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Our name is our message. It embodies our
core idea and ideals- people first, their
interest and welfare above all.
News Release
May 26, 2014
References: Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares, 0917!"04"9
Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos #ara$e, 09177174014
B%&%N M'N%: ()R*+ ,C)N)M-C .)R'M, /R,*'+, 0) C1%2C1%
Says Pres. Aquino secretly pushing for Cha-cha for Ph TPP membership
Bayan Muna Reps. Neri Colmenares and Carlos Zarate described the recently concluded World Economic Forum
(WEF) as a prelude and justiication or Charter chan!e as the debates or the contro"ersial measure is set or this
#ee$ at the %ouse o Representati"es.
&ccordin! to Rep. Colmenares' (the participants in the WEF essentially #ant one thin! and that is the intensiication
o neo)liberal economic policies in the #orld. *hey #ant to open up more economies and aspects o economies that
are not yet liberali+ed' dere!ulated or pri"ati+ed. &ll their tal$ about supposed ,inclusi"e !ro#th- is just desi!ned to
su!ar coat the act that the neo)liberal policy #ould mean more disad"anta!es or the Filipino people)hi!her
unemployment rates' displacement o peasants rom their lands' hi!her prices or basic commodities and depressed
&s the /nternational Monetary Fund' the World Ban$ and ormer Finance 0ecretary 1ose /sidro (2ito. Camacho said at
the sidelines o the World Economic Forum (WEF) on East &sia the !o"ernment should i!ure out #ays to open up
restricted industries to orei!n in"estors.

(*hat is their true tar!et in the 3hilippines' to open up and e4ploit our economy and resources #ith or #ithout Charter
Chan!e but as can be seen no# they are !oin! ull orce or Cha)cha'. said the senior deputy minority leader.

&s or his part Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Zarate said that the WEF is "ery decepti"e because it !i"es "ery little and
ta$es a#ay e"erythin!. *he dri"in! orce o the WEF is to !ain more proits or businesses re!ardless i more people
#ould suer'.

(3res. &5uino should also stop pretendin! that he is a!ainst Cha)cha because he is secretly pushin! or it. %is dream o
the 3hilippines becomin! a member o the *rans)3aciic 3artnership #ould not come true i Cha)cha does not push
throu!h because it is one o its re5uirements. 3res. &5uino should stop pinin! or the *33 i he is truly a!ainst Cha)
cha'. he added.

*he *33 is an a!reement bein! pushed by the 60 to urther open up economies in the 3aciic re!ion and usher in a
re"itali+ed neo)liberal a!enda.

(*he WEF and 3res. &5uino are just a e# o the !reedy proponents o Cha)cha and it should be e4posed or #hat it
truly is. /t #ants more proits or orei!ners and it is not or the interest o the Filipino people. &s it is #e #ould do all
#e can to stop it'. ended Rep. Zarate. 777
For more information, please contact Bayan Muna me3ia officer Carl %la a$ 0917"1104"9