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With well over 7 billions people in this world, and the only legal thing separating each
individual a piece of paper outlining details of your birth, or a passport that supposedly
contains personal information must be enough to frighten anyone. In this day & age, where
technology advancements are beyond our understanding and things that were once
considered impossible suddenly became the norm, is there any limit to what we may do
with this ability? As a result, these technological advancements and a lack of adaptation in
the individiual identification process, a global threat with well over 11,571,900 claims of
identity theft in a single year in the U.S alone has arisen. That is until our product arives,
with state of the art technology and the most advanced eye/fingerprint scanner in the
market, Identity theft is now a worry of the past.
3.1 Vision

To provide a service of the highest possible quality that assures our users that by choosing
us, not only is their identity undisturbed and at peace from the rest of the world, but also
their mind.
3.2 Industry Analysis: Human Identification System

Industry: Individual Identification that is legally required for most daily activities in some
form. Goverments in most cases are the sole provider of this service/product.
Force: High/Low: Justification:
Buyer power: Low Due to the legality of the service and the strict
requirement already established & set by the
government, there are no close substitutes.
Customers cannot look elsewhere & thefore have
low buying power. (Citizens Advise Berou 2013)

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Supplier power: High As there are no close substitutes to legal
identification, providers (Gov) face no competition
& have full control over business actions as it is a
legal requirement for individuals in the market
(Country) to own a form of identification.
Threat of new entrants: Low Due to the extremely high start up costs, time
taken to process vast numbers in terms of
population and individuals, apart from the
government, no business will be interested in such
a risk as there are low levels of return or profit
insentives in contrast to those costs involved.
(Citizens Advise Berou 2013)
Threat of substitutes: Low As a result of the low threat of new entrants and
the established processes set by ruling
Governments, there are no close substitutes to the
traditional passport and drivers licences. If other
modes of identification such as student I.D were to
be improved it could cause competition by other
providers. (Department of Justice, 2013)
Rivalry among existing
Low differing departments that handle alternative
forms of identification are mainly branches of
governments, hey work towards the same goals
and have a similar purpose. (Department of
Justice, 2013)

Overall attractiveness of the industry: In an industry where there are few competitors and
low threat of substitutes, there is no real incentive for private businesses to compete
against an established system like a government, with relatively unlimited resources. Apart
from that, the extensive reaserch & development costs associated with it are too risky for
any private firm. There is a demand for a safer alternative from the traditional forms of
identification which encompasses all factors and combines them to make it a afer & more
convenient product for users, signaling that this is a potential industry to invest in.

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3.3 Customers and Their Needs

In an ever-changing environment, where credit cards, electronic payments and other non
face to face payments are on the rise (64.1 % of frauds reported in 2013 in US involved
credit cards), distinguishing individuals is now essential. Identity fraud comes in many forms
and electronically is just as costly as a physical theft. Customers should feel safe that not
only their indentities but also their savings, reputation and overall safety is well looked
after. Because everyone has a unique code embedded into their bodies i.e fingerprints &
eye-print , the product we offer allows a much easier alternative where consumers are
assured their identity is safe, as it becomes a part of them instead of a plastic/paper product
that is easily lost, stolen or misplaced.
3.4 The Product and Service

The product is one of convenience and complete safety. Creating a product that people can
understand and easily use, offering the fredom of travel, shoping and everyday use of
identification literally in the fingertips of our customers. No longer will people have to
worry about having to carry any physical form of identification such as passports and live
with the fear of it being lost, stolen or simply outdated. Our products gives consumers a
safer state of mine that their identty is safe and that it is with them 24/7, no matter where
or what in the world they are doing.
3.5 Suppliers and Partners

Because our target market is so large and demands high amounts of time and resources, we
must form a partnership with an established organisation. Therefor national governments
would be ideal. They have relatively unlimitted access to resources and departments which
will allow our business to infiltrate a countries population with more ease. Because
governments are not profit driven, we will be assured of delivering a good of the highest
quality, not silmply with the greater returns.

3.6 Strategy: Generi c Strategies

Our generic strategy consists of Michael Porters Cost Leadership Method. Our product as stated in
the vision is targeted at a very broad market. Our business could be considered a high cost due to
the technology involved. This would require a higher expenditure on behalf of the service provider
not the consumer therefore a cheaper alternative to the current Passports/Drivers Licenses.
However our competitive advantage comes in various forms e.g. Reliability, safety, convenience and
desire from consumers to use new/ innovative technology. Because of our large potential market
and powerful partnership with governments, our ability to benefit from economies of scales allows
us to offer our service at the lowest possible price. This falls under the generic strategy previously

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3.7 Value Chain Activity: Support & Primary
Our Business falls into two main aspects of Porters Value Chain Model. Our support system consists
in our ability to continually upgrade, update and improve our Technology & research areas. Because
we provide an electronic service, it is vital that developers guarantee everything is as updated as
possible and prevent things like lack of data space or hackers from breaking our databases as we
deal with very important/invaluable information. The supporting value system of after sales support
will be key as numerous enquiries; complaints will arise from launching our product. By providing a
helpful support department, we are able to increase consumer satisfaction adding value to our

3.8 Business Processes: Production Trial Process

This process consists of the ordering process right through to the testing and researching process. It
analyses the various stages & Departments our product must go within the trial methods in order to
offer a good of the highest quality.
Create & Send
Purchase Order
Receive Order
Developers &
Create ID
Profile in Main
Make Alert on File
& Upload to Server
Upload Processes
ID File to Server
No Error
Find Problem Error

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3.8.2 Business Processes: Quality Assurance Process

This process highlights the effect our product has on customers. It follows the different aspects
involved with production and the actual use of the good. One of the stages involves sending the
product to a testing group where the accuracy, reliability and any improvements are discovered and
passed on to developers before good is finalised.

3.9 Functionalities

3.9.1. Production & Trial Process:
Test production processes and gives an insight into future problems or altercations that may
arise from the production of the good.

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Experiments carried out & investigation on accuracy of individuals profiles and any
problems that may arise regarding general use.

3.9.2. Quality Assurance Process:
Will highlight any problems, risks and setbacks with the use of the actual product for
individual use.

This process will be used as proof of effectiveness and for future reference e.g. evidence of
success/failure when entering new markets/countries.

3.10 Systems

3.10.1 Information Systems:
Are combination of factors that work together to deliver value. Combining people, technology,
procedures and Data through the use of information systems is a crucial part of our success. Because
we are an electronic firm, our ability to transfer data & information throughout all departments
(Collaboration Systems) are necessary to meet our vision of providing a safe and reliable alternative
to human identification.

3.10.2 Customer Service:
To provide an excellent customer service system, it will not only add value to our product but also
allow a relatively seamless transition into a new era of personal identification, in which a great deal
of support will be needed as technology movements usually take time to adapt and understand.

3.10.3 Marketing & Sales Systems:
Our ability to effectively market our product will have a major impact on success. Because current
identification has people accustomed to its use, regular marketing and propaganda will be required
in order to inform people of changes & prepare them.

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3.11 Summary Table: Value Chain to Systems

Value Chain
Processes Functionalities Specific Information
Broad Information System(s)


1. Trial
2. Test Product for future problems in
production/Trial process

3. Investigation into profile security & accuracy
Inventory Management

Purchasing/Ordering System
Decision Making System

Transaction Processing System
1. Quality
1. Identification of potential problems from
individual use.

2. Reaserch & studies into product for future
reference & examples.
Workflow Management

Accounting Systems
Customer Relations Systems


Overall, our vision is simple. To provide a good that will protect an individuals existence. One can be assured that there is only one of you in the world. Through the
use of technology and information systems, the days of fake passports are over. Humanity is now moving towards a more technically advanced era and we are right in
the heart of this historic movement.