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News Release
May 26, 2014
References: Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares, 0917!"04"9

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Group to file motion to expedite SC case declaring JMSU
Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares today said that they would oppose the proposed joint
exploration with China on the disputed islands if it will lead to the same disadvantage brought about by the
Joint Monitoring Seismi !nderta"ing #JMS!$ during the %rroyo administration in &''(.
)*hile we are for the peaeful resolution of the dispute with China+ we must be wary of the
proposed joint exploration between the ,hilippines and China on the disputed islands beause as our
experiene with the JMS! in &''( we were put at a disadvantage when the ,hilippine government allowed
the Chinese to gather valuable data on the natural gas deposits in Reto Reed Ban"+- said the senior deputy
minority leader.
).hrough the JMS!+ China learned of the enormous reserves of natural gas in Reto Reed Ban"+
for example just one field amounts to about &.(/0.1 trillion ubi feet of this valuable resoure. China is
now hell bent on a2uiring it either by hoo" or by roo" as evidened by its renewed aggressive stane in
the area+ so we must very arefully study this proposal+- said Rep. Colmenares.
).he gun boat diplomay being used now by China is meant to seure for themselves areas learly
under ,hilippine territory. 3t is also meant to solve the energy risis that the emerging superpower is trying
to stave off. But imagine what these deposits an do to help us on our own power risis+- added progressive
)*e in Bayan Muna already filed a Supreme Court #SC$ ase against the JMS! to delare this
,hilippine/China exploration in &''( unonstitutional. *e will also file a motion to expedite the resolution
of this ase hoping that the SC will protet the interest of the people in aessing our resoures against
China or the !S or any ountry who will exploit these at our expense+- he added.
)%ny joint exploration with China must protet the interest of the 4ilipino people and should
ontribute to our eonomi development. 3t must also reogni5e our territorial integrity over the disputed
area. .here must be no repeat of the highly une2ual JMS! and 6nhaned 7efense Cooperation %greement
#67C%$ in the name of defending our territories from foreign inursions+- ended Rep. Colmenares. 888
For more information, please contact Bayan Muna me3ia officer Carl #la a4 0917"1104"9