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Ten Years After: Matrix

I remember the first time I saw the Matrix pretty much exactly 10 years ago, I
knew I had seen something very special. I had watched films before that had had
a touch of the supernatural, almost like a message form God, like Zeffirelli's
"Brother Sun, Sister Moon," and a few others, but this was special, and there
have been very few movies since, that got anywhere near the deep spiritual
significance of the Matrix, as far as I'm concerned.
Don't get me wrong, I know all about the way the powers that be use Hollywood
and all that goes with it to manipulate the masses.
But I believe that there is a greater Matrix that envelopes the smaller matrix of
the NWO schemers and their god: the bigger Picture of God, that happens to
include the picture of our present reality including its evils, and that when it
comes down to it, the Devil is just playing a part if God's plan, whether he wants
or not.
Which doesn't mean I'm a fatalist, either; nor can I say exactly to what extent free
choice effects destiny or vice versa.
As much as we hate it: we have to leave some of the facts and details up to God
& trust we'll find them out in His good time...
Some people didn't understand all the rave and ado about it. They didn't get it
then and they don't get it now. They figured, "Cool effects," but they prefer "Lord
of the Rings" or "Star Wars." I guess it's like musical taste: some liked the
Beatles, some liked the Stones, or some like Britney...
Matrix was a movie you've had to watch it a few times until you really got all the
Back then I was still with one foot in the System and one on a banana peel.
But with all that has happened since then, you might say I'm definitely unplugged
now (as in living by faith).
Back then, I may have known the way in theory, but I hadn't really begun to walk
in it yet.
I had some rough thoughts and ideas about how the dark forces are manipulating
us from behind the scenes, but I wasn't aware to what extent.
I was affiliated with what you might call "The Resistance," but I wasn't nearly as
active a part in it as now.
Not until 9/11.
In a way, having seen the Matrix was perfect preparation for not falling for the lies
they told us since 9/11.
While the towers were still burning, Rumsfeld spoke of "retaliation." And I knew
that what I was watching was propaganda. - The machines at work.
Six months later we watched television for the last time in our home.
We unplugged ourselves from the current of the mainstream media brainwash
and started getting plugged in to the line of communication with the "Top," call it
Zion, call it Heaven...
…Call it Jesus. I guess if Neo represents any one thing it's Jesus, but also what
Jesus can do through each one of us if we dare to let go of the lie they have told
us all our lives and believe that "There is no spoon."
– The knowledge of the Matrix being a fake enables you to do things that most
people in the Matrix can’t do.
I’ve often wondered if that’s what perhaps empowered Jesus to walk on water,
etc.: the knowledge that there is no spoon. If our physical world was just a bunch
of encoded information (and they’re finding out that there are gigabytes worth of
information in every living cell… who knows what we’ll yet find out about the
make-up of our universe…), and He knew the code (since He had obviously
written it: “In the beginning was the Word = logos = information…”) then the
program He had written was subject to Him, and it was not that He was – as we
are – subject to or victim of the circumstances. – An idea that drives home the
level to which His crucifixion was an absolutely voluntary sacrifice.
Similarly to the way Neo had to decide to risk (and give) his own life for his friend
Morpheus, I have also learned since, how much truth there is in not thinking it's
you, or that we have to do it ourselves, but sometimes we just have to be there
for someone else, and like Jesus said, be willing to lay down our lives for
someone else, and that's when all of a sudden you find yourself "in the way,"
actually walking in it, not just merely talking about it or dreaming about it.
The big surprise at the end is that not even death can stop that kind of love, but it
totally overcomes the Matrix and its agents. No wonder, if you keep in mind that
God is love…
After a while of living in the consciousness of the extent of the Lie, the fake steak
of the Matrix becomes meaningless to you, and money - since you know it's just
part of the lie - becomes almost irrelevant, and in its present form on its way to
history, anyway.
Since Obama, the powers that are working on introducing the new global
economic order have shifted to turbo, and it's not as if Revelation 13 was like Sci-
Fi in some distant future anymore.
Other people apart from us "loonies" can actually see it happening somewhere in
the not too distant future - the cashless society.
It's exciting.
That's another thing that has changed: I'm not scared anymore.
It's like you just know everything is going to be okay, even if they kill you.
Similar to the plots of the sequels to the Matrix, the Resistance isn't actually
always as united as it should be, and many don't believe in "the One," or in
anything supernatural, for that matter, and the enemy forces are sheer
overwhelming in numbers; but that’s all the more reason why you can pretty
much take for granted that this war isn't going to be won by sheer power of force,
nor with physical weapons.
The fact that Neo had to take the last steps of his way blind illustrated that it’s
only by faith and not by sight that the final battle is going to be won, and that's
what many people just don't want to see, because they think their own arm is
strong enough, while their faith isn't...
Regardless of whether the NWO mind-manipulators had their hands in the
making of this trilogy, it wouldn't be the first time that God used something the
Devil would like to take the credit for.
Some people give the Devil too much credit and are too scared that God is some
kind of weakling... They're scared of the stars, scared of candles, scared of sex,
scared of the wrong kind of music...
But we're not going to win this war by being scared.
Sometimes the battle looks so hopeless, even the Enemy asks us," why do you
keep fighting?" Neo's answer to Agent Smith, "Because I choose to" was not
appreciated by everyone, but it's our choice not to give in that is going to see
anyone through in the end.
You simply have to choose to keep fighting the Enemy. What other choice have
you got? Quit? Surrender?
The message was, "Hell, no, we haven't even yet begun to fight," even if not with
those words...
The one thing I didn't like was the ending of the trilogy. A cop-out. A truce
between the Resistance and the machines, which in the Matrix scenario may
have been the only realistic solution, but it won't be in the real battle.
Some people hold a grudge against God because of the bloodshed depicted in
the book of Revelation or Ezekiel, and hate the God Who would allow any such
thing to happen.
They would prefer for good and evil to coexist peacefully together in some sort of
lukewarm truce. But I sometimes wonder if they ever dig anything at all of what
life is teaching us.
I remember reading Revelation as a teen, and I felt very much like Neo did in the
scene of movie when he finds out just what the Matrix is, and the first thing he
does is throw up.
It’s a toughie, facing the reality of our world as God sees it, also, or especially in
regard to its impending future (preceding the happy ending) as He foretells it (see
Revelation 19-21). And not many people have the guts to face that reality.
But the only way we're ever going to have peace and any type of victory is if we
have enough guts to hate evil, and if nothing else in this world will ever teach us
to do that, I'm afraid the coming years most certainly will.