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mmonium chloride, HFCS,

GMO, sodium citrate, calcium

peroxide, ascorbic acid, silicon
dioxide. The list goes on. These
ingredients sound tasty. Right? Well
if you have eaten a McDonalds
cheeseburger, you have eaten all
these delicious ingredients. Pat
yourself on the back for trying
something new and for eating a
chemical that is used to make
explosives. Youre literally making
yourself a ticking time bomb. Not
all people become poisoned,
disabled or disordered.

Thankfully, McDonalds announced
that they would stop using pink
slime, which is all the left over
meat scraps washed are still using
harmful chemicals in their burgers.
Ammonium chloride and BHT are
both ingredients in the bread bun.
BHT is a know toxin of the brain and
nervous system and the ammonium
chloride in a substance used in

making explosives, fireworks and
matches. A lot of the ingredients
used to make the McDonalds
cheeseburger have been tested
on animals and have either grown
large tumours, body deformed or
died. No cases from humans have
been reported so the ingredients
are obviously not affecting the
humans. Benjamin Niece lives in
southern California, America and
has eaten at least 1 cheeseburger
per week for the most of his life. He
admits that he is overweight from
eating all of these but no major
health problems have affected him
from eating the burgers. So are all
the chlorides, dioxides and
chemicals health site inform us
about just trying to scare us or is it
really true?

Care2 websites states that children
should not be eating McDonalds

food, as it is not real food. A
burger was bought in 1999 and put
on a shelf where it has sat ever
since. Untouched. Not a single spot
of mould or a maggot is on it. Real
food moulds. Fake food doesnt.

In mid 2012, over 5,000 letters sent
from health organisations in the
USA, accusing the fast food
restaurant of impacting the
children of America to become
obese. "In the decades to come,
one in three children will develop
type 2 diabetes as a result of diets
high in McDonald's-style junk food,
according to the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention,"
the experts noted. These facts are
all true, however whos decision
was it to eat at McDonalds?
McDonalds dont round up the
children and whip them until they
get inside and start eating the
burgers. It is not McDonalds fault
that children are becoming obese.
It is not McDonalds decision that
the children are eating McDonalds

In 2005, 7 year old Monika Samaan
suffered from server brain damage
from salmonella poisoning after
eating a KFC chicken twister. This
same story is very similar to many
people worldwide that have eaten
McDonalds food, but not all by
salmonella poisoning. They have
suffered from brain damage,
Alzheimers disease and other
dieses that affect the nervous
system and the brain. It affects
these areas because a lot of fast
food ingredients are known toxins
for those areas. 4 know people in
the USA have been permanently
affected from eating McDonalds
foods. In 1994, 74 year old Stella
Liebeck spilt her McDonalds coffee
on her lap and suffered from third
degree burns. Her medical bills
costed over $10,000 USD and
McDonalds only gave her $800.
Soon after she took them to court,
she won over $2.86 million dollars.

Dr Joseph Mercola commented on
his website MSG is very
inexpensive and makes the food
taste good which in many ways
is similar to sugar but MSG is far
more toxic than sugar.
Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is
not used in as many products since
Jamie Olivers controversy over the
Pink Slime. MSG is one of the most
deadly ingredients as MSG causes
high cholesterol levels, high blood
levels and pressure and works with
other ingredients and chemicals to
shut down the brain and nervous
While you have been reading this
article, 208 thousand people
around the world are being served
at one of the 33 thousand
McDonalds Restaurants. 60 million
people per day eat at McDonalds
to be exact. While it is unsure the
complete quantities in a
McDonalds cheeseburger, Health
experts tell us and some may warn
us about the harmful ingredients,
which are in the burgers we all
love, but how can we know that
they are telling the truth? The fact
is, not all people end up affected
with serious and non-serious health
problems but some people do. So
are you lovin it?

A Feature Article written by Nina
Alston 8a