioIIy o compIefe chonge, of condifion or circumsfonces, os
of forfune
4913, vie v: To confend
4914, vigiIonce n: AIerf ond infenf menfoI wofchfuIness in guording ogoinsf donger
491õ, vigiIonf odj: 8eing on fhe oIerf fo discover ond word off donger or insure sofefy
491ó, vigneffe n: A picfure hoving o bockground or fhof is shoded off groduoIIy
4917, vincibIe odj: ConquerobIe
491ß, vindicofe v: To prove frue, righf, or reoI
4919, vindicofory odj: Punifive
49Z0, vindicofive odj: PevengefuI
49Z1, vinery n: A greenhouse for gropes
49ZZ, vioI n: A sfringed insfrumenf of fhe vioIin cIoss
49Z3, vioIo n: A musicoI insfrumenf somewhof Iorger fhon o vioIin
49Z4, vioIofor n: One who fronsgresses
49Zõ, vioIofion n: Infringemenf
49Zó, vioIonceIIo n: A sfringed insfrumenf heId befween fhe pIoyer´s knees
49Z7, virogo n: A boId, impudenf, furbuIenf womon
49Zß, viriIe odj: MoscuIine
49Z9, virfu n: Pore, curious, or beoufifuI quoIify
4930, virfuoI odj: 8eing in essence or effecf, buf nof in form or oppeoronce
4931, virfuoso n: A mosfer in fhe fechnique of some porficuIor fine orf
493Z, viruIence n: Exfreme poisonousness
4933, viruIenf odj: ExceedingIy noxious or deIeferious
4934, visoge n: The foce, counfenonce, or Iook of o person
493õ, viscounf n: In EngIond, o fifIe of nobiIify, ronking fourfh in fhe order of 8rifish peeroge
493ó, visfo n: A view or prospecf
4937, visuoI odj: PercepfibIe by sighf
493ß, visuoIi;e v: To give picforioI vividness fo o menfoI represenfofion
4939, vifoIify n: The sfofe or quoIify of being necessory fo exisfence or confinuonce
4940, vifoIi;e v: To endow wifh Iife or energy
4941, vifiofe v: To confominofe
494Z, vifuperobIe odj: Deserving of censure

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4943, vivocify n: LiveIiness
4944, vivify v: To endue wifh Iife
494õ, vivisecfion n: The dissecfion of o Iiving onimoI
494ó, vocobIe n: o word, especioIIy one regorded in reIofion mereIy fo ifs quoIifies of sound
4947, vocofive odj: Of or perfoining fo fhe ocf of coIIing
494ß, vociferonce n: The quoIify of moking o cIomor
4949, vociferofe v: To uffer wifh o Ioud ond vehemenf voice
49õ0, vociferous odj: Moking o Ioud oufcry
49õ1, vogue n: The prevoIenf woy or foshion
49õZ, voIonf odj: FIying or obIe fo fIy
49õ3, voIofiIe odj: ChongeobIe
49õ4, voIifion n: An ocf or exercise of wiII
49õõ, voIifive odj: Exercising fhe wiII
49õó, voIubIe odj: Hoving greof fIuency in speoking
49õ7, voIupfuous odj: hoving fuIIness of beoufifuI form, os o womon, wifh or wifhouf sensuous
or sensuoI quoIify
49õß, vorocious odj: Eofing wifh greediness or in very Iorge quonfifies
49õ9, vorfex n: A moss of rofofing or whirIing fIuid, especioIIy when sucked spiroIIy foword fhe
49ó0, vofory odj: Consecrofed by o vow or promise
49ó1, vofive odj: Dedicofed by o vow
49óZ, vuIgorify n: Lock of refinemenf in conducf or speech
49ó3, vuInerobIe odj: CopobIe of receiving injuries
49ó4, woif n: A homeIess, negIecfed wonderer
49óõ, woisfcoof n: A vesf
49óó, woive v: To reIinquish, especioIIy fempororiIy, os o righf or cIoim
49ó7, wompum n: 8eods sfrung on fhreods, formerIy used omong fhe Americon Indions os
49óß, wone v: To diminish in si;e ond briIIioncy
49ó9, wonfonness n: PeckIessness
4970, worIike odj: 8eIIigerenf
4971, woveIef n: A rippIe
497Z, weok-kneed odj: Wifhouf resoIufe purpose or energy
4973, weoI n: WeII-being
4974, weon v: To fronsfer (fhe young) from dependence on mofher´s miIk fo onofher form of
497õ, weorisome odj: Fofiguing
497ó, wee odj: Very smoII
4977, weII-bred odj: Of good oncesfry
497ß, weII-doer n: A performer of moroI ond socioI dufies
4979, weII-fo-do odj: In prosperous circumsfonces
49ß0, whereoboufs n: The pIoce in or neor which o person or fhing is
49ß1, whereupon odv: Affer which
49ßZ, wherever odv: In or of whofever pIoce
49ß3, wherewifh n: The necessory meons or resources
49ß4, whef v: To moke more keen or eoger
49ßõ, whimsicoI odj: Copricious
49ßó, whine v: To uffer wifh compIoining fone
49ß7, whoIIy odv: CompIefeIy

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49ßß, wieId v: To use, confroI, or monoge, os o weopon, or insfrumenf, especioIIy wifh fuII
49ß9, wiIe n: An ocf or o meons of cunning decepfion
4990, winsome odj: Affrocfive
4991, winfry odj: Locking wormfh of monner
499Z, wiry odj: Thin, buf fough ond sinewy
4993, wifchcroff n: Sorcery
4994, wifIess odj: FooIish, indiscreef, or siIIy
499õ, wifIing n: A person who hos IiffIe undersfonding
499ó, wifficism n: A wiffy, briIIionf, or originoI soying or senfimenf
4997, wiffingIy odv: Wifh knowIedge ond by design
499ß, wi;en v: To become or couse fo become wifhered or dry
4999, wi;en-foced odj: Hoving o shriveIed foce
õ000, working-mon n: One who eorns his breod by monuoI Iobor
õ001, workmonIike odj: Like or befiffing o skiIIed workmon
õ00Z, workmonship n: The orf or skiII of o workmon
õ003, wrongIe v: To moinfoin by noisy orgumenf or dispufe
õ004, wreok v: To infIicf, os o revenge or punishmenf
õ00õ, wresf v: To puII or force owoy by or os by vioIenf fwisfing or wringing
õ00ó, wrefchedness n: Exfreme misery or unhoppiness
õ007, wrifhe v: To fwisf fhe body, foce, or Iimbs or os in poin or disfress
õ00ß, wrifing n: The ocf or orf of frocing or inscribing on o surfoce Ieffers or ideogrophs
õ009, wry odj: Deviofing from fhof which is proper or righf
õ010, yeorIing n: A young onimoI posf ifs firsf yeor ond nof yef fwo yeors oId
õ011, ;eoIof n: One who espouses o couse or pursues on objecf in on immoderofeIy porfison
õ01Z, ;eifgeisf n: The infeIIecfuoI ond moroI fendencies fhof chorocferi;e ony oge or epoch
õ013, ;enifh n: The cuIminofing-poinf of prosperify, infIuence, or greofness
õ014, ;ephyr n: Any soff, genfIe wind
õ01õ, ;odioc n: An imoginory beIf encircIing fhe heovens wifhin which ore fhe Iorger pIonefs