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Many pet owners are concerning about how their pets can be fed while they are away as it
is expensive to book a “hotel” for them and sometimes it is not easy to ask their friends to
look after their pets. However, the Matic Pet Feeder, which is an automatic machine that is
controlled by using electronic devices through internet, solves this problem perfectly.
3.1 Vision
To create the best pet-feeding machine on earth by providing absolute convenience to pet
owners and allowing them to relax while away from home.
3.2 Industry Analysis:
Industry: Automatic Pet-feeding System Industry
Force: High/Low: Justification:
Buyer power: Low “Mcaresys” is the only company that provides
automatic pet-feeding system but it is in Korea,
so the buyers’ power is low, and it’s extremely
low in New Zealand as buyers don't know have
any choice. (Mcaresys Co., Ltd., 2013)
Supplier power: High “Mcaresys” is the only supplier in the current
market, New Zealand pet owners have to order
from them if they want the product, therefore,
“Mcaresys” has absolute power in supplying the
market. (Mcaresys Co., Ltd., 2013)


Threat of new entrants: Low It would not be esay to develop an automatic pet-
feeding system as it takes a lot of efforts to create
and maintain it. Thus, the entry barriers will be
high, which leads to low threat of new entrants.
Threat of substitutes: High Pet owners would still have quite a few options if
they don’t use the automatic pet feeding
machine/system as they can still send their pets
to “hotels” or ask their relatives/friends
/neighbours to look after their pets while they are
Rivalry among existing
Low As stated above, there is only one company in the
current market, so it has no competitor at all.
Some companies provide automatic feeding
machines, but those machines are prior set up
and pet owners can’t control it with at any time,
in anywhere. Therefore, there is no competition
for “Mcaresys”.
Overall attractiveness of the industry: The overall attractiveness of the industry is relatively
high as there would be a high demand for the system/product due to issues raised by many
pet owners, and also technology becomes more and more important to everyone in the 21

century, more and more people would consider developing product in technological market.
3.3 Customers and Their Needs
Potential customers can be people who usually travel away from home. A survey of 1000
pet owners found that 55% had cancelled a break because of their pets (Travel Trade Forum,
2009). “According to figures released in 2012, 49 per cent of British households own at least
one of the UK's 27million pets … Some 24 per cent of those polled said they planned to take


at least one weekend break this summer, but were forced to 'scale back' their holiday
arrangements because of the hassle and cost of prolonged pet-sitting.” (Daily Mail, 2013)
These researches show that many people want to take breaks while they are on holiday, but
their pets would be one of the concerns. It is unsafe to leave them at home all alone as they
will be starving and also putting too much food in their bowls before going away would
possible overfeed them as pets can’t manage their meals well. By sending their pets to
“hotels” would costs a lot of money if pet owners would be away for a bit longer. Therefore,
they really need a product or service that manages pets’ diet well and saves them money.
3.4 The Product and Service
The Matic Pet Feeder is connected to wireless and pet onwers can control it by having an
app on their electronic devices with internet access. It also has a temperature sensor which
recognizes the presence of the pets when they are around. Once the temperature sensor
detects the appearance of pets, the machine will send a notification to the onwer’s
electronic devices to remind them about their starving pets. Then pet onwers only need to
press the “feed” botton in the app and the food will drop to their pets automatically. In
addition, the dispenser of the pet feeder contains three different compartments of food, i.e.
dry food, wet food and water, and the portion of food can also be controlled over electronic
devices. Furthermore, for those pet owners who like to talk to their pets, the pet feeder has
a microphone and a camera so that they can reassure their pets just like they are at home.
3.5 Suppliers and Partners
Suppliers: Digital Camera and Audio Provider, Mobile Apps Designer
As there is a microphone and a camera in the Matic Pet Feeder, one of the potential
suppliers can be a manufacturer of audio, video, communications and information
technology products, in this case, Sony could be an example. On the other hand, pet owners
would need to control the Matic Pet Feeder through an electronic device app, therefore, an
example can be Gloto since it’s one of the largest mobile app design companies.


Partners: Pet Food Company, Telecommunication Company
One of the potential suppliers of the Matic Pet Feeder can be a Pet Food Company. When
pet owners consume the product, it also provides high-quality pet food, but in a slightly
cheaper price. Thus, an example of a premium pet food company can be Mars Ltd. The
Matic Pet Feeder will increase Mars revenue by selling the machine with Mars’ pet food.
Another supplier can be a telecommunication company such as Vodafone, because the
Matic Pet Feeder has to be able to operate with network connection in order to send
notifications to pet owners who have internet connections while they travel away. The
Matic Pet Feeder would possible obtain more customers for Vodafone to expand
Vodafone’s market.
3.6 Strategy: Differentiation
The Matic Pet Feeder will have a relatively premium price as it has a high quality camera and
microphone, and also the conveniences it provides to minimize pet owners’ stress. As a
result, it is operating in a High Cost strategy.
“A survey of 1000 pet owners found that 55% had cancelled a break because of their pets.”
(Travel Trade Forum, 2009) The figure clearly shows that more than half of pet owners can’t
really go on a holiday because of their pets and this implies that the Matic Pet Feeder would
be the most suitable product for them. Thus, the Matic Pet Feeder would operate in a Broad
The overall strategy is therefore Differentiation.
3.7 Value Chain Acti vi ty: Make the product
Making the product is the most important value chain activity because the Matic Pet Feeder
is aiming to be the best pet-feeding machine on earth, so the quality of the product is
crucial. Also, there will be a lot of efforts when installing a tiny camera, microphone and
temperature sensor into the pet feeder and this emphasizes the importance of the
manufacturing process of the product.


3.8 Business Processes
3.8.1. PRODUCT MANUFACTUING PROCESS – This process shows the important steps
of making the product.

Receive components
Combine components together
Install micro-chip/programme
onto the product
Put on colours
Send to warehouse
Factory Product Manufacturing Process
All received?
Check with
ordering office
Fully ordered


3.8.2. QUALITY TESTING PROCESS – This process analyses the performance by internally
testing the product and sending it to a few customers to try in order to receive feedbacks to
improve or modify the product.

Receive finished
Test product performance
Send to a few customers
to try
Fix it or
Put on market for sale
Sound or
Return to factory
with feedbacks
Testing Department
Quality Testing System


3.9 Functionalities
 Combines components
 Installs systems onto the product
 Checks product performances
 Identifies faulty products
3.10 Systems

3.10.1. PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS SYSTEM - Supports quality testing process by
analysing the performances of the product against the standard performance that was prior
set up in the system. The system extracts errors that incurred during testing, then generates
solutions to fix them.
3.10.2. PRODUCT MANUFACTURING SYSTEM - Supports product manufacturing
process by using machines that have been set up with manufacturing programme so that
they can produce the Matic Pet Feeder in an accurate standard.
3.10.3. QUALITY MANAGEMANT SYSTEM - Supports both manufacturing process and
quality testing process. As the Matic Pet Feeder would be the best pet-feeding machine in
the world, the quality of the components has to be in a high standard so that the pet feeder
would also come out in a qualitative standard. In order to satisfy customers, the Matic Pet
Feeder must be able to operate successfully, therefore, this system also examines the
quality of the finished product.


3.11. Summary Table: Value Chain to Systems

Value Chain
Processes Functionalities Specific Information
Broad Information

1. Product
1. Combines components

2. Installs systems onto the product
Product Planning System

Product Manufacturing

Enterprise Resource
Planning System

2. Quality
1. Checks product performances.

2. Identifies faulty products.
Performance Analysis

Customer Feedback
Collecting System
Decision Support System

Customer Relationship
Management System


In conclusion, the Matic Pet Feeder totally eliminates the worries and stress of pet owners
and it allows pet owners to control it in anywhere at any time. The automatic pet-feeding
system is used to improve the quality of life and to create convenience to pet owners.
Although buying the product is expensive, it is still saving money in a long run because
technology will not go behind the times.

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