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Chapter 1

Background of the Beverage Industry of Bangladesh

Beverages have a massive market in Bangladesh because of the huge population density derived
demand.After independence the food habit of Bangladeshi people has been changed a lot.
Besides our traditional food consumer of Bangladesh like to take western food also after 1980s.
As a result of global marketing this was not too hard for the consumers. Different foreign food
companies were established in Bangladesh. Beverage industry is one of them. But more
interestingly we dont know beverage is also our cultural food because beverage doesnt mean
only carbonated drinks. !oghurt" soup and lacchi are also beverage of our own tradition which
consumed for the last 100 years in Bangladesh. But carbonated beverage is new in Bangladesh.
#arbonated beverage entered into our market in the later part of 1980. At that time there were
only few companies in Bangladesh. But by the change of time and western culture influences its
become very popular in Bangladesh. By year $000 more than 1$ Beverage #ompany operating
business in Bangladesh and most of them are foreign companies. %Bangladesh Beverage& $00'(
)he Beverage market in Bangladesh consists mainly of seven companies. *f these" +ran and
,o-o are the only local brands. #oca.#ola" with its three varieties" namely" the cola.flavored
#oca.#ola" the clear.flavored /prite and the orange.flavored 0anta" is the number one soft drink
producer in Bangladesh" as well as all over the world. #losing in on #oke is rival +epsi. +epsi is
one of the oldest brands in Bangladesh. +epsi first arrived in Dhaka in 191' with the cola.
flavored +epsi" the clear.flavored 1up" the orange.flavored ,irinda and later introduced the
mango.flavored /lice. +ran" on the other hand" started with -am" -elly and pickle. 2n 1993" it
started producing mango bottled -uice" and is currently operating all over the country. 4irgin is
renowned worldwide through its brand name. 2t was introduced in our country by 5lobal
Beverages 6td. 7# #ola entered the Bangladesh market in 1991" and was the first to introduce
the cloudy lemon flavor. 2t has not been long since Aki- group brought out ,o-o and 6emu.
)hey have already gained huge popularity.
At present Bangladesh has a very competitive market of beverage. Bangladesh has a relatively
hot weather and people tend to be thirstier. /o they prefer to take soft drinks most of the time.
Beverage took the market of Bangladesh in the first half of 1980. 2n that time two or three soft
drinks were available in the market. But now lots of beverage found in the market. /ome of them
are popular and some are not so popular.
List of beverage industry in Bangladesh
8o 8ame of manufacturer Brand !ear of
*f the
1 Abdul ,onem 6imited #oca.#ola" /prite"
198$ '0009
$ Agriculture ,arketing #ompany 6imited +ran 11 ,arch 1981 :0"000
: Aki- 5roup ,o-o" 6emu"0rutica $000 :$"000
; 5lobal Beverage 6imited 4irgin 1999 n<f
3 5lobe /oft Drinks 6imited =ro cola =ro
$00$ n<f
' +arte> Beverage 6imited 7# #ola" 6ychena 'th *ctober
1 )ranscom Beverage +epsi" 1up" ,irinda 191' 80009

/ource& various %?n<f@not found(
Chapter 2
The Journey of Transcom Bangladesh Limited
)ranscom originated with tea plantations in 1883 and is today one of the leading and fastest
growing diversified business houses in Bangladesh employing over 3000 people. 8ot many
industrial groups in Bangladesh can claim a history of continuous business pursuits stretching
over 100 years. 2nitially" tea and later -ute formed the backbone of the family business. Although
these are still part of the activities" they contribute marginally to the overall group turnover.
)hese early industrial ventures have moved over to businesses involved in
manufacturing" international trading and distribution" forming strong ties with a host of blue chip
multinational companies. 2n recent years" )ranscom has emerged as an increasingly significant
media house in Bangladesh. )his is the flagship and holding company of the )ranscom
enterprises. )ranscom 6imited is the flagship and holding company of the )ranscom enterprises.
/ince the beginning of its -ourney it has been very successful at whatever area it ventured into.
All of its /B=s be it beverage industry or electronics industry or any other )ranscom has always
tried to maintain highest standard. )wo highest circulated news papers )he daily /tar and
+rothom Alo both are best news papers in Bangladesh are owned by )ranscom 5roup. /amsung
hand sets which has become very successful for its smart phones is a part of )ranscom ,obile
6td . Askayef Bangladesh 6imited %leading pharmaceutical manufacturer B formerly /mithCline
D 0rench /CD0( which is another renowned brand in Bangladesh and it also a /B= %startigic
business unit ( of )ranscom group. )ranscom food is the sole franchise of C0# and +iEEa Fut
both of which are highly successful brands worldwide and also in Bangaldesh. Fighest sold soft
drinks in Banglsdeh +epsi"1 up" /lice are beverage product of )ranscom Bevrage 6td.
)ranscoms latest incorporation is AGuafina bottle water in $01; which is a very reknownede
product of +epsi#o .the success story of )ranscom group goes on and on .within the last 130
years it has evolved into one of the best business conglomerate in Bangladesh.
Transcom Today
)hese early industrial ventures have moved over to businesses involved in
manufacturing" international trading and distribution" forming strong ties with a host of blue chip
multinational companies. 2n recent years )ranscom has emerged as an increasingly significant
media house in Bangladesh. )7A8/#*, is now dealing with several other companies located
in the overseas countries. Day by day the organiEation is e>panding.
1. istribution! )ranscom distribution #o. 6td.
Beverage Distribution 6td.
)ranscom Alectronics 6td.
+hilips 6ighting.
)ransfin 0inding $
)rinco 6td.
)ea Foldings 6td
2. "anufacturing! Bangladesh Alectrical 2ndustries 6td.
Bangladesh 6amps 6td.
)ranscom Beverage 6td.
Askayef Bangladesh 6td.
#. "edia ! +rothomAlo
Daily /tar
/aptaik $000
)ranscraft 6td.
$. Tea ! ,. 7ahman )ea #o.
,onipur)rea #o. 6td.
,arine )ea #o. 6td.
Feritage )ea
%. &ssociates! H. 7ahman Iute ,ills 6td.
7eliance 2nsurance 6td.
,edia Horld 6td.
Transcom Beverage Limited
*n the basis of an e>clusive 0ranchise for Bangladesh from +epsico =/A" )B6 acGuired three
modern bottling plants at Dhaka" #hittagong and Bogra from BB26" DhakaJ AB26" #hittagong
and 8B26" BograJ in ,arch $000. )B6 manufactures the famous +epsi range of beverages.
+epsi" 1up" ,irinda *range" ,irinda 6emon" /lice and /oda. As a corporate citiEen +epsico
believes it has a responsibility to contribute to the Guality of life in our communities. )B6 has
put into action this philosophy through support of social agencies" pro-ects and programs and the
scope of this support is e>tensive and it has not been difficult to blend with this philosophy since
the )7A8/#*, group also followed such a corporate ideology. )he main factory of )ranscom
Beverage is located in )elichara" ,ouchak" Caliakair" 5aEipur. )hey also have two regional
factories in #hittagong and Bagura.
'roducts of Transcom Beverage Limited
But the main two products of )ranscom Beverage 6imited are 1 up and +epsi. )hough there are
three other supporting products %,irinda" /lice and /oda( added later.
%Fistory of )ranscom& $008(.
(tep )#
Central issues of Transcom beverage ltd
"otto of Transcom beverage ltd &
,otto *0 )ranscom beverage ltd to deliver sustained growth in Bangladesh and move towards
dominant Beverage #ompany" delighting D nourishing every Bangladeshi" by best meeting their
everyday beverages needs D stakeholders by delivering performance with purpose" through
/ince )B6 is a franchise company of +epsi#o. )ranscom Beverage 6td follows the same
mission vision as +epsi#o.
2ts mission is to be the worldKs premier consumer products company focused on convenient foods
and beverages. He seek to produce financial rewards to investors as we provide opportunities for
growth and enrichment to our employees" our business partners and the communities in which
we operate. And in everything we do" we strive for honesty" fairness and integrity.
+epsi#oKs responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of the world in which we operate .
environment" social" economic . creating a better tomorrow than today..

ifferent slogan and tag line used by TBL products
Beverage name /logan<tagline 6ogo
+epesi cola L!ea Dil ,ange ,ore Aha
1 up Lmon bole 2 feel upN
,irinda Ahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
,irinda lemon LOor Ca Oahka Dhirasa 6agiN
/lice /imple Ioy ka 7aas
,ountain dew KDarr ke aagey -eet haiK
AGuafina +ure Hater. +erfect )aste

Business policy of Transcom beverage Ltd!
)ranscom beverage 6td is the e>clusive +epsi#o 0ranchisee for Bangladesh. A franchisee ship is
an agreement or license between two legally independent parties or companies .+epsi first
arrived in Dhaka in 191' with the cola.flavored +epsi" the clear.flavored 1up" the orange.
flavored ,irinda and later introduced the mango.flavored /lice finally AGuafina . +epsi which was already a
very established brand worldwide captured the Bangladeshi market very Guickly after being introduced.
As a franchisee company )B6 has to abide by all the rules and regulations set by +epsi#o. )ranscom beverage
has the right to use pepsicos brand name" take technical support" financial support" if needed +epsi#o also trains
)B6 employees for mastering new techniGues .)B6 is obligated to comply with complete method set by
+epsi#o to conduct its business" such as the marketing plan. 2n return )B6 has to pay certain amount of
fees and royalties to its franchisor. All rights of both parties are legally protected and in case of any incompliance
franchisor has the right to cancel agreement with franchisee.
"arketing strategy of Transcom Beverage Ltd!
)B6 mostly rely on +epsi#o for marketing their products.)B6 undertakes many kinds of
marketing activities for its products. Advertising" promoting" packaging" sponsoring and many
other activities are part of marketing.
+epsi products are advertised and promoted all over the world and its marketing strategies and
advertisings vary based on different countries" regions" and cultures. Billions of dollars is being
spent for advertising pepsi products every year. 2n Bangladesh )B6 %)ranscom Beverage 6td(
advertises its products through different broad cast media like )v" radio" internet" print media
like news paper" magaEine" billboard etc.)B6 also undertakes different kind of promotional
activities reduction of price" different kind of GuiE competitions organiEed by )B6. 2t also
sponsors different kind games " events" concerts etc all of which are part of )ranscoms
marketing strategy.
2ts target customers are normally young people aged between 10 to :3. Apart from these low
price" attractive packaging" diverse product offerings are also part of )B6 marketing strategy.

'roduction strategy of Transcom Beverage Ltd. +TBL,
+roduction strategies are long.term action plans of the organiEation" for the production of goods
and services. 2t includes the investments to be made" the goods and services to be produced"
technology to be used" and schedule to be followed. %http&<<
0or producing )B6 products three production plants have been established in Dhaka"
#hittagong" and Bogra. 0or smooth distribution it has divided the whole Bangladeh into three
different regions. )here are hundreds of distributors of )B6 who distribute its product all over
Bangaldesh. +roduction of its products are conducted in four phases first step bottle processing
and production then comes syrup production then syrup processing finally bottling the final
product. /ince the demand of )B6 products varies based on different seasons and occasions
%Aid" pu-a"etc( the number of units would be produced is determined based on order placed by
distributors. 2f too many numbers of products are produced and they are needed to be stocked in
warehouses that would increase production cost and if the number of units produced is few then
)B6 would lose valuable customers.
0igure& production and distribution strategy.

Chapter $
The -." 'ractices and (trategy
7ecruitment refers to the process of attracting" screening" and selecting Gualified people for a
-ob. 0or some components of the recruitment process" mid. and large.siEe organiEations often
retain professional recruiters or outsource some of the process to recruitment agencies.
)he recruitment industry has four main types of agencies& employment agencies" recruitment
websites and -ob search engines" PheadhuntersP for e>ecutive and professional recruitment" and
niche agencies which specialiEe in a particular area of staffing. /ome organiEations use employer
branding strategy and recruitment instead of agencies. 7ecruitment.related functions
are generally carried out by an organiEationKs human resources staff.
)he stages in recruitment include sourcing candidates by advertising or other methods" screening
potential candidates using tests and<or interviews" selecting candidates based the results of the
tests and<or interviews" and on.boarding to ensure the candidate is able to fulfill their new role
effectively. %/mith(
The .ecruitment 'rocess
7ecruitment process is a crucial thing in every organiEation. )ranscom Beverage 6imited
follows few steps to select candidates to have them in the organiEation. 0or recruiting candidates
for the selected position the company posts advertise in newspapers" websites %0or e>ample.
+rothom alo -obs" etc. F7 department collect applications e>ternally by this way.
2nternal recruitment sometimes encouraged by the authority. interviews also being
encouraged to fulfill the vacancies. After getting the #4s of the candidates" the F7 recruitment
department short list few candidates if they fulfill the reGuirements of the organiEations position.
)hen for below manager level position the applicants have to sit for the written test and if they
Gualify the e>am" F7D asks for the oral test of the candidates. 2n the interview session
interviewer asks Guestions to the interviewee according to the position. 0ormed Guestions"
relevant Guestions and irrelevant Guestions are basic Guestion pattern in the interview. F7 head
and other departments head take the interview of the candidates. 0or e>ample& if the organiEation
look for finance e>ecutive then head of finance will also be there to conduct the interview. )hen
the candidates have been chosen by the merit list. 0inally" the interview panel negotiates about
the remuneration with the candidates and selects the right person for the right position.
Diagram of recruitment and selection process of )ranscom Beverages 6imited is given below&
0igure& 7ecruitment and selection process of )ranscom Beverage 6imited
Job &nalysis
and -ob
Hritten test
/hort list
0inal selection
Iob offer
#4 screening
Iob analysis is another important part of recruitment and selection process. Iob analysis means
the process of determining -ob duties of these positions and the characteristics of the people to
hire for them. Iob analysis consists of two parts.
a. Iob description
b. Iob specification
Job description
0ew -obription criteria of )ranscom Beverage 6imited are given below&
Transcom Beverages Ltd
Address & 10th 0loor" 5ulshan )ower" +lot Q :1" 7oad Q 3:" 5ulshan 8orthe #<A Heb & Business & )ranscom Beverages 6imited" the franchisee of +epsi" 1up"
,irinda" /lice" ,ountain Dew and )eem for Bangladesh is looking for dynamic and competent
professionals to fill the following positions. )he #ompany provides competitive remuneration"
e>cellent -ob environment for career growth of individuals and practices a performance culture"
where talent and creativity are recogniEed and rewarded.
'osition ! &ssistant /ngineer0/ngineer +"echanical,
Area& #hittagong R #ategory& Angineer<Architects
Job escription0 .esponsibility!
Design" implement" maintain" and improve instrument" eGuipment" facilities"
components" products and system for commercial" industrial" and domestic purposes
*perate computer assisted engineering and design software and eGuipment to perform
engineering tasks
/upervise and coordinate manufacturing" installation" maintenance" support"
documentation and testing activities to ensure compliance with specifications" codes and
customer reGuirements
2nspect completed installations and observe operation to ensure conformance to design
and eGuipment specifications and compliance with operational and safety standards
+erform detailed calculations to compute and establish manufacturing" construction and
installation standards and specifications
*versee pro-ect production efforts to assure pro-ects are completed satisfactorily on
time and within budget
Job 1ature! 0ull )ime
Job (pecification
A list of a Iobs Shuman reGuirements" which is the reGuisite educational skills" personality" and
so on. another product of a -ob analysis.
/2C&TI31&L ./42I./"/1T(
B. /c %,echanical( from recogniEed =niversity<B2)
/5'/.I/1C/ ./42I./"/1T(
,in A>perience& $ !ears
,a> A>perience& : !ears
,ust have good and pleasant interpersonal skills and leadership Gualities to lead his
team in a factory environment
#omputer literacy %,/ *ffice( must.
&TI31&L ./42I./"/1T(
Age range $3 years to :0 years
Iob level& Antry 6evel -ob
'romotion 'ractices
)ranscom Beverage limited practices promotion in their organiEation. Avery employee of the
organiEation has been given target and ob-ectives to fill up in certain times. )he company does
not follow any fi>ed promotion criteria. But if an employee fulfills the targets and ob-ectives
given by the organiEation for last three consecutive years" then the department head can
recommend the employee for a promotion. )ranscom Beverage maintains grading system in the
promotion criteria. 0or e>ample& officer is the first grade of that company" then e>ecutive" senior
e>ecutive senior" assistant manager" manager etc. comes consecutively.
)ranscom Beverage 6imited does not believe in demotion process. )his organiEation always
prefers to give a second chance to an employee. An employee gets target or ob-ective to fill up
when he or she -oins the company. 2f the employee cannot do the -ob perfectly then the authority
thinks to change the department or discipline of the employee. After that if the employee
performs well then he or she can continue the -ob.
Training and evelopment 'ractices
)raining and development practices are the crucial and most important part of )ranscom
Beverage 6imited. After -oining the -ob every single employee has to go under the training
session for ten days. )his orientation process performs in every single department of this
company. Avery single employee gets the training session on sales and production system of the
company. 0or e>ample" who -oins in finance department that person has to take training on
marketing" sales" production and finance. 2n sales department the orientation process can go up to
ten days and in finance department the orientation process goes up to fifteen days. )he training
process held from desk to desk after three or four days of the orientation.
Both on the -ob and off the -ob training session held in )B6. 0or off the training )B6 follows
role plying" lecture methods" conference and discussion method. According to the need of
training and development the total procedure arrange by )B6. 2f the department %F7" 0inance"
,arketing D /ales( thinks that lecture method can be useful for the -ob then the department
arrange the training session according to that.
0igure& F7 +aradigm of )ranscom Beverages 6imited
8ational #ulture
Iob Analysis
7ecruiting D /election )esting D slection 2nterviewing #andidates
)raining D development +erformance appraisal
*rientation< 2nduction
Benefits D services )raining D development Athics" -ustice D fair
Fealth D safety
#orporate #ultute F7, +aradigm
'erformance &ppraisal and "anagement 'ractices
Annual performance appraisal from every department is being conducted in )ranscom Beverage
6imited. *n the basis of performance appraisal reward" bonus" increment etc. are being decided
and within December to Ianuary this performance appraisal is being conducted.
Compensation6 benefits6 pay strategy practices
At the beginning of the year )ranscom Beverage 6imited gives target and ob-ectives to the
employees and it basically happens in the sales sector. 2f an employee performs 90T of the target
then he<she will get a fi>ed amount as a reward. 2n case of 100T fulfillment of the target the
employee will get additional salary of one month and if it increases to 110T then the employee
will get some e>tra award from the authority.
A>cept basic salary the company provides e>tra benefits to the employee. ,onthly the employee
get gross salary which includes house rent" medical allowance" insurance etc. Beside this
employees get two festival bonuses. Another benefit is given to the employee that is H+B0
%Horkers profit budget and fund(. 5roup insurance is also covered by the organiEation as well as
provident fund which is contributory by the employee. Amployee contributes 10T of the salary
and the company also provides e>tra 10T.
2n every two Aid employees get festival bonus. ,anagerial levels employee also get bonus
according to the performance of the company and they get a good amount of money if the
company perform well.
/alary D increment
Avery year this company offers increment of salary %1$T to $0 T( and their average increment is
13T. 0or the worker )ranscom Beverage 6imiteds pay scale start from BD) 1000 %basic salary(
and officers pay scale start from BD) 1;000 %basic salary(.
/thics6 Justice6 7air treatment practices
2n every day to day activity )ranscom Beverage 6imited practices transparent ethical treatment.
2n the training session they organiEe ethical training practice conference. )his basically
emphasiEe on the leadership training.
0air treatment practice is used by this organiEation. 2f an employees performance become poor
and the organiEation want to go for the legal action then first of all they give a show cause notice
and the employee have the chance to self.defense. )he organiEation also makes an inGuiry team
and gets a report about the employee. According to the report what answers they get based on
that the organiEation take disciplinary action. )his company also maintains fair policy about
se>ual harassment. 2f the case seems to be serious then disciplinary action has been taken and if
it is not that a serious issue then the company goes for counseling of that employee.
Labor relations practices
)ranscom Beverage 6imited follows 99T of the labor laws. 0or e>ample" they give four months
maternity leave to the female employees. Avery two years trade union leader is elected from the
nomination of #BA leader. )ranscom Beverage also follows the safety guidance given by the
+epsico. and training session has organiEed by the civil defense and fire brigade every single
year. )ranscom also follows the grievance procedure properly.
%8" $01;(

*rganogram of )ranscom Beverage 6td

%/ource& personal interview with 5, of )B6(
Chapter %
Business achievements 0 success story of Transcom Beverage Ltd +TBL,
)rancom 5roup started its -ourney in 1883 with tea plantation later it involved itself with -ute
gradually over the last 1$3 years it has emerged as a diversified company. *ver the years
)ranscom 5roup has ventured into beverage" media" electronics" foods and many other
industries. 8ow )ranscom has partnership with international brands like +iEEa Fut" C0#"
+epsi#o and +hilips. 2t has annual turnover of more than U:30 million %nearly )k $"800 crore("
the group employs over 10"000 people. %Daily /tar& 18" $01$(
)ranscom Beverage 6td is one of the most successful /B= of )ranscom 5roup. )he beverage
company started its -ourney with the motto to deliver sustained growth in Bangladesh and move
towards dominant Beverage #ompany" delighting D nourishing every Bangladeshi" by best
meeting their everyday beverages needs D stakeholders by delivering performance with purpose"
through talented people. %http&<< .)B6 started as a franchise company of
+epsi#o and now producing +epsi#os beverage products in : production plants in Bangladesh
where state of the art machineries are being used. )B6s latest incorporation is AGuafina in
April" $01; in its product category which is a very renowned brand of +epsi#o.
/ince the beginning )B6 has been very successful it meeting the demand of its consumers and at
the same time employees working here is also considered highly satisfied. Athics and values
have always been the guiding force of )B6. Due to outstanding performances" high ethical
practices and for maintaining commitment to social responsibility )ranscom 5roups chairman
,r. 6atifur 7ahman was conferred with prestigious S *slo Business for +eace Award in $01$
+roducts of )B6 have been highly successful in Bangladesh. 2n $01$ 1=+ won the award for
8o.1 soft Drink in Beverage #ategory by Bangladesh Brand 0orum. 2t has also obtained 9th
place among all the brands in Bangladesh at the same event. Hhich are testaments of )B6s
products high Guality.
2n $011 )B6 also received honorable S+resident 7ing of Fonor Award from +epsi#o for
outstanding performance and e>traordinary sales number in its region. )ranscom Beverages
6imited %)B6( won S2nternational Bottler of the year award for the third time in recognition of
the outstanding business results in $009. )he success story of )B6 goes on and on like this.
Chapter 8
2ni9ue -." strategy and achievements
)ranscom beverage uniGue F7, policy involves those guidelines" which make sure by effective
and efficient F7, policy. )hey believe in standard of fle>ible and vibrant and may reGuire
ad-ustment to different scenarios. Fence its accomplishment will be inspired by sound -udgment"
agreement with according to present low. As )ransom beverage is operating across the world" it
is important that regulation and practices be appreciated everywhere. )he )ranscom beverage
,anagement and 6eadership +rinciples include all the possible ways for stimulating )ranscom
beverage employees in their action and in their dealings with others. )he #orporate Business
+rinciples state to all the basic rules" which )ranscom beverage approve and subscribes to on a
worldwide basis.)hey address the following basic human resource issues when putting together
their personnel policies&
AGual Amployment *pportunity policies
Amployee classifications
Horkdays" paydays" and pay advances
*vertime compensation
,eal periods and break periods
+ayroll deductions
4acation policies
/ick days and personal leave %for bereavement" -ury duty" voting" etc.(
+erformance evaluations and salary increases
+erformance improvement
)ermination policies
$009 was imaging year for )ranscom Beverage 6)D because in this year they win sever award
among this some of national some of international .2n addition )ranscom beverage limited %6)D(
won the international bottle of the year award for the third time in reorganiEation of ousting
business awards and 1up won the number 1 soft drink in Beverage category by Bangladesh
brand forum .it has obtained nine place among all brand in the same event .)his two
achievementmake them create a uniGue culture 2n corporate world more specifically among their
Company gro:th analysis
)ranscome beverage limited is vibrant and fast moving. ,ore specifically" the )B6 soft rinks
category has been significant growth in the last five years by Guality of its relative puerility and
strong consumer demand. At present )ranscome beverage growth is U$.;B in the Bangladesh
market and U1.'B internationally. 5rowth in the energy drink sector for $009 was 8.1T in the
Bangladesh and $1.8T internationally. )his illustrates the siEe of the opportunity for beverage to
continue increasing their market share in the Bangladesh" e>panding their impression
internationally" and entering emerging markets. )he recent economic downturn caused a
slowdown in the sale of energy drinks" which are Lamong the most e>pensive non.alcoholic
beverages on the market. /ales growth slowed to 10.1T in $008" following average growth of
;'T during $009.1:.Fowever" energy drinks was one of the few beverage
%+laceholder1(categories to e>perience positive growth during this downturn.
)eens typically consume energy drinks for the taste and the Lcool factor"N college students for a
combination of energy and taste %or to mi> with alcohol(" and young adults for their energy
benefits. =sage of energy drinks among teens is currently around :'T" which is more than twice
that of adults at 13T. )een girls are nearly as likely to use energy drinks as teen boys" but among
adult women are significantly less likely to drink energy drinks than are men. Hhen it comes to
energy shots" teens are still the consumption leaders. Anergy drinks offer busy adults the stamina
to deal with increasingly demanding lives.

"argin and ;ro:th &nalysis
6ast year )ranscome beverage has e>perience positive revenue growth rate amounting 1.9T.
)B6 revenue growth over the last two years has been a staggering $'T per year versus 8T for
its competitive group. 0rom a firm valuation perspective" )ranscome beverage is trading at $.3>
revenue and 1$.9> AB2)DA" which is higher than its competitive group. )his is evidence that the
market places a high value on )ranscome beverage future growth opportunities. 0rom a
profitability standpoint" )ranscome 7*A last period was 18.;T" while the median of its
competitive group was 11.8T. 0rom a margin perspective" Fansens is in line with its
competition for gross margin" AB2)DA margin" and net income margin. )he company produces
unlevered free cash flows %0#0( of 8.8T of revenues compared to a median of 10.:T for its
competitive group. B: #onsulting doesnt see this as a problem because the company has been
making some large capital investments and growing Guickly which all contribute to lower
unlevered 0#0.
%0inancial data collected from )ranscom beverage(
iscussion of Transcom beverage ltd<s strength and :eakness in a limited scale
)ranscome beverage 6td is leading /oft Drinks #ompany in Bangladesh. )hey practice best
human resource that make them uniGue leader in the market. Also for these reasons they get
some remarkable achievement in $009.)B6 considering $009 is golden year for transom
beverage. ,oreover employee attrition rate in )ranscome beverage limited is below five percent"
which clearly indicate that they practice best human resource. Fowever turnover rate in the
marketing department is relatively high .normally who are young fresh graduates -ust entered in
the -ob and working in )B6 below one year "they tend leave their -ob more .this is definitely an
weakness of )B6.
%source &personal interview with 8C Bhowmik 5, of )B6(
Chapter =
As a company that is hundred years old" )rasncom has almost tried all of the strategies there can
be. )ranscom Bangladesh 6td e>panded internationally" helped countries economical grow"
became environmentally conscious and created -oint ventures with other companies which has
enhanced )ranscoms and these companies performance by few folds .it has also created -ob
opportunities for thousand of Bangladeshi workers. 0inally it can be said that )ranscom has
stood out an idol for other companies" it has immerged as an epitome of Guality and standard.
)he thing that would make )rasncom successful is that the proper plan of F7 department of the
organiEation through the e>ecution. /ome recommendations are as followed.
)ranscom Bangladesh 6td. is Guite effective at sourcing the candidates. )hey follow
almost every ways which lead to find a good class of employees. But" they skipped one
source and that is finding candidates from former employees. )hey can reduce their
training and orientation cost by recruiting candidates from former employees.
)ranscom favors competitive" stimulating and fair remuneration structures offering an
overall competitive and attractive compensation package. 7emuneration includes salary"
any variable part of remuneration as well as social" pension and other benefits. Aach
operating company will establish a compensation practice taking into account relevant
e>ternal compensation levels as well as the reGuirement of internal fairness. 2t is
recommended to undertake regular surveys so as to gather relevant information on the
remuneration levels practiced at a local or national level.
Iob satisfaction is Guite high in )ranscom Bangladesh 6td.s employees. )he main reason
for this is the employees can shift their department Guite easily according to their needs
and skills informing it to their immediate supervisor. /o" )ranscom Bangladesh 6td. is
being able to keep their employees satisfied.
Discussion Guestions
Hhat are the core products of )B6V
Hhat are the production strategies followed by )B6V
Describe marketing techniGue of )B6.
Hhat is the mission and vision of )B6V
Hhat is the business policy of )B6V
Hhat is the recruitment process of )B6V
2s there any recruitment tracker maintainedV
2f yes then how transparent it isV
2f no then what measures have been taken to maintain the trackerV
Hhat is the ma>imum time for the vacant position to be closedV
Does the -ob responsibilities and -ob description are clearly defined to the candidates
appearing for selection processV
Hhat types of criteria are being followed by )B6 for promotion practicesV
Hhat type of training process is followed by )B6V
Hhat are the main challenges %topics( in your office regarding )rainingD
Development at the momentV

Hhat strategies are followed in )B6 for compensation and benefits managementV
Do the company pay e>tra bonus to the employee for outstanding performanceV
Do the company have any specific system for the incentive of the employeesV Hhat
are theyV
Does )B6 practice labor relation practice and fair treatmentV
Briefly describe the performance appraisal of )B6.
After having the performance appraisal test do the company maintain any follow upV
Hhat are the uniGue F7 strategies practiced by )B6V
Hhat is the yearly financial growth rate of )B6V
Hhat are ma-or F7 strength and weakness of )B6V
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