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Approved Minutes
October 19, 2009
Open Forum 7:00
-Resident inquired about decision to restrict parking on Ainsworth Street as a proposal
was given for review.
-Resident asked if security guard hours could be adjusted to help with the teen issues in
the community after the bus drops off in the afternoon about 3pm. There is much activity
around the 3pm-5pm timeframe.
-Resident informed that there is still an issue with mini bikes driving on the common
area. Efforts to get address information is necessary to take action and police should be
notified when this activity is taking place.

Present: Peter Candland, Caye Glaze, Jimmy Mulhern, Steve Farmerie, Travis Turner,
Board Members. John Shields, Angie Nielsen, Mallori Scott- Legum and Norman Mgmt.

General Meeting Call to Order: 7:34 Meeting was called to order by President, Peter

Guest Present:
-Resident, Betty Elzein was present to explain request for in-home business, child care.
--Resident, Danielle Desaula present to give input on parking issue on Ainsworth.

Minutes: Travis Turner move to approve the minutes for the Budget meeting October
7, 2009 and the September 15, 2009 board meeting. Jimmy Mulhern second the motion,
Four approve, one abstain.

Financials: John Shields review of the September financials as presented.
John made note of C/D options of renewal amounts were split as recommended by Meryl
Lynch then longer CD options if rates increase. Note that income is a slight deficit due to
phased units not coming on board with new homes projected from the Mews. The budget
appears to be ahead due to legal fees still pending but it is predicted to be at budget
-Final Audit is pending. Emails to auditor indicated this is in processing and should be
available at next board meeting.
-Caye Glaze inquired about line item for pool supplies to be low, need to check to see if
all invoices were coded and received before end of year.
-Discussion on expenditures budgeted and asked management to review options for
lighting around the main pond path and options for fixing landscaping on
Heathcote/Cantwell corner.
-Expenditure discussed for Gazebo at main pond, a replacement reserves expense. Need
to get options for replacing with low maintenance material.
-Discussion on painting bridge-need to wait till spring for weather conditions to improve.
HVAC Maintenance: Steve Farmerie move to approve Advance Building Services for the
services of HVAC maintenance. Jimmy Mulhern second, all in favor.

Irrigation Maintenance: Board reviewed and preferred KT irrigation but would need to
negotiate a lower price.

Snow Removal: Steve Farmerie move to approve Advantage Landscaping for snow
removal services 09/2010, Jimmy Mulhern second, all in favor.

Reports/ Operations:
Activities committee report: Discussed request for increase in 2009 budget. Caye Glaze
move to compromise amount to $10,000, Travis Turner second, all in favor. Angie to
instruct committee to adjust budget and give detail report of activities plan for 2010.

Covenant Report: Covenant member nomination for Chair, David McLoughlin
discussed. Travis Turner move to appoint David McLoughlin as chair of the activities
committee for a term of one year, Caye Glaze second, all in favor.
-Discussion on eligibility to serve on committee's. Board agreed that all committee
members must be owners as they have a vested interest. Any current committee members
with terms that have exceeded one year should resubmit their statement of interest to the
Board for committee member appointment.
-Request from covenants committee to consider having a painter give discount to bid for
home painting services. The HOA would give specifications of paint quality and make
sure all insurance and licenses are acceptable and have a list available to the owners for
their convenience. Mallori will work on getting estimates and proposal options for
committee and board review.
-Committee asked for board clarification on design guidelines where it is noted "shall not
be for extended use". The board makes no action or comment on this and recommends
that covenants committee follow the procedures for appeals and hearings if there is a
debate from the owners.

- Business center usage. Discussion on usage and procedures for the business center
reservation policies. The board asks that management produce an application process and
discuss any limitations at next board meeting.

-Discussion on schedule for the security personnel as mentioned in the open forum. If the
security company could agree on a time during the week to be available for an 8 hour shif
starting from 3:00 on the two days during the week. Then we could evaluate situation
with teens again if the issue still exists in the future.

9:50 Moved to Executive Session

10:05 Adjourned Executive Session and resume meeting:
ParkingIssues: After discussion, no action recommended on the parking restrictions for
Ainsworth St.

Business request: Caye Glaze move to approve the Day Care Business at 6611 Stourcliff
applied for by owners for the resident Betty Elzein. The business must comply with all
statutory requirements and homeowner will be responsible to address any complaints
from the neighbors. Travis second, all in favor.

Late fee/ legal fee waiver 17092 Loftridge: Travis Turner move to waive late fees
amounting to $475 providing the resident pay all legal and HOA related fees within 60
days. If all fees are not paid within the deadline then all late fees will be reinstated and
legal action will continue. Caye Glaze second, discussion pursued. Vote all in favor.

Lot Maintenance Fee Waiver, 14202 Reidhall Pl: Caye Glaze move to waive the lot
maintenance fee, discussion, vote 3 in favor, 1 against, 1 abstain.

Payment plan, 6704 Graceview: Travis Turner move to approve payment plan, with
requirement that all legal fees pending, due to payment plan administering, would have to
be paid in full. Jimmy Mulhern second, all in favor.

Meeting adjourned 10:15 Travis Turner move to adjourn, Steve Farmerie second, all in

Minutes of the meeting submitted by Angie Nielsen