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for Mechanical Construction, Project

Engineering, Inspection, NDT, QA / QC,
O&M, Shutdown, RBI, Integrity & Training J obs
Suketu Patel
“ A Winner always Starts to Finish”
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Updated on : August 09, 2013 at Surat, India

Objective as a Professional & in “ Life”
A WINNER optimizing to “Become an Active TECHNOCRAT” & to “Live Life in Square”
Personal Information in Brief

Date of Birth : J uly 31
, 1975
Place of Birth : Fertilizer Nagar, Baroda
Sex : Male
Marital Status (Kids) : Married (father of two boys)
Nationality (Religion) : Indian (Hindu)
Permanent Address : 40, Shri Ganesh Krupa Society,
P. O. - SVNIT, Besides Malhar Complex,
Ichhanath, Surat - 395007,
Gujarat, India.
Telephone : 0091 - 261 - 2220006 (Residence)
Mobile : 0091 9925295331(India)
E-mail Address : &
Languages : (can Read, Write, Understand & Speak) Gujarati, Hindi & English
Driving License : India - GJ05 / 016620 / 03, KSA and Qatar - 27535627452
Passport Number : G 8145349 (Valid up to 2018)
Total Experience : 16 Years (Total 15 Years in Oil, Gas & Energy | Total 13 Years in QA/QC)
Education as Qualified & Certified

 Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (2011) from IIME, Delhi
 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (1997) from Board of Technical Education, Sangli
 Post Diploma in Industrial Safety (2004 - 2006) from Gujarat Education Board, Surat
 Diploma of International Welding Inspector (2007 - Basic Level : IWI-B/GB/04245)
 Diploma in Automobile Engineering (1999) from Board of Technical Education, Budgaon
 ASNT NDT Level III – RT, MT, UT & PT [Certificate No.: 177006 Expiry: May 2018, India 2008]
 API 571 Corrosion & Materials [Certificate No.: 40534 (Expiry: May 31, 2014), Doha - 2011]
 API 580 Risk-based Inspector [Certificate No.: 38837 (Expiries: Dec 31, 2013), Doha - 2010]
 IELTS Band 7.5 in General Training [TRF No.: 10QA004465PATS001G, Doha - Aug 21, 2010]
 API 510 Certified Pressure Vessel Inspector [Certi No.: 36639 (Exp J an 31, 2016), Doha - 2009]
 CSWIP 3.2.2 TWI Certified & Registered Senior Welding Inspector (Dubai, Sep 2008)
[Certificate No.: 36334/2 (Expiries: J an 20, 2018)]
 API 570 Certified Piping Inspector [Certificate No.: 32162 (Expiries: Dec 31, 2013), Bahrain - 2007]
 CSWIP 3.1 TWI Certified & Registered Welding Inspector (Bahrain - 2007)
 MINT Certified ASNT NDT Level - II in RT (2003 - 2009) & UT (1998 - 2010)
 MINT Certified Welding Inspector Level - II as per AWS CWI-QC1-96 (1997)
Membership in Technology Institutes

 Engineering Technician (EngTech TechWeldI) of The Welding Institute, UK
 Life Member in Indian Society of Nondestructive Testing, India (Since May 2008)
 Member of American Society of Nondestructive Testing, USA (Since March 2008)
 Certified Inspector of American Petroleum Institute, USA (Since December 2007)
 Member in Welding & Joining Society, UK (Since September 2007)
 Life Associate Member (AS/R-9102/L) of Indian Institute of Welding, India (Since J uly 2007)
 Member in Modi Institute for Nondestructive Testing, India (Since December 1997)

(Photo dated July 25, 2013)
for Mechanical Construction, Project
Engineering, Inspection, NDT, QA / QC,
O&M, Shutdown, RBI, Integrity & Training J obs
Suketu Patel
“ A Winner always Starts to Finish”
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Updated on : August 09, 2013 at Surat, India

Summary of my Career

A Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Triple Diplomas in Mechanical, Automobile
and Industrial Safety; TWI Registered (Reg. No.: R/36702) EngTech TechWeld I &
Certified CSWIP 3.2.2 Senior Welding Inspector Level 3 (Cert. No.: 36334/2 dated Dec
11, 2008); Certified ASNT NDT Level III in Radiographic Testing, Magnetic Particle
Testing, Ultrasonic Testing & Liquid Penetrant Testing (ASNT ID: 177006 – 5 Year
Renewal application submitted); API 510 Certified Pressure Vessel Inspector (Cert. No.:
36639 dated Dec 02, 2009) and API 570 Certified Piping Inspector (Cert. No.:32162
dated Dec 05, 2007), with advanced knowledge of API 580 Risk-Based Inspection (Cert.
No.: 38837) & API 571 Corrosion & Materials (Cert. No.: 40534); and IELTS Band 7.5 -
General Training (TRF No.: 10QA004465PATS001G, Aug 21, 2010). A passionate
workaholic & self-styled technical writer, expert in developing new concepts, improving
existing systems or effectively implementing strategies; having hands-on exposure &
experience in the Field of Preconstruction, Engineering, Procurement, Construction,
Management, Planning, Audit, Supervision, Inspection, Execution, Commissioning,
Operation & Maintenance and Shutdown; such as – Engineering Design & Construction
Verification of Oil & Gas installations, Refinery & Process Plant Shutdown, RBI Program
& Damage Mechanism Assessment of Corrosion Loops in LNG Plant; Inplant Piping
Survey, Valves Testing, Process Plant Piping Fabrication, Erection & Installation;
Offshore Platforms & Associated Appurtenances Fabrication; Hydrocarbons
Transmission & Distribution Pipeline Network (Steel & PE) Construction; and Unfired
Pressure Vessels Fabrication; with Clear understanding of Technical Drawings,
Specifications, Codes & Standards as well as Proficiency in Computers, Internet &
Information Technology; and has been part of variety of projects, trainings, courses,
exams & tours in various National & Multi-National Organization based in India, Kuwait,
Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Hong Kong and China.
Last Employment as Inspection Engineer (Integrity)

Worked as “Inspection Engineer” [SAP ID : 90000905] with RasGas Company Limited
(RasGas) - The world's largest LNG Producer, seconded (again) from J anuary 01, 2013
till J une 30, 2013 through Germanischer Lloyd Noble Denton [GLND Employee No.
810550] on deputation to RasGas facilities, at Ras Laffan, State of Qatar; on assignment
with Integrity Engineering (IE), subdivision of Static Equipment Engineering (SEE) within
Operation Technical Department (OTD); presently performing RBI driven integrity
functions (using SAP & Meridium APM interfaces), primarily as focal point for Offshore &
Offsite, as SME for RasGas Piping Integrity Program and in general for PPM Planning,
Equipment Strategies Review, PRV Program, Rupture Disks, Spares, etc.; by optimum
utilization of assigned inspection manpower & NDT resources and timely coordination of
all inspection tasks including any required support (rope access, scaffolding erection
and/or insulation removal); to close Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM), Corrective
Inspection / Corrective Order (CI/CO) and/or Shutdown (SD) Work Orders (Tasks); as
part of RasGas Element of Excellence (RGEE) Framework System 6-6 Facility Integrity
Management System (FIMS).

Previously worked as “Plant Inspector” [SAP ID : 90000905] & “General Inspector” [SAP ID :
99995515] with RasGas between J uly 05, 2009 to December 31, 2012; initially on assignment
with Programmatic Engineering and later worked with IE, subdivisions of SEE within OTD.

Actively engaged with in-service, pre-shutdown and slowdown / turnaround / shutdown /
breakdown inspection (external, on-stream and/or internal) of pressure piping &
equipment such as Piping Circuits, PRV, Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Air Coolers,
for Mechanical Construction, Project
Engineering, Inspection, NDT, QA / QC,
O&M, Shutdown, RBI, Integrity & Training J obs
Suketu Patel
“ A Winner always Starts to Finish”
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Updated on : August 09, 2013 at Surat, India

Vessels, Drums, Stacks, Columns, Towers, Workshop Fabrication & Welding, etc.; for all
RasGas Trains – Train 1 to 7, AKG 1 & AKG 2 and all Onshore Assets including
Maintenance Workshop, IAS, LNG, NG, Utilities, Offplot & Offsite; executing assigned
operation, maintenance, engineering and quality functions through Equipment Strategy
triggered tasks; such as General Visual Inspection Program (GVI) and/or Nondestructive
Examination or Testing; during Operations, Rope Access Campaign (RAT), SBC
Campaign, Workshop Inspection, etc.; by direct point inspections, routine surveillance,
walk around surveys and/or systematic audits; in full compliance of RasGas Golden
Rules of Safety and New Work Management System especially Permit-To-Work System;
so as to ensure long term integrity and reliability of production, inlet, process, flare and
utility unit assets; confirming to the requirements of API 570, API 510, API 653, API 580
& API 571 as well as relevant RasGas & International Safety and Quality Standards.

Honored with "Shukran Award" on April 17, 2010 by RasGas in recognition of “Excellent
Quality Work and Dedication in Completing SBC Survey & Re-Survey of Train-6”.
Last Notable Assignment as Pipeline Engineer (Lead QA/QC)
Worked as ‘Pipeline Engineer’ with J P Kenny [Staff ID : B013] from J anuary 30, 2011 to May
01, 2012, seconded through Velosi Certification LLC, UAE [Employee No. VAD-P304] and
assigned to provide Engineering Consulting Services for Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore
Oil Operations (ADCO), by assisting J PK Work Group Integrity Management Team as Lead
QC Engineer in Engineering Design and Construction Verification Study of Abu Dhabi Crude
Oil Pipeline (ADCOP) Project [J P Kenny J ob No. 053847.09 Activity/CTR No. CPCFD14-A],
a strategically important 400+ km long onshore pipeline and facilities from MP-21 at
Habshan to the Fujairah Main Oil Terminal including the offshore loading facilities, to
facilitate the transfer of 1.8 mmbpd crude oil, on the eastern seaboard of the UAE.
Responsible for providing technical inputs on overall project quality program & construction
compliance to international codes & standards; by reviewing (as a minimum on sampling
philosophy) project QMS, quality procedures and inspection & test plans; construction
procedures, specifications, method statements & drawings; materials & consumables;
equipment calibrations; pipe books & mechanical completion certificates; manufacturing
records book & dossiers; etc. Specifically WPS, PQR, WQR, Welder ID, Welders & Welding
Inspector Qualifications; Welding & Weld Repair Reports; NDT Technicians Qualifications;
DT & NDT Reports; Field J oint Coating Reports & Repair Logs; Deviation / Concession
Requests; NCR & SQN; Crossing Reports; Hydrostatic Test Reports, etc; for issuance of the
Detailed Verification Study Report of the ADCOP Project.
Received “ Letter of Appreciation” from J P Kenny for distinguished contribution to ADCOP ECS.
QA/QC in Piping, Pipeline, PRV & Equipment - Welding, NDT, Painting, Testing etc.
Hands on experience of pre-welding, in-process welding and post welding engineering,
surveillance, inspection & supervision in Workshop as well as at Field of all welding operations
and associated variables for Butt, Fillet and Socket welds on materials such as CS, LTCS, SS,
Cr-Mo, Cu-Ni, etc; made with welding processes such as SMAW or MMA, GTAW or TIG,
GMAW, FCAW, SAW, etc; using essential inspection aids, as per applicable construction and
relevant standards; including signing-off the daily Welding & NDT reports, witnessing all
applicable NDT (VT, RT, PT, MT, UT & LT) and daily radiographs review, interpretation &
Piping, Pipeline, Valves & Equipment experience in Oil & Gas projects includes participation in
ongoing operations to Randomly Check / Witness / Monitor / Review / Inspect / Interpret /
Evaluate / Accept / Approve / Reject the Construction to Commissioning as well as Operation &
Maintenance and Shutdown activities of LNG Plants, Oil Refineries, GOSP, Natural Gas
Transmission / Distribution Pipeline; Offshore Platforms & Associated Appurtenances and
Process Plant Projects; as per technical drawings, such as but not limited to; P&ID, PFD, UFD,
Isometric Drawings, Plot Plans, General Arrangement Drawings, Alignment Drawings,
Fabrication Drawings, As-Built Drawings, Tracings, etc.
for Mechanical Construction, Project
Engineering, Inspection, NDT, QA / QC,
O&M, Shutdown, RBI, Integrity & Training J obs
Suketu Patel
“ A Winner always Starts to Finish”
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Updated on : August 09, 2013 at Surat, India

Exposure and Expertise in Operations and Activities

Extensive Experience in Management, Supervision, Execution & Inspection of Special
Operations such as Engineering Verification of Crude Oil Pipeline & Facility Design and
Construction, Risk-based Inspection & Damage Mechanism Assessment in LNG Plant,
Shutdown Inspection of Oil Refinery & GOSP, Inplant Piping & Equipment Survey in On-
stream Plant as per API 510 & API 570; Positive Material Identification of Alloy & Stainless
Steel Material; Local Post Weld Heat Treatment and Hardness Testing; Trenching by
Controlled Rock Blasting; Pipeline Crossing of Rail / River / Road / Canal / Khadi / Buried
Services by Horizontal Directional Drilling & Thrust Boring; Pressure Testing
(Hydrostatic or Pneumatic), Punch listing & Final Reinstatement of Plant Piping Systems
in Pre-cast Concrete and Structural Steel Pipe Racks; Pipeline Final Hydrostatic Test;
Pipeline Drying & Intelligent Pigging; and Hot Work such as Pneumatic Testing, Nitrogen
Purging, Commissioning, Hot Tapping and Line Plugging / Stopping on Steel Pipeline /
Piping. Such as but not limited to scope, as follows :
 Provide Quality Functions on Oil & Gas Installations and associated appurtenances in
full compliance of Work Management System and Permit-to-Work System such as but
not limited to LNG Plant Survey, Oil Refinery Shutdown, Gas Plant Construction
Projects, Operating Plants Inspection, etc; through performance of Direct Point or
Remote Borescope Inspections & Audits in the Field (RFI - Request for Inspection &
Surveillance based).
 Involvement in Key Asset Integrity and Reliability Management Program Tools and
Techniques such as Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA), Root Cause Analysis (RCA),
Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), Root Cause Failure & Effect Analysis (RCFA),
 Provide Engineering Consultancy Services as independent Engineering Consultant and
perform the design and construction verification across the Pipeline Project and Facilities
to verify the design and construction integrity and where any deficiencies are identified,
recommend mitigation measures in order to assure a safe and reliable operation.
 Review, Validate and/or Approve Project and Contractor Quality Documents such as
Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID), Alignment Sheets, Isometric Drawings,
Standard Operating Procedures, Standard Inspection Procedures, Inspection Test
Plans, Method Statements, Checklists, Manufacturer / Mill / Material Test Certificate,
Equipment Health Certificates, Instrument Calibration Certificates, etc.
 Review, Approve and/or Train Project and Contractor Quality Personnel such as Quality
Control Inspectors, NDE & Heat Treatment Operators, FBE Coating & Heat Shrink
Sleeves Applicators, etc.
 Ensure Contractors compliance with Company's Mandatory Documents.
 Interpret and improve technical requirements for Company and Contractors by reviewing
Standards & Procedures.
 Qualification of EQT, WPS, WPQ, PQR & Welders for one or more of the following
Welding Processes - Manual SMAW, Manual GTAW and Semiautomatic SAW.
 Qualification of Procedure for Radiography, Field J oint Coating & Cold Field Bending.
 Inspection of Materials (including Positive Material Identification) - Consumable & Non
Consumable and ensuring Material Traceability.
 Visual, dimensional and/or condition inspection of pressure block, control or relief valves
type such as gate, globe, plug, ball, diaphragm, butterfly, check, slide, etc. Witness and
monitor valve painting and coating activities. Review/initiate valve test history and
verify/record valve traceability details. Witness pressure testing or retesting of valve
body/assembly (leak test), valve seat (pass test) and/or valve relief mechanism (pop
test) using testing medium such as air, inert gas, water or service product.
for Mechanical Construction, Project
Engineering, Inspection, NDT, QA / QC,
O&M, Shutdown, RBI, Integrity & Training J obs
Suketu Patel
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Updated on : August 09, 2013 at Surat, India

 Liaison with Competent Authority.
 Inspection during Fabrication of Piping Spools, Pipe Supports, Structural Bracings,
Embed Plate / Insert at Shop & Field.
 Inspection of Pre Weld J oint Set-Ups and Post Weld J oint Visuals. Select Welds for
 Inspection of Surface Preparation by Blasting, Airless Painting & Field J oint Coating.
 Interpretation & Evaluation of Nondestructive Examination and Testing [VT (Direct &
Optical); RT (Conventional, Profile & Digital); PT (Fluorescent and/or Visible Dye Penetrant
with Water washable, Postemulsifiable lipophilic / hydrophilic or Class 2 Solvent Removable
Method, for different Sensitivity Level using appropriate Developer Form); UT (Spot, Shear
Scan, TOFD & Phased Array); MT (WFMT), LT (Pneumatic & Hydrostatic); etc.].
 Witness & Evaluate Destructive Testing (Tensile, Impact, Bend, Chemical, etc.).
 Witness Pipeline Crossings (Rail, Road, Water & Utility).
 Witness Conduit Pipe Laying, Coupler Installation, Ball Testing & OFC Blowing.
 Quality Surveillance of Pipeline Construction and Process Control (i.e. Prevention &
 Document Control and Daily / Weekly / Monthly Progress Reporting & Recording.
 Conduct Focused Assessments.
 Evaluate Above & Below Ground Hydrostatic Test.
 Evaluate & Witness Final Hydrotesting, Drying, Purging & Commissioning.
 Trainer in Induction Training Program on Construction Safety.
 Provide Quality Assurance and Control Mechanisms as well as improve Safety, Integrity
and Reliability; by Proactive Surveillance, Inspection and Audits for Operation &
Maintenance, Shutdown or Construction Projects as per Mandatory Documents, Client
Specifications, Governing Codes and Reference Drawings, Applicable Standards &
Codes of Practice; such as but not limited to : OHSAS 18001, ISO 9000, ISO 9001,
ASME B31.3, ASME B31.4, ASME B31.8, ASME Sec. IX, ASME Sec. V, ASME Sec. II
C, ASME Sec. VIII DIV1, ASME B16.5, ASME B16.9, ASME B16.10, AWS D1.1, AWS
A2.4, API 1104, API 5L, API RP 577, API 570, API 574, API 510, API 572, API 598, API
576, API 578, API 580, API 571, API RP 2201, API 1102, AWS D10.10, BSI BS EN 970,
BSI BS EN 22553, BSI BS EN 287, NACE MR0175, NACE MR0103, NACE RP0472,
AWS Z49.1, etc.
Experience (in Oil, Gas & Energy Sector) of more than 15 Years & 03 Months

1. RasGas Company Limited (RasGas)
Worked since J anuary 01, 2013 till J une 30, 2013 as “Inspection Engineer” with RasGas
Company Limited [SAP ID : 90000905] seconded through Germanischer Lloyd Noble Denton
[GLND Employee No. 810550]. Worked before from November 01, 2011 to December 31,
2013 as “Plant Inspector” [SAP ID : 90000905]) and from J une 15, 2008 to J une 30, 2010 as
“General Inspector” [SAP ID : 99995515]) seconded through Velosi Certification LLC Qatar,
[Employee No. E1037]; and deputed to Ras Gas Facilities at Ras Laffan; for planning and
scheduling of on-stream preventive maintenance tasks & shutdown inspection tasks of
pressure piping and equipments, for all RasGas onshore assets; as part of General Visual
Inspection Program and Facility Integrity Management System (FIMS).

2. Patel & Associates Engineering Services (PAES)
Worked from Nov 01, 2011 to J uly 28, 2012 as Consultant with Patel & Associates
Engineering Services (Worked before from J une 15, 2008 to J une 30, 2009); assigned to
carter technical services as “Inspection & Training Engineer” to GSPC, GGCL, Velosi, EIL,
PEMCO, ESP Asia & J IS, on key installations and critical activities, such as for - Refinery
Shutdown, Inplant Piping Survey, Operation & Maintenance of City Gate Distribution Stations
including Inspection of Hydrocarbons Transmission & Distribution (Steel & PE) Pipeline
Network, etc.
for Mechanical Construction, Project
Engineering, Inspection, NDT, QA / QC,
O&M, Shutdown, RBI, Integrity & Training J obs
Suketu Patel
“ A Winner always Starts to Finish”
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Updated on : August 09, 2013 at Surat, India

3. Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco)

Worked from April 17, 2006 to J une 05, 2008 as Senior Project Inspector - Mechanical
(Welding / Plant & Equipment) for Saudi Aramco [ARAMCO ID 8017386] and deputed to
Khursaniyah Gas Plant Project, part of Khursaniyah Producing Facilities Project,
Khursaniyah, Saudi Arabia.

4. Gujarat State Petronet Limited (GSPL)

Worked from August 01, 2005 to April 2, 2006 as Consultant for GSPL and deputed as
Pipeline Project Engineer for Anand Rajkot Gas Pipeline Project : Work - B at Chotila,
Gujarat, India.

5. Reliance Engineering Associates Private Limited (REAL)

Worked from October 01, 2004 to May 24, 2005 as Consultant for REAL and deputed as
Territory Project Planner and Site Engineer - Mechanical for Retail Outlets - Phase II : Dealer
Owned Dealer Operated (DODO) Project Team in Reliance Surat Territory (from Bharuch to
Vapi), Gujarat, India.

6. Baxcounsel Inspection Bureau Pvt. Ltd. (BAXCOUNSEL)

Worked from December 10, 2003 to September 29, 2004 as Inspection Engineer for
Baxcounsel Inspection Bureau Pvt. Ltd. and deputed to Gas Transmission & Distribution
Pipeline Projects of Gujarat Gas Company Ltd, Surat, India.

7. Ashok Pithawalla Bob Jashmin Ltd. (APBJL)

Worked from August 01, 2000 to October 31, 2003 as Mechanical Engineer for Ashok
Pithawalla Bob J ashmin Ltd. and deputed to different projects in India, Kuwait, Cyprus and
United Arab Emirates.

8. Neo Structo Construction Pvt. Ltd. (NSCPL)

Worked from September 01, 1997 to J une 30, 1998 as Site Supervisor for Neo Structo
Construction Pvt. Ltd. for fabrication of unfired pressure vessels at Larson & Toubro Limited,
Shop Related Yard, Hazira, Surat.

References of J ob Supervisors

Name Mr. Ryan Rice Mr. Paul O`Connell Mr. Mohiddine Akkad Mr. R. M. Gandhi Mr. Ashok Pithawalla
(Integrity Engineering)
Vice President
(Onshore Developments Asia)
Supervisor, KGP Manager (Projects) Chairman
Organization RasGas J P Kenny Ltd. Saudi Aramco Gujarat Gas APBJL
Location Ras Laffan, Qatar Abu Dhabi, UAE
Khursaniyah, Saudi
Surat, India Kuwait, Kuwait
Telephone +974-44732534 +971-2-6504777 +966-50-7969538 +91-261-2736373 +965-22527621
Email Address
Computer Knowledge making Sense of Data
Proficient Software Analyst with in-depth knowledge of Computer & Internet Fundamentals, Information Technology
and Basics of Ecommerce. Well versed with Microsoft Office Package, especially Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint.
On job exposure of managing huge technical databases, preparing complex flowcharts and compiling comprehensive
document packages. Fast Touch Typing Speed. Considered Genius by Family, Friends & Colleagues and tagged as
"A One Stop Assured Solution Convergence for all Software, Hardware, Technical Support and Troubleshooting Needs".
Note for more Information
Please visit my Personal Homepage at to view my Complete
Portfolio as well as to download the most recently uploaded Resume, Curriculum Vitae or Profile.
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