Program Management - Project Management - Interface Management

Provision of Due Diligence- Technical Assistance & Support for:

- Cluster Development Projects
- Troubled Projects
- Investments Risks in Projects
- Plants/ Assets Acquisitions
- Securing Private/ Banks Funding & Credit Solutions for Projects

Program Management & Interface Management

- Salvaging Troubled Projects - Technical Assistance to  Possibility of Recovery
- PM Operations constraints and drivers for success
- Making change happens -Lessons Learned Capture and Transition from Lessons Learned
Hindsight to Best Practice Foresight.
- Complex FPSO Interface Management
- Review of Main Projects Contracts  commercial/contractual frameworks
- Audits to assess if Projects can be a success or a failure.
- Audits midway through Projects - Interim review
- Audits at the close of Projects – Forensic review to develop Lessons Learned and
Success Criteria for Future Projects.

Project Management & Project Co-ordination

- Technical Assistance to Managing Your Suppliers and External Sub-contractors
- Technical assistance with investment risks and business development in the Energy
Sectors, Utilities, Electricity & Water, Co-generation. Risks mitigations & Performance
Standards as Best Practice
- Technical Assistance with development models for power, electricity trading, feasibility
studies for electricity production.
- Technical Assistance with Thermal Power Plants (TPP) Modernisation & Optimisation
(dismantling old equipment & assembling new ones, such as Automation Equipment DCS
System and Electrical Switchgear, generators, sub-stations &  AMR Automatic Metering
Systems & Devices, GIS.)
- Technical Assistance with  Waste Management (P.M) & Waste Disposal Services
- Technical Assistance with HVAC – Inspections, Caretaking & Maintenance
- Technical Assistance with  Offshore Wind Farm Development-Wind Turbines/Wind Park

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Program Management - Project Management - Interface Management
- Technical Assistance with
- Technical Assistance to Project Owners with International Bidders Proposals for Modern
Power Projects, Co-generation Plants.
- Provision of Project Contracts Support to Project Owners, Operators of Power Plants,
Pumping Stations, Desalination Plants, Co-generation Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants

- Provision of Procurement Support & Value for Money Solutions to Project Owners with-
Organisation of Materials Supply Chain and Delivery to Landmark Infrastructure Projects.

- Provision of Assistance to Owners To Secure Private Funding with Banks Short, Medium
& Long Term Financing Plans for New Built Projects, also for Modernisation & Upgrades.–
Assistance with Value For Money Affordability & Credit Solutions Studies.

Due Diligence – Technical Assistance with Assets Acquisitions

- Technical Assistance with Project Management  and Co-ordination for Plants Assets
- Technical Support with Strategic Studies, Audits, Analysis, Business Processes,
Strategies, Manuals, Training, Site Inspections
- Representation
- Owner’s representation with Contractors for Project Completions, Start Up &
- Operators representation with Contractors & Sub-contractors
- Contractors representation with Vendors
- Developers & Investors representation
- Governments representation for Capital Projects
- Technical Cooperation Projects Activities- Expert Missions - Due Diligence Services

Due Diligence – Cluster Development

- Technical Assistance with Cluster Development & Government Initiatives –
Comprehensive Studies of Economic Development of Business Clusters & Regional
Re-generation to Stimulate Revival through Partnerships with Public & Private Sectors.
- Assistance with Enhancement of Employment Opportunities, Training through
Re-generation Initiatives & Programs – In depth Studies & Best Practice Recommendations.

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