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Besan Laddoo

Besan Ladoo - Glutenfree Chickpea Flour Confection

Ingredients (Makes 12-15 ladoos)
3/4 cup ghee (measured at room temperature)
2 cup ladoo besan (coarse chickpea flour)
1/2 cup powdered sugar +1/3 cup cry stal sugar
5-6 cardamom pods
1/3 cup raisins
1. Coarse Chickpea Flour (Ladoo Besan/Mota Besan is easily available in
Indian/Pakistani stores)
2. If you do not get coarse chickpea flour, add 2-3 tbsp of fine semolina while roasting to
get the right
texture. If you do not want to add semolina and keep them gluten free, use usual
chickpea flour that
you could get but add lesser quantity of ghee (about 1/2 cup) than what is mentioned in
the recipe,
add more melted ghee later if you feel that the roasted flour-sugar mix is dry or if
when shaping the ladoos.
3. The right texture for ladoos is coarse and chewy - they should not to stick to gums.
4. Y ou could use coconut oil in this recipe in place of ghee for a vegan version but
frankly the taste
changes totally and I did not like it much.
5. I add a mix of powdered and raw sugar to better the chewy texture though
traditionally powdered sugar (boora) is used.
6. The ladoos from this recipe are very moist so if in case you have a difficulty while
shaping them,
refrigerate the flour mix for 10-12 minutes and roll out. They will not fall apart once
shaped into
In a large pot, combine ghee with besan and using your fingers combine well so that
there are no lumps.
Transfer the mixture to a heavy bottomed kadhai/wide pan. Put the kadhai on stove
and let heat on
medium low for 5-7 minutes. When the kadhai has warmed up, reduce heat to low.
Cook on a low flame, stirring continuously . The slow roasting is extremely important so
as to ensure that
the raw taste of besan is gone. Besan will slowly start changing color and you will smell
a nice aroma.
After about 30-35 minutes of slow roasting, you will also see ghee starting to separate
on the sides. Take
off the stove, mix in the raisins (or nuts if using) and set aside to cool.
While the mixture is cooling, crack open the cardamom pods and in using mortar and
pestle crush the
seeds to a fine powder.
Once the roasted besan is cooled (but not cold) and easy to handle, add in the sugar
and cardamom
powder. Combine nicely so that everything is mixed together. Make even sized balls.
You can moisten
your palms with little melted ghee (if required) while making balls.
Store up to two weeks at room temperature