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Original Contribution

Teaching English language doesn’t only concern about reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
Teacher has to explore and expose students to the real adventure of learning by providing
relevant and interesting subject content such as Science, History, Geography, Mathematics etc.
This contribution addresses the issue of student-centered instruction versus teacher -centered
instruction. As Connor defines “Student-Centered Instruction (SCI) is a teaching strategy that
fundamentally breaks many of the traditional boundaries governing the manner in which students
have—by and large—been conditioned and expected to learn for centuries”
(,2014). Utilizing this kind of instruction in teaching English would not
focus only to teaching and giving lots of exercises concerning grammar but building an authentic
learning in a relevant content. This kind of strategy simply creates a positive community of
learners where students are able to work cooperatively and collaboratively. Additionally,
students could demonstrate and develop critical thinking and creative thinking during the
learning process. Therefore, it is important to strategize teaching through student-centered
instruction because it hones students to be a lifelong learner. On the other hand, “teacher-
centered strategy, is designed to actively involve students in the learning of organized bodies of
knowledge” (, 2010) and it only concerns the teacher’s knowledge and
skills alone. It is important to understand the benefit of student-centered instruction and teacher-
centered instruction because both promote learning in a different perspective. “When both
approaches are used together, students can enjoy the positives of both types of education. Instead
of getting bored with teacher-centered education or losing sight of their goals in a completely
student-centered classroom, pupils can benefit from a well-balanced educational atmosphere”
(, 2014).
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