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Channelled Entity
Channelled in
Johannesburg, South Africa
Date of channelling
January 13, 2006
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Ascended Master Kuthumi leads the Turquoise Ray activation & initiation of the dimensional bodies of turquoise light
that hold the collective consciousness of new beliefs for humanity and initiates it's activation in the collective human
6D/8D body. The purpose for this activation is to support the cycles of decomposition of the old paradigm
compositions of illusion based on fear. The Turquoise Ray is being used to transfer power and focus away from the
human reptilian part of the brain to what Kuthumi calls our Star part of the brain - the unused 95% of our brain. Get
ready for a MASS-IVE shift in your perceived reality!

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Lord Kuthumi
Turquoise Ray Activation & Initiation of the 6th & 8th Dimension Frequencies
Channelled through Michelle Eloff©
Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa on 13 January 2006

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet each of you upon this day and to bring
to each of you the blessings of understanding, wisdom, integration, and deeper awakening of the authentic self.
Greetings, beloved ones.
And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you
firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.
Beloved ones, we welcome you into the Light Temples of the 6th dimensional Fluid Love vibration and the 8th
dimensional vibration of Christed Light and Abundance in all its forms of light. Brothers and sisters, this is a day of
important connections. The connections I speak of are connected to all the aspects of self that still believe in a
system of separation. The Turquoise Ray acts as a bonding agent between the masculine and feminine self. It acts
as an adhesive between all the aspects of light, wisdom and love, and the aspects of self currently searching and
trying to remember.
The Turquoise Ray is penetrating the third eye and bringing with it a very high frequency vibration, which in itself is
initiating the de-composition of the compositions of thought, belief, attitudes and assumptions that make up the
system you call your life. As a result of what takes place today you will be taken through 12 minor initiations for the
purpose of facilitating your personal remembering process. I choose not to refer to your process any longer as a
process of illumination or growth, for in truth all it is, is simply remembering.
You are already your full potential. Looking at the structure of energy determines this fact because everything exists
simultaneously, therefore the perception of becoming your highest, most advanced and awakened self is an illusion.
All you are doing is remembering what you have forgotten, and those of you remembering are there to assist those
who have forgotten they have forgotten, and who believe their current path to be the beginning and end of
When a group begins remembering what lies beyond the constructs or the composition of a structure,
which in fact is simply a hologram, the power of the hologram weakens. This begins to cause
breakagesfields of the construct. The composition then begins to de-compose and reveals what lies
beyond it. For many years we, the Lords of the Light accompanied by the Ladies of the Light, have
worked fervently with you and have assisted you in responding to the inner desire to remember.
Perhaps you can recall times in your life when you have simply just known something either is or isn͛t,
and it is not something you have formally studied or consciously been told. It is simply the inner
knowing, and this inner knowing beloved ones, is the memory stirring inside. Therefore we can take this
a little further and say intuition as you know it doesn͛t exist. (pause) The reason why is because what
you perceive as being a premonition from the intuition is simply a memory of that which has already
happened. Now this changes the game, don͛t you think? within the
I assure you in 2006 your mind will be able to do the splits by the end of the year!!
Much laughter.
This is your year of moving beyond every single comfort zone you are currently enjoying.
Even though sometimes the ³comfort zone´ can be very uncomfortable!
Much laughter.
You truly are buggers for punishment, yes?
Raucous laughter.
However, it is self-imposed, brought on by your belief systems. You will hear me saying this quite often during this
year, and I will keep on emphasizing it until you feel what the belief systems within you are creating. For years we
have told you your belief systems determine the quality of your life; now you have an opportunity to see it, to feel it
through the experience of understanding it. 2006 is your greatest year of change yet, and if you thought last year was
intense, well I have news for you!
More laughter.
It will be grander, it will be deep; by this I mean you will be able to go deeper. That in itself will be the blessing of the
journey, for you will be able to penetrate the depths of yourself that have previously eluded you and left you feeling
disconnected, frustrated, and that have stirred that inner sense that something is missing, that you should be doing
something but what it is you are not quite sure. Many people will find the deeper aspect of their collective purpose on
the planet. You will come together in groups and you will unite with more members of your star family. The reason
why so many members of the star families are coming together is because 2006 is the final year of anchoring the star
programmes of light; therefore it is the final phase of shattering the fear matrix.
The world you live in, that you perceive as your world is a composition made up of an energy called fear. You have
heard us mention before that the energies promoting fear do so in order to be able to sustain themselves ± like
attracts like; fear feeds fear. Fear needs fear in order to grow, and this is why there are times in your life that you find
it almost impossible to release yourself from fear. The composition of your world is made of a fibre called fear. Now
the 6th dimension of Fluid Love is the antidote to that poison which is why all of you are feeling this urge, this inner
desire, to connect with the 6th dimensional energy of Fluid Love and be free. How many of you in the past few weeks
have felt within you this is your year for setting yourself free? This is the year you will master the aspects of the past
that have kept you in a state of confusion, running around like a crazy dog chasing its own tail. Have any of you felt
Enthusiastically acknowledged!
Now you know why. This is the most important year of manifestation. This is the year, beloved ones, where you come
face to face with your immaculate god/ goddess self. It is the year where you will create heaven on earth. This is the
time where you will really understand, beyond the intellect, that hell is a state of mind, the state of mind you have
chosen to entertain, the state of mind you have in a way, been controlled by, a state of mind that has bombarded you
externally, one that you have taken on as your own. And 2006 is the year of the greatest fall of the compositions of
illusion; all those constructs that lead you to feel separate, that create feelings inside of you that lead to further
disempowerment, separation and disconnection from Mother/Father God.
Awakening consciousness is not about having to wake up. It is about, as I have said, remembering. The process of
surrendering manifests the process of remembering. You see, this world made up of the fibre of fear, or let¶s call it
the hologram of fear, constantly perpetuates vibrations resulting in people reacting and behaving in ways that
continue to feed fear. This is governed by a physiological aspect of your being, and this is the oldest part of your
brain ± right in the very centre ± referred to as the reptilian brain. This is the part of you that keeps you in survival.
The star aspect of your brain, the 95% unused potential, is the part of you that knows how to thrive. Your reptilian is
the 5% you use in all areas of your life, which perpetuates survival consciousness.
That is the part of you that keeps the so-called ʹ and this is no disrespect to the animal kingdom ʹ but
your animal nature in place. So today we are here to assist you with the Turquoise Ray to begin
movingremembering what you already know. focus and conscious consciousness away from the
reptilian brain and more into your star brain, or your greater potential, bearing in mind that the
potential already exists, it is already active; you are simply learning how to utilise that part of your brain
and in so doing
The more you choose survival, the less you will thrive. The more you choose to ignore or deny the aspect of yourself
choosing to experience liberation, the deeper your frustration; the deeper the frustration, the more disillusioned and
dysfunctional you will feel. The world is already in the state of complete disillusionment and dysfunctional behaviour.
The reptilian brain that governs your world will ensure survival be the key motivating force, in other words the fear
factor. You have the power, you have the ability, you have the tools and the talents, and every other aspect required
to take you into full memory consciousness where you can tap into the full potential of your brain.
In order to this we will also be working with all of you on a DNA level, for the DNA is the language your
body reacts to, and with only 2 strands active just like the reptilian aspect of your brain you are
functioning on only 2 strands that are a part of the survival programme, rather than the whole picture.
Activating all 12 strands then opens the playing field for you to begin downloading all 144 000 strands of
DNA of which every single strand vibrates to 144 000 different octaves of sound emanating 144 000
vibrations of colour. Big, don͛t you think? (Long pause)
Therefore it is impossible for you to be able to comprehend who or what you are. Don¶t even go there ± you¶ll confuse
yourself. For now, focus on moving your consciousness beyond the 5% of your current, active indulgence, and
Please close your eyes everybody. Place yourself in a comfortable position. Take a few deep breaths into your body
and as you exhale allow your body to relax and settle yourself comfortably in your seat. Place both your feet firmly on
the earth and your hands relaxed upon your lap.
Begin by imagining the turquoise colour in your third eye chakra. Imagine it whispering to you upon the ethers of love,
and the colour caressing your senses, and gently beginning to move through all your chakras balancing, calming,
and soothing your body, your mind, your heart and spirit. (pause)
In your mind call upon Archangel Michael, (short pause) call upon the Universal Goddess Mother Shekinah, (short
pause) call upon Lord Ra; (short pause) invite the Golden Emissaries of the Light to be with you.(short pause) Call
upon the Platinum Ray of Love to enfold you; (short pause) invoke your personal Guides and Angels (short pause). If
you have a favourite animal call this animal forth to join you. (short pause) If you have a favourite crystal, imagine this
crystal manifesting in your hands now. (short pause) Call upon the elements ± fire, earth, water and air ± and ask the
Mother Goddess Gaia of the earth upon which you reside to support you and hold your energy for the duration of
your anchoring process. (pause)
We now call upon the collective consciousness of the 6th dimensional body of Fluid Love; we call upon the collective
consciousness of the 8th dimensional body of Christ Light. We call forth the 6th dimensional body of Fluid Love of
each of you as an individual and your 8th dimensional body of Christ Light. Allow these to manifest in your presence
in whichever way your imagination guides you. (pause) Now imagine yourself joining hands with all of the Beings of
the Light whom we have invoked. (pause)
Take a look around at this grand circle of Mentors, and Guides; acknowledge their love, acknowledge their light and
their willingness to be there to support you. (pause) Move your focus to their third eye and you will notice that every
Being present has a turquoise light glistening in their third eye chakra. During the year 2006 your third eye chakra will
activate its turquoise ray through all 144 000 dimensions of current consciousness connection based on your
personal level of remembrance as a soul. The Lords and Ladies present with you assure you that during this time
they will facilitate all the levels of remembrance that you personally are ready for. They assure you of their protection
and their facilitation of healing, release, integration and initiation for the duration of the year that lies before you.
Continue to breathe in deeply and exhale fully, and as you do so notice how the turquoise vibration increases in light
in each Being¶s third eye, and as you breathe this light strengthens in brightness until you see no faces, only a
brilliant turquoise light. (pause)
Become aware as all of the Beings now begin to hum a sound. This particular humming sounds results in the
spontaneous opening of your heart and third eye chakras, and with each in breath you take the turquoise light begins
gravitating toward you until this light fills your nostrils, and as you breathe it moves up to your third eye and down to
your heart chakra. (pause) Breathe in deeply, allow the turquoise light to move through every fibre of your being and
exhale fully. (pause) This turquoise light is able to penetrate all the mechanisms of defence held within or around the
cellular structure of your body. Allow the colour ray to do what it must, and feel the vibration of the humming of the
magnificent beings who share space with you now activating minor chakras within and around your body, resulting in
an increased vibration or sensation of energy within you and around you. (pause)
Some of you may feel the temperature of your body beginning to increase or a tingling of energy in your hands or feet
or throughout your body. Simply breathe the energy through you, and you are perfectly safe. (pause) Now imagine
the golden vibration of Lord Ra moving to the centre of the circle, and this golden light, turquoise light and the light of
your soul begin to unite. (pause) Feel the golden vibration of Lord Ra - the presence of the great central sun, bringing
you life force, vitality and energy. (pause) Lord Ra emanates more and more of the golden light; this energy stirs the
activation of all the dormant strands of your DNA in a very gentle and harmonious way. (pause)
Imagine yourself standing with all these beings, and you are filled with turquoise and golden light. (pause) Now
imagine a feminine being moving forward. This is the Lady Shekinah, the universal mother who holds the Platinum
Ray. (pause) She extends her hands out to you and her entire body vibrates with the magnificent silver of the
Platinum Ray, and she gives this to you, (pause), your heart and third eye respond by receiving that which she
extends to you, and it too flows through all the chakras of your physical body and moves through your cells, and it too
begins stirring the dormant strands of DNA of your masculine and feminine principle so as to further support your
remembering process. (pause) Take a few moments to allow the energy to settle within you, still aware of the
humming. The humming facilitates the proper integration of these energies. (pause)
Continue to breathe in fully, and exhale fully. (pause) Now very gently move your focus to your brain. (pause)
Imagine a ball of energy made up of the turquoise, gold and platinum rays that you have integrated into your chakras
and the cells of your body. (short pause) Imagine the part of your brain referred to as the reptilian brain. (short pause)
Gently guide this ball of turquoise, gold and platinum energy to the centre of your brain, and place it in the reptilian
brain part. (pause) Ask all the Beings of the Higher World to facilitate the proper positioning and anchoring of this ball
of light. (pause)
While they facilitate this, I request that all of you repeat after me and this you can do in the silence of your mind:
y ³I, (state your name), consciously call forth the process of remembering that which is my star brain, the 95%
of my brain currently unused, to come into consciousness, to come to life and remind me of that which I
have forgotten.
y I call upon the assistance of the Lords, the Ladies, the Angels and the Archangel Beings of the Light, who
specialize in the area of facilitating the reactivation of dormant DNA and brain function, and I consciously
request this process be anchored and fully activated in my life.
y I agree to follow the Plan of Light and direction presented to me by these Beings of the Light, and in so
doing I shall remember.
y I, (state your name), choose love, I consciously choose to remember, I consciously choose to become one
with all that created me. I am all, that I am.´
Take a deep breath in and exhale through your mouth. Allow the energy to settle in your body. (pause) Let us
continue. In your mind:
y ³I call forth the Turquoise Ray to act as a bonding agent between all the aspects of myself currently
experiencing separation.
y I ask for the assistance of the Turquoise Ray to assist me in regrouping myself and remembering my
connection to all that is of the Light.
y I ask my Doorkeeper Guide to intervene in every situation that I may magnetically pull toward myself as a
result of old paradigm thinking that may in any way whatsoever result in me falling back into the old way of
thinking, believing and behaving.
y I choose love. I choose freedom. I choose to consciously remember all that I am, for I am all, that I am.´
Take a deep breath in and exhale through your mouth. (pause) Your Guides will now activate a recalibration to
support your body; this will ensure that the energy flows unhindered up and down your spine, aligning with all your
chakras. (pause) Let us continue now.
y ³I wish to give thanks to all of the Beings of the Light who have heard my request.
y I give thanks to you Father/Mother God for creating this opportunity for me to remember.
y I give thanks for all I have remembered and I give thanks to myself for manifesting this opportunity to
remember that I am all, that I am one, and that I am able to become all that I am.
y I give thanks to All That Is for blessing me with all that I am, and all that I have.
y I give thanks for all I have been and for everything I have experienced, for they are the tools and the gifts
that have brought me here. I thank me and I thank God. I thank all that is for reminding me of all that I am.´
Take a deep breath in, and exhale as this energy settles in your chakra system. (pause) Finally, continue with:
y ³I ask that all that I remember manifest gracefully and harmoniously in perfect and miraculous ways.
y I ask that I be held in the power of God¶s light, in the power of Mother God¶s love, so that I may comfortably
and consciously recognise the signs and guidance that come from Spirit to support me on my Path of
Remembering. Thank you, thank you, thank you. So it is, so it shall be done.´
Beloved ones, now imagine all of this energy that you have invoked and that has settled within your being extending
through the dimensions, (pause) Imagine the turquoise, gold and platinum energy embracing the collective 6th and
8th dimensional bodies of Mother Earth; (pause) imagine it penetrating her body, and connecting with all the 6th and
8th dimensional bodies of all the lightworkers across your planet (pause). See this filter of energy connect with all the
6th and 8th dimensional bodies of the children of your planet, and moving to connect with all the 6th & 8th
dimensional bodies of your ³sleeping´ brothers and sisters, currently in existence on your planet. (pause)
Continue to breathe throughout the process for you are now an anchor for this energy; you are a receiver and
transmitter of this triple grid. Wherever you go you anchor it, whomever you come into contact with you ignite the
triple grid within them; therefore breathe, and allow the energy to flow. (pause) See your planet as a pulsating ball of
energy, made up of turquoise, gold and platinum energy. (short pause) Now imagine these 3 colour vibrations
opening portals all over the planet, which act as gateways for tormented and trapped souls who are ready to move
through. (pause) Open your heart chakra, project the Frequency of Fluid Love to usher these souls to the dimensions
of light. (pause) Breathe in deeply and exhale fully. (pause) These portals will remain open for the next 3 hours. The
energy will facilitate the release of all the souls who are ready to leave.
Beloved ones, the Golden Emissaries of the Light will continue to support you in the integration of the Turquoise Ray.
Our anchoring with you today is bringing forth a very auspicious new energy, one that will facilitate greater
remembrance of the truth and a greater ability to see the authentic self. This new vision results in greater stirrings
and inner desires to know the self in all its aspects, to understand what has been responsible for the composition of
the world as it is, and in so doing will find the exit and the entrance to the new way of being.
The de-composition of the current matrix of fear will at times result in the energy feeling volatile, erratic and frenetic.
When you experience this or see others experiencing it, imagine yourself standing the centre of a ball of gold,
platinum and turquoise energy. This will recalibrate your energy. It will centre you and protect you. Use the colour
turquoise as much as is possible. Carry turquoise as a mineral with you, visualise the Turquoise Ray, and give
thanks for the opportunity you have chosen to accelerate your process of remembrance unlike before. Be prepared to
see your world transformed; be willing to move beyond the comfort zone. By taking risks you get to know yourself.
You develop self-respect, self-trust, and of course, self-knowledge.
It is time now to bring you back into the full consciousness of your physical body. You will notice the humming begins
to ease until there is silence. Take a moment to give thanks to all of the Beings of the Light with whom it is you
currently hold hands. (pause) Give thanks to all the aspects of yourself that have willingly participated in today¶s
initiation. (pause) Welcome your turquoise aspect; (pause) welcome the vibration and the nourishment that comes
from this ray of light. (pause) Give thanks to yourself for making the choice to be a part of today¶s celebration.
Take a deep breath in through your nose, and exhale through your mouth, drawing your consciousness back into
your physical body. (pause) Focus your attention on your physical body; move your fingers, move your toes, rotate
your wrists and your ankles, draw your shoulders back, move your neck around and ground yourself back in your
Beloved ones, the vibration of the Turquoise Ray is able to penetrate the dense vibrations created by third
dimensional consciousness. The vibration begins to stimulate many of the electrical flows of current within the brain,
and in fact awakens dormant nerve endings. As these sensors awaken so one¶s attitude changes. The more you
learn about the world around you, the more your consciousness expands, and you see how much easier it is to
remember. The only thing we wish to discuss as far as a caution is concerned ± be careful not to get trapped in
feelings of despondency or negativity, which may come up as a result of the remembrance and above all the
recognition of how the systems of control have been set in place and how they continue to manipulate people into not
believing in themselves.
Let us also advise you at this time that the technology in your modern world will continue to increase in so-called
sophistication. I strongly urge you not to get caught up in it. All of the modern technologies of your world have made
your life crazier. It has given you less time rather than more time. What happened in your life before technology
became as it is today? Think about your parents and your grandparents, before cellular telephones existed, even fax
machines or computers. What happened to everybody when office hours came to an end? What happened over so-
called rest days? What happened?
Amusement. Reply: we had time to think and reflect.
Thank you. You had time to rest. Modern technology has taken all of that away from you. So it has
nothas in fact unleashed the monster you call STRESS. Modern technology distracts you, dis-empowers
you; it owns you. Try going away somewhere for a few days without your cellular telephone, without
your laptop computer, without any technology that will link you to anyone else. Yes, some people may
think you have been abducted! ͙͙ but so what. (Much amusement!) People must remember to respect
rest. Your body will not be able to maintain the pace, and you will see, as it is already actually quite
made life easier; it evident, that disease will increase; diseases that have before not been around will
manifest, death will occur at much younger ages ʹ in fact, you will be going back to the old age where in
the past a common cold or flu would kill a person, now modern day stress will kill a person. There is no
anti-biotic for that.
You have to take control of your life. I don¶t know if any of you may remember, there was a time when people feared
robots or machines would take over the world? Guess what « it has happened. Technology rules your life. The
computers already rule you; your cellular phone determines your time on or off; people expect everybody to be
available 24/7. That is a complete invasion of the sacred space of rest time.
If you insist on not taking an in-breath, I assure you your physical body will decompose. Nature is there to rehabilitate
life, and you disregard it; you deny it. Run right through it or run right past it. Beloved ones, the modern world has its
fantastic contraptions but believe me, it is depriving you of life; true quality of life. I challenge you to lose your phone
for a week, (much amusement) - to disconnect your computer for a few days, or better yet switch it off at the close of
day, and do not under any circumstance switch it on until the beginning of the next day. You begin to teach people
how to remember what it was like to rest. If you don¶t no-one will, and if you are not going to set the boundaries to
take time out no-one is going to give you that space.
Remember, 2006 is the year of manifesting abundance, and you get to choose what it is ± the abundance, that is.
Have I made myself clear?
Are there any questions I can assist anyone with regarding what we have discussed today?
Lord Kuthumi, with my Alpacas, what is their awareness? I mean, they see me, and they see kind of what I am doing,
what is the awareness that they have about what I¶m trying to do? What is the consciousness of them? They come
here and many people regard animals just as animals, but are animals ± are they themselves going through a whole
ascension process? Are they fully aware in their bodies here, of what they¶re doing here?
The animal kingdom is aware of the fact that part of their role is to awaken unconditional love in humanity. Each
species of animal presents a different aspect of unconditional love. The Alpacas, being a form of energy facilitating
the anchoring and integration of 6th dimensional Fluid Love, are a part of perhaps the most important key ingredient
of unconditional love. The Alpacas are aware of what their role is, which is why their fleece holds the vibration. An
animal can choose to shut down, which then means the energy vibration cannot be channelled through them, just like
a human can make the same choice. Animals are fully conscious beings; they are not influenced by the same set of
belief systems that humans are, therefore they are more in touch with nature, or the natural system of life. They are
not as controlled or governed by the synthetic world, or what is considered the hologram, the matrix, whatever you
want to call it. Does that answer your question?
Yes, it does.
Lord Kuthumi, I have a problem, which I¶m trying to understand. Could you shed some light on the right application of
³going with the flow´ versus thinking and planning and preparing.
Certainly. Because you are a conscious being with an intellect, with a desire, with an ego, and all the
other things that come with being human it is important for the soul to have something to consciously
work withtoward. Having goals in place facilitates a process of remaining focused. How the goals
manifest is debatable. One can have short term, mid-term and long term goals. Let us say, for instance,
you have a goal of taking a trip to another land. It is, let us imagine, the trip of a life time, one you have
wanted to do since you were a little boy, but the trip entails taking many weeks away from home and a
vast amount of financial resources. Perhaps these resources would then make other areas of your life
vulnerable. or
Having set the intention or the goal of making the trip is the active action to be taken by the individual. How it unfolds
is up to the collaborative effort of your soul, your higher self and your conscious self. If Spirit delivers guidance that
takes you in a direction that you weren¶t planning on, one needs to weigh up the motivation behind choices one may
or may not make. Many times people set intentions but fight the process by behaving in old ways like fighting the
process, by trying to control systems in moving in a particular direction, or ignoring guidance and then become
disillusioned because what they have set the intention for does not manifest. Going with the flow means recognizing,
honouring and entertaining ± or another word would be researching ± that which Spirit brings in the form of guidance
or opportunities. This guidance or opportunity may manifest as a business idea which you research and realise can
bring a very lucrative passive income which means there is no worry about depleting your current savings to finance
your trip of a lifetime. But if one had not paid attention to the idea of pursuing a specific venture and decides that one
has to look at a specific focus then one could sabotage the self. Asking means listening. Setting intentions means
taking action but allowing room for the flow of life to guide you. This is also referred to as flexibility. The moment you
see something not flowing that is the moment one must stop and consider perhaps a different direction is required, or
a different attitude, or some assistance in seeing the situation from a different perspective. Anything that is controlled,
frigid, or locked in an idea or space will manifest in some form of sabotage in one way or another. Does that answer
your question?
It does. Just to be quite sure, it does not mean to abandon thinking and planning?
No. Not at all, no. The universe supports action, therefore take the plan, whatever it may be, and put it into action.
Leave the rest up to God, and Spirit will guide you. Is this clear?
Yes, thank you.
You are welcome.
Master Kuthumi, can the ego also come in and lead you into another direction, telling you another thing other than
the soul?
Yes it can. The lower ego will lead you in a direction usually that either manifests in a sense of fear, doubt, perhaps
certain levels of disillusionment, second guessing the self ± there is a difference between caution and completely
denying the self of an experience because of fearful motivations. The fear of taking risks because a,b,c,d,e and f can
all go wrong ± how often would anything like that go wrong? Will you deny yourself a quality of life because of ´what
ifs´, or is one willing to take the risk of the what ifs and see where God will guide you? Do you understand?
I also recently read the other day that when you put up goals or intents that you should try not to put places, people,
time, things and events into them, because then you will manifest what you thought yesterday or you will be thinking
with your old belief system and you then you will automatically manifest the same thing again the next day, or the
Kuthumi: This is correct if one is coming from a fearful aspect. If one is working with the new energy, trusting the flow,
setting intentions on a daily basis to be guided by Spirit and to manifest the highest will of one¶s soul then it will be a
new energy every day, and Spirit will take one to where the soul desires. Is this clear?
And so it is then, beloved ones, that we bring our transmission to a close. However, let us remind you that, that which
you have integrated within yourself today will result in a quickening of the need, the inner desire, to remember. You
will find yourself coming across information that triggers your memory, or information that challenges your belief
systems. You will see that magnetically you attract to yourself situations that challenge your comfort zone. You will
see yourself manifesting opportunities that take you beyond the boundaries that you have come to accept as your
Make a choice, this year, to do something that you have never done before, something perhaps you
have never believed possible for you to accomplish or do. By choosing to do something like that you
challengemore than you currently believe you are. And in proving to yourself that you are capable of
doing that which you have never done before you build self-respect, and you gain self-knowledge, both
of which are key ingredients in self mastery, and therefore the full liberation of the self to move beyond
the composition which is an illusion held in place by one little word called BELIEF! your belief systems,
you set yourself up in a position to be able to prove to yourself that you are far
I trust that today you shall leave with the knowing in your heart that the time of the greatest change of your path is
upon you. I trust that you will leave here today with the stirring inside of the core of your being to remember and to
experience more of you, to experience more of the great creative force that exists within your universe. Tap into it,
use it, play with it, allow it to guide you and play with you. Discover just what an amazing sense of humour the
universe has!! You have been led to believe that life is serious business. What if I told you, you chose to incarnate
because you needed some time out to play?!?
More laughter.
I think our inner child is very happy about that, our inner children are very happy about that!
So beloved ones, if there is nothing else you decide to do this year, just make one choice and that is to have a little
more fun. And play.
I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom, and I remind you that we are ever
present, and that it is safe to trust in the many invisible arms that hold you, that comfort and carry and
nurture you. Remember you are never alone, and the reason being we are all one, therefore we are with
you always in all ways.
May the love and the light of Mother/Father God shine brightly upon the pathway before you, and if you feel beside
yourself, pull yourself together!
Blessings and Adonai.