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2. Schematic design based on the requirements/needs of the Owner. which can consist generally of the following: 1.OWNER ARCHITECT AGREEMENT FORM U A P Document 401 a Date : Owner/client : Attention : Thru : Subject : Dear sir/s : This will confirm our agreement for me to furnish professional services as architect of your Proposed : Located at : In accordance with the following terms and conditions: I. 3. 4. Preparation of Contract Documents consisting of the following: . GENERAL SCOPE OF ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES The ARCHITECT/s shall perform professional services. Preparation of Final Design Development drawings including perspective. Preliminary services include conferences with the client and inspection of building site.

the Owner-Client shall pay the Architect in the following manner: The amount of PESOS: _______________ (P___) as the minimum payment for Architect’s basic services. monthly retainer fees can be arranged and deducted from the total fees during the during the preparation of the different phases of the project up to completion of Contract Documents. (Note: 8-hour of full time supervision or construction management is not included but may be under separate contract) II.6 Specifications 4. However. MANNER OF PAYMENT 1. 202) a basic fee of _____ percent(%) of the total estimated project construction cost. .7 Budgetary Cost Estimates 5. Upon signing of this Agreement.4. Periodic visits of Construction.2 Structural Drawings and Details 4. 2. However.5 Mechanical Drawings and Details if required 4. III.1 Architectural Drawings and Details 4. the fee shall be adjusted up or down based on the final construction cost.3 Electrical Drawings and Details 4. Upon completion of the preparation of schematic design phase up final design development drawings—30% of the Architect’s fee.4 Sanitary and Plumbing Drawings and Details 4. However. the fee shall be adjusted up or down based on the final construction cost. ARCHITECT’S FEE The owner agrees to pay the Architect in accordance with the Architect’s National Code(UAP Doc.

provided that such payments are within the frame work of the payments outlined above. Additional copies when required will be for account of the Owner. IV.3 of the time allotted for the project. at a convenient scale and other relevant data will be furnished by the Client/Owner so that the design of the project can start immediately. VII. Upon request of the Architect. OWNERSHIP OF DOCUMENTS Contract documents shall remain the property of the Architect in accordance with RA 545 and PD 49 whether the design is executed or not. (Equivalent to 85% of total fee). upon completion and submission of five (5) sets of sighed and sealed Contract Documents---50% of the Architect’s fee. DATA REQUIRED FROM THE OWNER All technical description of property. V.3. etc. Time frame for construction implementation shall not be more than 1. VI. DELAYED PAYMENT Any payment due the Architect beyond 30 days from receipt of billing shall bear 2% interest per month. CHANGES AND/OR REVISIONS Any changes and/or revisions requested by the Owner after approval of final design shall be subjected to compensation agreed by both parties but not less than man hour time charge plus materials used times a factor of 2. . During construction implementation (periodic visits) – balance of fee computed on the final Project Construction Cost. 5. duly certified lot and vicinity plans.5. contour maps. 4. Any extra time necessary for periodic observation will be renegotiated. the Owner agrees to make partial payments during each of the various stages of work.

401 STANDARD CONTRACT OWNER-ARCHITECT OWNER ARCHITECT AGREEMENT FORM U A P Document 401 b Conforme Owner-Client Date . _________________________________________ ________________________ Architect _________________________________________ _______________________ UAP DOC.Very truly yours.

hereinafter called the CLIENT. made and entered into this ______ day of Two Thousand and Ten by and between ___________________________________________ with postal address at _______________________________________ the party of the First Part. for the subject project herein referred to consists of professional services for the following: 1.PROJECT : LOCATION : OWNER : ARCHITECT : DATE : March _________2010 THIS AGREEMENT. That whereas the OWNER intends to__________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ _____________________________hereinafter called the PROJECT. The Owner and the Architect. and ARCHITECT with postal address at __________________________________________________________the party of the second part. for and in consideration of the foregoing premises and the others covenants hereinafter named.1 Site planning of the building or buildings including other concomitant structures. SCOPE OF WORK That the scope of work to be done by the Architect. 1.2 Designing of the______________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ARTICLE 2. THEREFORE. as may be determined by the Owner. agree as follows: ARTICLE 1. ARCHITECT’S BASIC SERVICES The Architect’s Basic Services consist of the following: . WITNESSETH. as herein authorized by the Owner. herewith after called the Architect. NOW.

He shall submit to the Owner a Statement of Probable Construction Cost base on Current Cost Parameter. He shall prepare specifications describing type and quality of materials. and manner of construction and the general conditions under which the project is to be constructed. mechanical. 3.3 Contract Document Phase (Final Working drawing) 1. to fix and illustrate the size and character of the entire project in its essentials as to kinds of materials. f. He shall discuss to the Owner his budget for the said project for design consideration. service connected equipment and site work. elevations and other Drawings and outline specifications. 4. 2. He shall request to the Owner to submit the lot plan dully prepared and signed by a registered Geodetic Engineer. e. . He shall submit to the Owner the Client’s Confidential Information Record for final guideline in the preparation of Contract Document Phase. the Construction Drawing and specification setting forth in detail the work required for the architectural. structural. 2. He shall submit to the Owner a colored Perspective for visual idea of the Project.1 Preliminary Design Phase a. electrical. sanitary.2 Design Development Phase (Preliminary Studies) 1. 2. The Architect shall consult with the Owner to ascertain the requirements of the Project and shall conform such requirements to the owner. specifications and general conditions for purposes of building permit. The Architect shall prepare the Design Development Documents consisting of plans. type of structure. c. He shall furnish not more than five (5) complete sets of contract drawings. He prepares Preliminary Design studies leading to the recommended solution together with a general description of the Project for the approval by the Owner. requirements or Market conditions. fire protection. The architect shall prepare from the approved Design development Documents. If possible Land Title included. finish. 3. 2. The Architect shall make ocular inspection of the site to feel the surrounding. d. He shall keep the Owner informed of any adjustments to previous Statements of Probable Project Construction Cost indicated by changes in scope. b.2.

5. 6. including forms for invitation and instruction bidders and forms for bidder’s proposals. prepare change orders and assemble written guarantees required of the Contractors for submission to the Owner. These Certificates will constitute a representation to the Owner. schedules. 2. Based on his observations and the Contractor’s Application for Payment. to the best of his knowledge.4 Construction Phase 1. documents for construction. They will conduct inspections to determine the dates of substantial and final completion and issue a final certificate for Payment. he shall make decisions on all claims of the Owner and Contractor and on all matters relating to the execution and progress of the work or the interpretation of the Contract Documents. 2. based on such observations and the work has comprising the Application for Payment that the work has progressed to the point indicated. coordinators and to implement all the drawings in contract document as submitted by the architect. To the extent provided by the contract between the Owner and the Contractor. information and belief that. 6. and he may condemn work as failing to conform to the Contract Documents. The Architect shall provide a Project Engineers to act as full time supervisor. He shall assist the Owner in obtaining proposals from Contractors and in awarding and preparing construction contracts. the Architect will also represent to the Owner that. The Architect shall prepare forms contract letting. During such visits and on the basis of his observations progress of the work. He will not be required to make exhaustive or continues on-site inspections to check the quality of the work and he will not be responsible for the Contractor’s failure to carry out the construction work in accordance with the Contract Documents. . 4. 3. He will make periodic visits to the site to familiarize himself generally with the progress and quality of the work and to determine in general if the work is proceeding in accordance with the Contract Documents. information and belief based on what their observations have revealed. he will determine the amount owing to the Contractor and he will issue Certificates for Payment in such amounts. He shall assist the Owner in filling the required documents to secure approval of Government authorities having jurisdiction over the design of the project. will endeavour to guard the Owner against defects and deficiencies in the work Contractors. the quality of the work is in accordance with the Contract Documents. He shall provide complete working drawings and specifications to contractor for Bidding purposes and the Contractor pay the Architect for all Printed materials. By issuing a Certificate for Payment. 5. He shall check and approve samples. to the best of his knowledge. shop drawings and other submissions only for conformance with the information given by the Contract Documents.

after submission of the Contract Documents to the Owner. to avoid unreasonable delay in the progress of the Architect’s work. 3. Acceptance fee of _________ of the Professional Fees (P ________) upon signing of this Agreement before we proceed with further studies of the project and to cover the expenses being shoulder by the architect at the moment. a sum sufficient to increase the total payments on the fee to ________________ of the Basic Fee computed upon the same estimated construction cost of the structure. Upon the completion of the Design Development Services. a sum equal to _____________________.01 That the CLIENT agrees of PROFESSIONAL FEES of _______ PERCENT OF THE TOTAL SITE DEVELOPMENT & CONSTRUCTION COST for the Architectural-Engineering and Master Planning for the development cost of the site. 4. when necessary Project Engineer authorized to act in his behalf. b. c. the remaining amount shall for the Supervision Fees which shall be paid Monthly bases during the construction period of 8-12 months. d.The project Engineers shall do all works from bidding and all matter related to execution and progress of the work or interpretation of the Contract Documents with the direct monitoring by the architect at all time. He shall observe the procedure of issuing orders to contractors only through Architect.03 Since the Construction Period is indefinite and no target period of accomplishment. after submission of the Schematic Design to the Owner. ARTICLE 4. computed upon a reasonable estimated construction cost of the structure. after submission of the Schematic Design to the Owner. . 4.02 That payments to the Architect on account of his fee shall be made by the Client as follows: a. Upon the completion of the Schematic Design Services. a sum sufficient to increase the total payments on the fee to _______________ percent of the Basic Fee computed upon a reasonable estimated construction cost of the structure. 3. Upon the completion of the Contract Documents Services. He shall examine documents submitted by the Architect and render decisions pertaining thereto promptly. ARCHITECT’S FEE AND MANNER OF PAYMENTS 3.01 THE CLIENT’S RESPONSIBILITIES The Owner shall provide full information as to his requirements for the Project. ARTICLE 3.02 He shall designate.

specified or designed by the Architect. he shall give prompt written notice thereof to the Architect. boundaries. a certified survey of the site. giving. communication and sound system elements attached to the building and all items indicated in the drawings. dimensions and complete data pertaining to existing buildings. mechanical & air con equipments. as a result of the services rendered by the Architect. and adjoining property. lump BASIC FEE AND BASIC RATE The “Basic Fee” and “Basic Rate” referred to in Article 3.07 He shall pay all reimbursable expenses incurred in the project as called for in Article 7 and all taxes (not including income tax) that the government may Impose on the Architect. 4. landscaping and other items of similar nature are to be paid separately by the Owner to the Architect as stipulated in Art. however.03 He shall furnish or direct the Architect to obtain at the Owner’s expense. 4. communication. escalators. means the cost of the completed structure to the Owner including plumbing and electrical fixtures. Construction work let on any cost-plus. other improvements and trees. the cost of the work shall be computed upon such current market cost. 7.1. elevators. pumps.fee . auditing. as a partnership or as a corporation. fire fighting equipment. soil mechanics or other tests and reports as may be required for the project.1 That the cost of the work or Project Construction Cost as herein referred to. ARTICLE 5. PROJECT CONSTRUCTION COST 5.05 He shall pay for design and consultancy services on acoustic. ARTICLE 6. pieces of furniture. payments. chemical. grotto.06 He shall arrange and pay for such legal.08 If the Owner observes or otherwise becomes aware of any defect in the Project. 4. full information as to available service and utility lines both public and private and boring test and pits necessary for determining sub-soil conditions. and contours of the building site. such movable closets. restriction. rights of way. 4. cabinets. mechanical. automatic fire sprinklers system. The Project Construction Cost. Other items if designed and planned by the Architect. and insurance counselling services and taxes as may be required for the Project or by the government. When labor or materials are furnished by the Owner below its market cost. covered walks. locations.02. generators. 4. as required. does not include any Architect’s fee or engineer’s fee or the salaries of the construction inspectors.4. as a result of the services rendered by the Architect on the project whether the services were performed as an individual practitioner. alleys. electronic and other specialty systems as may be required by the Project.04 He shall pay for structural. pools. grades and lines of streets. applies to construction work done by a contractor or contractors on the basis of a sum contract or lump sum contracts.

ARTICLE 9. after the approval of the preliminary design phase.5.04. 7. pieces of furniture. covered walks. or on any basis other than the lump sum contract basis. It is understood that a suspension of construction for a period of not exceeding six (6) months shall not be covered by this provision. Cost for printing or reproduction of extra sets of Contract Documents when required by the Owner or his representatives is to be paid by the Owner. pools.05 Extra Sets of Contract Documents: that the Architect is to furnish the Owner five (5) sets of Drawings.1 Government Taxes on Services: The Architect’s Fee as stipulated in Article 3 is net to the Architect. sculptors and interior decorators are to be recommended by the Architect for the Owner’s approval and cost for these services are to be paid by the Owner and not deductible from the Architect’s Fee.basis.2 Different Periods of Construction: that if portions of the building are erected at different periods of time. 7. Any tax that the government may impose on the Architect as a consequence of the services performed for the Project (exclusive of income tax) shall be Basic Fee provided herein. but not include services for survey. Specifications and other Contract Documents. electrical.3 Separate Services: that if the Owner requires the Architect to design or plan movable closets.04 Other Professional Services: that the Architect’s fee includes normal structural. soil exploration and laboratory tests which are on the account of the Owner as stipulated in Article 4. ESTIMATES . cabinets. sanitary and mechanical engineering services. thus increasing the Architect’s construction phase period and burden of services. grotto. 7. mural painters. the Architect shall be paid such expenses and services involved as per the agreed amount by both parties but not less than the amount equivalent to the direct cost of consultant fee and personnel salaries plus cost of material times a multiplier of 2. the Owner shall pay the Architect additional compensation in the amount of Fifteen Percent (15%) of the construction cost of the above work. ARTICLE 7. 7. Other services that may be need in order to complete the project such as acoustic engineers. 7. where the Architect has to render more than the regular or basic services shall be the subject of a special additional charge commensurate with the special services required. Such special charge shall be in addition to the Basic Fee provided herein. landscaping and other items of similar nature.06 Changes Ordered by Owner: if the Architect is caused extra drafting and other expenses due to changes ordered by the owner. charges pertaining to services rendered during the construction phase shall be doubled. OTHER EXPENSES CHARGEABLE TO THE OWNER 7.

the parties to this Agreement have on the day year first above given.Since the Architect has no control over the cost of labor and materials. jobbers and dealers that will be placed at the job site during the progress of construction shall be approved by the Architect as to size. or competitive bidding. hereunto set their hands at the bottom of this page and on the left-hand margin of All the other pages of this Agreement. in order to guard the Owner’s interest that nothing will be installed in the building that would mar the function and aesthetics of the structure. OWNERSHIP OF DOCUMENTS All designs. DESIGN AND PLACEMENT OF SIGN All signboards of contractors. drawings. By: _____________________________ ____________________________ . lettering. sub-contractors. After the completion of the project. he does not guarantee the accuracy of any Statements of Probable Construction Cost. The Parties to this Agreement hereby agree to full performance of the covenants Contained herein. and are not to be reproduced or used on other work except by written agreement with the Architect. design and content. directories and display boards that will be placed on the exterior or public areas within the building. the Owner or his lessee shall consult the Architect in the design and size of all signboards. ARTICLE 12. are instruments of professional service. 876. prepared and furnished by the Architect in connection with subject project pursuant to this Agreement. ARBITATION All questions in dispute under this Agreement shall be submitted in accordance with the provisions of the Philippines Law of Arbitration and provided for in Art No. ARTICLE 10. ARTICLE 11. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. As instruments of service they are the property of the Architect whether the work for which they are made may be executed or not. specifications and copies thereof. or any Semi-Detailed or Detailed Cost Estimates.

CLIENT ARCHITECT SIGNED IN THE PRESENCE OF: _____________________________ ____________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Owner – Architect Agreement…. 09 OWNER ARCHITECT ..

do hereby agree as follows: ARTICLE 1.01 The constructor. for and in consideration of the covenants. materials. in consideration of the payment to be made by the owner to the Constructor of the sum of money hereinafter named. agrees to furnish all labor. . That the owner and the contractor. made and entered into this ____ day of _________ NINETEEN HUNDRED and ____ by and between _____________________________________ with postal address at ________________________________________________________ The party of the second part. tools and other facilities and the satisfactory and faithful performance of all the work necessary to commence and complete the project ready to use (except the works to be done by other parties hereto) as shown on the Drawings and described in the Specifications. SCOPE OF THE WORK 1. equipment. here in after called the CONSTRACTOR.AGREEMENT FORM U A P Document 402 PROJECT : LOCATION : OWNER : ARCHITECT : CONTRACTOR : THIS AGREEMENT. instruction and other related documents as prepared by ____________ acting as and in these contract documents entitled the architect. agreement and stipulation set forth. plants. WITHNESSETH.

03 should the Owner require the constructor to perform work over and above that required by this agreement and additional cost shall be added to the contract amount and. in a manner provided hereinafter. ARTICLE 4.ARTICLE 2.02 As time is an essential element in this contract.04 Any payment due and payable to the constructor may be offset against any liquidated damage payable to the owner under this contract. should be ordered to omit work as required by this agreement. ARTICLE 3. 3.01 Payments on account of this contract shall be made by the owner at the end of every month equivalent to ninety percent of the value of estimated work as computed by the architect using a basis of “breakdown of work and corresponding value” mutually agreed upon between the architect and the constructor prior the start of construction.01 The owner agrees that for and in consideration of the faithful performance by the Constructor of this contract. except those conditions as enumerated in art. likewise. the cost of work omitted shall be deducted from the contract amount.03. he shall pay to the Constructor.02 It is expressly agreed by both parties that no change shall be made in the above mentioned contract amount as a result of any fluctuation in the cost of materials and/or labor. THE CONRACT AMOUNT 3. the Constructor agrees to pay the owner the amount of __________ for each and every calendar day of delay (Sunday and holidays included) in which the constructors fails to complete the work beyond __________ the said payment to be considered as liquidated damages. In either case. 3. 3. TIME OF COMPLETIONA AND LIQUIDATED DAMAGES 2. .01 The work stipulated in this Contract shall be completed “broom” clean and ready for use not later than _________. 2. 3. the amount of ______________________________ (P ). PAYMENTS 4. the cost of additions or reductions shall previously be mutually agreed upon in writing by both owner and constructor upon recommendation of the architect before execution.

the constructor shall receive in addition to the sum in the certificate. General Specifications _____ pages h. Electrical Drawing sheets _____ d. Schedule of Materials & Finishes _____ pages _____ pages _____ pages .4. Electrical Specification _____ pages j. Structural Drawings _____ _____ sheets c. except as otherwise modified by mutual agreement of parties: a.02 Should the Owner fail to pay within 30 days the sum of any certificate of the architect then due.03 Final and full payment of the consideration herein above mentioned shall be made by the Owner to the constructor upon fulfilling the conditions set forth in the general conditions. General Scope of Work m. General Conditions _____ pages g. ARTICLE 5. Mechanical Specifications l. Plumbing (sanitary) Drawings sheets _____ e. Architectural Drawings sheets b. interest thereon. Structural Specification _____ pages i. 4. at the legal rate in force. Mechanical Drawings sheets _____ f. THE CONTRACT DOCUMENTS The following documents prepared by the architects shall constitute and integral part of this contract as fully as if hereto attached or herein stated. Plumbing (sanitary) Specifications _____ pages k.

These bonds shall be effective within a period of one (10 year after the acceptance of the work by the Owner. LICENSES.01 The Constructor. permits and fees which may be due may be due to the local and/or national government on account of performance and completion of the work stipulated herein.01 All taxes. . TAXES. within 15 days from signing of this Contract shall furnish the Owner Performance and Payment Bongs in the form of a surety bong acceptable to the Owner in the amount equal to thirty percent(30%) of the full contract price. PERMITS AND FEES 7. ARTICLE 7. Supplementary & related Documents _____ pages ARTICLE 6. PERFORMANCE AND PAYMENT BONDS 6.n. conditioned for the faithful performance of the Contract and the satisfaction of obligations for materials used and labor employed on the work. licenses.