Explanation of Selected SVW Discussion Topics

D1 p14
Aim = goal
Object = object of focus or attention
Mode = what the mind does with the object; how it behaves
towards it
Feature = how the mind relates to the 5 senses
State = quality of alertness while engaged in meditation: is the
field of awareness restricted or expansive?
Thoughts = how the mind relates to thoughts
Hindrances = how the mind counteracts or abandons them
D2 p51
Rate your choice with reference to the fourfold vinaya on p!"
= is your interpretation of what “sutta means based on !"#
what is directly stated in the $%li &anon' !(# what is implied by
the $%li &anon' !)# the explanation in the commentaries' !*#
someone+s personal opinion' or a combination of these?
D3 p59
#ontinuing with the imagery pointed out in $%& ' $%() what
do you thin* is the missing lin* between $%+ and $%(,
- ,otes ,"* - ,". describe the stages of achieving internal
tranquility of mind in a series of imagery !stand properly' sit
properly' bring and place properly#/ ,one is given to bridge
,"5 and ,"./ 0hat do you thin1 is the missing imagery?
.pdated !+/!+/%& % of
D5 p69
0o you thin* this simile of changing postures has any relation
to the process of stilling the mind described in Tatiya1sam2dhi
Sutta 3A$ &"4&5 on p+6 above, 7ive reasons for your answer"
2ee especially ,otes ,"* - ,". on p
D8 p95
8n practical terms) how do you understand the phrase 9one
who e:periences the benefit and the dhamma in that
0hamma; when applied to each of the bases of liberation,
3 more literal translation of the $%li reads: “one who' in that
4hamma' experiences the benefit and experiences the
D12 p115
Relate the range of sam2dhi graded in 0%% 3b5 to samm2<
= &an any of the sam%dhi identified in 4"" !b# be considered
as samm%sam%dhi? 5f so' which one !state 2utta reference and
page number of &ourse 6oo1#?
D15 p127
=yasm2 #hanna>s enigma seems very familiar to all of us"
= 0e also 1now that all sa71h%r% are impermanent' suffering
and not8self; yet we are not awa1ened' just li1e 9yasm%
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D17 p143
""" comment on how those methods can be utilised according
to varying circumstances"
= :here may be more than one method for overcoming a
defilement/ ;xplain how a method can be used under certain
circumstances while another cannot/
D19 p183
#ompile a list of the supports for liberation 3without repeating
similar items5 and discuss how many of them are applicable to
your own life" @ach participant should give a percentage and
each group an average of its members> percentages"
= :o what extent is < can each support be applied or practised
by you in your life? :he extent can be estimated as a per8
centage/ !;/g/ 5f you observe s=la strictly then it scores ">>?/#
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