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An analysis of the figures for London

using outright method

In the name of Allah, The Merciful, The Compassionate....
1. Outright method
2. The religion of Islam in America and the reproductive religious
believers practitioners ratio
3. Americas demise
4. Conservatism or Destructivism
5. Transference, replacement and practicablity.

1. Outright method

Outright 1: Muslim land (religion or religious affiliation)
Outright 2: Muslim maximum or majority (daily observance and
weekly attendance)
The religious practicability of Londoners has clearly swayed from
Christian to Muslim. Not only is there a Muslim majority where a
Christian majority is impossible but soon we will have a Muslim land
where a Christian land will be impossible.
The Christians will soon be living in quasi-Bantustans in cities like
London. So whereas today Redbridge, Tower Hamlets, Waltham
Forest and Hackney form the East London Muslim Crescent, soon,
assuming West London and North London only are dominated by
Islam, Christians will live in the Bantustan of South London in London
as a whole. South of the River Thames being the only place where
they are still in the majority.
Whereas today the white British ethnic minority applies only in
London, Slough, Leicester and Luton; tomorrow Bradford,
Birmingham, Sheffield and other cities will see more people, for
example from the Indo-Pak sub-continent (by their roots) than white.
Therefore Hindi-Urdu will become the lingua franca and Anglicanism
will remain as it has this century or even this millennium, the
occupying faith of the violent minority throughout Britain and its
dominion. English as a language becomes the lingua franca of the
capitalist or democratic movement in India.
However what is vital here is that in Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man,
Faroe Islands, Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands and the
West Indies, and on the British Isles themselves (anywhere
considered part of Britain) we have witnessed Islam take over
Christianity as the practicable religion of the people. It can
realistically never win back the status of the religion of the UK.
The Jews of this country have gone down as saying Britain is The
Islamic Republic of Great Britain. The reason why they name Britain,
The Islamic Republic of Great Britain, is because the term The
Islamic Republic of Great Britain comes from the country known as
Pakistan. IT is officially known as The Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
Originally the term comes from the Urdu language and is
pronounced Islami Jamhouriah e Pakistan. Therefore the idea of the
Jews of the The Islamic Republic of Great Britain comes from the idea
of an Islaami jamhouriah.
Jamhour itself means majority or democracy. Therefore, The Islamic
Republic of Great Britain, is Britain as we now know it, where the
majority practice Islam and the only democratic ideology is one of
the Muslims, Islam.
The non-Muslims advocate monarchy and anarchy and are the
minority. There is a big difference between the majority (Muslims)
and the minority (ahl ul dhimma).
Interestingly, the right and left wing of American politics too,
democratism and republicanism, stem from these concepts of
democracy and before that majority or together, Islamic democratic
Perhaps there is a lack of education about the meaning of, or the
significance of having a Muslim majority. Indeed Great Britain having
a Muslim majority implies it is an Islamic (Democratic) Republic. This
Islamic Democratic Republicanism is logically possible because of the
majority Muslim demography.
Legislation is only from Allah and His Messenger (PBUH). There is no
legislation that is not for Allah and His Messenger (PBUH). If the
ideology of the British republic and democracy is pressed it therefore
cannot yield to monarchy or anarchy. The religion of Islam informs us
of the superiority of Muslims and Muslim rule over non-Muslims
(who have no right to rule).
Officially, in the capital, London, the white British of the British Isles
are now a minority. The label of Black and minority ethnicity then
applies no longer. It is a majority (Islam) who are dominant. This
group excludes the church of England, who are deemed anarchic and
as ahl ul dhimma must conform to the status given them.
Having acknowledged London as the seat of power of Britain, we
conclude Britain should become a Democratic Republic. In fact it is
already something like an Islamic democratic republic of Britain. The
moral majority of the British Isles have automatically replaced the
violent Christian minority and from now on our rules are going.
They tried to implement democracy at gunpoint in Iraq and
Afghanistan and not only killed thousands of thousands of people
but created multi-holocaust in their foreign wars. Now through
peace and the hope of peace, we hereby rename Great Britain as The
Islamic Democratic Republic of Britain. Great Britain is now the
Islamic Democratic Republic of Britain.
Islamic democratic republic (IDR) for the future, what a great idea!
The thousands of adherents of the church of England, the abolished
religion of the British Isles do not come near, do not compare to the
millions of Muslims, God-fearing and coming from proper practising
families not broken homes, who seek only to defend the faith of God
from being attacked and to prevent blasphemy and calumny of our
faith. Where is the sense in upholding the 800-year old Magna Carta
(so-called grand charter) when the people have long abolished the
Where are our childrens Muslim English newspapers, Muslim
schools, Islamic universities, mosques, madrassas and Islamic
legislature (ie. Full implementation of Islamic shariah and law after
abolishment of the church) going to come from?
Egyptian economist, Professor Samir Amin has gone on record as
saying the world needs a new (Communist) International. Let me
say, I think communism is an alternative to capitalism but what the
world needs from Britons is a new nation! We need more than a new
newspaper or two that addresses the concerns of the Muslim
population, strives to create an environment where Muslim
schooling and Islamic universities are acceptable in the eyes of all,
and will represent the dominant religion of Britain.
The religiously affiliated, daily and weekly practitioners of religions in
London, especially and the UK and dominion generally are now
swinging towards Islam. Within twenty years the white British will be
replaced by Pakistani Muslims. The very same people who claim to
rule us, the white British who are now becoming an ethnic minority
in their own definition. Pakistani Muslims are now the new,
replacement majority, religious majority, religion etc. Why? The
white British are a racial category or an ethnic group (occupiers),
whereas Pakistani Muslims are a religious grouping and we pray our
eemaan never weakens. Ameen.

The Islamic revolution in Britain is clearly threefold:
1. Maximum
2. Majority
3. Muslim
The millions of this Ummah are, in Urdu or Persian:
1. Jamhour (The majority)
2. Jamhouri (Democratic)
3. Jamhouriat (Persian for republic)
What is clear from the sources of Islaamic law is that democracy is
not so much a trickle-down from ijma, or consensual opinion of
scholars, but that it is from the very idea of dar al islam. In other
words the ideas of democracy and republic come from the ideas of
1. Muslim countries
2. Muslim majority nations

Figure 1: Muslim England

The Muslim country is ruled by justice and equity of Islam and so is
associated with a democracy, devoid of any tyrant or despotic ruler,
whereas the Muslim majority nation is like a democratic republic,
where other spheres of political influence still exist such as political
parties, though the word of Allah has not necessarily become
dominant just yet. England, the place where the rules of the games
of football, cricket and hockey were written, and sportsmanship was
written into the fabric of modern life, now lies with more Muslim
worshippers than Christian. When will the Queen of England be a
good sport, abdicate, and take her legal institutions and courts
with her?
We, as Muslims will not be happy unless and until we are free to not
merely practise but to practice our religion in this country. The
acceptability of religion is not that it is all acceptable but that it is all.
If there are, at present between 4 and 5 million Catholics in the UK
today and between 3 and 4 million Muslims, it will not be long before
there are more Muslims than Catholics in Britain. Further, British
authorities will have to admit the UK is not a Christian but a Muslim
country, starting with the NOMIS (National Office for Manpower
Information System, Office for National Statistics, UK). In other
words, it is a former Christian country, and it is basically (yet) to
become a Muslim country. It may well be the next UK census will
show more Muslims than Catholics by affiliation and more Muslims
than all Christians by practice and therefore will cede governance to
Muslim hands, upon the Queens abdication. As head of the failed
Church surely this is her responsibility, to ensure replacement takes
2. The religion of Islam in America and the reproductive religious
believers practitioners ratio
Figure 2: Americans may have big circles as above but there is an
insignificant intersection between faith, religion, family life and of
course, practice.
If we look at the practice of the middle section or intersection as
above who are praying ie. attending a place of worship weekly, we
find even in America, more Muslim families are, as compared to
Christian families.

In God

Figure 3: The middle intersection of American Christians- 3 m.

Figure 4: The middle intersection of Muslim Americans- 4 m.

In 15 years from now, there will be more Muslims recorded in
America than Jews. Thats 1.8% of the total population. Over 6
million. The size of Israel or 40 % of the Jews on the planet. Of the
religious, believing, practising American dual-parent families, more
are Muslim than any other faith. My proof? The ratio is calculated
first as a type of productivity or specifically reproductivity ratio in my
earlier work.
In its own way, the religious belivers ratio shows that of 50% of
Americans who are Christian, only 3% answer yes to the following
questions as opposed to 4% being Muslims:
1. Do you believe in God?
2. Are you religious?
3. Do you attend a place of worship on a weekly basis?
Did both your parents bring you up?
This reveals the reproductive, believing, religious, practitioners of
religions in America are more often Muslim than not. Islam then is a
sort of maximum if not a majority. This tells us eventually Muslims
will be in the majority as it gives a good idea as to the trend of how
the situation will change in the future.

3. Americas demise
2014 is indeed a year in which the UN agencies admit China may well
overtake America in the size of its economy. Nevertheless, the
habits of the Irish are a good example of the failings of the
established church in Britain, which applies well to moral and ethical
life in America. In the seventies, in Ireland, 90% of the people were
Christian, 90% of whom were regularly church-going.
Now, 40 years later only 25% of Ireland go to church this Sunday.
USA shows a similar low attendance.
I dont prophesise a new Israel in the Islam of the USA, rather a
new America. With only 5% or 10% nationals as Muslims, all of whom
are devout, faithful, mosque-going (or at least are or will be), and
most important of all, from stable families, America will be more
Muslim than Jewish or Christian.
American politics is relevant to here in the UK as well.
Republicanism, the right-wing, described as neo-conservative,
responsible for enforcing war on the blessed poor across the world
tells us it is enforcing democracy.
Given that the left-wing of American politics informed them to
continue warring, successive governments of Obama have failed to
fulfil promises to end their false-flag wars.
The Muslim peoples of that land or this (ie. UK) can be a Muslim
majority, associated with the political right; or a Muslim country,
associated with the political left, in the eyes of the very same
4. Conservatism or destructivism
It is not the conservatism that Mr Bush, enemy of the respected
people of the land of Prophet Abrahams birth, shoved down our
throats. Rather it is the democratism which is nearer, for now to
what is Islamic. Wherever Muslims live in the world, first we must do
away with the Tony Blairs and then live according to Shariah.
Having done that, it may become important for us to denounce, in
the UK, the Queen and the institution of royalty, and only then can
we become a Muslim country where the word of God is utmost.
Foremost is that the political will of the respected peoples is carried
As for the accusation that Muslims are fanatical terrorists, in the last
century, only Christians had the monopoly on Fascism, Nazism (and
indeed Communism). Terrorists were born in Ireland we all know. As
Muslims we dont ask for democracy to be given to us on a plate nor
for the Queen to abdicate, rather we are associated with left-wing
political views. Indeed the whole argument only gives precedence to
the fact that should we become majority what would we do with the
legal institutions if we were right-wing or conservative?
Democracy is a Muslim invention. Many scholars have said
democracy comes from the Ijma or consensus form of Islamic
Personally, and given the increased use of Islam as a legal religion in
the west, I say the notion of voting in the team with the most
support comes from dar al Islam itself (when there are more Muslims
in a land than non-muslims) or Muslim majority.
I say this because having read Aflatoon (Plato) and Arastu (Aristotle)
etc. there is no mention of democracy only republics.
5. Transference, replacement and practicability.
These three terms express Islams need to take over the British Isles.
We have a sort of democracy, now we must believe in
practicability. By practicability, I mean the relevance of Islam in the
West and that it is the only religion that can be implemented fully. In
other words that beyond Zahir and Batin is something else that
cannot be achieved outside of the religion. Another word for
megareligiousity. You can call it the unofficial religion, or the religion
in practice. Also the real religion or the practised or most practised
religion. Without this admission there is no allowance for the
mutuality of personal, social, community, familial elements of
religious life in practice. Each person is a believer but do we admit to
any sort of religiousness in our life? Religion can be important in just
about anyones life but do we come from a religious family? And if
we are from such a family, do we practice what we preach?