Highest Elevation
Bitahai Lake is 11, 482 (3500 m above sea level). Pudacuo National Park is
only a stroll through the park, not an actual hike. We’ll even be having a
picnic there. There’s actually not much altitude hiking involved, so I don’t
think there’ll be any asthma problems. We were also thinking about going to
the Tiger Leaping Gorge, but the hike might be a little too long, and the
altitude is very high (13,000 feet). It’s 18 miles, easily completed in two days
(or one because SAS students and teachers are very athletic), but there are
many thieves.
2. Bus Time
The longest bus ride should be from the Birch hotel to White Water Terraces
(should be about 2 hours). The birch is conveniently located only 15 minutes
from the airport, ten minutes from dukezong old town and Songzanlin
Monastery, 15 minutes from Yila Grassland and Napa sea, 20 minutes from
Shika Mountain, 25 minutes from Bita and Shudu Lake, and 80 minutes from
the Tiger Leaping Gorge.

3. Hospital/Medical
There are many hospitals and clinics nearby, such as Hengkang Clinic (Jinsha
Rd, Shagri-La, Deqen, Yunnan, China; Ganzhutang Zangyi Clinic (Changzheng
Ave, Shagri-La, Deqen, Yunnan, China), Wenxiang Nationality Yimenzhen
(Jinsha Rd, Shagri-La, Deqen, Yunnan, China), Shangri-la Union Hospital
(Yangtang Rd, Shangri-La, Deqen, Yunnan, China), Shengshi Kangba Clinic
(Changzheng Ave, Shangri-La, Deqen, Yunnan, China), and so on.
4. Cultural Highlights
Yunnan Mountain Heritage Center. We help out the young children (kind of
like what we did at Yellow Mountain) and teach them great things. Also,
there’s craft-making there so we can make crafts with the little kids. We had
a chat with someone who works there, and they would be thrilled to have us.
5. Geographic Highlights
Basically EVERYTHING is a geographic highlight. One of the places we go to is
Pudacuo National Park. Hiking around in groups, exploring the wonderful
environment; I, personally could not think of anything more geographic.
6. Longest Hike
We’re actually not going for long hikes; maybe the longest is about 2 or 3
7. Alternative – High, Student-Interest Activities
We already put many alternate activities (ie. When a place is closed or if it’s
raining). There are many other places like Shanghutiao Canyon, Haba Snow
Mountain, Napa Hai Nature Reserve, Sumtsaling Monastery, Dabao Temple,

Here is the link to our wiki. It provides much information.