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Shruthi Vasantharangan

162 BSK, 1st stage,
9th cross Ashoknagar Bangalore50.
Mobile: 9886494423

Skill Set
Unix/ Solaris, C, C++, core java, corba, perl , XML
Knowledge of Cisco proprietary protocols like AR, SNMP, UDP, MPLS etc
Switch cli for BPX, IGX, MGX, Ilog interfaces, Rogue wave libraries, clear case, etc

Work Experience
Total Experience of 6.5 years

From May 2005 till date
Role: Project Lead, at Cisco Development Facility, Wipro Technologies, Bangalore

Product Details:
O CTM (Cisco Transport Manager) provides advanced capabilities in fault,
configuration, performance and security management across the element and
network management layers of the Telecommunication Management
Network (TMN) reference architecture. With inherenet support for Sonet, SDH,
DWDM and Ethernet, along with open interfaces to OSS, CTM provides a wide range
of advanced optical systems, routers and switches to network operators.
O CTM GateWay is an architectural component that provides northbound EMS-to-
network management system (NMS) interface mediation. CTM GateWay enables
service providers to integrate CTM with their OSS by using open, standard interfaces,
CTM offers TL1, SNMP and CORBA interface options.

Role Profile:
O End to End Development of features: (direct interface with Cisco?s customers to
get the requirements, estimation, design and development)
O Monitoring and development of team members
O Analysis & reporting of quality metrics (part of Wipro Quality Control Program)

Key projects:
O FCAPS support for a Cisco 7600 router on CTM: The project is currently in the
design phase. The requirement is to support the existing features available in CTM
for a new network Element which is a C7600 router. End client is Comcast.
O New enhancements in security area. Additional profile/permission associations for
some of the child Applications.

From May 2000 ? May 2005
Role: Project Engineer/onsite co-coordinator/Project Lead, at Cisco Development
Facility, Wipro Technologies, Bangalore.

Product Details:
O CWM (Cisco Wan Manager) is a suite of WAN multi-service management
applications, provides powerful fault, configuration and performance management
functionality for WAN multi-service switches. CWM provides statistics collection;
storing the information in an Informix SQL database and allowing simple integration
of this data into exiting network management.
O CWM addresses network and element management for WAN ATM, FR, Voice and
legacy data services on BPX/AXIS, IGX, MGX and IPX devices seamlessly. CWM has a
robust and scalable architecture that meets the
demands of end-to-end Layer 2 configuration, fault, and performance management
control and operation in very
large networks.
O CWM interacts with southbound interface using SNMP/ Cisco Link protocol (UDP),
TCL, and Northbound interface using SNMP, CORBA. The CWM structure is made of
Java at the front end and at the back end is C/C++ using CORBA for Distributed
O CWM GUI provides the following applications: Network Topology, Connection
Manager, Network Browser, Security Manager, Statistics Collection Manager,
Summary Report

Role Profile:
O End to End Development of features: (direct interface with Cisco?s customers to
get the requirements, estimation, design and development)
O TAC support (Supporting field issues from customers)
O Fixing bugs found by development test team
O Interface with internal customers
O Training and tracking team members
O Analysis & reporting of quality metrics (part of Wipro Quality Control Program)

Project History:
O Started of by taking a transfer of Information at onsite location. Continued to
support the various release of the software namely 9.2, 10.x, 11.x, 12.x and now
O Three onsite assignments, each for a duration of 3 months where worked closely
with partner and its customers. Worked on critical ATT, SBC Telecom Italia etc
issues, along with various feature enhancements.
O Multiple module owner of the software. Areas of topology, equipment
management, proxy agents, connection management, GUI, configuration
management etc.

Key projects:
O Forwarding of traps from an integrated CWM machine to a SCM SA
This is enhancement in the event notification mechanism of the CWM Stats Collection
Manager by which the event that indicates failure in receiving a stats file from a node
is proactively monitored and an appropriate alarm is generated and directed to the
CWM station.
O Multithreading signal handling mechanisms in Topology and child processes.
Functions like dynamic reading of configuration file; dynamically increasing the log
level of a particular process is achieved by issuing UNIX signals to the process.
Previously each process processed the signal in the main thread. With
this enhancement, the signal handling was shifted to another thread spawned from
main. So that the main is
not blocked.
O Remote Client Administration in CWM. This feature involved in development of a
new front end for the list of users and functionalities of deactivation of a remote
client, removing of a remote client, enabling key options for a admin user. Enhancing
CWMGS (CWM Generic Server) to hold new properties for an admin user and
implement CORBA callback method from the Front End. CORBA callback for getting
list of active GUI for a given user, for checking the validity of a client using a ping
O Implementing Performance Metrics for a flow through connection provisioning.
Enabling and calculating the transition times between multiple modules. Inter
process Communication delays. Capturing and integrating the information using
scripts. Formatting the output in readable/ customer desired format.
O Per Slot Config Save and Restore option. Enhancing CWM to support a switch
feature that performs configuration upload and restoring a switch configuration card
(Service Module) wise. Involved in enhancing the old GUI, Backend handling with
database query, ftp upload from the switch, Ios manager interface module that
handles Ios cards.
O Network Partitioning. The network is divided into logical sub-networks. Each user
can access only those sub-networks which are specified in his user-profile. The user
can do operation only on the nodes and the elements on the nodes coming under the
sub-network(s) applicable to that particular user. The creation of sub-network(s) and
assigning the same to a user(s) is done by Admin or a user with privileges of the
This project involved Enhancement in overall GUI framework. Backend changes in
CWMGS. Additional CORBA calls for new permission information.

From October 1998 ? May 2000
Role: Project Engineer, at Japanese Development Center, Mphasis Bangalore.

O Worked as a test engineer and developer. Involved in testing American power
corporation UPS monitoring software.
O Involved in the development for TNM Network Management for NEC, Australia.

1994-1998: Bachelor in Electronics and Communication Engineering, from BMS
College of Engineering,Bangalore.

1992-1994: Pre-University in PCME, from National College Basavangudi, Bangalore.