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The Help of Allah(SwT) - Military News for Canadians

The Help of Allah(SwT)
Monday, 16 November 2009 05:00 administrator

The current Jihad against the American occupation of Afghanistan proves that oppressed Muslim people
can, with the help of Allah, overcome the most advanced and huge army of the world. Look at the facts Digg
and figures. There are 40,000 troops from 43 countries of the world, both NATO members and others.
America has 68,000 soldiers in Afghanistan.
The puppet regime of Kabul has 80,000 police force and almost the same number army. In addition to Share
this, Pentagon has formed tens of thousands of local militias and armed former warlords who escort their
logistical convoys from one province to another and launch joint operations. All these fight against a minuscule
number of Mujahideen. But they have failed to prevent the Mujhideen’s constant victories who now control 80%
of Afghanistan soil. No doubt, this is a sign of the help of Allah (SwT) as indicated in the Holy Quran that a small
band of people who stand by truth can defeat a large force of evils. We should also bear in mind that the police force,
the army and the intelligence agencies of the neighboring countries and of the world are at the disposal of the
American invaders who help them with all their might.
Initially, the enemy being arrogant and banking on its military arsenal thought that it would easily wipe out the
Mujahideen and spread its tentacles over the world. By cashing in on the opportunity provided by the 9/11, the
British neo-colonialists jumped to the field. They had planned that they would work as brain because of their past
experience and America as arm in this new adventure to colonize Middle East, Central Asia and Southeast Asia .
They knew there was no other super power in the world except America and this had created an opening which they
wanted to use for their own benefit by implementing their global expansionist goals.
Under the empty slogans of democracy and fight against terrorism, they killed hundreds of thousand of innocent
Muslim people in Afghanistan and Iraq. They committed the most blatant human rights violations in Bagram,
Kandahar, Abu Gharib and Guaantanamo jails. Many detainees who later proved to be innocent common people
were tortured by CIA and its hired private interrogators. Even some of them were kept in unknown CIA cells in
foreign countries which were notoriously reputed for human rights violations. The detainees were forced to stand
naked for hours; they were beaten and water boarded. Even American soldiers desecrated holy literature including
the Holy Quran. Those released say, such blasphemous incidents occurred in Kandahar airport and Guantanamo
But all these wrongdoing and injustice could neither wipe out the resistance nor suffocate them. Contrarily, these
atrocities created new enemies for the invaders and bolstered the spirit of resistance among people.
Recently, they are resorting to some other devilish tactics, like detonating bombs and mines in congested places
where common people are shopping. This is a heinous effort by CIA-related agencies like Black Water in order to
create hatred among the common people against Mujahideen. Black Water was renamed Xe after its flagrant human
rights violations in Iraq. Now it is killing innocent Muslims in Afghanistan and neighboring countries through
mysterious bomb explosions. In Iraq, these foreign agencies destroyed Mosques and Shiite shrines in order to flare
up sectarian violence. Some times, they succeeded in their wicked aims. In addition to this, they destroy bridges,
schools and then accuse Mujahideen of doing that.
The occupying troops as partners of the intelligence agencies turn schools into military outposts to provoke
Mujahideen to attack them. Then they show on TV that the Mujahaideen have destroyed the schools and that they
are against knowledge and education. However, it is a crime in the first place to use educational facilities like
school buildings for military purposes. When the enemy turns clinics and schools into security outposts and open fire
on Mujahiden from these places, they no more remain school buildings but automatically become military targets.
The Mujahideen Regulation about the code of conduct strictly requires them to avoid damaging public properties
like schools and other common facilities. According to this Regulation, the first aim of Jihad is to ensure sovereignty
and safety of honor, property and life of common people. However, these facts are not reported in the media because
they report what the colonialists and the invaders want them to do. When we want to unveil the truth and reach our
voice to the public of the world, the so-called protectors of democracy and freedom of speech block our websites and
spread lies against us. The world should know what the so-called protectors of human rights are doing is not
democracy but terrorism under the guise of civilization. They efface the values that the humanity has achieved
after a long struggle.

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