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The Dolphins Speak -
Dolphin Consciousness
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Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa
on 29 November 2006

Revised and updated under the auspices
of Kuthumi-Agrippa on 22 February 2013

Transcribed by Lisa Rondan

Please note that instead of re-channelling certain information Kuthumi-Agrippa has revised and
updated some of the older channellings as they are currently relevant and important. Bear in mind
reading this information will have an effect on you as it's wisdom and energy is timeless. You will
energetically be linked with the Channelling Being and a similar process facilitated with you, which
is powerful and in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose.

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I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet you at this time and
bring unto you the blessings of synchronicity, trust, truth and vitality. Greetings beloved ones. And
it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you upon this day as we
hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved sisters as we stand with you in the presence of Christ consciousness we embrace you with
the Divine Breath of the Infinite Source bringing balance to all the systems of your four lower
bodies and the bodies that exist beyond the world of your conscious perception. As you stand
within this Divine Breath the Emissaries of the 3
Universe begin recalibrating your energy systems
and align your energy with the consciousness of the Dolphin Kingdom currently anchoring itself in
the core of the 3
Universe. The message being brought forth today is not only important for the
survival of your planet and that of your marine world, it is also a very important part of your
personal awakening and reconnection with the nature kingdom in it’s collective form. Therefore
divine ones begin by taking a deep breath in, exhaling fully through your mouth and feeling the
presence of the Dolphin Consciousness aligning with your heart chakra, feel your energy fill with
their divine essence and whilst this happens I shall step back and they shall transmit their
message. Love and blessings to you beloved ones. Adonai.

We are the Dolphins. Thank you for coming to hear our message today. Welcome into the light of
the 3rd Universe where all of you are being drawn into us so as to experience the divine healing of

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the water world and the divine healing of the consciousness that exists beyond your earth matrix.
We have occupied the solar system of your earth for billions of years. Our energy has manifested in
a variety of forms and the information we bring to the earth plane is not limited to what is
perceived to be the nature kingdom. We are involved in all systems of life. Each system embodies a
very intricate and unique system of consciousness which awakens levels of awareness that are
important to the survival of all levels of life seen and unseen. In the marine world specifically, there
are many varieties of consciousness in physical form and in forms not perceived by the physical
eye. All of these vibrations contribute to a system of energy that feeds your solar system. As a
result of the ignorant levels of mankind these energies have been severely impacted upon and
damage has occurred which has led to the opening of systems of energy that do not support the
upliftment of humanity’s consciousness, in fact, these levels of energy are weighing heavily upon
humanity’s consciousness. This is often seen as what is perceived as a dark energy or a dark cloud,
and scientists have in fact already perceived this dark energy.

You are all part of a divine process. This process allows you to come into the solar system to
experience a world where many levels of consciousness and varieties of lifeforms exist. This
existence has enabled you to understand the behavior patterns of a variety of souls and how each
soul depending, on it’s level of ignorance, can grow or regress. The regression of humanity’s
consciousness has led to certain species leaving your planet altogether. This has led to a danger
level in terms of the Dolphin and Whale Kingdom making a choice as to whether to remain in
contact with the earth’s solar system or move away altogether. The Emissaries of the 3
have agreed that we can re-anchor our energy in the heart of the 3
Universe which is the world
of the creative child. Play is what enables us to hold our energy in the denser vibrations of earth’s
consciousness. Humanity’s consciousness has reached a point where it needs to understand
consciously the importance of utilizing playfulness to reignite their passion for life. The creative
spark has dimmed to such a point that many people are regressing a lot quicker than what was
originally anticipated. Now there are two things unfolding. There are a number of Star Seeds
awakening at an accelerated rate drawing more and more light into the heart of Mother Earth.
There are also a large number of humans who are regressing rapidly as a result of their ignorance
and the lower ego’s hold over their aspect of consciousness that would allow them to awaken to
the deeper and higher vibrations of what light consists of. This has put us in the position to have to
make that choice however, we are very happy to say that because we have been allowed to return
to the core of the 3
Universe, we are able to work with humanity from that point penetrating the
denser vibrations held within the old earth matrix and reignite the spark of playfulness.

We have come to speak to you; the Star Seeds who have awoken, and ask you to embrace the art
of playfulness. To remember how important it is to be creative. Creative play is a part of the
initiation and meditation in reuniting all the aspects of your human self with God/Goddess. You are
also being infused with light energy that shall assist you in rekindling the energies in your melon.
Our melon holds a vibration of light that is able to penetrate many of the dense vibrations that
have been created by ignorance. This sonar is able to unravel some of the systems that look very
much like chewing gum which sticks to everything that touches it. This creates a web which
catches everything, and everything that sticks to it becomes one big gooey mess. You are able to
utilize this activated sonar to dissolve the so called “gooey mess” that is created by man’s

Many of the Animal and Mineral Kingdom, as some of you might already know, is in truth more
advanced than many an ignorant human being. This does not however mean to say that man is a
lost cause. This is certainly not the message we are transmitting. We are transmitting energy as

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well as information to show you that you have the power to turn this all around. Some people have
said to us: “why on earth do we need saving because isn’t the world already saved?” Yes, it is in
the future, because you did something about it. Any wound, any infection that is left unattended
will become gangrenous. It is the same with the wounds of your world. You cannot leave what is
infected to fester. It will not miraculously heal itself without any attention.

“The Big Let Go” which Master Kuthumi and other Ascended Masters and Emissaries of the
External Universes are focusing upon is an important part of the evolution of man’s consciousness
and bringing many levels of the nature kingdom into a Divine Light. The Divine Light is ignited in all
your chakras as well as in the minor chakras of the four lower bodies. The 22 Sirian Chakras that
we activated not too long ago was in fact preparation for the energy we are bringing today. The
combination of the Dolphin and Whale kingdom is asking humanity to stand above and rise above
what is being taught to them and to begin feeling the truth.

There is a very important, very beautiful and powerful resonance between the human heart and
the heart of the nature kingdom. The animal kingdom holds resonance that can help shift many of
the denser energies in the human form that can in fact eradicate disease. But, until humanity has
been able to accept their own power it will be difficult for them to accept the power of the nature
kingdom, which they in their perception, believe is of a lesser consciousness to the human form.
The Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light will be anchoring 444,000 new templates of energy which the
Lightworkers; Star Seeds such as yourself, will be led to. These energy systems are being woven
into the atomic structure so that the cellular vibration of your body will begin to change, creating
“transmitting stations” within yourself. These stations contain the crystal vibration, which is made
up of a number of different minerals and chemicals that will enable you to bypass many of the
vibrations emitted by the ignorant ones. You will be guided by the Emissaries of the 3
and the Pleiadian Emissaries, who will establish a new and very wonderful relationship with you.
This will create a shield around your solar system which will enable Star Seeds to work within the
solar system of the earth plane and also work within the universal universes beyond the earth
matrix. This takes you beyond living multi-dimensionally - you are then taken into living multi-
universally. This energy also ties in with some energies that were anchored very recently, that of
the meta universe.

The meta universe is the universe that contains absolutely everything that can possibly exist,
within it, including the ancient universe you continuously currently experience. It is the entirety of
everything – energy time, space, matter and all laws. You are now choosing to activate your meta
universal self. This is something that will take a while because the collective consciousness of
humanity must realize that the meta-self consists of everything that exists within it, around it and
within that which exists within it. The solar system is being re-born through the heart chakra of the
collective Universal Body of the Sacred God and Goddess, through their meta universal system, not
only of chakras, but of the atomic structure that embodies all systems of consciousness through
any level of transmission that is able to penetrate the dense vibration of Mother Earth’s body.

As you are steered into the more simple modes of living your life, you will understand how
important it is to interact with nature. The complexity of your lifestyle and the high levels of stress
have separated humanity from the blessed energy of nature. One of the reasons why so many
humans are attracted to swimming in the oceans with us is because of the energy “fix” they get
from us. The sonar pulse we release through our melon dissolves the dense vibrations that have
been created through the complex lifestyles you live. The high levels of stress have in fact become
more destructive than the pollutants on your planet. These high levels of stress create the

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chemical which blocks the flow of infinite universal energy into the conscious consciousness of the
soul. This often impedes your development. Your development as Star Seeds have bypassed many
levels, and this is another reason why we stand before you asking you to continue pursuing soul
liberation, to continue embracing all the higher aspects of yourself that lead to the release of that
which has caused any sabotaging pattern in your life.

As long as you are striving to merge completely and become the meta universal self expressing
every divine aspect of itself creatively and playfully, the rest of humanity has a chance of survival,
as does nature. The Dolphin and Whale kingdoms have been closely observed by the Sirian
Masters of the Light, the Pleiadian Masters of the Light, the Andromedan and the Arcturian as well
as the Venutian Masters. This is what resulted in the decision to bring many of the nature
kingdoms energies; their collective consciousness, into the heart of the structures of the universes
beyond the solar system of the earth’s old paradigm matrix. Over the next few years you have a
mighty task before you. This is not a task that will weigh heavily upon your personal growth. The
task is that of igniting the flame of passion and creative play within humanity as a collective body
of light.

Many people are feeling the weight of depression, sadness and a sense of hopelessness as a result
of the stress of life's pressures increasing as opposed to abating. Many people are feeling the
impact of humanity’s ignorance upon all systems of life and in their heart wish they could do
something about it, but feel powerless. They do not feel they have the power to make changes in
their personal life, therefore they feel how on earth can they make changes to any other aspect of
life outside of themselves. You however are in a different position. You have levels of
consciousness which are beyond the dense vibration we spoke of earlier. Therefore, in order to
raise the vibration of ignorant humanity you must get fully into the art of creative play. Playfulness
is not just about sitting and building puzzles, drawing pictures or playing in the sand. It is about
“playing” the game of life, making everything you do fun - your work; what many of you call your
career needs to be a fun, creative task done every day. Many people are living their life on
autopilot and it is our divine wish to help those who live their life in that manner to step out of it.

Playfulness and creative “play” brings people into consciousness and into a deeper level of
sensitivity to what is required. You see, the more humanity gets in touch with their consciousness
the greater their awareness of the connection to all aspects of life becomes. This instills and
merges humanitarian nature with animal nature. Not in the sense of their animal nature being of
an instinct of a lower based vibration, but the instinct which reconnects them with the
understanding of how important the animal kingdom, and in fact, the whole of nature is for their
survival. You can clearly see that humanity is not coping. Because of the disconnection to nature
many people are manifesting diseases which cannot be diagnosed. This is also happening in the
animal kingdom. Animals are manifesting diseases which are unable to be diagnosed as a result of
the diseased consciousness on your planet.

The dolphin kingdom is giving humanity the opportunity to connect with their playful side and to
reunite with nature. Therefore we will work through many of the Star Seeds, as will the Pleiadian
Emissaries of the Light who are coming forward to work with all of you. These Beings are coming
from your future. We are coming from your future to set in place all the energies required to
ensure that your solar system can energize itself to regain its health and it’s longevity.

So, we the Dolphin Consciousness would like to align the energy of the 3
Universe; it’s core
vibration, with you through your heart chakra with your permission. If you grant us this permission

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the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light will set up a system of transmission through your solar plexus,
your heart, through your thymus, your throat, 3
eye and crown chakra. This will be channelled
down your spine to merge with your base and sacral chakras. These energies will send through
emanations of energy which will connect with the upgraded 22 Sirian Chakras that are being
activated in the human form already. These vibrations are therefore emitted through the Merkaba
field of your star tetrahedron geometric and systematic flow of light which works through your
Pranic Tube. This Pranic Tube is then aligned to the core of the 3
Universe. It does not matter if
you cannot follow the lines of energy. All you need to know is that it is being done. In your heart
please grant your permission and we shall proceed.

The Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light now enter the space. And all the combined forces of energy
are stacked in the center of this space we have created with you. The transmission begins. First
level of energy, transmitted into the solar plexus. Inhale these vibrations into your body as we the
Dolphin Consciousness begin wiring the systems of electrical flow through the magnetic field, and
full connection is made.

The next level is connected through your heart chakra. Download begins. Energy filtered into the
atomic structure. Crystalline energy is inserted. Breathe. Connections made.

Next level of the templates woven into the thymus. Magnetic extensions made into the core of the
soul. Breathe. Energy suited up and down your spine. Connection to hypothalamus, pituitary and
pineal. Connections complete.

Next level inserted into throat chakra. Energy moved into the star tetrahedron body. Into the meta
universal self. Breathe in. Hold your breath to the count of 8. Breathe out to the count of 6. New
crystalline vibration inserted. Connection complete.

Next level inserted into the 3rd eye. Levels of energy connected to Systems A, systems F, system S
and systems V. Inserts complete. Breathe in, hold to the count of 8. Breathe out to the count of 6.
Energy molecules activated in the crown chakra. Transmission begins. Breathe in, draw the energy
down your spine. Energy flows. Individual identification mode set in place. Systems of identity
between Star Seed and Pleiadian Emissaries are now set in place. Pranic tube activated. Energy
drawn down to base chakra. Multi universal systems activated. Breathe in, hold for the count of 8.
Breathe out to the count of 6. Energy system moving up your spine activating the sonar of your
melon. Breathe in again, hold for the count of 8. Breathing out to the count of 6. Transmission
programming complete.

Breathing in, hold to the count of 8. Breathe out to the count of 6. New template inserted into
sacral chakra. Hold templates of creativity, flexibility and flow activated. Magnetic shields of dense
energy dismantled. Breathe in, hold for the count of 8. Exhale to the count of 6.

Next level of creative play insert to atomic structure. Next level of crystalline energy inserted.
Transmission active. Energy flow to the core of the 3
Universe anchoring through base chakra to
the core of Mother Earth. Solar system vibration alignment with human soul, Soul Seed, Star Seed
and Spirit Seed recalibrated. Activation complete. Breathe in hold for the count of 8, exhale to the
count of 6. Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light begin reconstruction of original magnetic shield
around Star Seed aligning all energies to upgraded 22 Sirian Chakras extending to 3
Emissaries of the 3
Universe, Emissaries of Arcturus, Andromeda and Venus. Avenues of
transmission activating. Breathe in hold for count of 8. Exhale to the count of 6. Activation

All rights reserved and copyright Michelle Manders

Relax your body. Relax all your muscles. Connect with Dolphin Kingdom. Now connect through
your heart chakra. We begin downloading all the programs required so that you may assist the
nature kingdom through your divine nature with nature, through the divine connection to all
systems of consciousness aligned with the divine principles of the original plan of your earth.
Breathe in, hold for a count of 8. Exhale to the count of 6.

Next level of transmission begins from Dolphin Consciousness. Drawing in 6
dimensional fluid
love through upgraded 22 Sirian chakras anchoring new vibrations in your heart chakra. Deep
breath in, hold for the count of 8 and exhale to the count of 6. Download complete.

Now that you have received these energies it will take approximately 17 days for your body to
adjust to all of that which has been downloaded, realigned and inserted. These energies you are in
fact very familiar with, it is energy you have worked with on many occasions because you are
receiving information from your future, therefore it will be an energy which you will be able relate
to because your future self is also present to help you along the pathway of the transformation to
come. All of you are transcending many of the denser vibrations the ego originally created.
Through what you shall come to realize as a result of your personal journey, you will be in positions
to ensure that humanity’s reconnection with nature be a harmonious, speedy and graceful one.

Within the next 4 years the marine world will undergo another very important transformation. It is
vital that this take place as it is the emotional body of Mother Earth, as you know. This emotional
body is needing healing just as your has needed. It symbolizes the reflection of what the human
emotional body has gone and going through. There are certain places within her emotional body
lacking life, just like many human bodies are experiencing lifeless emotions, numbness to feeling
other than perhaps reacting to life. Therefore, the transformation of each individual’s human and
emotional body will reflect on Mother Earth’s emotional body. The shift created in the solar system
is more important than you can ever imagine, for this will allow for many species of the nature
kingdom to re-enter their energy on earth. This will be the sign that the Star Seeds have reignited
many of the memories of their sleeping brothers and sisters. And then you will look forward to a
whole new system which is currently being worked on by those Beings of your future. It has been
implemented, and you are the ones now who have also returned from the future to ensure what
was done in the future is in fact carried out.

It is not our intention to confuse your mind in any way with the transmission we bring forth today.
There is also no intention for us to create any fear in your heart. However you are mature enough
to know that if humanity continues along it’s ignorant pathway as it is now there will not be much
hope for your future. especially during the cycle of global warming. Humanity must wake up to the
consequences of their actions, and as each person individually has been taught to take
responsibility for their life, so it must happen on a collective scale as well. You are all important
catalysts in making change in all areas of life. Therefore celebrate your power and do what you are
empowered to do and in a position to do. Thank you very much for listening to us today. We are
ever grateful and are ever present. Blessings to you. Farewell.

I am Kuthumi, greetings beloved ones. Beloved ones, the energies of the Dolphin Kingdom have
brought you a personal blessing. This energy has been integrated and they will reveal their blessing
to you in a personal, very divine and very special way. You are asked to remain alert to that which
you have intended, for that will bring a level of simplicity and lightness to your life.

All rights reserved and copyright Michelle Manders

Now, just to carry on a little from what the Dolphin Consciousness was transmitting. It is important
that ignorant humans, as the Dolphin Consciousness has called it, come to recognize what an
important part nature plays in a human beings survival on the planet. Many have associated
ignorance and lack of emotion to the animal kingdom, as I am sure you are all well aware of.
Therefore, in your divine healing and in the embracing of your animal nature, it will create a
dynamic which shifts the magnetic grids opening transmissions of energy from the animal kingdom
to human consciousness that will penetrate old paradigm belief systems around animals being of
lesser consciousness to humans. This is very important in terms of saving the animals who are on
the extinction list who still wish to remain within the system of supporting humanity in their
healing process.

You see, the animal kingdom undergoes its personal ascension process as does every other level of
the nature kingdom. Everything is interconnected, therefore if one level ascends, every other level
is given an opportunity to ascend. So you will discover what you need to do in order to be a part of
the role of serving, of awakening and educating. We will not dish out themes which each of you
have to focus upon because what comes forth must be a divine inspiration from the core of your
heart. The reason being, the energy that accompanies your inspiration will play a massive role in
the catalyst vibration turning people’s understanding to the importance of the nature kingdom.
This covers all areas of life in terms of polluting the earth, interacting with nature for personal
healing and diminishing levels of stress.

Children are a very good place to start - reintroducing the art of play in the nature kingdom with
children is vital. Given the amount of time spent behind the radiation machines; namely
computers, televisions and other such gadgets. There is no harm in children spending some time
doing it, but we would limit the time to 60 minutes a day, very maximum. The reason why we
suggest this is because of the radiation’s impact on the thymus gland and their upper bodies. The
subtle bodies often take a hammering as a result of the high levels of radiation. Until such time
that humanity is able to see their lighter bodies, one needs to monitor that time spent in front of
the radiating machines. Some of you will also find that if you spend long period in front of your
computers doing work you may feel deeply fatigued. Perhaps your immune system is not as strong
as usual so we suggest that you take the necessary precautions to protect your energy from the
radiation. Additional supplements to boost your immune system will be of great support as well as
using sacred symbols, sodalite, smokey quartz, rose quartz and or amethyst to create a shield of
protection around you which will deplete the effect of the radiation on your light bodies.

I would also like to urge you to reconsider the utilization of microwave ovens, if you are still using
them. You will find that the more sensitive your body becomes the more negatively your body will
react to the utilization of microwaved foodstuffs. You see, it is dead energy that you are putting
into your body. It creates a block in your lymphatic system which then places added pressure on
your body because it needs to detoxify itself. Try as much as you can to eat live food, especially
with all the changes your body is undergoing, and the new levels of energy you are integrating at
such a rapid rate.

So beloved ones, pay attention to your body. Flow with it as opposed to rejecting it. Some of you
will find that there is a new level of surrender taking place inside of your body. You may realize that
you were in denial about certain aspects about your body - what it has been feeling and what it
has been trying to communicate to you. The moment you step into the acceptance of it in the here
and now it can guide you gracefully and in a very beautiful and simple way to manifest healing,

All rights reserved and copyright Michelle Manders
release, energy, strength and vitality. Indulge yourself in the blessings and energy of nature.
Interact with the dolphins physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. Connect with them
through your visualizations and meditations. Look into their eyes in photographs. Immerse yourself
in the waters where they live and be at peace with the creative playful aspect of yourself,
accepting that it is a divine aspect of you which is part and parcel of your soul survival skills. Trust
in the many invisible arms that hold you beloved ones and know that not ever do you walk alone,
for we are all one and with you always in all ways. I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love
and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai.

In order to properly integrate this teaching please take the time to answer all the questions posed
in the channelling, preferably in a “Healing Journal” chosen specifically for working through these
teachings. Please also journal about the experiences you had whilst going through the channelling
itself in relation to the questions asked, and how your body responded to the energies – insights,
emotional reactions, release, cold, heat, physical discomfort, pain, nausea, epiphanies etc. make a
note of at which point in the channelling you or your body responded/reacted positively or

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