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THIS APPERANCE AGREEMENT (“Agreement”), entered into as of this __16_ day of __November_________,
2009 (“Effective Date”), by and between _____Lisa Sparxxx________________, hereinafter referred to as “Talent,”
and Breaking Barriers, Inc.., a corporation of the State of ____New York____, hereinafter referred to as “Promoter.”


1. Promoter hereby engages the services of _____Lisa Sparxxx____________ (Agent or Talent) to provide for
the Promoter the appearance of _____Lisa Sparxxx__________________ (Talent) for an appearance at the
time and place and under the conditions hereinafter set forth.

Date of Appearance ___________July 16-18, 2010________________ (Day-Month-Year)

_________All Show Hours___________________ (Time-P.M.-A.M.)

Purpose of Appearance _______Sign autographs and sell merchandise________________

Length of Appearance _____________3 Show Days_____________________

Location of Appearance ________Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Chicago, IL___

Additional Special Conditions:


2. Promoter agrees to pay to _________Lisa Sparxxx______________________________________ (Agent
or Talent) the sum of complimentary exhibit space for his or her appearance services hereunder, payment to
be made by Promoter check within 7 days from completion of services hereunder. This sum represents the
total consideration payable by Promoter for services hereunder and any travel and other expenses incidental
to performance shall be the sole responsibility of Agent and/or Talent.

3. Promoter agrees to provide at its own expense the location for the appearance, properly lighted and heated
and/or cooled.

4. ______Lisa Sparxxx_____________________ (Agent or Talent) agrees to provide the appearance services
hereinbefore set forth in accordance with all aforesaid conditions and further agrees to provide adequate
promotional information on the Talent for publicity purposes, should Promoter so request.

5. The parties mutually agree:

a. That either party may cancel the appearance and both parties thereto shall be released from any
liability hereunder if, in the judgment of Promoter, it is impractical or undesirable to present such
appearance due to accidents or accidents to means of transportation, or riots, strikes, epidemics,
destruction of the venue, acts of God, sickness, acts or regulations of governmental or school
authorities, or other legitimate conditions beyond the control of Promoter, as may either prevent
performance or render receipt of Talent’s appearance valueless; and if Agent and/or Talent cannot
perform because of ill health, physical disability or other reasons beyond the control of Agent
and/or Talent, or if Agent and/or Talent be prevented by acts of God, regulation of public
authority or other circumstances beyond the control of Agent and/or Talent from performing the
b. That all notices to mode of transportation and arrival time and all correspondence, publicity or
other things concerning this contract shall be directed to ___________Michael
Wittenberg______________ for the Promoter and to _________Lisa
Sparxxx___________________ for the Agent and/or Talent.

c. That Agent or Talent and its agent shall be solely responsible for compliance with any rules or
regulations, or responsibilities required by any organization with which the Agent or Talent or its
employees are members or to which they may be contractually bound, and Promoter shall have no
liability, duty or obligation therefor.

d. The Agent or Talent shall indemnify the Promoter and hold it harmless from all loss or damage
which it may sustain by reason of injury to any person due to the neglect or willful act of Agent or
Talent or the employees, servants or agents of Agent or Talent, in the performance of this
Agreement, including defending, at Agent or Talent’s own expense, such claims as may be
asserted for loss or damage against the Promoter arising out of Agent or Talent’s performance of
this Agreement.

e. No shareholder or officer of Promoter incurs or assumes any individual or personal liability by the
execution of this Agreement or by reasons of default of the Promoter in the performance of any of
the terms hereof. All such liability of shareholders or officers of Promoter is hereby released by
Agent and/or Talent as a condition of and consideration for the execution of this Agreement.

f. The individuals signing on behalf of the Promoter and Agent and/or Talent warrant their authority
to sign on behalf of the Promoter and the Agent and/or Talent, as applicable.

g. This Agreement may not be assigned by either party without the written consent of the other party.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have by their duly authorized representatives, executed this Agreement
as of the Effective Date.


By:__________________________________ By:______________________________________

Name: __________________________________ Name: __________________________________

Title: __________________________________ Title: __________________________________