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Hydraulics 1 Coursework

A fluid is weighed in a laboratory. It is found that 1.5 U.S gallons of the fluid weigh 136.2
ounces. What is the fluids density, in

? What fluid could this be? Assume

standard gravity,

A shaft 6.00cm in diameter is being pushed axially through a bearing sleeve 6.02cm in
diameter and 40cm long. The clearance, assumed uniform, is filled with oil whose properties

and SG = 0.88. Estimate the force required to pull the shaft at a steady
velocity of 0.4 m/s.
The fuel gage for a gasoline tank in a car reads proportional to the bottom gage pressure as
in Fig P2.22. If the tank is 30cm deep and accidentally contains 2cm of water plus gasoline,
how many centimeters of air remain at the top when the gage erroneously reads full?

Water flows upward in a pipe slanted at , as in Fig P2.35. The mercury manometer reads
h = 12cm. Both fluids are at C. What is the pressure difference

in the pipe?

Gate AB in Fig P2.55 is 5ft wide into the paper, hinged at A, and restrained by a stop at B.
The water is at 20 C. Compute (a) the force on stop B and (b) the reactions at A if the water
depth h = 9.5ft.

Gate AB in Fig P2.62 is 15ft long and 8ft wide into the paper and is hinged at B with a stop at
A. The water is at 20 C. The gate is 1-in-thick steel, SG = 7.85. Compute the water level h for
which the gate will start to fall.

A block of wood (SG=0.6) floats in fluid X in Fig P2.126 such that 75 percent of its volume is
submerged in fluid X. Estimate the vacuum pressure of the air in the tank.

A weir is an obstruction in a channel flow that can be calibrated to measure the flow rate, as
in Fig P5.32. The volume flow Q varies with gravity, g, weir width b into the paper, and
upstream water height H above the weir crest. If it is known that Q is proportional to b, use
the pi theorem to find a unique functional relationship Q(g,b,h).

A spar buoy (see Prob. P2.113) has the period of T of vertical (heave) oscillation that
depends on the waterline cross-sectional area A, buoy mass m, and fluid specific weight .
How does the period change due to doubling of (a) the mass and (b) the area? Instrument
buoys should have long periods to avoid wave resonance. Sketch a possible long-period
buoy design.
A prototype spillway has a characteristic velocity of 3m/s and a characteristic length of 10m.
A small model is constructed by using Froude scaling. What is the minimum scale ratio of the
model that will ensure that its minimum Weber number is 100? Both flows use water at 20

Prob P2.113
A spar buoy is a buoyant rod weighted to float and protrude vertically, as in Fig P2.113. It
can be used for measurements or markers. Suppose that the buoy is maple wood (SG=0.6),
2in by 2in by 2ft, floating in seawater (SG=1.025). How many pounds of steel (SG=7.85)
should be added to the bottom end so that h= 18in?