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Ambassador Club Constitution

Okkodo High School

SY 2013-2014


We, the Okkodo High School Ambassador Clubs purpose is to provide the
students of Okkodo High School and visitors of our island and school an opportunity to
become familiar and experience Guams culture, customs and lifestyles, and to practice
the different languages (Chamorro, Japanese, Filipino, and others) outside the classroom
setting, and the language, customs and culture of the location the organization will be

Article I

The Okkodo High School Ambassador Clubs objectives are to:

1. Gain a better understanding and appreciation of Guams language and
2. Encourage students to be open-minded of the cultural/ethnic
differences evident on Guam and that of the country they are visiting.
3. To promote Guams culture and island to other countries when visited.
4. Promote of Guams beautification projects and awareness of
environmental issues.
5. Increase members involvement in school, academics, community
services, and other school activities as well as positive behavior.

Article II
Membership Requirements

1. Must be currently enrolled in Okkodo High School.
2. Must have a cumulative GPA of 70% to become a member. If a
member fails to maintain the grade requirement, that member will be
put on probation until the next grade check.
3. As members of this prestigious club, one should be a good role model
within the school and must not bring upon themselves any disciplinary
referrals, NCs, or suspensions within the current and previous school
4. Attendance of club meetings and events and behavior (responsibility of
his/her actions) must be of good status
5. Members must be active participants in the clubs activities, fundraisers
and meetings.
6. Membership is not permissible to past members who have been
dismissed from the organization.
7. All members; grades 10-12
will be eligible for full membership status.
However, students in the 9
grade may apply for Junior AC
membership. And with this membership their primary focus is on
community service, school beautification projects, and academic
Membership Process

1. All returnees and interested students must attend a meeting to receive club
applications forms to apply or for renewal.
2. Returnees and interested members will have at least one week prior for the
completion of all applications forms.
3. Meeting will be held to distribute interview slips for applicants and
returnees who have applied.
4. New members must demonstrate qualities of a student role model and
must abide to the rules and requirements created by the Ambassador
Clubs current officers, former officers, and advisors. New members will
be put on a probation period until all requirements and expectations
are met.
Requirements and Expectations
GPA As a member on probation status, members must not
receive any grade lower than a 70% in all of his/her
classes. Members must also have no dramatic decrease
to their individual class grades. This is to assure that
membership in the organization does not conflict with
the students academic performance.

If the member receives any strikes or demerits during
his/her probation period, full membership will no
longer be permissible. Even a .5 (point five) demerit
will result in dismissal from the organization.
Attitude A positive attitude is required of all new and former
applicants. If a new applicant demonstrates a negative
attitude towards other members of the club or events
of the organization, the member will be dismissed with
the agreement of the current members, officers, and
New members on probation will be requested to
submit a letter of recommendation from a current or
former teacher of Okkodo High School. Officers and
advisors will also be interviewing one or two former
and/or current teacher of the applicant to prove the
students mannerism during class.
Participation Members in probation are still required to attend
events and fundraisers held by the Ambassador Club.
Failure to do so may result in dismissal if done
Note that probation periods vary for each new member. New members will only be
relieved of their probation status until all requirements have been fulfilled.

5. Letters will be sent out by club officers to inform all interested students if
they met the club qualifications to be a member of the organization.

***Note: If a member misses an event without a valid excuse and/or fails to give in his or
her progress report or report card then they will be administered a strike. If a member
receives 3 strikes, the member is automatically removed from the club.

Article III

1. All meetings and events/fundraisers are to be attended. A 24-hour notice is
required prior to an even that is going to be missed. In order to be excused from
the event, the notice must be approved by the officers and an advisor. No more
than four functions can be missed in a semester.
2. Members should always uphold a respectful stature towards others, the
environment, and with themselves. Failure to do so may lead to possible removal
from the club.
3. Members can be removed from the club any time there is major disciplinary
action held against them or if club attendance for meetings and/or functions is in
poor standing.
4. A report card and progress report must be submitted every quarter to validate
GPA requirement. Progress report grades are to be logged in as well.
5. Be environmentally educated and pro active towards the environment.
6. Members are required to have a positive attitude while in the club.
7. Members must also meet all sales goals for fundraisers, depending on the type of
fundraiser (Ex: Pre-sales of tickets or grams). Each goal not met constitutes a half

Article IV

Officers will be determined by qualification requirements and an interview session
with the main advisor. Officers chosen must be a current member, or a well-seasoned
previous member, in order to qualify. Officers to be elected will include a President, Vice
President, Treasurer, Secretary, Historian, and Public Relations Officer. The Ethics
Committee may remove officers if they fail to comply with the rules stated above.

1. President
a. Schedule and conduct meetings
b. Coordinating the officers and organization
c. Works cooperatively
d. Takes responsibility honorably
e. Maintains order of members during meetings

2. Vice President
a. Help the President in scheduling and conducting meetings
b. Substitutes any officers when they are absent
c. Works cooperatively and honorable

3. Secretary
a. Takes minutes during meetings
b. Responsible for reviewing minutes and updates, which are
informed during meetings
c. Keeping records of meetings in chronological order
d. Responsible for all club correspondence
e. Responsible for recording members overall attendance

4. Treasurer
a. Responsible for all funds incoming and outgoing
b. Must attend financial board meetings and report financial matters
c. Informs organization of balance
d. Records all debit, credit, and check payments

5. Public Relations Officer
a. Distributes announcements
b. Collaborates with other officers on planning activities
c. Liaison between club and nonschool groups
d. Must be aware of all activities and fundraisers

6. Historian
a. Takes pictures at events
b. Compiles a scrapbook of events held by the organization
c. Reminds members of events and important dates

7. Sergeant At Arms
a. Enforces the rules of the organization
b. Maintains order during meetings
c. Serves as MC during events
d. Keeps records of strikes issued to members of the organization

Article V.

Executive meetings will be placed on Mondays and regular club meetings will be
held on Thursdays every week during the first half of lunch (meetings may be cancelled
or rescheduled at any time). The meetings will take place in the main advisors room or a
room chosen by the advisors, council, and approved by SBA. The organization will
follow the Roberts Rule of Order in a proper manner.

Article VI

1. Club officers would search for prospective advisors.
2. Advisors will serve as moderators during meeting and at club
3. At least one advisor must be present for all club activities and meetings
4. Advisors are responsible for all students in the organization.

Article VII
Amending the constitution

Changes in the constitution can be brought up by members and would require a
majority vote to bring the issue up to the Ethics Committee. The Ethics Committee will
be the decision making body that determines the fate in question. This committee will
compromise the advisor(s) of the organization, the officers and an unbiased member of
the school community. This constitution is subject to change with the approval of the
Ethics Committee.

Ambassador Club Ratification

We, the Ambassador Club of Okkodo High School, approve of this constitution.
We will clearly ensure that our members will appreciate the island of Guams culture,
language, and customs. In addition, increase our students participation in school
activities, academics, and good citizenship in our island community. Our club members
will both enjoy and appreciate the activities and involvement in the community. We will
tackle any fundraiser to achieve our met goals and standards for the organization. We will
both challenge and increase students enthusiasm for island activities and school
activities. The Ambassador Club will procure that our members will appreciate different
culture customs and the promotion of peace. We accept responsibility for any failed task
given or goals reached out to achieve.

____________________________ ____________________________
President: Edgar James Reyes Vice- President: David De Leon

____________________________ ____________________________
Vice- President: Nicholas Kakas Treasurer: Jhezaryn Azicate

____________________________ ____________________________
Secretary: Lexienne Kalgren PRO: Krizia Requeneo

____________________________ ____________________________
Historian: Reynaldo Santos Sergeant at Arms: Keith Cruz

Main Advisor: Ceria Santos

Approved by Administration: ____________________________________
Patricia Taitano, Ed..D
Assistant Principal

Ambassador Club Budget Proposal School Year 2013-2014

Student Exchanges

The Ambassador Club hosts many Student exchanges in the school year. Funds that will
be appropriated for this event will cover the costs of canopy rental, school to school gifts,
luncheon and beverage payments for the participating students in the exchange, materials
(rope, tape, posters, paint, balls, cooking ingredients, name tags, printer ink, paper, prizes
for games, projector light bulb(s), plaques, certificates, trash bags, cleaning supplies, and
other items necessary to hold the activities.

An average cost of each exchange to hold is about:

Food plate and drink (per person) $6
Canopy rental (one 20x20 canopy) $120
Bag of trash bags & gloves $5
Big Mac game w/prizes (50 people per game) $20
Coconut candy activity (50 people per session) $20
Coconut relay w/ prizes (50 people per game) $15
Shell crafting activity (50 people per session) $40
School to school gift $30
Name tags (100 people) $30
Signs, posters, and pamphlets $20

** Note: Activities per exchange may change from the sample above. But each activity
roughly costs $30 per 50 participants.

Annual Club Trip

The proposed budget for the Ambassadors annual trip is $5000 per person. This budget
includes the round trip airfare, hotel accommodations, attractions, transportation, and for
some of the meals. An estimate of 25 members will be participating in this trip, expenses
will cost up to $125,000. There will be continuous fundraisers to achieve our goal. If
however, in the event the member is a graduating senior and has acquired funds for the
annual trip and is unable to participate in the annual trip this school year, proceeds
accumulated shall be rolled over for the succeeding school years Ambassador Club
funds and may be used for further expenses which may occur that school year. This
decision will be by majority vote of the club, should there be a graduating senior that is
unable to attend the annual trip.

If there are members who would still be enrolled in Okkodo and they are unable to attend
the trip this school year, their accumulated funds will be rolled over to the next school
year and years thereafter to achieve their goal of attending the annual trip. Rolling over
the funds that were rightfully earned by a member was voted on by the majority to secure
the hard earned efforts of a member so that they will be given that right and opportunity
to go on the clubs annual trip.

End of the Year Banquet

A budget of $40 per person has been agreed upon to set aside for the end of the year
banquet. The cost per person entails their payment for the meal at the banquet,
decorations, certificates, or plaque, and souvenir. The total for 30 people at the end of the
year banquet is $ 1,200. Budget for banquet is subject to change according to the
membership count.


Our goal is to purchase 20 tassels depending on the membership of the senior class within
the club .The merchandise will be awarded to Ambassador Club members for their hard
work and commitment. The tassels are estimated to cost $30.00, which sums up to

Club T-shirts
Our goal is to purchase 25 t-shirts depending on the membership of the club and
organization. The shirts will be given to members of Ambassador Club to signify their
membership. The shirts are estimated to cost $25.00 per person, totaling up to $625.00 in

Charter Fee and Seed funds
Our goal also consists of raising enough to pay the charter fees for the following years
and years to come. As well as to have money to start out the club in beginning of year as
it is difficult to raise our estimated goal within one school year. The amount of the seed
money will vary depending on our clubs ending balance.

Estimated total Annual Goal of the Ambassador Club: $130,000.00

***Note: The amount estimated above is based on a membership of 25 people. As the
school year commences the membership count may increase or decrease. Therefore, if
there is an increase of members then this budget will then be amended to accommodate
those extra members.

Ambassador Clubs Tentative Activities Descriptions

Listed below are various tentative activities Ambassador Club is considering each month
of the school year 2012-2013. These fundraisers and activities are some ideas the club is
starting in order to obtain the set goal of $130,000.00 to get the opportunity to have our
annual trip, have an awards banquet, and purchase tassels, sashes, and medallions for the
club members.

Activities Description
Car Wash Ambassador Club is considering holding carwashes every month
or during weekends.
Food Plates Ambassador Club plans on selling food plates to teachers once
every month. The members will have at least 2 (two) weeks to sell
their food plates in order to meet their set goals.
Grams Ambassador Club plans to sell grams every holiday; such as
Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, and etc.
Movie Day Ambassador Club is considering having a movie day at Micronesia
Mall Tango Theaters. This event requires selling movie tickets
with a meal package to any potential customer.
Canopy Rental The Ambassador Club will be renting out canopies to other
organizations. Canopy prices will range from:
20x20 $30
20x30 $50
In & out of school
Ambassador Club plans on having coastal clean-ups every other
month. This event helps in the beautification of our island and
school to promote service-based activities to students.
After school sales Ambassador Club will sell food after school. Snacks and drinks
following the nutritional guidelines will be sold to raise funds for
our annual club trip and other needed goals.
Carnivals The Ambassador Club will participate in carnivals held by the
school. Snacks, food, beverages, and games to be used as
fundraising means to help us raise funds to reach the clubs goal.
Community Service Ambassador club will hold many community service events such
as clean ups, hold a dinner/light snack gathering with
entertainment with Guma Trankilidat, may volunteer with
organizations such as Gain/Red Cross/etc, work with the islands
leaders in their proposed beautification projects, volunteer at a
soup kitchen, participate in Salvation Armys bell ringing event,
and any other event that deals with helping out (that fits the
guidelines set in our constitution).
Clothing Ambassador Club is considering selling clothing apparel to
students, faculty and staff. Such as t-shirts, hoodies, crewnecks and
sweaters This fundraiser will help raise funds for the clubs annual
trip and promote school spirit.
Pageants Ambassador Club will hold various pageants during the school
year such as Mr. and Mrs. Sakura (Cherry Blossom) to help reach
funds for the clubs annual trip.