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the world.”]

“ US Foreign Fighters Under CIC Obama
Suffered 64 Combat Casualties Between
April 16 And May 14 As The Total Rose
To 40,547”

May 14, 2014 [Excerpts]

AFGHANISTAN THEATER: US foreign fighters under CIC Obama suffered 64 combat
casualties between April 16 and May 14 as the total rose to 40,547.

The total includes 21,582 dead and wounded from what the Pentagon classifies as
"hostile" causes and 18,965 dead or medically evacuated (as of Dec. 3, 2012) from what
it calls "non-hostile" causes.

US media divert attention from the actual cost in American life and limb by reporting
regularly only the total killed (6,807: 4,489 in Iraq; 2,318 in Afghanistan) but rarely
mentioning those wounded in action (52,003: 32,238 in Iraq; 19,765 in Afghanistan).

They ignore the 59,908 (44,607 in Iraq, 18,463 in AfPak (as of Dec 3, 2012) military
casualties injured and ill seriously enough to be medevac’d out of theater, even though
the 6,807 total dead include 1,462 (961 in Iraq, 501 in Afghanistan) who died from those
same "non hostile" causes of whom almost 25% (332) were suicides (as of J an 9, 2013).

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17 May 2014 TOLOnews & 17 May 2014 & May 18 2014 By Ghanizada, Khaama Press

An Afghan policeman was killed and four others were injured in twin blasts in western
Herat province on Friday night, local officials said.

The first blast took place at about 8 a.m. near a mosque in Islam Qala of Herat close to
the Afghanistan and Iran border. Police forces responded to the first attack when the
second bomb detonated killing one policeman and injuring four others, said Safiwullah,
border police chief in Islam Qala. The victims have been taken to a hospital for

Preliminary reports suggest it was a bomb attack followed by gunfire.

A policeman was killed following an improvised explosive (IED) explosion in southern
Helmand province of Afghanistan.

The incident took place in Nad-e-Ali district of Helmand around 10:00 am local time,
local officials said.

At least four Afghan national army soldiers were martyred following improvised explosive
device (IED) explosion.

Defense ministry spokesman, Gen. Zahir Azimi confirmed that four Afghan soldiers were
martyred following the blast; however he did not disclose further information regarding
the exact location of the incident.

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“ At a time like this, scorching irony, not convincing argument, is needed. Oh had
I the ability, and could reach the nation’s ear, I would, pour out a fiery stream of
biting ridicule, blasting reproach, withering sarcasm, and stern rebuke.

“ For it is not light that is needed, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder.

“ We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.”

“ The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they

Frederick Douglass, 1852

It is a two class world and the wrong class is running it.
-- Larry Christensen, Soldiers Of Solidarity & United Auto Workers

Love, Dad

[From GI Special, March 2009]

From: Dennis Serdel
To: GI Special
Sent: March 03, 2009
Subject: Love, Dad

By Dennis Serdel, Vietnam 1967-68 (one tour) Light Infantry, Americal Div. 11th Brigade,
purple heart, Veterans For Peace 50 Michigan, Vietnam Veterans Against The War,
United Auto Workers GM Retiree.


Love, Dad

Son, we can’t send you
any packages
like we have sent you before
because the shop
that I worked for for 27 years
has just went bankrupt
my pension money is gone
didn’t get severance pay
after all those years
and I would have to pay
Cobra for health care but
I don’t have money for that
they didn’t even give me
my vacation pay
they gave me nothing
nothing at all
I took our savings and paid off
our home but now all I get is
unemployment checks
and food stamps
that will stop in months
I don’t know what I will do then,
I’m old and nobody will hire me
but even the young
can’t find any jobs
Soon they will take our car
turn off electricity
and turn off the heat
Son, I know you have troubles
of your own in Iraq
but I think you are fighting
the wrong enemy over there
I think all of you should come home
fight the government
the corporations
and defend us from
the bill collectors
kill the white shirt bank criminals
the oil company criminals
kill all the Madoof’s
that have taken over our country
because nothing works
over here anymore.
Love, Dad

“ The Revolution In Ukraine Came
From The Left”
“ It Was A Mass Movement Of The
Kind Europeans And Americans Now
Know Only From The History Books”
“ Its Enemy Was An Authoritarian
Kleptocrat, And Its Central Program Was
Social Justice And The Rule Of Law”

May 11, 2014 By Timothy Snyder, The New Republic [Excerpts]

People who criticize only the Ukrainian right often fail to notice two very important things.

The first is that the revolution in Ukraine came from the left.

It was a mass movement of the kind Europeans and Americans now know only from the
history books.

Its enemy was an authoritarian kleptocrat, and its central program was social justice and
the rule of law.

It was initiated by a journalist of Afghan background, its first two mortal casualties were
an Armenian and a Belarusian, and it was supported by the Muslim Crimean Tatar
community as well as many Ukrainian J ews. A J ewish Red Army veteran was among
those killed in the sniper massacre.

The Maidan functioned in two languages simultaneously, Ukrainian and Russian,
because Kiev is a bilingual city, Ukraine is a bilingual country, and Ukrainians are
bilingual people.

Indeed, the motor of the revolution was the Russian-speaking middle class of Kiev.

The current government, whatever its shortcomings, is un-self-consciously multiethnic
and multilingual.

In fact, Ukraine is now the site of the largest and most important free media in the
Russian language, since important media in Ukraine appears in Russian and since
freedom of speech prevails.

“ People Need Not Be Helpless
Before The Power Of Illegitimate
“ By Getting Together And Acting Upon
Their Convictions People Can Change
Society And, In Effect, Make Their Own

From: SOLDIERS IN REVOLT: DAVID CORTRIGHT, Anchor Press/Doubleday, Garden
City, New York, 1975. [Excerpts]


In the final analysis the stationing of American forces abroad serves not the
national interest but the class interest of the corporate and political elite.

The maintenance of a massive, interventionist-oriented military establishment is
based not on the nation’s legitimate defense requirements but on the need to
protect multinational investment and preserve regimes friendly to American

Imperialism is at the heart of the national-security system and is the force
fundamentally responsible for the counterrevolutionary, repressive aims of U.S.

Only if we confront this reality and challenge it throughout society and within the ranks
can we restore democratic control of the military.

Of course nothing can be accomplished without citizen involvement and active political

During the Vietnam era enlisted servicemen created massive pressures for change,
despite severe repression, and significantly altered the course of the war and
subsequent military policy.

To sustain and strengthen this challenge we must continue to build political opposition to
interventionism and support those who defy military service.

To this end the patriots who resisted the Indochina war should be granted universal and
unconditional amnesty, as a sign of our agreement with their acts and as the first step
toward restructuring the military and legitimatizing resistance to illegal war.

The central lesson of the GI movement — and, I hope, of this book — is that
people need not be helpless before the power of illegitimate authority, that by
getting together and acting upon their convictions people can change society and,
in effect, make their own history.


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A Film About How An Armed Forces
Rebellion Stopped An Imperial War

Sir! No Sir!

Hundreds have been distributed and we want to see that number grow into the
thousands. The response has been tremendous.

David Zeiger and Jade Fox
Displaced Films


To Whom it May Concern:

I just wanted to say thank you for this film, for raising my awareness, I never even
knew some of these things happened.

I think this probably is one of the most important documentaries made about war

Thank you again,
SGT Spencer Batchelder



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VA Secretary Eric Shinseki Tries To
Resign But White House Still Has Him
On Hold

Photo Credit:

May 7, 2014 By Paul, The Duffle Blog

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The head of the Department of Veterans Affairs said
Wednesday that he’s been trying to get “this damn resignation business” straightened
out with the president all day, but he’s been sitting on hold with The White House for
hours, Duffel Blog has learned.

“The American Legion wants me to resign, so fine, I’ll resign,” Shinseki said, placing his
phone on speaker as The White House hold music stopped to announce ‘Your call is
important to us. Please remain on the line.’

“Unfortunately, I can’t get through to anyone at The White House. It’s like they don’t
even care about me personally or have any interest in my needs.”

After a major scandal involving the Phoenix VA keeping a “secret waiting list” for patient
appointments — resulting in the deaths of at least 40 veterans — The American Legion
veterans group called on Shinseki and two other top VA executives to step down.

But it’s not that simple, according to department regulations. His call to the president to
request his resignation is just the first step, as he’ll need to submit a written request for
review, which can take six to 12 months.

That could be longer if he’s denied and wants to appeal.

“If I could call the Legion directly and resign directly to them, that would be great,”
Shinseki said, as The White House hold music transitioned to Pharrell Williams “Happy.”
Moments later, the phone, which had been on hold for roughly five hours, suddenly

“Goddamnit!” Shinseki said. “Goddamn piece of shit White House. I sit on my ass on
hold for hours and then they disconnect me. God I hate the goddamn White House. No
wonder so many VA secretaries are committing suicide.”

At press time, Shinseki had given up on calling to search for pay stubs that would prove
to his finance office he had not been overpaid $452,395, as a letter from the VA chief
financial officer claimed.


Stupid Headline Of The Week, So Far:
“ How Obama’s New Cold War Could
Spin Out Of Control In The Ukraine”

From “Stopwar.Org.UK”

Comment: T

There’s a lot of hysterical bullshit going around.

The writers promoting this fear pornography are either too stupid to know, or too
dishonest to care, that the immediate crisis is over. The Russian Empire, the U.S.
Empire, and the EU are busy cutting a deal. Duh.

The headline also reflects perfectly the politics puked up by assorted disgusting
apologists for Putin’s dictatorship.

They, and apologists for the U.S. Empire, are two sides of the same coin, and a blood
covered coin at that.

The hypocrisy of those political commentators who see the Putin regime as some kind of
progressive force in world affairs is as monumental as the hypocrisy of those who see
the Obama regime as some kind of progressive force if word affairs.

They are equally trash without honor, serving one exploiter and oppressor or the other.


Officials Say Death Toll From
Explosion At Mine In Turkey
Likely To Be Around 300;
“ Locals Say The Authorities
Covering Up Far Greater Loss Of
“ Miner Said: ‘This Is Disgraceful, An
Incredible Lie. They Are Trying To Cover Up
The Exact Numbers Of The Accident”
Government Had Been Warned Before
Fire That “ Carrying Out Production Might
Lead To Disaster”

One miner said: ‘This is disgraceful, an incredible lie. They are trying to cover up the
exact numbers of the accident.’ Photograph: Imago/Barcroft Media

Relatives of a victim of the mine accident stand next to the grave of their loved one, in
Soma, Turkey, Saturday, May 17, 2014. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)

16 May 2014 Constanze Letsch in Soma, Guardian News and Media Limited [Excerpts]

The final death toll from Turkey’s mine disaster will likely be around 300,
government officials have said, though furious locals say the authorities are
covering up far greater loss of life.

According to the latest official numbers, the number killed in Monday’s explosion and fire
at the mine in western Turkey stands at 284. The energy minister, Taner Yildiz, said on
Friday that 18 miners were still missing.

But one miner who works at the pit in Soma who wished to remain anonymous disputed
the energy minister’s claim: "This is disgraceful, an incredible lie. They are trying to
cover up the exact numbers of the accident. I have been down there. There are more
than 18 bodies still trapped in the mine."

In a first press conference since the accident four days ago, Akin Çelik, the
operating manager of the Soma Coal Mining Company, denied responsibility.

However, previous reports contradict company officials’ claims.

According to Turkish media, a 2010 report by the Turkish Chamber of Architects
and Engineers (TMMOB) warned of major safety deficiencies in the Soma mines.
Ventilation systems, pre-warning mechanisms and faulty wall supports all
presented a serious danger to workers’ safety, the report stated.

" No production should be made before the necessary research has been
completed. Carrying out production with the lack of experience might lead to
disaster," the TMMOB report warned.

Turkish Dictatorship Use Police To Stop
Allies From Reaching Miners

A Turkish lawyer from a group that came to support the miners’ families flashes the V-
sign in a bus after he and other colleagues were detained by police in Soma, western
Turkey, May 17, 2014. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)


On Nakba Day, Israelis Forced
To Confront A Guilty Secret:
“ Marchers Waving Palestinian
Flags Massively Outnumbering
Israeli Police And A Counter-
Demonstration By Jewish
“ A New Generation Of Palestinians
No Longer Willing To Defer To Their
More Cautious, And Traumatised,
“ Youth From Two Christian Villages, Iqrit
And Biram, Have Set Up Camps At Their
Old Churches, Daring Israel To Hound
Them Out Like Their Grandparents”

Thousands of people gather to commemorate the 1948 Nakba in the destroyed village of
Lubya. (Photo: Dan Cohen)

May 15, 2014 by J onathan Cook,

For 66 years Israel’s founding generation has lived with a guilty secret, one it
successfully concealed from the generations that followed.

Forests were planted to hide war crimes. School textbooks mythologised the events
surrounding Israel’s creation. The army was blindly venerated as the most moral in the

Once, “Nakba” – Arabic for “Catastrophe”, referring to the dispossession of the
Palestinian homeland in 1948 – would have failed to register with any but a small
number of Israeli J ews.

Today, only those who never watch television or read a newspaper can plead ignorance.

As marches and festivals are held today by Palestinians across the region to mark
Nakba Day – commemorating the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians from their homes
and the erasure of more than 500 villages – Israelis will be watching.

In fact, the Israeli media have been filled with references to the Nakba for the past 10
days, since Israel celebrated its Independence Day last week. The two anniversaries do
not quite coincide because Israel marks its founding according to the Hebrew calendar.

While Israeli J ews were trying to enjoy guilt-free street parties last week, news reports
focused on the activities of their compatriots – the Palestinians who remained inside the
new state of Israel and now comprise a fifth of the population.

Estimates are that one in four of these 1.5 million Palestinian citizens is from a family
internally displaced by the 1948 war.

More than 20,000 staged a “March of Return” to one destroyed village, Lubya, buried
under a forest near Tiberias and close to a major Israeli highway. Long tailbacks forced
thousands of Israeli J ews to get a close-up view as they crawled past the biggest Nakba
procession in Israel’s history.

For others, images of the marchers waving Palestinian flags and massively
outnumbering Israeli police and a counter-demonstration by J ewish nationalists were
seen on TV news, websites and social media.

The assault on Israel’s much cherished national mythology is undoubted.

And it reflects the rise of a new generation of Palestinians no longer willing to
defer to their more cautious, and traumatised, elders, those who directly
experienced the events of 1948.

These youth see themselves as representing not only their immediate relatives
but Palestinians in exile who have no chance to march back to their village.

Many of Lubya’s refugees ended up in Yarmouk camp in Damascus, where they are
suffering new horrors, caught in the midst of Syria’s civil war.

Palestinians in Israel are also being galvanised into action by initiatives like prime
minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans to legislate Israel as a Jewish state.

They see this as the latest phase of an ongoing Nakba – an attempt to erase their
nativeness, just as the villages were once disappeared.

Palestinians are making a noise about the Nakba on every possible front – and not just
on Nakba Day.

Last week media around the world reported on one such venture: a phone app
called iNakba that maps the hundreds of destroyed villages across Israel.

Briefly it became one of the most popular iPhone downloads, connecting refugees
through new technology. iNakba visibly restores a Palestine that Israel hoped
literally to have wiped off the map.

The app is the initiative of Zochrot, an Israeli organisation that is jointly run by
Jews and Palestinians. They have been finding ever more creative and
provocative ways to grab headlines.

They arrange regular visits to destroyed villages that a growing number of curious Israeli
J ews are participating in, often in the face of vehement opposition from the communities
built on the rubble of Palestinian homes.

Zochrot has created a Hebrew information pack on the Nakba for teachers, though
education officials ban it.

Last year it staged the first Nakba film festival in Tel Aviv. It is also creating an archive
of filmed interviews with Israeli veteran fighters prepared to admit their part in

Zochrot also held last year the first-ever conference in Israel discussing not just
the principle but how to put into practice a right of return for the millions of
Palestinian refugees across the region.

Palestinian youth are taking up the idea enthusiastically. Architects are designing
plans for new communities that would house the refugees on or near their old

Refugee families are trying to reclaim mosques and churches, usually the only
buildings still standing.

Israeli media reported last month that internal refugees had been attacked as they
held a baptism in their former church at al-Bassa, now swamped by the Jewish
town of Shlomi.

Workshops have been arranged among refugee groups to imagine what a right of return
might look like.

Youth from two Christian villages, Iqrit and Biram, have already set up camps at their old
churches, daring Israel to hound them out like their grandparents.

Another group, I Won’t Remain a Refugee, is looking to export this example to other

The size of the march to Lubya and the proliferation of these initiatives are a
gauge of how Palestinians are no longer prepared to defer to the Palestinian
leadership on the refugee issue or wait for an interminable peace process to make
meaningful progress.

“ The people are sending a message to the leadership in Ramallah that it cannot
forget or sideline the right of return,” says Abir Kopty, an activist with the Lubya
march. “ Otherwise we will take the issue into our own hands.”

Meanwhile, progress of a kind is being made with Israeli J ews. Some have come to
recognise, however reluctantly, that a tragedy befell the Palestinians with Israel’s

But, as another march organiser notes, the struggle is far from over. “That is a first step.
But now they must take responsibility for our suffering and make amends.”

Sometimes The Daily, Petty
Nastiness Of The Occupation Is
Encapsulated In The Dismal
Theft Of A Few Farming Tools:
“ Did The Thieves Who Broke Into
Ryad’s Shed Need Those Tools
And Utensils? Not Likely”
“ But They Took Them Because
They Knew They Could, And That
Nothing Would Happen”
“ There Would Be No Investigation, No
Indictment; They Knew They Were The
Lords Of The Land”

May 11, 2014 By Yossi Gurvitz for Yesh Din, +972 Magazine

Ryad, who lives near Bethlehem area, has a small orchard with apricot, hazelnut, olive
and fig trees. Near the orchard is an ancient agricultural structure, aged some 100
years, which serves Ryad and his family as a tool shed, as well as a resting place in the
far too many hot days.

One day, Ryad was asked by his nephew, Khader, to hold a family barbecue by the
shed. Ryad agreed.

When Khader got there, however, he was shocked to see a few men, whom he
would soon identify as Israeli civilians, attempting to damage the structure.

Khader shouted at them and moved in their direction, and the three immediately

When Ryad got there, after being summoned by Khader, he found that the Israeli
civilians had not limited themselves to their attempt to destroy the structure: they
also stole some agricultural tools and silverware that were in it.

Why? J ust because.

We’ve already become pretty much inured to the daily violence against
Palestinians, whether coming from the military or civilians.

We’ve grown used to it.

After all, it happens so often you could mumble the excuses in your sleep: the
soldier felt in danger, they were near the fence, they were somewhere they
shouldn’t be, and anyway, you know what they would do to us if they only could.

Violence toward a person can always be excused, if that’s your cup of tea.

Just as rapists and their supporters can always find excuses for sexual violence
towards women (she wanted it, why did she leave the house at such an hour, what
kind of person walks around such places, why did a dress like that).

Such excuses are necessary for any injustice. You want to be able to look in the
mirror afterwards, after all; furthermore, you should be ready for a situation where
such actions are routine.

“To plunder, to butcher, to steal: these they falsely name empire: they make a desolation
and they call it peace.”

These are piercing words by the Roman historian Tacitus in the mouth of the warlord
Calgacus, planning his final battle against the Roman invader.

To the insurrection of people fighting for their freedom, we give the misnomer of
“ disturbances of order” ; land stolen from them by the cunning of jurists, is called
“ public lands” ; coated steel bullets, “ rubber bullets” ; shooting an unarmed man,
“ the soldiers were acting in accordance with the rules of engagement.”

But while we’ve become accustomed to excusing violence toward persons, we still have
a problem explaining away simple theft.

Such incidents pierce the foggy veil of security.

Every IDF veteran can easily recite all the excuses for why it is proper to fire a
lead bullet from an assault rifle through the body of an unarmed child; but he’d
have a hard time justifying the looting of the body.

And such incidents allow us to see what lies beyond the veil of excuses.

And what we see, when all is said and done, is theft.

Theft on the part of people living in a well-to-do settlement, enjoying all the munificence
the government of a high-tech superpower can throw at them.

The theft, as we’ve seen in an earlier case, of a donkey and a few obsolete agricultural

Did the thieves who broke into Ryad’s shed need those tools and utensils? Not likely.
But they took them because they knew they could, and that nothing would happen.

There would be no investigation, no indictment; they knew they were the lords of the
land and that they could express their lordship by carelessly harming the property of

Is there, or can there be, any excuse – a security excuse, a national excuse, a religious
excuse – for damaging a shed used by farmers for shelter and stealing their tools, tools
which will not make much of a difference to the thief, but for the victim, cause real
damage to his ability to make a living?

And, behind all the bright shining lies that the Israeli civilians in the West Bank tell
themselves – the “ security needs” lie, the “ redemption of land” lie, the “ land of
our forefathers” lie – can’t we see the same urge, the urge to better yourself at the
expense of someone whose condition is far worse than yours?

The urge to show your lordship by harming the defenseless? Is there anything
behind the big words, aside from a small, dismal robbery?

“ Violence And Bullying Are What
The Israel Defense Forces’
Presence In Hebron And The West
Bank Is Really All About”
“ The IDF’s First Mission In The West
Bank Is To Ensure The Continuation
Of The Settlement Enterprise, Which
Means Expelling The Palestinians
From Their Land”
“ The Violence Of The Army And The
Settlers Serves This Mission”

05.12.14 by Amira Hass, Haaretz

Why did his commanders send a soldier with a record of violence to bully
Palestinians in Hebron?

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit chose to respond to Haaretz’s question with “ no

Perhaps that’s because the right answer is: Violence and bullying are what the
Israel Defense Forces’ presence in Hebron and the West Bank is really all about.

And another right answer: The IDF’s first mission in the West Bank is to ensure
the continuation of the settlement enterprise, which means expelling the
Palestinians from their land. The violence of the army and the settlers serves this

The proof? The hundreds of buildings in Hebron’s Old City that have been
emptied of their owners and tenants.

The violent and bullying behavior of David Adamov — the soldier who was videotaped
aiming his rifle at a Palestinian teen, setting off a storm in the media, especially the
social media — was not exceptional.

What was exceptional was that the Israeli public initially believed he was sent to military
prison because of his violence toward Palestinians.

By what authority did Adamov and his fellow soldiers detain several Palestinians for two
hours at a military checkpoint whose entire purpose is to ensure that members of the
Chosen People can march proudly down Shuhada Street and that Palestinians are kept

This incident predated that of the now-famous video. To this question, too, the IDF
Spokesperson declined to respond.

In any event, soldiers (and employees of civilian contractors) detain Palestinians freely
at every checkpoint and roadblock.

The robbery of the Palestinians’ time by the Israeli authorities – at every level,
both military and civilian – is an integral part of the Israeli domination regime.

Why do soldiers bark obscenities at Palestinians?

I didn’t ask the IDF Spokesperson this question.

Since I first began covering the occupation, nearly a quarter-century ago, I have learned
that soldiers must do so in order to overcome the cognitive dissonance in which they
operate. After all, 18 and 20-year-olds can think and feel, in short, be responsible for
their actions – and here I part ways with the military experts, obviously.

Clearly, 18- and 20-year-olds know the Palestinians are human beings just like us. The
trash talk and humiliation builds up the dehumanization, until the soldiers are convinced
that the Palestinian is different.

Commanders don’t want to stop this, because only then can the soldiers fully
carry out their mission: to prevent the Palestinian from walking down the street
where he lives, to prevent him from living on the street where he and his parents
were born, to destroy the livelihoods of many thousands of people.

Humiliation of the Palestinians by every level of the civilian and military apparatus
is an inseparable part of building a nation of overlords.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit also chose not to respond to questions concerning
the arrest of Saddam Abu Sneinah, the youth from the video who was holding
prayer beads, and who Adamov said was holding brass knuckles and supposedly
threatening him, the poor guy.


In a settler area, in front of a checkpoint manned by armed soldiers?

Next to a military camp?

Chief of Staff Benny Gantz – With soldiers who are so weak, insecure and
delusional, you should be very worried.

Soldiers beat Abu Sneinah when they arrested him.

The IDF Spokesperson did not deny or respond to this assertion.

Because it’s the norm.

Soldiers beat handcuffed Palestinian detainees.

It’s part of the dehumanization, of the routine violence. It’s gone on for 47 years
(the occupation), for 66 years (the State of Israel), and we’re not done yet.

Nor did the IDF Spokesperson issue a response when asked whether the fact that such
beatings are the norm meant the commanders support the beating of detainees.

The soldiers kept Abu Sneinah handcuffed and blindfolded for an entire night, on a
concrete floor with no mattress. The IDF Spokesperson did not deny or respond when
asked if this was torture. The IDF Spokesperson did not identify either the commander
who ordered Abu Sneinah’s arrest or the commander who was responsible for the
atrocious conditions in which he was kept.

The IDF Spokesperson also did not respond when asked why, when Abu Sneinah
was released, after 24 hours, he was rearrested by different soldiers at the
checkpoint near Shuhada Street. He was held for another hour, and the heroic
soldiers beat him some more.

There was no point asking the IDF Spokesperson why the soldiers don’t speak Arabic.
The center operated by Youth Against Settlements — that’s the organization that
published the videos of the encounter between Adamov and Abu Sneinah — has a
Hebrew class for Palestinian children from Hebron’s Old City.

So they can understand what the soldiers are saying, so they’ll remember that despite
their job, the soldiers are human beings, with hearts and minds.

“How are you?” one of the “youths” asked a soldier in Hebrew a few days after the
Adamov incident. “Praise God,” answered the soldier, leading some settler children to
shout at him: “Why are you talking to an Arab?”

“You son of a bitch, as soon as I get a chance, I’ll shoot you,” a soldier named Effi told
Issa Amro, one of the founders of Youth Against Settlements.

“Keep your ugly mouth shut,” another soldier told Amro. On the orders of a Russian-
accented civilian — a woman — the soldiers raided the organization’s center, ostensibly
in search of rock-throwers.

One can understand the soldiers and the way they talk to the Palestinians: The curses,
the derogatory language, help the armed Israelis to pretend to be superior and

It’s hard for them to confront the courage, nobility, determination and restraint with which
the older Palestinian activists receive them.

It’s hard for them, and others like them, when they are confronted with the courage,
nobility, determination and restraint with which the vast majority of Palestinians
continues to bear our violent and brutal presence, in the confident knowledge that it will

To check out what life is like under a murderous military occupation commanded
by foreign terrorists, go to: and
The occupied nation is Palestine. The foreign terrorists call themselves “ Israeli.”


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Vietnam GI: Reprints Available


Edited by Vietnam Veteran Jeff Sharlet from 1968 until his death, this newspaper
rocked the world, attracting attention even from Time Magazine, and extremely
hostile attention from the chain of command.

The pages and pages of letters in the paper from troops in Vietnam condemning
the war are lost to history, but you can find them here.

Military Resistance has copied complete sets of Vietnam GI. The originals were a
bit rough, but every page is there. Over 100 pages, full 11x17 size.

Free on request to active duty members of the armed forces.

Cost for others: $15 if picked up in New York City. For mailing inside USA add $5
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