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June-October 2009 Opinion 7

Idealistic Reality
principles and ideas in a world that is

“What’s Going On?”

constantly trying to change them?
During our lectures and
eLearning, we are exposed to medical
innovations and settings that offer the
best treatment and interventions for

Breaking Closets our patients. This is beside the fact

that many of these are not present in

the various clinical areas that we are
Jerome L. Ricafrente assigned to. I don’t consider being
introduced to these innovations as
(The author does not cast himself as a stranger to some of the something useless though. I think it’s Margarette D. Bacani
observations made) being taught to remind us that there
are ideal and effective ways to treat
Our world will never be an ideal forget it. They then choose to deafen and handle our patients. We must not
one – that is if we’re going to take themselves from its call and resign forget them just because they do not
Plato’s Theory of Forms at heart. In to the life of mimicking the ways of
During this year’s first semester, students from the Institute of
exist in the actual setting, for doing
his various books, he stated that just others, all the while losing their grasp Nursing have encountered some problems and not to be bias, most
so is tantamount to allowing our poor
like a painting is a poor and imperfect on how to live right. After staying for health system define our provision of them came from the seniors.
imitation of a scene, our world is but almost four years in FEU-IN, I’ve of care.
a mere corrupted replication of the noticed this on the study habits of On a personal level, I believe
ideal one. students and the way of teaching of What Is Happening?
it still rings true. I have developed a
Plato furthered this statement some of the faculty members. deep sense of respect for the nursing Voicing out these problems, most that are included concerned
with his belief that the real world and Some might reason out that profession, but I will never forget my the clinical exposure, such as the clinical instructor’s duty schedules
the ideal world are separate entities. what people perceive as ideal might true calling. Doing otherwise is like
The things that we see around us not materialize and prove useful in not coinciding with their lectures. Sometimes the two opposing
allowing a “current trend” define my
are mimicries of what are present real life. Our world is a real one and it way of life. schedules would even overlap that the C.I.s are now faced with
in the ideal world. According to him, favors those people who are realistic. The fact that we live in an the impossible. But they would, of course, pick the lecture over the
humans in the ideal world “converse Yet, if we’ll abide such rules, where eclectic world that tolerates the
with the Gods and see the sun, moon do we stand in comparison to those duty.
existence of various and often times
and stars as they truly are”. One who abuse their authority to fill their conflicting beliefs suggests that we Another famous situation would be the whereabouts of the
might say that Plato’s concept of the coffers and those who steal money are not in any way inhibited in realizing communication letter. The C.I.s and the group s/he’s handling would
ideal world is similar to the Catholics’ to feed themselves? These kinds our own stand in life. Whatever it is
idea of heaven; one that is peaceful, of people indeed survive in the real come to the area, both demanding that one special letter that makes
that we consider ideal should not stay
unflawed and untainted. world, but their sense of identity, unfulfilled just because they would
our rotations’ bloodlines go. Most of the time, it isn’t ready yet, so
Even though we follow our morality and their conscience do come out as something impractical another duty is cancelled.
own standard of what is ideal, our not. One slip is all it takes for them and difficult in the real world. The
actual world will still pale against it. to hit the ground, while people with Sometimes the schedule of the C.I.s would fit okay. Lectures
tides of social standards and beliefs
The poverty, hunger, corruption and conviction and values will continue to first, then by late afternoon, duty with a group or two. And by this
are indeed strong that we find it
violence that plague our nation make rise with every fall. rather easy to conform to it, but I time, the C.I. would be dead tired from the day’s work to even bother
our attempt to achieve our vision of I’ve had my fair share of this believe that it’s not strong enough to to scrutinize the students on duty, if they are charting correctly or if
a good life a struggle. Hospitals, dilemma. Since grade school, I’ve rattle someone who has the courage
public schools and other government always envisioned myself as a they are already administering IV push without supervision. And this
and guts to sail to the direction his
facilities still fall short even though university professor. But because in heart leads him to. We may never would result to ineffective student, rotation, and C.I., then it would all
we have the standards for the the “real world” the nursing course live in an ideal world but we can go down to the evaluation results.
“ideal setting”. offers a more lucrative and secured be the ideal person we want to be.
People know how to live the future, I compromised my idea of life
ideal way, but because they find to survive. Bumigay ka na sa lacrimal_rome@ Duty Concept Versus Lecture Concept

Beauty Secret
easier ways to survive, they tend to How? How do we keep our
If the duty wasn’t cancelled, and the C.I. was free that day,
If I would be asked to choose
and if the COMM letter was already at hand, here comes another
between intelligence and beauty,
I’ll go for beauty… How about you? problem: How come we don’t know what the C.I. is talking about?
No doubt it is the one Or what she is saying sounds familiar but we’ve forgotten all about
perceived by your naked eye that it? This time it’s all about the concepts’ agreement.
The Aviateur
IN Demand
comes to your mind every time
you hear the word beauty: pointed It’s all just very simple. If you are rotated in a mental institute
nose, glowing skin complexion, long and your lecture concept is Eyes and Ears, what would be effective
eyelashes, thin or Angelina Jolie Macy Rose S. Flores
about that? And most of the time, the C.I. doesn’t give lectures in the
lips. I don’t know. It depends on how
you describe that beauty. But sorry area—they assume you already know, or at least knowing about it in
who sadly, have hideous attitudes. Sometimes, we look up too much to
that’s not what I want to put in your Once, I was riding a jeepney our dreams that we tend to ignore the
lecture. The students always look incompetent whenever faced with
mind. Indubitably, I made a great on my way home, a group of nursing people on our sides. Pitiably, we even a clinical exposure they have no slight clue about. Concepts should
pick when I chose exquisiteness students came in. They were not trample on others to get what we want.
over astuteness, because it’s the propose a sort of balance for the students to be efficient.
seated yet when they started chatting Some even set aside the friendship to
loveliness that can be perceived as if they were the only persons inside gain higher rewards for themselves.
by everybody’s obscured eyes. that jeep. And worse, as they were Who doesn’t want to achieve honor or V/S Nursing
As I try to roam my eyes
around the sphere of the Institute,
seated, one of them started talking grades that you can be proud of? But I Ward, ward, ward. If only the board exam questions would be
even louder and was saying nasty hope it would not mean lowering down about ward management, we’d all pass with flying colors. In Level
I saw a lot of beautiful faces. words. That made all the passengers oneself just for any award. Don’t be
Seeing those faces is like having glare at them. How I wish I was not satisfied with intelligence alone. Boost IV, you are highly praised and envied if you’ve been rotated to a
angels surrounding me. It’s the wearing the same uniform as theirs. it with a pleasing character as well. special area.
same feeling when I hear my fellow But I was. I hope I had the courage Now, let’s go back with
nursing students make their names In this problem we have answers. Last year, the 08-09 juniors
that time to tell them they were getting the beauty that I’ve chosen over
conspicuous through their cleverness. so much attention. Maybe, they were astuteness. What does it take to were all given ward rotations because the seniors have their
Those things surely make any nursing so intelligent they were even talking be called beautiful? I suggest three completion so they are the priority. But this year, seniors are still
student proud that he or she belongs about someone whom unfortunately, standards. First, he or she must be
to the same Institute. With these, I assigned to wards because the lower levels are already exposed to
they call “bobo”. What do you think sensitive. To be sensitive is to feel
realize that you’ll be popular in the were the passengers thinking about what others feel. It’s acting unselfishly. the clinical area. Where is fairness to that? Their PRC form drafts
campus when you possess either of them that time? And now, how do you There are some things that are fine are as clean as tabula rasa.
these two: astounding intelligence or think will people look at FEU nursing or okay to us, but not with others.
astonishing beauty. And lucky you if Why would the lower levels be prioritized this time? They
students? Are we not reminded We might say words that we meant
you got both. That will unquestionably every now and then that how we as jokes, but are already upsetting
even have more cases than the seniors. This is more than just a
make you much more popular. But act will reflect the whole Institute? others. complaint—it’s a “cry for help.” How are the seniors supposed to
there are students who want to get Like what I’ve said, many It’s feeling the care that
the same fame. Maybe some intend graduate if all their much-needed cases are caught by lower year
have brilliant minds too. But some our patients are asking without a
too or some unconsciously do it. levels?
lack the beauty I am referring to. Let single word from them. Second,
Maybe, just maybe, they don’t have us not forget that as we build a mind one must act sophistically
either of those remarkable attribute that can top the exams, let’s also build especially in front of other people
so they get attention in other way.
And we plainly need answers.
a self that can bridge us with people. continued on p. 8
I’m referring to our fellow students

Insulin or Abulia?
purposes such as the launching of compared to other institutes? With suffered two years just to wear the IN
INSC’s programs for the whole year. their long back hairs, loose polos, patch. Now that you are togged up in
The IN family is one project that aims one would observe that they are even that logo upon entering FEU, you must
to unite freshies, sophies, juniors and proud of their B.O.F. auras which very take pride by abiding what is desired.
seniors because the curriculum now hilarious. Just when did IN permitted For Levels II, III and IV, our green
is straight four years. Another is to uniform and grooming upheaval? smock gowns, although they are a

Poorgeoisie let the rest feel that they belong in

an institute of talents, not just being
confined in four corners of a room.
To the lower batches, just look at
how properly groomed your kuya’s and
ate’s are. Juniors and Seniors have
bit uncomfortable to wear especially
during hot days, must always serve
as the epidermis of our white uniform.
Joshua D. Jorvina Our institute is known for its
They get to see their ate’s and kuya’s clean cuts, properly tucked polos,
dancing, singing, plus other surprises. shaved faces, and so on and so forth. strict grooming and uniform policies
This column presents two hustles, hubbubs or hullabaloos of a Who has watched last year’s Though some are boorish of how they cephalo caudal or from head to foot.
realization and outlook among the student body and their own issues dance number of the DYOSAS? present themselves, it’s up to them to Though the Discipline Committee
as well. Happy reading! Wasn’t that fun and memorable? sport what they want – passion for ill- cannot get all the ID’s of these
Foremost Bleat projects, which was far daw from the Do IN students get to have social fashion. For the clinical uniforms, my pasaways, one must remind himself
I salute the leadership of the proposed event. A hundred-thousand- verve? Yawn. Though we have our own female group mates always see their or herself the school and institute
current Institute of Nursing (INSC) plus budget can already be allotted spiritual quests and religions, INSC co-students disentangling their buns they belong. An IN alumni has told us
officers in bringing their programs for more purposeful agendas such has its own values-forming projects in public places. We, of Adam’s specie this: if you feel sick and tired of these
to life. I saw their efforts particularly as medical missions, charity and so under the Spiritual Committee. Just may not comprehend. Eve’s point is rules, better slough off your noble
the current INSC president, Ms. Jan on. If the budget would be calculated, like what the INSC President has that disrespect is being shown for the degree and budge. This semester,
Marie de Leon. A concern which the individual amount will only cost 28 said, let’s just accept and see the white uniform; second they ruin the tiara-like nursing caps replaced the
must not complicate but needs a pesos per IN student, a reasonable brighter side. God has his purpose. image of FEU-IN on the upbringing older, smaller and filthier caps of the
voice is the thoughtless dumping amount to pursue the event. of uniform and grooming; and third, female students. Ma’am Cañizares
of the annual Acquaintance Party. On the INSC’s part, the Acquaintance Last Bleat they display off beam example to told us during our Ethics concept
The motive for the abandonment party was not just your perceived Removing the patch, it’s a bit the subordinate batches. It sounds that the Institute is teaching us to be
was that programs for this school year happy-go-lucky happening. According hard to distinguish which is which. even-handed on their part. For Level I competent nurses, one of the reasons
were concentrated toward meaningful to Ms. de Leon, it has its significant Who are the students from IN when and Level II students, we waited and why we should always abide.
continued on p. 8
8 News Features The Lamp
June-October 2009

INSC unveils year long projects By Alex Redome and Klaudine Palma
Headed by the advisers Mrs. Rachelle Lax- tute of Nursing and the INSC. year is a play entitled “Enchanted Hours”.
amana and Mr. Jonathan Cañares, the Institute
of Nursing Student Council (INSC) aims to imple- Socio-Cultural Committee Publicity Committee
ment programs and activities that would cater to The Socio-Cultural Committee, led by the With their president Karen Bacongan and
the needs and interests of the whole Institute of Officer-in-Charge Evan Lendle Ramos, focuses Officer-in-Charge Patrick Lourence Mesias, the
Nursing (IN) population. Programs done by the on activities that would enhance the unity of the Publicity Committee aims to widen the span of
past batches that had proved to be successful IN students. Their projects for the school year information dissemination especially to the low-
are utilized again this year while the proposals include Institute of Nursing Acquaintance Party: er year levels this school year. In line with this,
for new activities have also been considered. INteract, INvolve, INtegrate; IN Shirt Launch; IN proposals for the projects such as the remodel-
Through this, nursing students are directed to the Family; Poster Making Contest and the Photo ing of the bulletin boards in collaboration with the
enhancement of their skills and abilities through Contest. Creative Productions Committee, the making of
their participation and support to these proposed the Blogspot, and the room to room assignments
programs. “Our approach this year is holistic. Student Development Committee of the publicity committee members in order to
We want to reach out to all levels of the insti- The Student Development, a newly es- assess the effectiveness of information dis- Med-
tute,” as stated by the INSC president Jan Ma- tablished committee, headed by the FEUCSO semination are to be pursued. Also, the Publicity ical- Surgi-
rie De Leon. “The student council of 2009-2010 Representative Romeo Alexis Dimayacyac aims Committee will be participating and collaborating cal-Dental Mission.
will undeniably make a mark this school year.” to meet the students’ needs including those that with the Academic Committee in the Clash of the The sec- ond semester
are out of academic concerns. Projects such as Brilliant Minds the first FEU nursing debate. will enrich the knowledge and
INSC Committees IN Voice Box and Table: Filling up the Insufficien- experiences of the red crossers with
cies; IN Book Bank: One Book, Two Hands, Tree Discipline Committee the six activities on hand. These are the Basic
Academic Committee of Knowledge and the IN Student Congress: Sign Language; Operation Archer II; Opera-
The Discipline Committee is concerned in
The Academic Committee with their Offi- Hearing the Voices of the Tamaraw Nurses are maintaining the decorum and the grooming of the tion Enlighten: RCYCC Medical-Dental-Opthal-
cer-in-Charge Jeremy Medrano and President to be launched this school year. mological Mission; Pledge 25: University Wide
IN students whether inside or outside the cam-
Paulo Martin Cleope will continue to nurture the Blood Letting Program; Project Dunant II: Red
pus. Headed by their Officer-in-Charge Josuha
academically inclined FEU-IN students through Executive Committee Cross Youth Days and the Abot Kamay V: Medi-
Katrina David and President Miguel Angelo Co,
their projects for the school year. These are the The Executive Committee, headed by the the committee came up with two projects namely cal-Surgical-Dental Mission.
Seeds of Wisdom: Small Group Discussion with INSC President Jan Marie De Leon, has three The Way of the Tamaraw: Epitome of Excellence
Expert FEU lecturers in their Field; Pen Power: projects for this school year. These are the IN and From empty bottles to good books. The The Lamp
The second FEU-IN Essay Writing Competition; Teambuilding; AIDS Awareness Campaign and proceeds of the latter project will be donated to With the IN faculty adviser Maria Loisa
Tutorial Sessions; Tam Nurse-Greatness Un- the annual Foundation Week. Santiago and Editor-in-Chief Jan Albert Suing,
Student Development Committee’s book bank.
leashed: The 5th FEU Nursing Quiz Bee; Aim The Lamp will continuously enlighten and in-
High Tamaraw Nurse: The 2nd FEU-IN on-the- Sports Committee form the IN students on the different issues and
IN Flagships
spot NCP making contest; The Clash of Bril- Encouraging unity and building the team- happenings in the Institute. Projects such as the
liant Minds; and the Challenging the Best of the work of the IN family are the functions of the Red Cross Youth Collegiate Council Journalism Seminar, the release of the two is-
Bests: first FEU Nursing Research Congress. Sports Committee. With their Officer-in-Charge sues of the Lamp in the first and second semes-
The Red Cross Youth Collegiate Council
Sybil Alcaraz and President Keneth Robles, the with their IN faculty adviser Kurt Rasos, Officer- ter, and handing out of a ‘literary folio’ are to be
Spirit-Civic Committee committee has two activities for the year 2009- in-Charge Erwin Jan Enriquez, and President materialized this school year.
With the desire to uplift the values and 2010. These are the Institute of Nursing Sports Mary Margaret Estupigan, sets 16 projects for the
spirituality of the nursing students, the Spirit-Civ- Fest with the motto of “Strengthening the Spirit of school year that will encourage voluntary service Institute of Nursing Music Ministry and Institute
ic Committee headed by their president Katrina Sportsmanship” and the FEU Athletics League. and camaraderie to the nursing students. of Nursing Theater Arts Committee
Cagne has 5 projects for the school year. Among The Institute of Nursing Music Ministry
Ten projects are to take place in the first se-
them are the Motivational Day-Empowering the Creative Productions Committee (INMM) headed by their president Josephine
mester. These are the RCYCC General Assem-
Faith: Mass for the Licensure Exam; Gift Giv- The Creative Productions headed by their bly; Blood Awareness Month Campaignl; Project Glatz and the Institute of Nursing Theater Arts
ing Program; Feeding Program and Livelihood; President Xyla Noelle Babao and Officer-in- Volt-in; Blood Marathon: Madugong Paligsahan; Committee (INTAC) with their president Venie
Faithing Circle; and the Council’s Counsel. Fur- Charge Evan Lendle Ramos strives to reach out Scuffle’s Sword: A RCY Humanitarian Law Sym- Dalog, both conduct Regular Enhancement Pro-
thermore, masses in the FEU chapel are con- to the nursing students through the video presen- posium; Community RCY; Adopt-a-School; Op- grams which aims to develop the talents of its
ducted every first week of the month which is tations, posters, and other promotional materials eration Rambo IV; Leadership Development members thru workshops. This serves as their
sponsored by the different batches of the Insti- they provide in big events such as the acquain- Program: Leader and a Ship III and the RCYCC preparation for annual competitions like Sayawit
tance party. Their major project for the school and Acalitmus.

A Touching Moment
were way too bizarre to understand. it is not the word that could have illness. It is now a word that will
Those tiring moments were paid-off won me that spelling quiz bee years make me remember the moment I
during the Grand Socialization Party. ago any more. It is now a word that was able to touch a person’s life and
Grand Socialization Day was changed my perspective on people made a difference.
the day that marked the end of the who are diagnosed with this mental

duty. We, together with our patients,

Alien’s Diary...
had a blast during the party. There
was this part where our patients will from p. 6
Kathlyn Kaye P. Delizo say a few words for us. We were capable enough to provide him a decent life.
shocked and touched by the words
they uttered and their reactions. They Too much love for family
Schizophrenia – A word which Even after I read that, I still felt were teary-eyed while saying their ‘What are you frustrated about?’ A professor once asked me.
has been embedded on my mind for puzzled but dismissed it, not knowing words of gratitude for us. They were It is this: we love our family so much that we are willing to sacrifice
the past eight years of life in school. that after eight years, I’ll be able to even giving advices like not to get everything that makes us happy for them. I do believe that man’s moral purpose
I would never forget that moment I encounter again this word but with a married yet because we are still too in life is his happiness. But nobody says it’s wrong to love his family. Certainly
heard that word. It was when I was deeper meaning in my life. young and study hard. As they were not. But sacrifice must never be used a justification of one’s love. One must not
in sixth grade that the word could’ve During our duty at a home care going back to their respective rooms
let his love for his family stifle him from reaching his dreams.
won me first place in the spelling bee. in Mandaluyong, we were able to meet after the party, they gave each of us What does this have to do with the Philippines’s sluggish progress?
After I got home that day, I picked up persons who are called by people a piece of candy saying that they will
In a recent study, it was found that the top two priorities of Filipinos are
my dictionary and searched for that outside the medical field as ‘insane’. pray for us to be safe and be happy.
word and its meaning. But to us, they are ‘Schizo patients’. It was at this moment when we felt their families and their friends. This is in contrast with Western countries where
Schiz-o-phre-ni-a (n) Any of a At first, I was nervous, judgmental overwhelmed by the fact that we they perceive achievements as their paramount priority. Progress nowadays
group of psychotic disorders usually and scared and there were millions were able to be a part of their lives requires global competitiveness. But how do we become competitive if we are
characterized by withdrawal from of ‘what-ifs’ in my mind. These all and in return, they touched us with already contented with what we have? Masaya na ‘ko basta masaya kaming
reality, illogical patterns of thinking, disappeared when my group mates their simple gestures and words of magkakasama ng pamilya ko at kumakain kami ng tatlong beses sa isang araw.
delusions, and hallucinations, and and I have met our patients. They gratitutde. That doesn’t even sound like contentment at all. It’s more like despair – the
accompanied in varying degrees were all smiles and very friendly. They Schizophrenia is a word that I despair of not being able to explore one’s full potential and the possibility of
by other emotional, behavioral, looked normal but once we began the have known for eight years. For me, achieving a higher level of self-actualization.
or intellectual disturbances. nurse-patient interaction, the signs and
Insulin or...
On a lighter note, we can actually help our family without feeling it as
Schizophrenia is associated with symptoms of schizophrenia became a burden by bearing in mind that helping them and providing for them isn’t a
dopamine imbalances in the brain very obvious. During those times, it from p. 7
was very tiring for us to communicate Precisely! Guys, their point responsibility but a prerogative.
and may have an underlying genetic
cause. with them because their answers is crystal clear. Getting to the habit Hospitality versus Inferiority
of always being the best – not only I doubt the famous Filipino hospitality. I believe it is not hospitality at all. It’s
Beauty Secrets... from p. 7
physically through our uniforms, but more of inferiority complex.
also mentally by studying hard – will Of all the races in the world, the Filipino is among those who believe in
and with the patients. That is to act with confidence and with finesse. give us the edge from other graduates white supremacy or superiority. This is the reason why they show them illogical
The third is closely related to the second, and that is acting as a real in this competitive health care industry.
“educated” person. Bear in mind that not all who earn a degree act like A remarkable word I found respect every time they’re in the country or they see them strolling on our streets
educated ones. Be not like them. Show our being educated through as I was browsing my phone’s medical or sun-bathing in our beaches, why they give them special treatment, serve them
our actions and words. Those three, if we just put them in our hearts, dictionary was the word ABULIA, food they hardly even share with their fellows, and let themselves be treated by
will make us notice not only as lovely persons, but future nurses who a common symptom amongst these foreigners as slaves. And it is not because we are hospitable.
really deserve trust and respect from people and from our patients. Schizophrenics. It is a medical term Don’t you see the manifestations of this malady? The number one song
Later in our lives, what would be more important is neither our denoting absence or impairment in the local music hit chart is Korean; the highest rating local TV shows are
intelligence nor the beauty we used to have, but it’s the undying beauty of will power. The individual still Filipino remakes of Mexican telenovelas; and many more. Filipinos tend to
that the people around us find within ourr hearts. It’s the beauty that our manifests desires to put it into action, worship anything foreign. They even want their surnames to sound foreign. How
patients long every time they will need caring nurses. I chose that beauty but they do not, for initiative and many times have you laugh upon hearing genuine Pinoy surnames such as
because I know that it’s the one that can really make me happy. I don’t see energy are lacking. Concluding these Batungbacal and sort? Can’t you see that these people bearing these kinds of
the goodness of achieving something great yet you rejoice alone because uproars, hopefully these ruckuses surnames are the real Filipinos? How many times have we heard phony actresses
the people are resentful of your attitude. Someday, it would be nicer if I may serve to open the eyes of the
flaunt their expensive, imported bags and shoes in local TV? Countless times.
happen to bump someone accidentally from the Institute while roaming in sightless, tap the back of ignorant,
the mall for example, and he or she smiles at me or hugs me because we enlighten the gloomed. Besides, we And it’s sick.
had an affable friendship before, than just be ignored and be just known as all want a win-win solution. Change What a tragic sight. Until the Filipinos take pride in being a Filipino, we will
the prettiest or brightest student in the same school where we graduated. and improvement are like insulin, not recover from this abyss of self-discrimination and self-loathing.
Do you agree this time to choose beauty over intelligence? Everybody key to energy, the energy to be We cannot step in the same river twice. The world is constantly changing,
can be beautiful. From being lovely, we can always be lovelier and then the better. Long-acting or short-acting? and if we don’t adapt to these changes, we will forever be left out. So let us
loveliest students who can be assets of our Institute. Let us not forget how Better if the former, even worse if no leave the past behind and live the present for our future and the future of this
we become beautiful. Let this Turkish proverb reminds us always of how to be determination or abulia. It is up to us. glorious nation.
gorgeous in everybody’s eyes, “Whoever the heart loves, she is the beauty.” Insulin or abulia? Masarap mabuhay. Ikwento mo na sa
The Lamp
June-October 2009 News Features 9

A Nurse of her time

An Educator of real time
This school year
opened a remarkable era in the history
of The Far Eastern University Institute
of Nursing as Dr. Glenda S. Arquiza, the
Associate Dean of IN for the last 6 years, at the Graduate
By Janine Aguila
assumes the Deanship post, making Schools of UST and
her the 7th Dean of the institute Mapua Institute of Technology.
after being established 54 years ago. In the present, she continues to be part
Dr. Glenda S. Arquiza, who graduated with a of the Institute of Graduate Studies in FEU as a Part-Time well.
degree of Bachelor of Science in Faculty with a rank of Professor IV; Nurse Consultant and Honorary What are your plans in
Nursing from Siliman University, Co-Chair in Veterans Memorial Medical Center Planned Clinical terms of our NLE goals?
earned her Master of Arts in Nursing Instruction Program; and from time to time, a Panel Member for One of these days you will see teasers around and that is
at The Philippine Women’s University Thesis, Dissertation Proposal, and Final Defense in PWU, UST, for the 2010 batch. It will be a part of their motivation to do better.
and her Doctor of Philosophy major in PLM, and FEU. It is like a game which will make them set their own goals. Other
Educational Administration from the What is your philosophy as an educator and as a nurse? than that, we also have the Nursing Audit which we are having
University of the Philippines. I am a critical humanist. Humanist because I appreciate the for the past 3 years. We have seen that the rating has improved
Prior to having worked as the uniqueness of the learner and critical as I hope to change for the this year and the Nursing Audit is a great help to the students. It’s
Associate Dean of IN since June 2003, better and to improve social conditions for all. the critical humanist still in the planning to put it though the e-Learning. In that case,
Dean Arquiza was also the Assistant educator aims for a caring learning environment. the strengths and weaknesses of each student will be easily
Director of the Office of the General How about your inspiration? identified and with that we can easily help them work on that.
Education Curriculum of our university There are two people who influenced me to become a good In Dean Arquiza’s point-of-view, where is IN now and where
from April 2001 to May 2003; Program educator. First, my grand uncle – he’s the Dean Emeritus of the do you think it is headed? What growth have you envision
Coordinator of the Master of Arts in Graduate School of Siliman University. Then, my father-in-law who for IN?
Nursing Program; and faculty member of is a great educator as well. He was the President of the Philippine We have maintained our standards and the best indicator
the School of Nursing in 1975 but left in Christian University for almost 20 years. of that is the results of the recent NLE. IN is currently Level II
1981 to take care of her children. My Dean from Siliman University who is a very fine lady Reaccredited and we are hoping for it to undergo a second
After 11 years, she decided to go back inspired me as well. By just being there and seeing her actions, I Level II Reaccreditation early next year. We envision for a Level
to work. Her first job was being the Principal of was inspired by her. Dean Elegado, my first Dean here, a very fine III Accreditation by 2013 and in 6 years, our Institute will be
the School of Midwifery of J. P. Sioson Colleges lady as well, is to whom I have seen most of the characteristics of celebrating its Diamond Year, IN will be 60 years old. Life is a
and General Hospital. While at J. P. Sioson all the deans I have worked for. I was actually hired by her to work journey and there are people who will walk with you. Without
Colleges, she held different positions such here. She is a good person and she epitomized what a Christian these people walking with you, you will not attain your goal;
as Academic Dean, Director of Nursing Nurse is with the principles and virtues of honesty, uprightness, you will not reach your ‘journey’, so with everybody’s help – the
Service Department and Assistant Hospital caring for others, giving, and forgiving. administration, the faculty, students, and alumni, we envision
Administrator. It is to her credit also that the school Would you consider all these challenging or rewarding? the Institute of Nursing to become a Center for Excellence for
Nursing Education by the year 2015.
was able to offer six programs such as B.S. Why? In what way/s?
Nursing, B.S. Medical Technology, Associate It is both challenging and rewarding. At the end of the day Among the many nursing values, what among these would

Walk- in Radiologic Technology, Medical Secretarial,

A.B. Psychology, and Secondary Education.
when you know that you have done what you are supposed to do,
that’s the time when you get your reward. It’s very fulfilling. You
you emphasize to the students?
Honesty. I always tell this that the greatest virtue of a
ing In 2000, Dr. Arquiza became the Dean know the woman’s tasks and obligations. I am a mother, a wife, a nurse is her honesty, most especially because as nurses we are
dealing with lives. I am always guided by the Christian principles.
the of the College of Nursing and Midwifery and
AHSE at Delos Santos College and Director
sister, a child, a teacher all at the same time. Then as a teacher,
you are a parent. You have to live with all these roles. Life is a The Bible is a very rich source of inspiration to everybody. Also

Talk of Nursing Service at Delos Santos Medical

Center. Her first job was as a Clinical
choice. It is up to you to be happy with your job or not. You don’t
look at it like just a job but something that you do which makes you
there must be love, the kind of love best exemplified by our Lord
Jesus Christ.
You Instructor in Marian School of Nursing. She happy and enjoy at the same time. What would you tell or advice our students at this point?

show also served as a faculty member in different Considering the recent Philippine Nursing Licensure How would you motivate them and inspire them?
schools such as University of Pangasinan Examinations wherein our graduates performed very well, By ‘Walking the Talk’. You show them what you can do.

them College of Nursing; St. Paul’s College, what are your expectations now from the students of IN? What is your message to the FEU-IN community and to the
FEU-IN students, in general and to the graduating batch?
what you
Manila – College of Nursing; Unciano We expect them to pass the NLE and if they can make
College of Nursing in Antipolo, and FEU the passing rate higher, it will be better. You can see that we are For everybody; be the best that you can be in whatever

can do. Institute of Nursing among others. Dr. improving, from 79% last year to 84%. Of course, it’s everybody’s you do and wherever you go.
Arquiza served as a Professioral Lecturer dream to get a 100% but we have to be realistic in settling our goal as

A First: By Jerome L. Ricafrente

FEU Elects IN Student for FEUCSO

“Let it (Institute of Nursing) have its time and its turn to a student as FEUCSO President. So when Web Ramores, end of the day it’s always your
show that it can also give its sparkle of student-leadership an IARFA student, was elected as the president of FEUCSO academics that matters. But to
volunteerism,” said Ramon Victor Roxas, the first nursing last school year, it inspired him to accomplish the same feat those who want to be involved
student to be elected as FEUCSO President. for IN. socio-civically and in volunteerism
Roxas’ opinion on why it took up to now for a nursing like donating blood and becoming
After over 50 years of waiting, Far Eastern University (FEU)
committee members, it’s all about
proved ready this school year to name an IN student as FEUCSO student to be elected is similar to the common perception on
passion. Don’t be scared as long as
president. Ramon Victor Roxas, a third year nursing student, won the profession. “There’s this saying that nurses work under you have the values to back it up.”
the position at the election held on the last week of February. doctors and they are just assistants. But my predecessors
Roxas along with the other candidates of the Sandigan Party won and I believe that nurses work with doctors. I believe that Present and Future Endeavors
their respective positions. “We won because of the student platforms nurses can also imbibe leadership,” he explained. “I’m doing well. I am thankful
we showed. Our platforms are based on the many suggestions Another reason he cited is that the nursing course is to the people who supported me all
of the students like better information dissemination, socio-civic difficult. “No one before had the initiative to run as president along,” Roxas said when asked about
involvements, youth mobilization like TamHunt, Boto ni Piyu, Sayawit of the FEUCSO for the course (nursing) is very demanding his performance as president.
and foundation concert,” Roxas said on their party’s landslide victory. and you have to exert extra efforts and manage time,” Roxas is currently a third year
Roxas said. student and a second term is possible
Roxas added that in order then for a nursing student to when he enters fourth year.
On Running as President
be able to cope up with the responsibilities of a leader, he must When asked about his plans
Roxas gave several reasons on what made him ran for president after his term, he said “I’m
despite the challenging and demanding life of a nursing student. He be well-trained and well-diverse. “It’s also important for you to
be academically competent so that no matter what pressure not sure yet. The only
said that his predecessors like former INSC Presidents Richard Yu thing that’s sure is that I’ll
is thrown at you, you can balance your time,” Roxas said.
and Jaycee Zoreta had inspired him to be the first nursing student continue being a leader in
to attempt for the position. “They have instilled in me the values and Being a Nurse-Leader my own way. Whether it is by
skills of being a true leader,” Roxas quipped. “A nurse leader serves with passion. They are being in Red Cross, Tamvol
Roxas also said that it’s about time for the leadership potentials passionate in their work for it actually involves caring for (Tamaraw Volunteers) or
of nursing students to be recognized in the whole FEU community. “At people. Aside from assisting your patients with love and Oradec (Oratorical and Debate
first, I was intimidated because others believe that nursing students care, you also put in a spark of leadership and volunteerism. Council), I would be proud
must be in a lower position to balance their academic and social life. Being a leader, how a nursing student does it, is already a to continue my service to
sign of humility as you offer yourself in service to others,” the FEU community.
So when I was in first year and I learned that no student from the IN had
been elected president, I was inspired to prove that nursing, with how Roxas said when asked how a nurse-leader differs from
we help people in their daily lives, is service-leadership at its finest.” the others.
Roxas said that he is no stranger to the pressures
of being a nursing student. Yet, according to him this did
Historic Breakthrough not serve as a barrier in extending his service to the FEU
Roxas recounted that when he was in first year, he was shown community. “It’s the passion that drives you through. The
to the alumni room and was told that the IN and the Institute of fear is overcome by your values and your passion for
Architecture and Fine Arts (IARFA) are the only Institutes leadership. No matter what rotation or duty you have, as
who have not long as you have the thirst to serve the FEU community,
had you can surpass everything,” Roxas furthered.
Just like most students,
Roxas’ top priority is his
studies. “At the

A nurse leader serves with passion.

They are passionate in their work for it
actually involves caring for people.
10 The Lamp
June-October 2009 Optica
al Feast
June-October 2009
11 The Lamp

Photos by: Lawrence Alfred Gregorio and Xyla Noelle Babao. Layout by: Austeen Soriano, Henzen Revilla and Kathreen Lisay
12 Features The Lamp
June-October 2009

Fundamentals of Nursing:
FEU-in The First Year and Second
Ghost Stories By Patricia Bianca Laygo and Arsenio Maclang Jr.
Year Experience
By Riza Rosarito Pulpulaan

This school year, another become aware of the things a

othing as compared to the published batch of young and fresh minds nurse needs to do. Besides, we
just ignored the whiff and continued with what is immersed into the arena of can have early knowledge and
ghost stories sold at bookstands, they were doing. Suddenly, a white flash ran the nursing profession. More practices of the nursing pro-
hair-raising hearsays and ghastly from the toilet and then went out of the window. and more potentials are har- fession,” she said. Another 1st
horror flicks, student nurses can surely give The quick incident stunned them and they hur- nessed to their utmost level and year student, April, who agrees
you the good ol’ shivers and a desperate fail- riedly looked for the switch to turn on the lights. students are driven to bring out with the extended hours of RLE
ure to get some shut-eye at night, for they their fullest capacities so they said, “I prefer the new curricu-
can be nurses of leading com- lum because we could learn
can load you up with their own fair share of Lost Shadows petence and genuine compas- more about the purposes as
frightening, real paranormal encounters dur- One student from BSN002-Group 8 was sion in the near future. well as the activities of nurses.”
ing their call of duty at different hospital ar- yet another witness of a trembling paranormal As we all know, the begin- On the contrary, Rachelyn, 1st
eas and other infamous clinical institutions. experience in a hospital in Bulacan. She was ning years in the IN life would year student, mentioned she
always be founded on the prefers less number of units
having her night shift at the time. At around 12 fundamentals, as in the case because she finds it hard to
Haunted Bathroom midnight, she and her other group mate gave of younger years which have be under the nursing program.
A student from BSN015, particularly from their patients’ medications. Consequently, they always been grounded from However, “I think that early duty
Group 57, vividly recalled how she and her went to the nurses’ station to do a recording simple ABCs. But this time, is super cool, “she stated.
other group mates had a terrifying experience on the patients’ charts. Thereafter, they paved the freshmen and sophomores Second year students
while they are in for a transient stay at one of are much faced with novel and also have opposing views.
their way to the students’ lounge while sharing unpredictable experiences, Heart, a 2nd year student,
the dormitories in Batangas after their duty. stories. On their way to the right, she suddenly as they are having their own shared that she would like the
As they were all in the room for a day’s rest, noticed something creepy on the opposite hall- first-time face-offs. By this, it AHSE program to be imple-
they heard a sudden, incessant banging at the way. A figure of a black shadow crossed the is chiefly pertaining to the new mented again. “Students are
door. Turning to see who it was, they opened hallway and percolated into the window. She nursing curriculum mantled on too pressured to adapt on the
it and found no one on the doorstep, and this the 1st and 2nd yr students and leanings. There is lack of time
suddenly stopped and thought it was only a to the college life specifically for absorbing too much ideas
incident continued to happen a couple of times mistake. She asked her other classmate if she focused on the nursing course and knowledge. And I can say
during their stay. Moreover, she even told saw the same and she confessed she did. At per se. I’m inadequately prepared for
how they would hear someone taking a bath that instance, they started running towards the First time exposures in early exposure in the clinical
at exactly 3’o clock in the morning, even using students’ lounge. They told it to their clinical in- college and in the clinical set- setting,” she objected. And al-
a pail and a tub, hearing every splatter of the ting could really be tough and though students like J.C., Mi-
structor, who informed them that an apparition challenging at first, but as time chael, Angelo, F, and a student
water reverberating clearly through the walls of usually appears on that hallway on the left, in goes by, you would uncon- from BSN206 support the new
their restroom. One group mate of hers even front of the chapel. sciously find yourself getting curriculum and feel privileged
claimed to have seen an apparition, a ghost of used to it and perhaps, you and challenged about it, not all
a woman, whom they supposed to be a nurs- The Constipated Ghost would eventually become more of them are glad and can direct-
ing student once who had committed suicide committed to it. ly say they are satisfied with it.
One student from BSN008-Group 32 Life in the university is When asked to briefly describe
and had also stayed in the same dormitory. who had their night shift at a hospital in Bula- incomparable to the life during their experiences, the follow-
can also mentioned one particular instance high school days. During this ing were their feedbacks. J.C.
The Conference Room that really gave her goose bumps. At around phase, one prepares the path said, “I feel proud and satisfied
A particular hospital in Bulacan has been 2:30 am, while sitting at the students’ lobby, he would be actually taking because we are advanced. I
noted for its uncanny conference room which over for the rest of his career think it’s too early for us to be
they were suddenly thrilled by a specter, which days. Indeed, it comes with a exposed in the clinical setting,
appears to be in a secreted location. Many stu- was right inside the toilet. It was a vision of a more serious and bludgeoning but it’s for our own good-to ex-
dents have reported eerie experiences while woman, whose face was covered with long hair. course. For 1st year students, ercise ourselves for the near
staying in the said area of the hospital. A student She was sitting at the toilet bowl and peeping it is a transitory period of mak- future.” Michael added, “The
from BSN019 narrated her own encounter while through the door. The apparition stayed there ing adjustments and fitting into new curriculum can really test
in the toilet of the conference room. After using the real world of diverse strang- us all specially our time man-
for 15 minutes, which gave the student an un- ers same as with everyday of agement.” Angelo pointed, “So
the toilet bowl, she was about to get the steel forgettable nightmare. meeting the unknown and en- far, I have good experiences
hose when suddenly she noticed a reflection of Part of being a nurse is experiencing these countering new situations far under the new curriculum even
a small, dark-skinned boy standing behind her. supernatural incidences from time to time, may different from that of before. if some of the subjects are not
This made her scream and leap out of the place. it be day or night. These are unavoidable cir- On the other hand, if the taught well, and much time is
They then told their clinical instructor about the 2nd year students are to be still needed. It’s hard to adapt
cumstances since the hospital, aside from an talked about, it is well known at first, yet we still have to be
incident and confirmed that there was really an area of healing, also serves as a succumbing that they are the first batch of progressive.” Moreover, F ad-
apparition on the said location. Another occur- spot for many patients; wherein some are still nursing students who are ex- mitted she is afraid because of
rence happened on students of BSN001-Group in denial of their fate. Hence, it is of paramount posed early in the clinical set- less experience. She reasoned
2, who has just finished their case presentation importance to pray for their souls to finally lay ting and dished out with a more out, “We are still in 2nd year
on a patient who underwent below-the-knee am- advanced learning, together yet others are already explor-
them in peace. with the 1st year students, due ing the clinical setting. Also,
putation. The patient eventually died of cardiac And just in case you are walking alone to the adaptation of the new the student from BSN206 said:
arrest few days before the presentation. With in the hospital hallway or sitting at the lounge, curriculum (originally, the nurs- “It’s a very stressful experi-
lights off, the students were changing theirs uni- slowly look around you. They may just be ing curriculum practiced for the ence since we are taking the
forms from scrub suits to clinical uniforms when there… watching you… waiting for you to see past few years). major subjects all at the same
all of a sudden, an unpleasant odor, which was The new curriculum that time. But through this, we could
them, too… covers the freshmen and soph- master well the skills that are
like a decayed foot, came out of the toilet. They omores has drawn in much at- discussed. “
tention and impact to the whole To wrap it all up, it ap-
IN community, especially to the pears that most of the respons-
nursing students. However, the es of the 1st year and 2nd year
majority is settled with the said students are in favor of the new
curriculum. Besides, there is curriculum despite its repercus-
nothing else the students can sions. The students are able to
do but to adhere to the agreed see that the new curriculum
change enclosed in the memo- would provide them optimum
randum ordered by CHED. learning and necessary compe-
Freshmen and sopho- tencies that would greatly ben-
mores were asked to disclose efit them in the long run. Above
their sentiments regarding their it all, it should be assumed be-
overall experiences under the forehand that nursing in its very
nursing program. Some were nature is never easy. Likewise
able to open concerns about with any other courses and life
the new nursing curriculum, in general, we have to bear a
while others about the early ro- lot of hardships, meet inconve-
tation of duty. They described niences, and expect the unex-
most of their experiences to be pected. First time experiences
fun, exciting, exhausting, caus- like entrance to college and to
ing sleepless nights and pres- nursing course and exposure to
suring due to hectic schedule new curriculum and early duty
and lot of major subjects. One are not bad after all. As a mat-
student from BSN029 even ter fact, they open up for great
said, “I feel unlucky to be in the opportunities and serve as a
batch under the new curricu- training ground for us. One by
lum, but at the same time, I feel one, we are honed to become
lucky to be exposed early in the better and more goal-directed
clinical setting.” persons and nurses. There are
Nova, 1st year student, many things to happen and
said she agrees with the ad- there are still rooms for growth
aptation of the new curricu- ahead of us. As always, live life
lum. “Though it’s quite hard, to the fullest and do the best
it’s better for us because we you can. Enjoy nursing! ☺