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Subhajit Roy
Mobile: +91 9836741111 / +91 9748872222
28, Doer !oa", 2#" $lr.
%olka&a ' 7(((19
Being successful is to know how to deal with failures.
Career Highlights: (Total Experience 14Years
A professional horizon with approximate span of 14 years with widely divergent business interests and ideology.
Out of which more than 8 years of exposure in managing profit making branch offices. pecialization in market
development and brand building exercises with exposure in advertising ! "# related $obs.
Professional Attachments in a nutshell.
Company Name Designation From To
Feel Good Moies Mar!eting Manager Dec "## Present
M$T %nc. &usiness Deelopment Manager Sep "'( No "##
Career.Com Manager- Client Ac)uisition Sep "'* Aug "'(
+,ni!!s Manager- Mar!eting Fe- "'. Aug "'*
Pailan $ducation Group / PA%0AN
Area Manager / Mar!eting Dec.,'4 5an.,'.
NS6M Academy
Presently NS6M 7no8ledge Campus
Mar!eting Coordinator Fe-.,'9 No.,'4
Center Manager 5an.,'= 5an.,'9
5ohnson > 5ohnson:
under the CNF
Sales 1epresentatie
5an.,(* 5an.,((
Feel Good Moies Pt. 0td.
Tenure? %ec &'11 ( till date
&usiness 3nit? )edia *ouse
1ole? )anager+ )arketing
0ocation? ,olkata
Feel Good Moies Pt. 0td. is a media house providing end to end solution in verticals like- .ilm production "ost
"roduction tudio- /0uipment renting- Advertising ! "ublicity campaigns- "hoto shoots and Ad campaigns
Key Responsibilities

1eading the )arketing 2eam and handling "roduct )anagement+ egment wise.

Accountable for Profit & Loss of the Branch Offices.

Budgeting, cash flow statement, allocation of fund wrt Project requirement.

Superising the entire !echnical "or# $low of the Studio. Project wise Allocation of job in accordance
with the requirement of the %lient thus ensuring delier& against deadline.
/stablishing short term 3 long term budgets ! )arketing strategies for achievement of business targets- in line
with the approved business ob$ective.
Bu&ing & Selling of space for Publicit& campaigns, e'ecution of the campaign (creatie & commercial
part) in *lectronic, Print media, Out +oor media, B!L actiites and other allied aenues.
$ollow up of account receiables, collection of outstanding as per targets, ,ar#et feed bac# through
wee#l& and monthl& reports.
M$T %nc.
Tenure? ep &''4 ( 5ov &'11
&usiness 3nit? /vent )anagement ! Advertisement Agency
1ole? 6usiness %evelopment )anager
0ocation? ,olkata
Met %nc. is an *e#& Ma#ageme#& + ,"er&iseme#& ,ge#cy with its presence across /astern ! 5orth+/astern 7ndia
with business exposure in areas of 8orporate ! /ntertainment /vents- Ad shoots- 8orporate .ilms !
Advertisements- /ducation ! 9ob .airs- 6randing ! )arketing campaigns- "romotional activities.
Key Responsibilities
Organized /ducation .airs across :est 6engal ;,olkata- %urgapur- Asansol- iliguri<- 6hutan- 5orth /ast
7ndia ; Assam- hillong- Agartala< ! conducting press conferences aligned to client+organizational goals.
5etworking with prospective clients- generating business from the existing accounts.
-andling branding actiities for %lients inoling ,edia Planning , S,S campaign , *.mail
campaigns, Outdoor & indoor branding , %orporate and financial /nstitution for establishing
brand and ensuring that the brand reaches and retains the top of the mind position.
Planning and organi0ing sales promotional actiities among the right target audience li#e sponsoring
eents, participation in e'hibition, conducting road shows, corporate eents, club eents,
1esidential comple'es and other respectie actiation to create awareness and generate lead for
$or Ad shoots , %orporate Presentations, handled the entire Production related planning. Allocation
of job to respectie departments, Shooting scheduling, Post Production Planning. +elier& of product
within deadlines
*andling overall =endor %evelopment ! #ate 5egotiation.
Tenure? ep &''> ( Aug &''4
&usiness 3nit? Man Po8er Deelopment: Staffing > 1ecruitment.
1ole? )anager+ )arketing.
Team? Team Mem-er- 8lient Ac0uisition ! #etention.
0ocation? ,olkata
Career.Com is an end to end #ecruitment- taffing and )an "ower development service provider with a focus
on /xecutive earch- #ecruitment- 1earning and 2emporary taffing services to client organizations.
7ey 1esponsi-ilities
#esponsible for fresh business through corporate empanelment and generating business from the existing
clientele in order to achieve business targets ! taking care of the after sales service.
*andling end to end recruitment process from re0uisition to closure through campus connect program.
#esponsible for fresh client generation for 8ampus connect across colleges.
8orporate presentations ! customer 0uery handling to generate lead for possible sales through corporate
training > College Campus.
9ob role involved M%S > data management
Tenure? .eb &''? ( Aug &''>
&usiness 3nit? /lectronic ! /lectrical Appliances
1ole? /xecutive+ 6usiness %evelopment
0ocation? ,olkata
+,ni!!s is an 7 manufacturing company having workshop at "aikpara and corporate office at @aria- outh
,olkata. 7t is specialized in manufacturing of 0uality /lectronic and /lectrical instruments- 2rainer kits for the 1abs
of various reputed /ngineering colleges and universities across :est 6engal and Odisha.
7ey 1esponsi-ilities

1eading the Mar!eting Team and handling Product Management- Segment 8ise.
#esponsible for building the brand- identify and launch new products- new markets ! new applications to
expand the business of the company./n0uiry generation- "roduct "ricing ! "articipation in 2enders.
"articipation in various /xhibitions- 8areer ! /ducation fairs across :est 6engal and Odisha.
ponsoring college fest and cultural activities- @enerating customer feedback ! analysis- segment identification
! promotion-
Academic %nformation
&achelor in Arts- Aniversity of 8alcutta- #((*.
@%%-:.6.8.*../- #((9
@-:.6.6../- #((#
Ma<or Programs > Trainings
Certified in &usiness $nglish Communication from 3niersity of Cam-ridge: 0ocal $Aamination
Attended 8or!shop on Communicatie $nglish organiBed -y 2Aford 3niersity Press %ndia.
Attended Cor!shop on D A Practical Course in $nglish Speech > CommunicationE organiBed -y
CACM:ST$P:%%T / 7haragpur
6igher Diploma in Computer Science from Aptech School for Soft8are eAports TrainingFa diision
of Aptech 0td.G.
Area of interest
)arketing ! branding Activities
.easibility reports.
.raming of business ideas
:atching )ovies
Personal %nformation
Date of &irth B %ec.&?
- 14>4
SeA B )ale
Marital Status B )arried
Father,s name B ri Amananda #oy
0anguage 7no8n B /nglish- 6engali ! *indi