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ArahPaint 4 Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl Ctrl+Shift Alt Shift Alt+Shift
1 Zoom 100% Sort colors by popularity F5 Layer palette
2 Zoom 200% Sort colors by hue F6 Color palette
3 Zoom 300% Sort colors by saturation F7 Brush palette
4 Zoom 400% Sort colors by lightness
5 Zoom 500% Sort colors by similarity F11 Descend trough colors
6 Zoom 600% F12 Ascend trough colors
7 Zoom 700%
8 Zoom 800%
9 Zoom 900%
0 Zoom 1000%
A Enable, Disable integer view Select all Keep aspect Despeckle all colors
B Brush
C Reduce to selected area Copy Reduce number of colors Color remapping
D Arc Deselect Drawing in repeat Draw curve
E Eraser Invert transparent colors Clear color transparency
F Flip vertical Flip horizontal
G Insert or remove area Grid on/off
H Changing start of repeat – horizontal Count colors horizontal Count colors vertical Changing start of repeat – vertical
I Line drawing Invert colors Invert selection
J Spray Convert to / from true color mode Border spray
K Fill with color
L Free hand selection
M Selection Invert protected colors Clear color protection Averaging
N Polygon New picture Load new layer
O Circle Load Picture Browse Ellipse
P Free hand drawing Print
Q Rectangle Filled objects Square
R Repeat view on/off Show / Hide ruler Repeat dimensions Rotate image
S Stamp mode Save picture Save as Despeckle selected color
T Text Transform Resize image
U Contour
V Move tool Paste Repeat layer
W Magic wand
X Switch fg and bg colors Cut Set number of colors
Y Mirror diagonal Redo
Z Undo
+ Zoom in
- Zoom out
[ Decrease line size Move layer down Send layer to back Descend trough layers Select bottom layer
] Increase line size Move layer up Bring layer to front Ascend trough layers Select top layer
, Previous brush
. Next brush
> Layer->Brush
< Brush->Layer
Backspace Delete selection
Space Pick color from image Color Editor
Up Move selection area 1px up Move selection area 10px up
Down Move selection area 1px down Move selection area 10px down
Left Move selection area 1px left Move selection area 10px left
Right Move selection area 1px right Move selection area 10px right
Home Move view to top left
End Move view to bottom right
PageUp Scroll view up one page Scroll view left one page
PageDown Scroll view down one page Scroll view right one page
Enter Blink foreground color Blink and scroll to foreground color
Delete Deletes selection
Left mouse button Draw with foreground color Select color
Right mouse button Draw with background color Superimpose layer to image
Middle mouse button exchange colors in palette
Mouse wheel Scroll Up, Scroll Down Zoom in, Zoom out Scroll left, Scroll right