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There is a number of people who think Auckland City is dangerous at night. By launching an
application (app) that automatically finds safer routes to the destination the user types, the
user can feel more securd even at night. After they use the routes the app showed, how
secure they felt can be sent as feedback by the rating system, and then the data is collected
to make the service better. Even when customers are concerned about the routes the app
suggests, the app enables customers to call taxi by pushing a button on the app. Through
these services, Auckland City can be safer to navigate at night.
3.1 Vision
By collecting and integrating information on a platform, making people in Auckland feel
3.2 Industry Analysis: Safety app
Industry: Safety app.
Force: High/Low: Justification:
Buyer power: Low Looking at Apple apps store and searching the
term “security”, “safety” and “safe”, there are no
existing competitors. (Apple, n.d.). As for Android
apps store, there are some similar apps in ceratin
countries such as Britain, Japan and Spain but
there is no similar apps in New Zealand. (Google,
n.d.). Therefore, buyers do not have many
alternatives and their power should be low.


Supplier power: High IT related companies that create apps are main
suppliers. Making apps is not hard once having
the infrastructure and knowledge, and this know-
how can be applied for other apps so that
suppliers can easily switch to other businesses.
(Suter, 2012). Therefore, supplier power is high.
Threat of new entrants: High Technology and experience to make apps are
used for other apps and no specific knowledge is
needed in order to create a safety app, so barrier
of entrance is low and it is easy to enter the
market. (Suter, 2012).
Threat of substitutes: High There are many alternatives that can choose
when people feel scared of walking at night,
which are: walking with friends, staying at
someone’s house, calling family to ask for a ride,
and calling a taxi. One of the substitutes can be
eliminated by having a partnership with taxi
companies but threat of substitutes is still high.
Rivalry among existing
Low Because there are not so many safety apps,
competition is not severe, but barrier of entrance
is low, there is a possibility that many businesses
enter the market.
Overall attractiveness of the industry: Because there are not many existing competetitors,
our business can experience a first-mover advantage for a while. However, barrier of
entrance is low in that apps are made easily and the market of mobile apps itself is huge, so
once other businesses enter the safety app market, other strategies to survive are required.


3.3 Customers and Thei r Needs
According to Casey and Crothers (2005), through their research, 109 people said they think
Auckland is safe in the day time, on the other hand, half of them said Auckland is less safe at
night. The reasons of less safe at night are mentioned that there are a lot of homeless
people and drunk or creepy people, and not enough police are around. These people who
are more likely to be concerned about safety, espacially women, who are the main target.
Because the app aims at providing information, people who lack information about the city
itself can be a target. Considering Auckland is an internationalised city, international
students can be target as well because they are less likely to be accustomed to the city, so
they tend to be willing to gather information. Ministory of Educaion (2013) Illustrates how a
large number of international students are living in Auckland, which is 58,255 in 2012 and
62.6% out of the total in New Zealand. Therefore, it is worth to approach them.
3.4 The Product and Service
Our vision is making people feel secure and in order to achieve it, it is necessary that not
only users can have access to information but also the users “actually” feel secure. Our app
enables it by allowing users evaluate how safe it was based on their own experience. By
looking at the evaluation, we can revise the information and make better route plans. This
leads to users feeling more secure next time they use the app.
Moreover, by creating platform, it is easier to gather a large amount of information because
users can also participate in creating a database. Users do not have to look at different
resources to collect information. Since the information is rated, users can distinguish useful
3.5 Suppliers and Partners
In order to fulfill the need, it is vital to propose routes based on accurate data analysis and
transaction. Collected data has to be updated immediately. Thefore, the system to transact,
store and analyse data needs to be considered carefully. In order to guarantee efficient
data system, choosing supplier is a key. Experienced IT companies can be sort as suppliers.
Another important supplier is the customer. As information is gathered from customers,


establising relations after customers use the service is important. Being honest and
accepting customer review through the rating system are necessary, and if changes in
information are needed, immediate response should be taken. Showing attitude to
appreciate customers’ cooperation is important. Moreover, app stores such as Android and
Apple are suppliers. Our business can ask them to advertise us and it can lead to promoting
In regard to partners, security companies and retailers that sell security goods can be
partners by advertising them on the app. By asking an advertising fee in return, users do not
have to pay when they download the app. Furthermore, as for the button to call taxi
companies, a partership with them is neccesary. Taxi companies can promote sales and our
business can add another services to make customers more satisfied, so the partnership is
beneficial for both.
3.6 Strategy: Focused l ow cost
The price of the app can be cheap as a lot of other apps are so. By having partnership with
security companies, shops that sell security goods and taxi companies, the app can be
launched for free because of the earnings of the advertisement fee.
Additionally, the market is narrow as a small number of existing competitors shows, so our
strategy is focused low cost.
3.7 Value Chain Activity: Technology development
The most important value chain activity for this business is Technology development.
The key of the app is the management of information. To achieve efficient use of
information, system to transact, store and anlalyze data, development of the app is
3.8 Business Processes
3.8.1. – Research and development processes
Creating the app before it is launched is a key for our business. Because our business is a app business, careful
development is a vital process. In particular, systems in the app to collecting, storing and analyzing information


have to be carefully developed. Only after it is cofirmed that our app works properly by testing again and
again, it can be launched. (Saha, 2011).

3.8.2. – Maintenance processes
Another important process happens after the app is launched. Because we focus on how customers feel about
routes the app suggested, it is neccesary to gather feedback data and analyse it then improve. The data is
stored in a database so that the app can develop more efficiently.



3.9 Functionalities
 Making the app easy to use
 Utilising information by collecting, storing and analyzing
 Making a customer feel secure by improving the app based on data from
 Cusomers can trust our service by providing trusting information


3.10 Systems

3.10. 1. SUPPLY CHAIN PLANNING SYSTEM– In our research and development system, finding
suppliers is an essential part since it leads to creating an app that can manage information
efficiently. Suppliers should have ability to meet our requirements, which are: making the
app easy to use, creating systems to transact data and installing it into the app, and
responding quickly to feedback from customers.
3.10. 2. SPI SYSTEM- In order to store data collected from customers, one universal database
is important. Storing data helps to analyze what kind of improvements we have to make.
3.10. 3. CUSTOMER SERVICE AND OPERATING CRM SYSTEM – To keep relationship with
customers, opinion that is represented by the rating system should be respected. When
customers send feedback, a message to appreciate the feedback can make customers
motivated to cooperate with our business.


3.11. Summary Table: Value Chain to Systems

Value Chain
Processes Functionalities Specific Information
Broad Information

1. Research and
1. Making the app easy to use
2. Utilising information by collecting,
storing and analyzing
Supply chain planning
Supply chain management
2. Maintenace
1. Making customer feel secured by
improving the app based on data from
2. Cusomers can trust our service by
providing trusting information
SPI system

Cusomer service and
operational CRM systems
Enterprise resource
planning system

Customer relationship
management system


The information platform app enables users to feel secure at night by choosing safer way to
their destination. Technology development through research and development, and
maintenance processes helps the service, and these processes are also supported by
information systems.

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