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providing Geospatial based Operations’ and ‘Intelligence’ solutions for the Indian Armed Forces and

has established a JV with Thales – Rolta Thales Ltd., for developing state-of-the-art Command,
Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and
Reconnaissance (C4ISTAR )solutions, with on-going ToT. Recently, Rolta has been awarded
manufacturing licenses for defense equipments & systems. Combined together, these exceptional
strengths are transforming Rolta and enabling it to become a potent force in addressing requirements
of the complete sensor-to-shooter chain.

The suite will enable shared awareness, collaborative fighting, and synchronized effects on the digital
battle space.

A battlefield management system to generate shared awareness and ensure synchronized manoeuvre

The Indian Armed Forces are on the threshold of acquiring state-of-the-art communication systems as
the essential infrastructure in the Network Centric era

The Defense Forces, in particular the Army, regard maps as indispensable. They provide the vital
picture of the terrain or the ground, on which various operations are undertaken, during peace or war.
Thus maps printed on paper and sometimes on fabric, have always been an essential part of the army

With the advent of Digital Mapping / Geographic Information System (GIS), the techniques employed
in mapping have undergone a sea change. Whereas earlier, maps were entirely based on traditional
land surveying techniques, today the technologies of aerial imaging and satellite Remote Sensing have
completely revolutionized the techniques of mapping therefore generating fresh demands.

The Ministry of Defense’s policy regarding “offsets” makes it mandatory for foreign organizations
supplying defense equipment above certain threshold values to undertake obligations to obtain
equipment/services from Indian companies up to a percentage of the contract value.This provision will
further drive up the demand for defense related solutions and services provided by Rolta.
These Battle Labs are being expanded to include comprehensive communication demo capabilities.
Apart from demonstrating C4ISTAR, this Battle lab also will incorporate capabilities in designing and
fielding of Tactical Communication System (TCS) type of network for the Indian Army, the Battle lab
will also be useful in demonstrating the individual communication systems like the High capacity Line
of Sight Radio Relay, Secure Wi-Fi, Combat Net Radios, Interoperability Device, etc. This will place us
in an advantageous position in the big ticket projects like the Tactical Communication System,
Battlefield Management and the Future Digital Soldier Programs.