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In nowadays, the business environment has become more dynamic than ever before. There
are many businesses are struggling with problem such as management, decision-making and
so on in order to keep up with the fast changings. To help people to achieve their dreams,
our business provides online consulting services to businesses which are facing difficulties.
Customers can have information of our all consultants and name anyone through our unique
smartphone application. This allows the consulting becomes easier and more comfortable
for customers.
3.1 Vision
Strive to help business people to find the quickest, easiest and reliable method to pursue
their ambitions.
3.2 Industry Analysis: Business Smartphone Application Industry
Industry: Business Smartphone Application Industry. Smart phone application industry is a
new industry and grows in a fast rate.
Force: High/
High There are many smart phone applications are provided in the
market. “The App Store leads with nearly 100,000 apps, followed
by Android (10,000+ apps) and the Ovi Store (2,000+ apps)” stated
on Geek website. Even with business, customers have many
choices of applications and resulting the buyer power for the
industry is high. (Geek. (n.d.))
High Before we starting to construct an application, there are plenty of
choices offerred. However, it is not easy to switch a supplier and it
is money costing, which means the supplier power is reasonably
high. (Donnelly, B., 2012)


Threat of
High The threat of new entrants is high since to make an application is
simple. Anyone can develop their own apps and place them in the
market. Hence, there is few barriers to enter the market.
(chaitanyak., (n.d.).)
Threat of
High The substitues of the smartphone application is high. The most
significant example is website. As the idea of doing business on
mobile phone is new, people may not pay attention on business
applications, and hence, they are tend to choose businesses on
websites or traditional ones. (Jahns, R., 2010)
High Our rivalry among existing competitors is high due to the large
amount of business related applications exist on the market. Also,
the market share of business applications compared to traditional
and web-based businesses is relatively small. Hence, we have a
high competition force in the industry.
Overall attractiveness of the industry: Generally, implementing in the business smarphone
application industry is unattractive currently, but it is boosted with both potential
possiblities and challenges.
3.3 Customers and Thei r Needs
Our target customers are owners of businesses in New Zealand who are struggling with
financial or operating problems. As an example, Moa Group Limited has experienced a
downturn due to misjudging its company culture. (Dann. L., 2013). This happens when the
CEO has poor knowledge about his/her company and therefore, causing problems.
Companies like Moa are the targets of our business since we have experts who can resolve
significant problems such as misunderstanding on organization culture.
3.4 The Product and Service
Our business has recruited experts of different fields related to business operations. Through
our unique application, our employees could provide insightful suggestions to our customers
which then can help them to aware of the significant problems and resolve them.
3.5 Suppliers and Partners


One of the suppliers of our business is an technology engineering company like AT&T
Application Consulting, who can develop the application meets all features that we require.
The other supplier can be OS supplier such as Apple and Microsoft. One possible partner can
be app stores, such as App Store and Google Play who provide us platforms to display our
product and our application then attract people to view and download that can bring
benefits to stores. Another possible partner is the advertisement company such as King St
Advertising Ltd.
3.6 Strategy: focused low cost
Our strategy is focused low cost. As we are dealing with businesses that are struggling with
difficulties, the amount of our potential customers is limited, and hence, we are focusing on
a narrow market scope. The cost of consulting with us is relatively low compared to
businesses in the same industry as we need an effective way to attract and retain our
customer base and develop our own reputation. A low fee charged and relatively high
quality of services delivered to customers could not only attract those business with urgent
problems, but also those with potential problems could be thinking about to come to our
business for help.
3.7 Value Chain Activity: Technology Development (and R&D)
Technology Development (and R&D)
One important activity in the value chain is the technology development as the application
we use is the key factor in attracting customers. Since our business is striving to seek a quick,
easy and reliable way to provide consulting services on the application as stated in the vision,
our application need to work fast, easy to use and have a high security that can protect
customer’s privacy and data. Without security, there would not be any customer wanting
our service, as businesses are sensible to data and information. Also, working fluently and
excellent usability create competitive advantages for us. As our strategy is focused low cost,
we are aiming to develop with lower costs but better service. If we suffer high expense, our
business may not be able to afford the money. Therefore it is important for us to execute a
low cost but remarkable technology development.

3.8 Business Processes
3.8.1. Fix a failure reported of the system during testing
During the system testing, failures are possible to occur. Once our IT staff discover the failure, they will


determine where the bug locates and establish an appropriate solution. It is important as problems that
are causing failure on systems can be found during testing, and by fixing these problems, a more complete
and well-designed product can be released to customers.

3.8.2. Add new features of the application
To add some unique features are important in distinguishing our application with others. It is involved in
technology development as we design and develop them before we release the final product to the
market. To survive in the competition, it is essential to differentiate our application in order to be more
attractive to those potential customers. To do this, we set up a clear and feasible plan, design the required
features, actually develop it, test it and release it to our customers.



3.9 Functionalities
3.9.1. Fix a failure reported of the system during testing
 Receive the failure report from staff
 Evaluate alternatives towards the problem
3.9.2. Add new features of the application
 Design and develop the new features
 Test the features developed to see the efficiency
3.10 Systems
3.10.1. Solution processing system -
Solution processing system support the process of establishing a solution, which is part of decision


support system since it is considered as a support of long-term decision. The system states the problem
and list out possible solutions. Hence, maganers can evaluate each alternatives through testing each of
them to determine which alternative would be the best for the problem. As we are aiming to develop a
quick, easy and reliable application, any failure is needed to be fixed to maintain its usability and
availability. By using this system, our application can be runing more smoothly on our customers’

3.10.2. Technique development system -
Technique development system allows our business to add any featurs required. This is part of our supply
chain management system as it involves both the business itself and the application consulting suppliers.
The system allows our supplier to design and develop any features required with employees inside our
business. It improves effectiveness of the project. Therefore, our application can be either quicker, easier,
more reliable or all of them, which is taking us towards to our vision closer.

3.10.3. Efficiency analysis system -
Efficiency analysis system is a part of supply chain management system as testing finished product is an
essential component in the supply chain. This system supports the analysis of each features’ performance,
and categorize them into either success or failed executed features. Any failed features will be either
eliminated or redesigned, while success features are integrated with the application. As our vision stated,
a quicker, easier and more reliable application is our aim. Hence, we are working to make sure the
features are successful in terms of fast processing speed, high usability, and highly secured.


3.11. Summary Table: Value Chain to Systems

Value Chain
Processes Functionalities Specific Information
Broad Information

1. Fix a failure
reported of
the system
1. Receive the failure report from staff
during testing
2. Evaluate alternatives towards the problem
Faulty reporting system

Solution processing system
Transaction Process System

Decision Support System
2. Add new
features on
1. Design and develop the new features

2. Test the features developed to see if it can
work properly
Technique develping system

Efficiency analysis system
Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management


In conclusion, our business provides consulting services on smartphone through our
application to support any business facing difficulties. We are going to operating in
the smartphone consulting application industry which is a challenging industry. To
seek more opportunities, we choose to focus on the focused low cost strategy. With
the highest importance of technology development activity, we add favorable
features and testing them by using specific systems to add value on.


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