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A computer virus is a

small software pro-

gram that is designed
to spread from one
computer to another
and to interfere with
computer operation.
Although many com-
puter viruses are
stopped before they
can start, it is a grow-
ing concern as many
people come in cona-
tact with them daily.
What i s a
comput er
vi r us?
Comput er
Vi r uses
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Storm Virus
Starting in early 2007,
catches you with the head
line 230 dead as storm
battles Europe. In 2007
this virus accounted for
12% of software infections
globally. This virus is a
Trojan virus. The storm is
spread by email, with a
catchy headline about a
storm in Europe. This vi-
rus can get into your pri-
vate information and cause
many different pop ups and
other downloads.

I Love You Virus
This virus is very common
and has affected many peo-
ple, it was created in 2000
and has been disrupting
computer activity since
then. This is a worm virus.
This is spread by email
with the subject line I
love you and the attach-
ment of a file titled LOVE
rus can delete many image
files and other files, and
send its self to several
other people through your
Different Types
of Viruses
Poison Ivy Virus
This virus is a very serious one and has
been reported to affect 3 in 200 people
in the last 5 years. This is a trojan vi-
rus. It is spread through opening un-
usual files and email. This virus can
get into your computer and secretly
control the users computer. It can also
control your microphone and webcam
to record a video.

This software can protect you
from the spread of viruses
through email, social media
viruses, and viruses spread
through games. They can pro-
tect you by warning you about
infected email and files and
making sure you cannot open
Trend Micro

Trend Micro can quickly and ac-
curately detect new threats.
They also look in more places
for data threat and are sure to
secure customers data wherever
it resides.
Can detect current viruses
and threats. They are engi-
neered for speed and sta-
bility. They protect you by
making all your information
private and inaccessible to

Top 10 Most Destructive
Computer Viruses
I chose this site because
it focuses on the most de-
structive viruses and the
ones that can seriously and
permanently damage your

What is a Computer Virus?
Published by Microsoft to
warn users about the danger
and popularity of computer