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This AGREEMENT made this __ day of __________ between
_________________, a corporation organized and existing in
accordance with Philippine Law, with principal place of business at
________________________, herein represented by its President
______________, hereinafter referred to as EMPLOYER and
________________, of legal age, Filipino national, and a resident of
_______________, hereinafter called the EMPLOYEE.
That EPL!"E# and the EPL!"EE, in consideration of the mutual
co$enants and agreements made herein, by one to the other, by these
presents enter into a contract of ser$ice, whereby EPL!"E# hires and
employs the EPL!"EE under the following terms and conditions, to wit%
&. The EPL!"EE shall be designated as _____________ of the
'. The EPL!"EE shall be gi$en a monthly compensation payable in
semi(monthly at the rate of ______________.
). The EPL!"EE shall be engaged to wor* for a period of ____ year
starting from date of signing the contract.
+. The EPL!"EE agrees to gi$e his full and undi$ided time and
ser$ice to EPL!"E# in such capacity as the latter may direct.
,aid ser$ices shall include o$ertime, which may be re-uired during
the scheduled rest day as the ser$icing of clients dictate.
.. The EPL!"EE will not directly or indirectly underta*e any wor*
related to the business of EPL!"E#, for any person, firm or
corporation as long as the former is a staff member of the latter.
The EPL!"EE shall not accept, apply or solicit any position with or
without compensation in whate$er capacity in any other company,
firm, partnership or organization within one /&0 year after
termination of employment with EPL!"E#, without its written
consent, whether such employment be during or after office hours.
1. The EPL!"EE agrees to hold in strictest confidence all matters
becoming *nown to the former e$en when no longer in the employ
of EPL!"E#.
2. The EPL!"EE agrees to de$ote all his time and effort to the
ser$ices of EPL!"E#. 3n the e$ent the EPL!"EE terminates
employment without 4ust cause at anytime prior to the expiration of
the term, the EPL!"EE agrees to pay EPL!"E# '.5 of the total
accumulated basic pay the former had recei$ed as a form of
7. 3n the e$ent the EPL!"EE decides to terminate employment within
contract period, the EPL!"EE shall notify EPL!"E# in writing one
/&0 month before the effecti$e resignation date. This will enable
EPL!"E# to search for and train a competent replacement.
&8. The EPL!"E# reser$es the right to terminate your ser$ices at any
time prior to the end of this 9ontract under the following
a. isconduct in connection with the wor* being performed or
willful disobedience of orders.
b. :ross and habitual neglect of duties6
c. Fraud, dishonesty, willful breach of trust6
d. 9ommission of a crime;offense against the company.
e. Fighting or causing any act of $iolence against another
EPL!"EE or person located within the o$erall wor* area.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we ha$e hereunto affixed our signatures
at <atangas 9ity, this _______ day of ______________.
_____________ _____________
Employer Employee

#epublic of the Philippines0
9ity of <atangas 0,,.
<EF!#E E, a =otary Public for and in the 9ity of <atangas this
________ day of ________________ personally appeared%
=>E, 3? =!.
*nown to me and to me *nown to be the same persons who executed the
foregoing instrument and ac*nowledged to me that the same is their free
and $oluntary act and deed and the corporation he represents.
?oc. =o. _____6
Page =o. _____6
<oo* =o. _____6
,eries of ______.
#%@all data@_@,>PLE PET3T3!=, A 9!PL>3=T,@,imple Employment 9ontract.doc