15/9, Second Cross Road, Dhamodarapuram, Adyar, Chennai. Telephone: +91-9884154655 Email: PERSONAL DETAILS : Date of Birth Sex Languages Known : : : 14th June 1978 Male English, Hindi & Telugu

CAREER OBJECTIVE : To face the needs of current trend and achieve proficiency by solving uphill tasks through Explorations. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND : 1. Pursuing my PhD Under the guidance of Dr. C.Chellappan from January 2004. 2. M.Sc. Operations Research & Computer Applications from Regional Engineering College (REC), Trichy in June 2001 with CGPA of 6.71 3. B. A. Maths, Statistics & Economics from Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh in June 1999 with percentage of 75. 4. H.Sc. from Sri Kakathiya Residential College, Andhra Pradesh in June 1996 with percentage of 75. 5. SSLC from Sri Kakathiya High School, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh in June 1994 with percentage of 75. COMPUTER SKILL SET : Proficiency at GUI Programming Operating System Internet Programming : : : : C, C++, ASP, UNIX, Oracle8. Visual Basic 6.0 Windows-2000 Professional and MS-DOS. HTML, VBScript.

OPERATIONS RESEARCH SKILL SET : Proficiency at : Linear Programming, Replacement & Reliability Theory, and Inventory Control Theory.

WORK EXPERIENCE : COVANSYS India Ltd, MEPZ, Chennai Worked as “Project Trainee” from January 2001 to June 2001 in the above Organization • ANNA UNIVERSITY, Chennai Worked as “Visiting Faculty” from June 2002 to June 2004. Worked as “TRA” from June 2004 to June 2005. Working as “Professional Assistant” from June 2005 to till date. NUMBER OF PROJECT STUDENTS GUIDED: 06 CONFERENCE/ WORKSHOP ATTENED:
• • •

Workshop on Reliability and Warranty organized by the chennai chapter of
the operational research society of India on December 20 2004.

International workshop on Distributed Computing 2004 organized by ISI
Kolkata from 26-30 December 2004. Three-day short-term training programme on Quantitative techniques for research in engineering and management from 5-7 December 2005.

PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN: Project 1: Title Duration Packages Used Description : Marketing & Stock Maintenance for Jai-Raj Industries. : April - June 2000. : Oracle8, Visual Basic 6.0 : Developed to help the contemporary Artists. Its main motto is to take the work pieces from the artists and to sell them to customers in the basis of commission per work pieces.

Project 2: Title : Integrated Project’s Progress System for Covansys India Ltd MEPZ, Chennai. Duration : January-April, 2001. Packages Used : ASP, SQL Server7. Description : The aim of this particular tool Project Tracking Tool is to track the client request. This tool will store all the client request with their details and also allows the user to maintain the status of the activity. This tool also maintains the daily effort made by the employees. Its usage is not only limited to the corporate Intranet, but can be extended to the Internet with only minor configuration and modification.

Project 3: Topic Duration Language Used Details : Variable Impact Analyzer Tool. : April-May, 2001. : C Language. : This Tool is an assistance tool for the Ongoing FREDMEYER Employee Expansion Project. The main aim of this Tool is to find The Impacts in the COBOL Program including different copybooks. when User gives the basic Patterns as input, the tool finds possible patterns that effects the basic patterns. This is not only useful for the Programmer to get the Output & Change only the related Pattern Also reduces much of the Programmer’s effort.

ACADEMIC ACHEIVEMENTS: 1. Qualified in the All India Entrance Exam conducted by REC Trichy and got selected in the M.Sc Program 2. Certified as Topper of B.A in Andhra Loyola College. 3. Secured First Division through out the Career. Co-Curricular Activities:

2. 3. 4.

Active member in OPTIMA’ 2000-RECT. Camp Leader of NSS – Andhra Loyola College. Member of Rotary Club of Vijayawada. Good Player of Chess.

Hobbies: 1. Listening Music and making friends. Signature Date : Place : Ananta Praveen Kumar MVR.

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