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Hatice Şebnem Çetken / 1804939
Fatma Betül Demir / 1804632
Mathematics in Early Childhood Education

Unit Title
Number Concept

Grade Level
48 – 60 month old children

2 hours 30 minutes

Learning Outcomes [ASSURE (State Objectives)]
48 – 60 months old, kindergarten children will correctly count until 10 after this activity.
48 – 60 months old, kindergarten children will correctly understand the relationship between the squirrel and the nut at the end of
the activity.
48 – 60 months old, kindergarten children will properly do the movements that are said by teacher after this activity.
Instructional Materials & Media [ASSURE (Select Strategies, Technology, Media and Materials)]
By using Easelly and bubble, we gave information about squirrels and numbers.
The link of the Easelly is
The link of the Bubbl is

Learning-Teaching Methods [ASSURE (Select Strategies, Technology, Media and Materials)]
Before starting the activity, teacher asks different open-ended questions about squirrel in order to start a discussion between
children (child - centered). Thanks to this way, teacher learns what children know about the squirrel. After that, by demonstrating
a cartoon which name is Ice Age by using CD/DVD, teacher reinforces children’s understanding.
Teaching Activities [ASSURE (Utilize Technology, Media, and Materials and Require Learner Participation)]
In order to attract children's attention, teacher starts to activity by asking a riddle. This is:
Ağaç gövdesindeki kavukta yaşar
Cevizi dındığı çok sever
Tüylü kıvrık kuyruğu ile
Çabuk çabuk gider. (Sincap)
After asking riddle, teacher waits the answer for a while. If children could not give any answer or give wrong answers, teacher
helps them by showing different squirrel pictures. In this way, they can reach the answer. If they know the answer at the beginning
of the riddle, after answer, teacher shows the pictures in order to provide visually understanding to children. After that, they talk
about the squirrel such as what they eat, where they live and how they move. In this way, teacher provides thinking about the
riddle and if necessary, she/he calls riddle up to children again. Then, teacher shows the cartoon which name is Ice Age and thanks
to this way, children’s understanding about this issue is reinforced. After that, in order to start activity, teacher asks what do you
think, if you were a squirrel, how do you move and then want from them to show this movement. Every child shows their
movements and then teacher wants from them to find nuts that are spread out to classroom as acting like a squirrel. In order to
put nuts, a box is put in the middle of the classroom and children started to search nuts. When the whole nuts are found, because
of a lot of nuts, teacher counts nuts with children. After the counting process, teacher gives nut in the same number. This process
could continue by giving nuts one by one to children. In this way, they can repeat counting. After that, teacher, by showing boxes,
wants from children to bear their nut one by one to their boxes as a tree hole. In this process, teacher can use some directive
statements in order to provide making different movements. At the end of the activity, they count their nuts again and after that,
teacher breaks nuts and they eat these.

Individual Learning Activities

While collecting their nuts, children work individually.
Group Learning Activities

At the end of the activity, while counting their nuts, children work

Before the activity, teacher improves children’s knowledge and language development by asking questions and creating a
discussion environment. In the activity, children learn to count by using nuts from 1 to 10.

Measurement & Evaluation
During the activity, by using a checklist, which includes children’s physical and cognitive development, teacher takes notes.

Measurement & Assessment Activities for Individual
In order to improve and support children individually, teacher
controls every child one by one and takes notes about them.

Measurement & Assessment Activities for Group
In the discussion and the counting process teacher evaluates children
by asking questions.

Homework (optional) After doing this activity, in order to inform families, teacher sends a
little paper including what they do in the classroom and want from
them to talk with children about squirrel in the house. After that,
children draw a squirrel picture or their parents draw that and their
children point this picture. In the next day, children bring these
drawing to the classroom and they present their drawings to peers in
the classroom.

Write the points regarding to the measurement and evaluation which you want to explain. (If any)

Explanation regarding to the implementation of the plan
If the CD or DVD does not work, teacher will change this part of the activity and instead of watching a cartoon, s/he will read a
story about squirrel which name is ‘Şirin Sincaplar ve Yaşlı Çınar’ and nuts by using puppets.