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Dimension 800

Integrated Library System
V: 8.50

TEL: +886-2-2577-8838
FAX: +886-2-2577-8687

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LibBest Dimension 800
Integrated Library System
System Architecture
Database Server
Application Server
Notebook PC

Presentation Tier Application Tier Database Tier
Personal Computer
Windows XP / 7 / 8
Internet Explorer 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

Intel / AMD based Server
Windows Server 2008/2012
Internet Information Server 7/8
.Net Framework 4.0
Intel / AMD based Server
Windows 2008/2012 Server
Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012
※Application Server and Database Server may work at the same hardware.

Application Server
(Main Library)
(library A)
(library B)
(library C)
Multi-Libraries Architecture

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Company Profile & Software Developing History:
 Established in 1988, Develop Integrated Library System for more than 22
 1990 developed the first Integrated Library System, it is DOS based
 Delivered the first Windows system in 1995.
 Delivered the first Web-based ILS, based on ASP.NET 1.1 technology with
Unicode encoded in 2003; it can handle multi-lingual bibliography data and
also patron records.
 Begin to offer Library RFID System in local library market in 2004.
 Promote our Library RFID System into international market in 2006
 Move our Integrated Library System into second generation web-based
AJAX ILS using new software development tools – Microsoft Visual Studio
 Deliver our ILS to international market since 2008.
 Name our Integrate Library System as Dimension 800.
 Year 2014 deliver our new version of Dimension 800, version become 8.50
and based on .NET 4.5. It is developed by using Visual Studio 2012/2013.
Develop Tools Revolution

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Dimension 800 Integrated Library Systems
Suitable for School, Institute and Public Library
Available Modules: Catalogue, Circulation, OPAC, Series, Acquisition and Library Portal.
 Improve Productivity
 Enhance Patron Service
 AJAX Web-based Integrated Library System
˙ LibBest Dimension 800 is a fully integrated library system in the market.
˙ This complete state-of-art library solution, based on standards, reflects the LibBest
philosophy of flexibility and ease of use.
˙ Based on the Microsoft SQL Server database, the LibBest Dimension 800 system
provide full Unicode support, XML management reports, and API links to other top-tier
˙ New Generation Technology – Completely Web-based, client run on browser.
˙ Web-based Application –, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, Web-Printing Supported
˙ Multi-lingual Support – Full Unicode (UTF-8) Support
˙ Standard Compliant – Marc21, UNI-Marc, ISO2709, Z39.50, MARCXML
˙ Flexible – System modules can be tailored to meet the requirement of your library.
˙ Customizable – Modifiable parameter enable libraries of any type to create unique
management system of their own.
˙ Reliable – Multi-tier Client/Server structure guarantees that LibBest Dimension 800 will
meet your needs now and in the future.
˙ Multi-Libraries Support – Suitable for Large Scale Library and Multi-Libraries Library.
˙ 64 bits Operating System Support – Libraries have choice to run under 32 or 64 bits
computer and database.
˙ User-Friendly – Clutter-free screens put it all at your fingertips for quick learning.
˙ Quick Cataloging – Catalog with speed and efficiency. Instantly access to many open
website MARC records.
˙ Quick Cataloging – Catalog with speed and efficiency.
˙ Configurable – Flexible design of functions and reports lets you be in control.
˙ Low-Maintenance – Software backups, updates, and maintenance are centrally
˙ Capable – Retrieve real-time library data faster than ever before.
˙ Browser Accessible – Access to library resources anytime, anywhere.
˙ Search Friendly – Visual (graphical) or text-based searching.
˙ Flexible – Customize Dimension 800 to fit your library’s policies, holdings, etc.
˙ Convenient – Available wherever, you can access the Internet via a browser.
˙ Powerful – The power of the Internet with a SQL Database provides robust performance.

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Dimension 800
Integrated Library
 Bibliographic, Item data
 Journal data handling
 Z39.50 search capacity
 Full MARC catalog(option)
 Patron data
 Check out, Check in, Renew,
Hold, Reserve, Fine & etc.
 List, Statics Reports
 Notices & rating
 Bibliography, Item Search
 Classification Search
 New books, New Journal
 Patron self service
 Serials data maintain
 Check in handling
 Subscription status, inquiry
 Budget Control
 Ordering, Invoicing
 Claims
 Check in handling
 Budget Control
 New books, Serials
 Notices (Due, Overdue,..)
 Lists or/and Email
 Email (manual or/and auto)

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A complete suite of cataloging utilities and reports helps you manage all aspects of cataloging
for your library.

Cataloging Functions
This Module for Libraries database centers on bibliographic records, so it's easy to manage
your holdings with database references rather than clutter the bibliographic data.
• Create, edit, receive, remove, export, and store.
• DDC, LCC, NLM and/or your own classification systems
• Import MARC records from any source, including OCLC, LC, NLM, and more.
• Duplicate Bibliographic Report
• Print Spine and/or Pocket Labels
• Fixed format of Bibliographic data and items
• Marc Format Optional (UNI-MARC, MARC21)
• Support ISBN barcode scanning, copy and paste to finish copy-cataloguing function
• Support ISBN-10 and ISBN-13
• Support multi classification system (LCC, DDC, NLM…)
• System retrieve book cover image from online bookstore
• After finish catalogue, system can print out barcode label and sticker from barcode
printer directly

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Multiple, Union Catalogs
• Affiliated libraries share a single bibliographic record, while managing unique patron and
holdings data.
• Independent and union catalog search.
• You have complete flexibility to set up your libraries and catalogs to share information as
you wish.

New Functions
• Image of Book Cover
• Link to bookstore, internet resource
• Book reviews
• Book Description, content table, price
• Shelf vs. Classification Number
• Periodical cover


Dimension 800 for Libraries features a sophisticated Circulation system that meets the needs
of libraries of all sizes. Librarians create their own circulation parameters, and have a rich
resource of patron, inventory, and system management tools. You have complete flexibility to
set and update your own policies. A simple, intuitive interface means that training your

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circulation staff is fast and easy. Multiple windows and functions are available to circulation
staff at one time, to reflect the frequent needs for multitasking in this area of the library.
• Loan, return, renew, hold, trace, and recall items, overrides, internal circulation.
• Automatic overdue and fines alerts and other notices via letter, telephone, SMS and/or
• Patron Management - Comprehensive inquiry and maintenance functions; library
controls whether patrons are allowed to make updates to their own records, change
passwords, etc.
• Management Reporting - Dozens of relevant activity reports assist you in managing
library operations.
• Circulation Functions: Loan, Return, Hold, Renew, Locate, Recall, Item Edit, Patron
Fines, Patron Class & Cluster Management, Patron Lost Item, Circulation Notices,
Patron Claimed Returned, Item Inquiry, Circulation Trace, Patron Fine Report,
Circulation Parameters, Circulation Inventory Functions
• Reports: Activity Summary, Inventory Report, Circulation Trace, Overdue Report,
Outstanding Fines and Fees, etc.
• Support fully or partial inventory of items
• Patron management, include patron photo taken
• All counter operation at the same page
• Check out count of book
• Personal Interest Record (keyword)
• Circulation Follow up work (email->ranking)

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OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

The sophisticated, easy-to-use OPAC serves as the user's gateway to the Dimension 800
system. The Web interface can be effortlessly customized by your library to meet its needs
and reflect its image. Requiring only a standard Web browser on the user's workstation, the
OPAC provides access to library information at any time and from any location. Patrons
searching for materials or simply checking items on their library card will be pleased to find
the system accessible, even during library system backup and reporting procedures.
Dimension's Patron Directory Services can interface with a Single Sign-On (SSO) service - a
campus-wide authentication method. The SSO service allows patrons to navigate freely
between the Booktec products run by your institution.
Powerful, straightforward search tools offer patrons a choice of basic or advanced search
options, as well as a wide range of browse and search indexes. Your library can opt to use
the standard range of indexes provided with the Dimension 800 system, yet have the freedom
to add or remove access points.
Logical bases offer patrons the option of choosing a particular segment of the catalog, such
as journals, a single library, or audio-visual materials.

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Unicode-based, Dimension 800 provides multilingual support. Dimension 800 users can
interact with the system in any of the languages supported by their library and can change
their interface language preference at any time.
A complete set of patron empowerment features enables patrons to perform a variety
of tasks with ease:
• View current loans and renew materials, in accordance with library circulation policies
• Request materials by using functions
• Define a default interface language and record-display format
• View loan history

• Support simple and detail search
• Top-down 3 level classification query, support DDC, LCC, NLM etc.
• Show count of books at level 2 & 3 of classification
• New books showroom, topic books showroom
• Display book’s cover, rating and connect to online bookstore link
• Patron service zone: loan history, maintain own data, review books, recommend
• Collect interest books in book bag, patron can export to PDF, word & excel file of their

New Functions:
• Display Book Cover
• New Book Browsing by Images
• Book Rating, Description, Review
• Display shelf of certain book
• Browse books (cover) on shelf
• Most popular books

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The Serials function in the Acquisitions/Serials Module provides staff with seamless access to
bibliographic and holdings data as well as information on orders, funding, and vendors.
Staff can access serials data using a variety of library-defined index points, including ISSN,
keywords, and titles.
Routing functions include multiple lists for a single copy of a title and tracking of routed items
through the circulation system. When an issue is checked in, a routing slip listing the readers
registered to the copy is printed automatically.
• Issue check-in can be centralized
• Changes made in subscription status (such as cancellations) are automatically reflected
in the number of copies expected
• Category status such as missing, damaged, lost, or delayed can be defined
• The system can display subscription status information in the OPAC
• Summary holdings information can be automatically generated by the system if the
library conforms to the holdings standard
• Serials receipts can be included in patron SDI profiles, alerting them when a new issue of
a journal becomes available

Seamless integration of the Acquisitions/ Serials Module makes ordering, invoicing, claiming,
and receipt of all materials easy and efficient. The Acquisitions Order Form enables staff to
add ad-hoc text to be included on purchase order forms.
Dimension 800 supports a hierarchical budget structure with an unlimited range of funds and
budget types - gifts, grants, and departmental budgets. A sophisticated, secure mechanism
controls access to budgets on a global or individual basis.
Dimension 800 performs conversions of foreign currencies to the local currency. The
invoicing component enables institutions to issue VAT/GST reports according to local
• Optionally generates item records when staff create orders

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• Creates an audit trail in an order log, recording all ordering, receiving, and
invoicing-related activities. The log includes the date, time, and name of the person
performing the action
• Defers orders when the cost is not covered by budget
• Alerts staff when materials ordered cost more than expected
• Earmarks orders for direct supply to a specific address, personal or institutional
• Provides access to vendor information, budgets, purchase orders, and arrival forms
• Automatically computes discounts and added charges for each order on the invoice
• Invoices can be registered from the order, or orders can be registered to an invoice.
Tracking ensures that all lines are reported.
• Issued electronically or in print according to library-defined parameters
• Automatically generated for monographs and first issues of serials subscriptions
according to defaults for material type, ordering, and shipment method. Claim forms are
formatted as defined by the library.

Library RFID System Integration
• Catalog Module
 After adding item data, system can write item data into RFID memory
 Turn on EAS(AFI) status when tagging
 No need of support of any another software
• Circulation Module
 Instead of reading barcode, the RFID reader can read data from RFID tag
 Reading RFID data to check out (turn off EAS), to check in (turn on EAS)
 Support reading RFID patron card
 No need of support of any another software, no hotkey needed to process
• Anti-theft System Integration
 Reading in/out counter data from gates and save it to database for future reporting
 Reading alarm data from gates and save to database for future reporting
 System can be schedule to turn off / on anti-theft system to save energy.

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Dimension 800 System Briefing

Library Database Major Data
1. Bibliographic Data (MARC format catalog is option)
A. Title
B. Author
C. Publish Items (place, publisher, year)
D. Classification Number
E. Edition
F. Collection
H. Binding Type (hard/paperback/ebook/CD)
I. Subject Category
J. Publish price
K. Book Cover Image
L. Language
M. Source
N. Purchase Date
O. Author Number
2. Collection Record
A. Accession Number
B. Special Collection
C. Shelf Location
D. Volume number
E. Copy number
F. Price
G. Notes
H. E-Resource
3. Patron Record
B. Card Number
C. Name
D. Patron Type
E. Department
F. Valid Date
G. Suspend Date
H. E-Mail Address
I. Telephone, Address

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4. Circulation Record
A. Accession Number
B. Patron Number
C. Check-out Date
D. Due Date
E. Check-in Date
F. Renews
5. Department Data
A. Department Code
B. Department Name
C. Email Address
6. Reference Tables
A. Classification Table
B. Location Code
C. Special Collection Code
D. Material Code
E. Binding Code
F. Source Code
G. Language Code
H. ISBN Web Search Table
I. Item Status Code
J. Category Code
K. …

Library Management Reports
All reports do preview, print and export to excel, word or PDF file.
1. Books List with price
A. List by Accession Number
B. List by Classification Number
C. List by Accession Date
2. Collection Statistics
3. Collection Update List
4. Accession List
5. New Arrival
6. Purchase Recommendation List
1. Print Patron Card

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2. Due Item Notice
3. Overdue Item Notice
4. Daily Issuance Report
5. Issuance Report
A. By Topic
B. By Librarian
C. By Patron
6. Issuance Statistic Report
A. By Classification
B. By Department
C. By Collection
7. Loan Ranking
A. By Patron
B. By Classification
C. By Item
OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)
1. Book Cart List
2. Search Result List

Library Management Functions:
1. Bibliographic Data Maintenance
A. Catalog Copy by scanning an ISBN
B. Import Marc21 or Uni-Marc
C. Retrieve Cover Image by ISBN, Copy-and-Paste or Book-Webcam
2. Item Data Update
A. Print/Preview/Customize spine and smart barcode labels
3. Simply or Batch Update
4. Simply or Batch Void

1. Record Maintenance
A. Patron Record
B. Depart Record
C. Circulation Policy
2. Circulation Action
A. Check out
B. Check in

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C. Renew
D. Fine
E. Reservation Update
3. Search and Notices
A. Due Items
B. Over Due Items
C. Circulation Check

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog):
1. Bibliography Search
A. Collection Search
(1) Search by title, author, call number, keyword and subject with a simple mouse
(2) Search using Boolean parameters and wild cards
B. Classification Search
C. New Books Search
2. Ranking Listing
A. By Book
B. By Patron
C. By Department
3. Patron Service
A. Check Out Status (Renew)
B. Reservation list
C. Check out history
D. Personal Information Check
E. Purchase Recommend