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Recall action bulletin
1. P014_UKv2 - Recall Action : Electric Booster Heater (PTC Heater) Operation
2. P011_uk - Electric Booster Heater (PTC Heater) Operation
3. P009v2 - RECALL ACTION Roof Opening Panel Function

Service action

Q116_UK - Airbag/Clock Spring Connector
Q106v2 UK - Diesel Automatic Transmission Slip/Flare - Service Action
Q081_UK - SERVICE ACTION - Si6 Engine Vent Hose Coolant Leak
Q060_UK - SERVICE ACTION Anti-Theft Alarm Horn with Integral Battery
Q101_UK - Gear Shift Lever Ballpin Loose
Q078_UK - Wheel Brace Incorrect Socket Dimension Model

Technical bulletins
1. LTB00019 - New Essential Special Service Tool Release Notification
2. LTB00009 - Special Tool Release Notification

Suspension system
1. LTB00248 - Correct Procedure For Using the Ball Joint Splitter
2. LTB00221v3 - Tire Valve Stem Damage During Manual Tire Pressure Checking or Inflation (Low Tire Pressure Warnings
Illuminated - TPMS Vehicles Only)
3. LTB00055 - Knocking Noise From Front Suspension
4. LTB00048v5 - Creak/Clicking Noise From Rear of the Vehicle

Driveline system
1. LTB00342 - Rear Differential Lower Level Repair
2. LTB00161 - Method Change Active on Demand Coupling Module

1. LTB00316v2 - Steering Wheel Vibration And Or Shimmy
2. LTB00272 - Power Steering Noisy/Heavy

Engine system

LTB00277v2 - Vehicle Non Start/Rough Running in 'Extreme Cold' Temperatures With DTC P0201/P0202/P0203/P0204 Stored
LTB00237 - Reduced Engine Performance With DTC P0234 Stored
LTB00183v3 - Thread Repair for Aluminium Components
LTB00140 - Oil Pump Priming Procedure
LTB00073 - Slow Starter Cranking/No Cranking
LTB00051 - The Starter Motor Solenoid Is Now Available as a Serviceable Part
LTB00031 - Possible Reduction In Power At Altitude

Automatic transmission system
1. LTB00349 - Re-Routing Of Cables When Installing A New Automatic Transmission
2. LTB00212 - Automatic and Manual Transmissions Procedure Change

Fuel system
1. LTB00148v2 - Accidentally Filling Diesel Vehicles with Gasoline
2. LRA310-001V3 - Land Rover - Accidentally Filling Diesel Vehicles with Gasoline

Climate control system
1. LTB00147 - Solar Sensor DTC B10BE Stored

LTB00043v2 .Roof Trim Replacements 4.Intermittent Non-Start and Trip Function Resets to Zero LTB00039 . LTB00282v4 . SSM41160 . LTB00314 .LTB00085 .Unable to Open Fuel Filler Flap or Tailgate 7.LTB00129 . 6. LTB00173 . SSM33304 .LTB00203v2 . LTB00360 . LTB00339 . 5.B-Pillar Trim Panel Wear 15.Front Seat Armrest Free Play / Rattle 8.Vehicle Will Not Start Crash Status Flagged LTB00236 .Reduced Power With the Possibility of DTC P0299 Stored LTB00053 .LTB00089v2 .Manual Seat Adjustment Regression 3. LTB00096 . 4.LTB00210 .Rear Lamps Condensation . LTB00284 .Separable End 10. LTB00312v3 . LTB00289v2 . LTB00290v2 . LTB00292 .Seat Motor and Drive Cables Availability 5.Doors Require Greater Effort to Open In Extreme Cold Temperatures 20.Freelander 2 Body Sports Styling Pack � Important Message. LTB00255 . LTB00346 . SSM45936 . SSM33023 .Fuel Gauge Sweeps To Full LTB00162v2 .Door Cladding Replacement 12.'B' Pillar Trim Wear 6. SSM33022 . LTB00134 . SSM40669 .Poor Starting-Stumble LTB00093v2 . SSM31760 .ACM (iPod) harness re-work (Alpine branded In car Entertainment) 6. 9.High Mounted Stop Lamp Water Ingress Repair 2.Wrapguard Staining Special service messages Accessories 1.SSM30558 .Misting 3.Spare Key Ordering for Freelander Towing Accessory Products 11.Audio Connectivity Module (new part number) 8.Land Rover Side Door Latch Diagnostics 9.L359 – Freelander 2 Towing Module 2. SSM31201 . 2.Land Rover Audio Connectivity (iPod) 7.Windshield Washer Tube Routing 21.Door Latch Cable .LTB00117v2 . 2.Roof Rails .Windshield Wiper Blades Knocking/Juddering 18.LTB00040 .Audio Connectivity (iPod) Systems 3. 3.Clock Format Cannot Be Changed 12/24hr Lighting system 1.Key ordering for Roof Carrying Accessory products .Loss of Audio 3.Incorrect Trailer Module Packaged In Towing Electric Kit 10.Cabin Odour With DTC B102E-11 Stored 3.Low Line Radio Update 2.New Audio Connectivity Module part number (iPod) 5.Press Clutch Message Display and Excess Quiescent Current Drain When in Transport Mode Body system 1.Heated Rear back-light Repair 4.Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) B1D64-01 or B1D65-01 Stored Electronic feature group 1.Installing Interior Rear View Mirror Mounting To Windshield 17. LTB00104 .LTB00046 .Rear Door Cladding Replacement 11.LTB00176v4 .SSM30560 .Seat Rock Update 14. LTB00330 . LTB00348 . LTB00329 .Seat Rail Low Level Service Repair 2.Bluetooth Issues LTB00088 . 3.Poor Phone Call Quality LTB00092v3 . 4.LTB00036 . SSM33746 . LTB00261 .Roof Opening Panel Misaligned/Jammed 16.Message Centre Display Concerns Entertainment system 1.2.New Workshop Procedure to Remove/Install the Air Conditioning Compressor Instrument panel 1.LTB00223 .Driver Air Bag Module Distorted 13.Exterior Paint Defect Reporting Aid 19.Steering Column Locked Message Appears LTB00094v2 .

SSM44980 . SSM43355 . SSM34344 . SSM46857 .Sunroof Repair Diagnostic Process 3.Land Rover LHF door handle function prior to PDI 12. SSM40385 . LR 3/4 & Freelander 2 / LR2 Seat Rock Update! 8. 4. 4.SSM42165 .Module number not listed when performing bulletin LTB00092v2 29. SSM47398 .Park Brake Holding on 10.Updating from SDD DVD 119 to SDD DVD 120 21.SSM36245 .Steering Angle Sensor / ABS Module DTCs C0051-28 and U0428-41 2.Placement of Stickers on Electrical Demist Elements 28.exe from DiagnosticDelivery.Freelander 2 leather seat side panel splits . SSM40807 .GTR Replacement .Brake Calliper Discolouration.Freelander 2 .Freelander 2/LR2 .SDD IDS Issues 10.SDD and Software Updates 24.Freelander 2 / LR2 derivative badge missing 25.IDS SDD Background Download of DVD Software Updates 14.SSM44325 . SSM42749 .SSM41140 .Service parts 2.SSM32962 .Manual Seat Height adjustment 21.SSM33608 .Door Lock Cover Fitment During PDI 26.SSM41483 .SSM39371 .SSM35484 .Freelander 2 luggage cover assy .SSM43857 . 9.Midtronics battery charger not maintaing 12.How to Load AS-BUILT CCF to Vehicle using IDS 27.SSM34324 .com/ 15.SSM44510 .Leather Seat Warranty Claim Policy.Body 1. SSM43836 .SSM43938 .SSM32440 . Land Rover Seat Rock 5. SSM45085 .SSM43115 .SSM35946 . Antivirus and Firewall settings 16. SSM39430 .Changes to Calibration and As-built package V61 or greater.SSM34164 .RRS. Disco 3/4. SSM46337 .SSM31560 . SSM44960 .SDD IDS DVD Installation Requires Authentication 13.Freelander 2/LR2 � Key and Start Control Module issues 24.Freelander 2 Glovebox Latch Handle detachment 17.SSM43395 .5V required by IDS . SSM46897 .RTS disk V13 Release Notification 2.New Panasonic Laptop Configuration Script 22.Steering Gear O-ring Fluid Leaks. SSM42363 .Unable to download IDS DVD FULL. SSM48117 .Remote Unlock Strategy Change 19. SSM45470 .SSM34326 .Re.Attaching Sesson Files 11. Discovery 3/4. All Land Rover Models 9.IDS SDD DVD 121 UPDATE/FULL Staggered DVD Release 18.SSM33584 .Alarms Going Off For No Reason 15.SDD Network. SSM41418 .Freelander 2 / LR2 Front Grille Black Spot Repair Procedure 16. SSM43241 .DVD120 Pinpoint Tests Require Manual Installation 20.SSM43578 .SSM45065 .Wheel Return Warranty Process.SDD IDS Issues EPQR .DVD 118 Car Configuration File error messages 26.SSM40955 .SSM44065 .SSM36804 . 7.SSM44661 .SSM42203 .SSM42892 .Transmission mounting Bracket Fixing Bolts Diagnostic software/hardware 1. SSM44193 .Freelander 2/LR2 Interior Door Trim protection 20.Running Defrag Tool 28.SSM36987 .Freelander 2/LR2 Windscreen wiper blade check 27.Service part repair 14.SSM32563 .Paint Defect Reporting 22. SSM38303 .Powerfold Mirror Operation 13.Reduced IDS Laptop Performance .Freelander 2 with fluid leaks 11. SSM41074 .Steering Geometry Adjustments 5. SSM48078 .Background Download Icon `Software update should be performed` 5. 3.SSM36725 .IDS/SDD File Corruption Remedy 7. SSM45106 .SSM31746 . SSM43818 .Freelander 2 Vehicles pulling / drifting Left or Right 8.Generic Remote Issues 10.SSM33607 .TOPIx Launch Wed 13th October 8.FREELANDER 2 Right First Time Repair for SRS Light Illumination 6.Freelander 2 (07MY) Colour Codes 29.RRS.Freelander 2 / LR2 Glass Quality reporting 18. SSM45491 .Unable to change IPC Language Freelander 2 / LR2 at PDI 6.Old (Ford) Calibration File Update Server Deactivation 9.French Translated Version.SDD Calibration File Update Server Address Change 19.Freelander 2 `B` pillar trim wear .SSM40566 .SSM35084 .Updating Calibration File Version in SDD 12.Freelander 2 Brake Judder 6.Power Steering System Flushing Procedure.IDS SDD Troubleshooting Guide V1.Software Manager manual download error message 25.Low Ambient Temperature / Application of Carbaflo to Door Seals Chassis 1.SSM42666 . SSM45877 .Exterior mirrors Judder on power fold operation 7.SSM44833 .SSM34684 .SSM36824 .Welcome to SDD Main menu fix 3. SSM45594 .SSM 43241 .Full Release Of DVD 121 17.0 23.Seatbelt inspection 4. LR3/4 & Freelander 2/LR2 Limited `Seat Rock` 11.Usage of Door Seals 23.SSM40425 .

Vehicle Non Start Steering (Steering Locked Message Appears) SSM39513 . SSM48277 . 3.Freelander 2 HVAC system performance investigation 4.L359 SI6 engine only: Oil entering engine breather system.Hot soak engine restart .Freelander 2 Coolant Pipe to Expansion Tank leak 6.I.SSM30861 . SSM42665 .SSM41480 .Fuel System Related Diagnosis 22.SSM33704 .SSM36164 .Diesel Engine overheats.Navigation Software update 7.Loctite 510 for I6 cam cover joint 14.Freelander 2 Diesel Turbocharger Lower level repair 8.SSM41943 . 11.SSM34505 . SSM42912 .359946)Code P1889-74 Flagged `Traction Reduced` Driveline 1.SSM40344 .Vehicle will not start SSM43816 .SSM36944 .Freelander 2 Diesel Turbo. SSM41478 . 11.Freelander 2 Diesel DTC P0045-19 logging SSM44235 . 9.SSM33685 . 7.Freelander 2/LR2 Adaptive Warning Light displayed on dash 17.SSM32061 .Starter Motor Diagnostics 13. SSM43255 .Freelander 2 Fuel fired Booster Heater issue identification 10.Freelander 2 Fuel Tank System Diagnostic Aid SSM39291 .11My Freelander 2 DW12C DTC fault code P244A-96 update 12/11/10 5.SSM38003 .LR2 / Freelander 2 HEVAC Motor Contamination 9. cooling fans inoperative 9.SSM31002 . 3. EGR & air path diagnostic test 4.Freelander 2 .SSM32723 . SSM48197 . 4. SSM44145 .SSM31040 . SSM41748 . Instrument Cluster Clock Display 12.CJB Replacements 15. 8.Updated IDS Software Update Release Notes 31. SSM46357 . SSM42996 .Freelander 2 Headlamp Ballast Unit 24. SSM47297 .SSM31743 .30.Freelander 2 SI6 Petrol non start due to loss of fuel pressure SSM43596 .Freelander 2 Rear Differential Noise with reference to LTB00342 SSM44149 . SI6 Engine Tappet Noise Non technical .Freelander 2 Diesel . SSM47797 .Freelander 2 Rear Screen Connectivity System 20.SSM39533 . SSM46057 .Low Line Audio Functionality Issues 21.SSM33524 .SSM30379 .SSM36364 .installation of non approved software Driveability 1.Head Lamp / Fog Lamp Discolouration / Distortion 27. 2.IDS . SSM45795 .SSM34904 .SSM31199 . 5.Propshaft Grease Expulsion Electrical 1.Midtronics CX Pro 25 support information 33.SSM33585 .Gear Selector cable Squeak (Manual Transmission) SSM32602 .6 Petrol Poor Start/Stumble SSM34584 .Turbo Exhaust Gasket Diesel Only 12.Remote Key Stuck in the SCU 14.Non Start DTC B10A2 -## (Crash Status) 23.SSM38850 .Land Rover Freelander 2.False Flagging DTC`s 28. 6.Clock Loosing Time 6.SSM30697 .SSM42186 .Freelander 2 / LR2 Audio Amplifier Software Update 18.SSM30517 .Key Programming Engine 1.Engine Replacements 13.11My Freelander 2 DW12C DTC fault code P244A-96 SSM44255 .SSM32884 .Freelander 2 Manual Transmission-Gears difficult/stiff to select SSM36525 .IDS `VIN Mismatch` Warnings: Explained 34. 2.Coolant pipe joint to expansion tank leak 10. SSM42935 .10 MY.Freelander 2 Diesel Positive Crankcase Ventilation Frozen 3.Non Start when Cranked 2.6 Petrol Only) 32.Land Rover Fuel Burning Heater Diagnostic’s 3.Navigation Screen Inop or Flashes 5.Mirror Personalisation 19.Updated battery care manual now available in GTR 16.PDC sensor No Fault Found / Water Ingress 2.Loss of Sound on AM.SSM41075 .SSM31460 .Land Rover Audio Connectivity (iPod) 26.Freelander 2 Diesel Cooling Fan Pack Remove/Install 7.(127. SSM46777 . SSM44641 .Check customers phone compatibility using Land Rover website 8. SSM46477 .Q011 Idle Quality Improvements (I.Windscreen Wiper Set Procedure 25. SSM44508 . 4.Authorized Repair procedures SSM35344 . SSM47917 .

Open DTS Cases Wk 14 38.*Dealer Communication .SSM34524 .SSM33965 .SSM34785 .SSM32622 .SSM35666 .* Dealer Communication .Glass Crack/Shatter Warranty Policy Change 34.* Dealer Communication .Enhanced TR Diagnostics 10.Launch of TOPIX (GTR Replacement) 8.SSM32907 .* Dealer Communication Wk44 .* Dealer Communication .LR DTS Open Cases Wk34 19.Open DTS Issues Wk41 16. SSM42627 .1.SSM32903 .SSM35165 . SSM46438 .News Update: ePQR Changes .* Dealer Communication .Important Information 7.SSM32726 . 11.* Dealer Communication .Land Rover Open DTS Cases Wk 15 37.LR Open DTS Cases Wk 16 33.SSM34085 .SSM36405 .LR Open DTS Issues Wk 33 20.DTS Open Cases Wk31 22.* Dealer Communication .TR System Changes .Open DTS Cases Wk37 18.SSM37760 .Multilingual IDS Software Release Notes 25.Open DTS Cases Wk38 17.* Dealer Communication .Logon 4.* Dealer Communication . Repair Time Optimisation 9.Open DTS Cases 21.Freelander 2/LR2 Fuel Tank removal.DTS Open Issues wk10 41.SSM34526 .* Dealer Communication .SSM32067 . SSM44877 .SSM32943 . FINAL ISSUE 15.SSM35026 .Dealer Management System (DMS) Data for RTS Disk 007 12.FRED System Changes .SSM42626 .Australia Final Weekly Bulletin No 10 -2007 40.SSM35547 . SSM44876 . SSM46240 .ePQR System Changes 5. SSM44792 .Open DTS Cases Wk 17 32.Video 2 3.* Dealer Communication . SSM45656 .Requests for Replacement Keys and other Security-Related Parts 26.SSM32643 .News Update: ePQR Changes .* Dealer Communication .video 3 2.DTS Open Issues Wk25 DTS Cases Wk 29 24. SSM44280 .IDS Wireless Connectivity 35.Important Information 6.* Dealer Communication .Literature Pack Shortages and Dealer Literature Pack Replacement 14.* Dealer Communication .DTS Open Cases wk09 .Land Rover Open DTS Cases Wk 13 39.SSM39070 .Open DTS Cases wk 28 27.* Dealer Communication .SSM33186 .Land Rover IDS Connectivity Kit 13.Replacement of Front or Rear Shock Absorber/Air Spring 36.* Dealer Communication .Land Rover Open DTS Issues Wk 18 31.SSM33065 .SSM34385 .SSM32824 .* Dealer Communication .SSM32904 .Changes to Dealer Technical Support 23.Open DTS Cases.SSM34625 .DTS Open Cases Wk 24 29.SSM33285 .SSM32183 .SSM34925 .News Update: ePQR Changes .SSM35965 .SSM37359 . SSM46617 .* Dealer Communication .LR DTS Open Cases Wk19 30.* Dealer Communication .* Dealer Communication .SSM34550 .* Dealer Communication .Incorrect warranty & EPQR coding for Drivetrain components.