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What is evidenced based therapy?

Evidenced based therapy requires
the therapist to make decisions about
how to promote health and provide
care by integrating the best available
evidence with therapist competency
and other resources to the presenting
difficulties, needs, values and
preferences of the children, young people and families
What are Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties
It is generally thought that SEBD will have an effect on a
child or young person’s functioning, for example in having
positive relationships with peers and adults or attending
SEBD manifest in different ways and can be evident at a
personal level through traits such as negative self-image,
anxiety or depression; at the verbal level where a child
may threaten, swear or even be silent; at the non-verbal
level which could include truancy, failure to observe rules,
aggression or violence; or at the school level through an
inability or unwillingness to work without direct supervision
or follow instructions.
on a
at a
Sharron McAllister recently
achieved a lifetime ambition
Services Ltd.
Personal, academic and
employment opportunities
have shaped Sharron’s
thinking and ambitions as
she believes that children
and young people have the
capacity to build new skills
to overcome their difficulties
and, with supportive adults,
that they can reach their full
Recognising a gap in service
provision and an aptitude for
community support, Sharron
set up ISM with the aim of
providing evidenced based
early intervention services
for childrenandyoungpeople
who are experiencing social,
emotional or behavioural
difficulties as and when they
need it.
Sixteen years ago Sharron
started voluntary work
with young people in West
Lothian. She soon gained a
college placement to study
an HNC in Social Care and
has continued to develop
knowledge and skills
necessary for working with
children and young people
experiencing difficulties.
Sharron has worked across
Scotland in voluntary and
statutory services in social
care, health, education and
justice. Over the years she
has been trained by experts
in the fields of child and
adolescent development,
parenting programmes
and behaviour and risk
management. Sharron
has a BA (hons) degree in
Social Science/Psychology,
a Master’s degree in
Forensic Psychology and a
Master’s degree in Applied
Psychology for Children
and Young People. She is
a qualified and registered
Clinical Associate in Applied
Psychology (CAAP).
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benefit from this service.
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